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my name is lilly mat whip and i'm having a picnic pass the potato chips please Lily that's my brother Roger he's six years older than me we both like potato chips who doesn't even my pet turtle Rafael likes them Rafael is sitting on the tablecloth next to me he's so cute I give him a potato chip and pass the bag to Roger Rafael chomps on the potato chip Thank You Lily Roger smiles at me you're welcome I tell him and smile back popping a potato chip in my mouth it tastes like sawdust my mom and dad smile at both of us because they're so happy we're their kids Roger plays in a band with his friend Skeeter and Dustyn Roger plays the drums he's very good at it my dad taught him how someday I hope he'll teach me too we're having a wonderful picnic here by the lake I can hear birds chirping in the trees they sound so pretty out in the lake my cousin Susie is swimming around she loves to swim she leaves a trail of red behind her in the water maybe after we eat Roger and I can play in the lake with Susie I love you guys I tell my family and you Raphael my pet turtle I pet my turtle he turns and looks up at me and lets water pour out of his mouth he's so silly and we love you too Lily my mom pets my head I like it when she pets my head back in third grade this lady used to come by our classroom and we were always told to get out our pencils when she came by we'd set our pencils out on the desks and the lady would come to each of us and use our pencil to comb through our hair I always loved it when the lady would come through my hair with my pencil I told my mom about the nice lady who would visit our classroom and gently comb our hair and she told me that it was the school nurse and that she was checking for lice Roger nudges me he's got on his favorite shirt with no sleeves and his hair is brushed all neat and tidy he grins at me look what I found he hands me my foil charizard hey that's mine Susie calls from down in the lake she waves at us but she's got no hand whom we all laugh and wave back dad stands up and brushes himself off he's wearing a nice black suit and tie it must be pretty hot for the sunny summer day Roger he says let's play some music for the ladies sounds good Roger says he hops to his feet his belly sloshes because everything inside is mashed potatoe huh there's a drum set out on the grass send her a big willow tree and Roger sits down and pulls out his drumsticks he pulls out the snare drum and gives it a tap my dad pulls out a harmonica and polishes it on his sleeve pardon me may I join you mom and I turned to see a dapper looking man in a white shirt with a painted on tie he's got on black pants and a black vest he looks very happy and he boughs to us both my jaw drops pasher is that you he winks at me it's time to wake up Lily no no no no no no no no no no no no no dad and Rogers start playing a song but it doesn't sound like music dad pulls into the harmonica and it makes us sound like a siren Roger strikes the drums and it sounds like crashing and things breaking it's not a very good song but it sounds typical for what Roger used to play when Skeeter and Dustin were over out in the lake Susie is screaming and head banging to the bad music her head kind of bends further back than normal so she really whips her hair around I imagine if she had hands she'd be doing devil horns or something that's where you put your index finger and pinky fingers up and hold your middle finger and ring fingers down with your thumb Roger used to love to do devil horns while rocking out oh dear mom says and stands up walking over to the barbecue grill something's burning black smoke is coming off the grill and forming dark clouds in the sky I can smell the hot dogs and hamburgers burning and it's subsetting because I really wanted a hamburger but not if they're burned get them out of there I yell to mom she turns and looks at me and her face is all waxy looking and melting I can still see her mouth and her teeth but her eyes and her nose are sliding right off her face it's too late Lilly she says everything's burnt posher puts his hand on my shoulder I warned you he says sadly but but I'm not dead I tell him the sky is getting dark with the smoke from the grill out in the lake Susy sinks below the surface of the water and leaves nothing but a big red spot where she was dad and Rogers stop playing the bad song dad watches his mom melts by the barbecue grill and then looks at me and shakes his head as he starts to melt – this is all your fault I opened my eyes I I'm lying on the floor of Meredith's bedroom everything smoky but I can see some of the off-white stickers on the ceiling that looked like stars and planets and comets I bet they're glow-in-the-dark I wish the lights were out so I could see them glow it's really hot in here I glanced around and realized the room is on fire that's not good how long was I out for the picnic didn't seem well okay the picnic seemed to last about an hour the wallpaper has flames coming out of it and even the bed is burning nobody's going to be sleeping on that now there's a crash from somewhere close by and then the sound of someone's struggling Meredith I say oh my god I can speak Willie I hear her but she sounds tired it's definitely been a long day for the both of us I can't even remember what I had for breakfast no wait I had frosted flakes yeah that's right Lily I burned her I burned her right up I didn't mean to do it she must be referring to officer flowers the lady in black the policewoman who carries a totem of DOMA the angel of death and silence she's been popping up all over the place lately first the mall and then school and now she showed up at Meredith's house in the middle of Meredith and Felix making their grand escape wait where is Felix