Little Krishna English – Episode 4 Enchanted Picnic

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traveling back to the dusty trails of history we read about the times when the earth was overburdened by the rule of ruthless despot who were driven by insatiable greed for power and wealth anyone who stood in their way fell under their sword and chaos an injustice prevailed overwhelmed by the torment and pain Mother Earth sought the help of Brahma who creates the material universes on the order of the Supreme Lord along with the other demigods in charge of managing the different aspects of the material world Brahma approached the Supreme Lord and offered prayers unto him my dear devotees I have heard your prayers it is time for me to appear upon the earth to protect the good and destroy the evil do not fear I shall free you of your burdens Krishna's what took you so long son I just couldn't coax homsy away from her mother today I'm sure she's junk up Baz Luhrmann not again hum see soon you will beat Krishna at it be careful my darling I'll be waiting all day to see you before sunset hmm Krishna o Krishna I've got something for you my little angel you didn't pack that in my bag did you mother no no not for you motto be special vascular's steeped in rose scented sweet syrup a krishna's favorite and the only for him gone now I've already given you your lunch basket Oh Kamala you must give some tomato to that's right listen to her mother oh my beautiful bumble bee yourself enough pampering for one day Krishna now run along and see that you share your gifts with your friends I will mother you are so kind to me thank you for all the good Yasuda your krishna is so special look at the way he plays his flute and gets all our boys to dance like butterflies it shows me every morning that I see and I can't get his look the size and sweet smile how do I mind the whole day campus right oh you showed ah sometimes we forget our own boys lost in sweet thoughts of Len little Krishna you are so fortunate you show that I really wish Krishna were my own little boy Oh Lord I have told you everything as I have seen it this little boy Krishna certainly must be the supreme person panel I am in charge of conducting the material creation and I know my master the Supreme Lord Vishnu surely he finds no need to give up his abode invite Gunter and choose to live among the simple villages of Vrindavan pardon me my lord drama but is there anyone else who can defy the powerful laws of material nature this very morning he killed the vicious demon aghasura is that right I'm not bewildered panel there is nothing about the Supreme Lord that I do not know as a responsible servitor I make it a point to be informed of his transcendental activities hence I believe this is the feet of a very powerful magician nevertheless I must make sure who he is before he bewildered the innocent humans yes my lord it is about time I dealt with this myself I shall descend upon the earth into the village of rindaman where he lives you will accompany me man yes my lord I'm happy to see you as you are to see me there's no place like the beautiful forest of Wimbledon I love these forests to Krishna and do we ever get hungry around your body that's the end of the food the monkey and the greedy boy so this is where the do-boy hides lust and play and practice where then does all the magic lie what kind of magic can this little cow head make the kind that can do this this is the Python Krishna killed this morning how can he move oh why are you so flustered I have an idea yes yes my lord but I fear we have a very clever wizard to deal with have you forgotten that the Lord has given me charge of the greatest task in the universe can Brahma not find out the secret of this little magicians tricks come close that's it uncie eat up so you will become a great big girl someday and give lots of sweetness for Krishnan bye Trishna I have the best samosas today there's enough for you too Oh Krishna look at this no ey dress cool as my mother sent please take some I have your favorite rose salvation hmm please take some and now my beloved friends look what I got the sweetest the most fragrant mango chicken and mother has packed enough for all of you sit down I'll take care of it so Bella they must have wandered into the forest just sit down and eat all of you stay here I'll be back with the Cubs Krishna I can't find the cops anywhere I think I need your help she dumb Charu Sibella what are you all ah so did you brahma who wishes to play with me I have a pure on the earth on your core and now even you I'd really be Bullard have you seen my son yet Krishna and the boys have not returned they should have returned hours ago it is already late and these mothers are anxious about their sons I shall not allow this check of Brahma to bake the hearts of these mothers the dear mothers of Brindavan love me so much they have longed to have me as their son and the cause of been darlin love me even more than that cause I shall give them all the chance they are waiting for I shall fulfill pure desire Tikku hey we must return to our families so bright and beautiful my son looks as bright and beautiful as Krishna and so does my darlings to them are you sure they're how bright all the boys look there'd be a very special this evening almost like Krishna himself you're right there is some magic in the air and so as Krishna continue to manifest himself in place of his missing friends the days passed happily as did the seasons and while Brahma kept the cowherd boys and calves hidden in dreamland krishna kept the parents of Rinda van filled with joy and the cows filled with milk for their beloved cars the villagers could not see the cause of their constant bliss the truth was that every home had Krishna and every bond to Krishna was everywhere you're sure that there is an amazing sense of happiness in Randolph in these days my lord I don't hear anyone complaining fathers and mothers are so happy with their children as for the cows the milkman have a hard time taking their calves away from them their love for the calves seems to overflow I feel so happy to see the mothers eyes light up magically with great affection for their sons just the same way I feel for Krishna now I see that happened with all of them – that's it magic spell that's what when Darwin seems to be under hmm a magic spell I know it's you Oh Lord how have I got myself into this fix already one year has passed on earth let me go to vend Arvin and find out what krishna is up to having lost the boys and calves how can this be the cowherd boys are asleep in the clouds and the cards hidden away in the happy dreamland help and they all beer play with Krishna what is this and what is what have I done forgive me my dear Lord Mooka Bramha I am here to answer your prayer as I had promised alas even has a powerful person as yourself has fallen into illusion at the bottom the absolute truth I know you are my devotee and have no Envy in your heart for me so I have made this elaborate arrangement to teach you the entire truth behold I have summoned remiz of different universes so you may understand the complete truth about yourself or the thousands of universes you are in charge of just one there are bigger universes than yours and dramas more powerful than yourself things are much bigger and more complex than you can possibly imagine my lord insignificant little worm before you whose brilliance is more than a thousand suns but how is it that your simple friends of rindaman are not bewildered by your great feats they just adore you as their darling boy their love is pure and intense from huh whatever I do however small obey they simply love me I cannot be understood simply by Vedic knowledge or your weak meditation I can be understood only by love and devotion o Krishna origin of all this news Oh master please forgive my grave events you have mercifully revealed yourself to me and I'm eternally grateful to you may I always remember and cherish you in this beautiful boyish form playing with your friends and curves and remember what a big fool I have been my dual friends how long will you stay asleep it's time to return home Krishna I had the strangest dream me too that's what happens when you sleep all afternoon with valleys full of goodies ah it seems like you've slept for a whole yard yes sometimes telling the time can be very difficult Oh Krishna what has happened who broke the magic spell dear mother what are you talking about spells I'm just a little boy not a magician [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]


