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everybody has a net green here with graphic 45 today and have a project to share with you this is the brand-new life's a journey collection from graphic 45 I'm gonna take you through just a quick walkthrough of the project and then I'm going to tell you what it took to make it and then I'm gonna give you a tutorial as you can make one yourself so here we go okay so first things first you might notice that it looks a lot like the traveler's journal which it is it is the graphic 45 craft travel album with notebooks set inside I have altered it to be black as you can see and so the tutorial that will follow will tell you how I achieve that and teach you what to do to make it look like that but there's so much black in this new collection that I just thought that would really ground it out very nicely and as a background to have it black so what else went in here of course we have the graphic 45 French lilac and purple royalty rose okay as you can see I've just used the lavender the very lightest colored ones one two three four of those I also used a couple of little keys graphic 45 of course and a couple Brad's there's two more over here on this keyhole back here so just kind of grabbed my stash of graphic 45 metal staples and had some fun with that you'll see inside that there are the black tags this is the large tags I used all six and then of course I had to use the the large tag die from this set to cut the papers to go on those tags so let me take you through it and then I'll show you how to make it okay so like I said there's the rose bouquet on there's the keys this is a cut apart from the signature page and it's mounted on some teal colored cardstock that kind of pulls out the same teal as in the paper collection I have that popped up on there and a little bit of lilac or lavender ribbon trim there the back is plain just like the cover just without things on it so it stays nice and flat this is just regular ivory seam binding that I have colored which I'll show you in the tutorial later so you can do that but I've just kind of added that in there I cut away the plastic that comes with album so cut that off I'll use that for something else okay so a quick peek inside we've got the pocket here I didn't put anything in here yet because you know this is like a travel journal so I'm thinking you could put something in there certainly a tag but really for the purpose that it's going to serve that's for memorabilia tickets notes what-have-you to go in there so I left that empty for now and then here are your three signatures we'll call them that go inside the album okay the first one is the lined one and I simply you know covered the front with paper and did a little bit of border treatment here and then on the inside I lined this inner area with just some ivory cardstock decorated the pocket so many fun cut aparts on this collection I just kind of collage them on that first page of that signature and then one of the black tags as you might notice I had to cut down a little bit shorter than what they really are about an inch to an inch and a quarter off the bottom to make that adjustment so that they fit nicely inside of the pockets but you can see this is like a little tuck spot it can go you know all the way down in here with something or you can just tuck something at the top you can certainly add trim to the top I just didn't want it to be too bulky so that would be in there and then the pages themselves are not decorated yet but they certainly could be once the collection comes out with the stickers and everything that would be very fun to add to the pages this is the back part of that same signature and I just simply put a photo mat for a three by five photo and kept it clean and simple and then the next signature comes and this is almost like a spread here with some fun cut aparts and some fussy cutting in this pretty background paper and then we repeat again we've got a little tuck spot here little fold open irie card stock in the back there simple pocket collage and then these are the blank pages in here and then the back one has another photo mat and then the third and final signature this is a spread as well this has a little tuck spot as well pretty paper on the pocket collage again and then another photo mat in trim and then the back it's got that little bit of trim there and then the pocket just like the inside front cover so you may have noticed when I did these collages I kind of stuck with all bicycle themed imagery for this one this one is ships and trains this is more flight airline airplane so forth and then this one is car cars cars cars so you know you can kind of play with it and do your own thing but that was sort of my thinking as I was pulling it together okay now that you've seen the project let me show you how you can make one you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you and that's it for me tonight everybody hope you like the project this is going to be great for this to be a great gift honestly but it would be great for going on vacation take it with you write things down sketch things I didn't point out that that last signature is like graph paper inside so it's really fun to take notes to draw little sketches to staple things in here use washi tape to tape in memorabilia or things from your trip and then of course to who absolutely add photos everywhere that you can fit them in here it still has quite a bit of room for all that to happen so fill her up enjoy it have fun okay that's it thank you for watching I hope you like it have a great day and happy paper craft


Jackie Salyer · July 31, 2019 at 11:00 am

Thanks for sharing. Really like this idea.

Theresa Corbe · July 31, 2019 at 11:00 am

Miss Annette, I really want to do one of these, but we don't travel. Do you have another idea for using this base project?

kazoomi2 · July 31, 2019 at 11:00 am

Wish I could give extra thumbs up. Amazing. Love it

Kristine Vencel · July 31, 2019 at 11:00 am

Wonderful way to use the collection with the journal set. I am loving all of the new collections. 😱😱😱. I especially love to see what you and
Ginger create. Haven’t met 1 of them I didn’t fall in love with. 😉😉

My Sisters Scrapper · July 31, 2019 at 11:00 am

Great tutorial!! I’m loving that paper even more now that I’ve seen your process video!! Love the colors you used for the seam binding too!! I need a private tutorial on fussy cutting all those words out! Dang….. HELP! Lol

Cathy B · July 31, 2019 at 11:00 am

Perfect collection for this project love the colors thanks fo the tutorial

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