where's Felix I ask it hurts to talk and I start coughing so smoky in here we need to get out before we burn up I don't feel anything of course she doesn't Meredith's fires don't hurt her somebody just needs to teach her how to put them out there's going to be an assembly on fire safety if I recall heck they could have Meredith help teach it I sit up Meredith has curled up in a corner hiding her face she's sobbing and holding herself and just rocking back and forth between us there's a person curled up as well only they're kind of on fire and not moving I can't tell who they are because they're all black and like I said on fire but it must be poor officer flowers she smells like burnt hamburgers we got to get out of here Meredith I choked on the smoke I'm in a lot of pain and your house is on fire are those glow-in-the-dark stickers on your ceiling just leave me somebody moves in the doorway to the hall I turned to look it's Roger he's wearing his sleeveless shirt and his hair is combs like at his funeral just leave her assface he says he walks off down the hall huh great I'm hallucinating I grab pasher and Nathaniel off the bed scooting past the bad smelling burned up body I crawl over to Meredith and hold out Nathaniel Nathaniel says we all need to leave she takes her melted Barbie and hugs him to her chest outside I can hear fire engine sirens I wait looking at her come on Meredith snap out of it she looks back at me tears in both her eyes I still wonder if she can even see me with that milky one now that Felix is gone I can think more clearly I whisper he gets in your head he makes you think things and say things he makes you tell your secrets Meredith mutters something big falls over downstairs with a crash it sounds like Roger banging on his drums but those are back at the picnic wait that was a dream his drums are in our garage I grabbed Meredith by the shoulders Meredith Meredith I'm not afraid of sharks she tilts her head like a dog when you tell it to go fetch and don't throw a stick it's the universal sign for huh what does that have to do with anything don't you remember I told you I was afraid of sharks yeah so what Felix made me say it don't you get it he told me to tell you what I'm scared of and I said I was scared of sharks even in my head I was thinking suddenly about how scary sharks are but sharks are out in the ocean I'm not scared of them or clowns well okay I'm unnerved by clowns but I wasn't scared of them until Felix made me confess so you lied oh god the smell of the person on the floor mixed with the pain in my sides is starting to make me sick can we discuss this outside please I don't want to die Meredith nod slightly she looks at the dead person smoldering on the floor then looks away and follows me as I head to the door just as we approached the hall a big man in a yellow fire man's jacket and yellow fireman's pants and yellow helmet walk in he stares at us then past us at the burned body and then back at us Burl's stay low I'll get you out of here just give me a second are you real I asked him yes I'm real he says ok then he goes down the hall and comes back with a sopping wet blanket which he makes Meredith and I wrap around us less than a minute later we're breathing fresh air out on the front lawn being given oxygen through some cool looking rubber masks while each wearing a less wet blanket the fireman managed to put out the fire without too much more of the house getting damaged but there's still the matter of the dead body inside Meredith and I get to ride in an ambulance to the hospital so they can take care of whatever's going on that's hurting so much in my side after the car crash I wish it was a helicopter but there's no room for one to land Meredith I say to her while the ambulance bumps along I don't think you're ugly and you don't scare me she looks at me doubtfully you're one of my best friends one of them she asks like third best out of out of how many look the point is you don't scare me and I don't think you're ugly she blinks away some more tears I hate having to talk about her appearance because I know how self-conscious she is of her burns I've got to just stop beating around the bush and get to the point I I think the weasel burned her parents the EMT sitting in the back with us raises his eyebrow I just shake my head at him because it's too much to explain I think the weasel can get into people's brains he almost made me believe the things I was saying about you but he made one mistake he told me my big fear was that my parents don't love me I know they do my parents love me my dad just gave me a harmonica and is gonna teach me how to play the drums Willie Meredith whispers yeah she leans in close so the EMT can't hear her it didn't make me happy when my parents died I know I said I liked it but I didn't that wasn't me I I wish I wish they were still alive even though they locked you in the basement he never did she covers her mouth to stifle a sob I don't know why he said that they didn't do that to me if they didn't do that to me they loved me they loved me maybe maybe those are the weasel secrets I suggest maybe when he's around us he can make other people believe his secrets or theirs that that would mean he did it right do you think Felix killed my parents yeah yeah I do you know what else that means what the weasel is scared of clowns at the hospital I'm taken to get an x-ray while Meredith's foster dad meets her and gets her checked out apparently her foster mom mrs. Lake is all right and just suffered a minor concussion from one Felix banged her head against the wall in jerk I'm glad she's okay before we part Meredith gives me a strong hug i hook her back and whisper watch out for weasels after all Felix is still out there I hope he ran away to hide in a weasel done and