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Bhagavatgita 7.21
yo yo yāṁ yāṁ tanuṁ bhaktaḥ
śraddhayārcitum icchati
tasya tasyācalāṁ śraddhāṁ
tām eva vidadhāmy aham


yaḥ yaḥ — whoever; yām yām — whichever; tanum — form of a demigod; bhaktaḥ — devotee; śraddhayā — with faith; arcitum— to worship; icchati — desires; tasya tasya — to him; acalām — steady; śraddhām — faith; tām — that; eva — surely; vidadhāmi — give; aham — I.


I am in everyone’s heart as the Supersoul. As soon as one desires to worship some demigod, I make his faith steady so that he can devote himself to that particular deity.


God has given independence to everyone; therefore, if a person desires to have material enjoyment and wants very sincerely to have such facilities from the material demigods, the Supreme Lord, as Supersoul in everyone’s heart, understands and gives facilities to such persons. As the supreme father of all living entities, He does not interfere with their independence, but gives all facilities so that they can fulfill their material desires. Some may ask why the all-powerful God gives facilities to the living entities for enjoying this material world and so lets them fall into the trap of the illusory energy. The answer is that if the Supreme Lord as Supersoul does not give such facilities, then there is no meaning to independence. Therefore He gives everyone full independence – whatever one likes – but His ultimate instruction we find in the Bhagavad-gītā: one should give up all other engagements and fully surrender unto Him. That will make man happy.

Both the living entity and the demigods are subordinate to the will of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; therefore the living entity cannot worship the demigod by his own desire, nor can the demigod bestow any benediction without the supreme will. As it is said, not a blade of grass moves without the will of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Generally, persons who are distressed in the material world go to the demigods, as they are advised in the Vedic literature. A person wanting some particular thing may worship such and such a demigod. For example, a diseased person is recommended to worship the sun-god; a person wanting education may worship the goddess of learning, Sarasvatī; and a person wanting a beautiful wife may worship the goddess Umā, the wife of Lord Śiva. In this way there are recommendations in the śāstras(Vedic scriptures) for different modes of worship of different demigods. And because a particular living entity wants to enjoy a particular material facility, the Lord inspires him with a strong desire to achieve that benediction from that particular demigod, and so he successfully receives the benediction. The particular mode of the devotional attitude of the living entity toward a particular type of demigod is also arranged by the Supreme Lord. The demigods cannot infuse the living entities with such an affinity, but because He is the Supreme Lord, or the Supersoul who is present in the hearts of all living entities, Kṛṣṇa gives impetus to man to worship certain demigods. The demigods are actually different parts of the universal body of the Supreme Lord; therefore they have no independence. In the Vedic literature it is stated: “The Supreme Personality of Godhead as Supersoul is also present within the heart of the demigod; therefore He arranges through the demigod to fulfill the desire of the living entity. But both the demigod and the living entity are dependent on the supreme will. They are not independent.”

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