leave Meredith and me alone for good as someone like that they're obsessed I'm afraid he'll be back and we'll have to deal with him again the x-ray shows two broken ribs to me it feels like my whole insides were run through a blender they put some sticky bandages on me and tell me to just rest and don't do any acrobatics also avoid any more car crashes that last part seems sadly harder to avoid them the first part I've been in two serious ones in just three months after all on the other hand you see pasher you were telling me that things were going to end badly I mean I guess they did for officer flowers I feel bad for her I wonder who she was there for because I don't think she went there for herself of course with all us people and our totems and our angels together in the same place seem to be scrambling the wires or something officer flowers came for one of us and ended up being the one who died I sensed my death and yet here I am still picking well okay I better not kick anything right now I breathe a sigh of relief and wait for my parents to come pick me up I'm sorry Lily pasher says it's okay even you my best best friend can make a mistake from time to time my mom eventually comes into the room red-faced she's been crying at the sight of me lying there waiting all bandaged up she breaks into crying again she doesn't normally cry all that much but maybe the whole thing with losing Roger in a car crash and then having to go to the hospital because I was in another one it's all probably been too much for her we hug and I pet her head it's okay I'm okay I saved Meredith I know you did sweetie she says kissing me on the forehead I suddenly remember that I don't know what happened to my dad is daddy okay mom looks at me and holds my hands she squeezes them just a bit too hard but I don't cry or pull away because I need to let her do it she shakes her head so slowly so very very slowly she blinks away tears that man that attacked you he apparently tied up your father and put him in the trunk of the car Oh God he was in the trunk the whole time the car that I made crash if I hadn't made Felix crash the car maybe I start to cry with her and hug her even though it hurts to be hugged he's an intensive-care he suffered a lot of internal injuries but but but he should be okay he should be ok can we go see him sure we can go back there and wait together ok she shakes my hand and we head down to the ICU I get this churning feeling in my gut as we walk past the nurse stations in doctors offices maybe it's the pain medications they gave me earlier for my ribs as we walk I looked down at the shiny tiles I wonder how much mopping has to get done to make this place always look so clean except there where there's a spot of blood and there in fact actually there's a lot of blood splatters it's becoming hard not to step in them I'm surprised that mom is just walking through it all carefree in her expensive shoes normally if she gets even a scuff mark on them she goes ballistic I guess there's more important things than shoes at the moment I mean I know there is but mom doesn't always think so the blood on the ground starts flowing under our feet like it's fresh I look up in the hallways seems to be slowly flooding with bloody water it's it's going up over the toes of my shoes but mom doesn't see it she looks down at me with her sad eyes and tries to fake a smile I want to tell her I want to warn her about the blood that's running over our feet down the hall ahead of us I see my cousin Suzy swim past jeez I'm hallucinating again what is happening to me and I close my eyes and when I open them again the blood is gone the floor is clean and clear again moments later we stopped in front of a dimly lit room with the shaded window looking in my dad is lying in a hospital bed with dozens of machines hooked up to him and I can just make out someone standing next to him leaning over probably checking one of the many tubes or wires connected to him my dad's face reminds me of Felix is not in the weasel sense but when I last saw Felix and his face was all bruised and there's blood running down from his hair I'm seeing so much blood today I hope Felix is off somewhere bleeding right now can we ask the doctor how he's doing I asked mom what doctor I feel suddenly cold as the figure straightens up and turns around to look at me through the window at least I assume she's looking at me her face and most of her body has been burned black by the fire the other kids it's me mr. creepypasta and wanted to say thank you for watching tonight's video if you guys really liked today's video feel free to check me out at patreon.com slash mr. creepypasta a bunch of you already did like tasty limbs you know Baga Arnie Oh Eric marry Daniel Paulson Trey smiles Jordan Alexander Sanchez Wayne Milstead Ken Lando Higuchi Brianna Venton Jensen nicholas syed ali awesome buddy burrows Tyla Ramberg gooning ttan gee weevil 3 Diane Kraus Asia Gabrielle de Baca the red oak shield virus sandy Barney Melissa Swaggart czepinski Daniel RAL the ginger Bros Robert Ramirez Andrew Steinberg holy Realm Ralph Rodriguez and dr. strawberry a very special thank you to you guys for being the top supporters on patreon and honestly any support at all is really appreciated so if you're watching on YouTube listening to the podcast on Spotify Apple iTunes or Google Play where I guess anywhere you can manage to find a podcast huge thank you to you guys as well oh also if you want to help support my wife she runs a tea shop over on Etsy etsy.com slash ivory monocle she actually does Dungeons & Dragons team stuff but she just started doing a final fantasy and Harry Potter tea set so that might be something you'd like on a dark and stormy night sweet dreams kids


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