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The Poetry of Mirza Ghalib My name is Salman Rashid and im a Travel writer So far i have written 10 travel books Including a memoir about partition. So far im the only Pakistani Who has trekked to north face of k2 I ran away from studies and joined army After serving army for nearly 7 years I rejoined studies. I spent my childhood in Lahore Earlier we used to live at durand road I have many childhood memories in mind in Summer we used to sleep out in courtyard Nearly at 4 am in the morning we could listen the lion roaring from zoo So i had such beautiful Chilhood. I was never good at studies but I was able to pass the exams once i failed in intermediate examination in childhood we had a modern school atlas at school Maps always fascinated me I just had to look at atlas just a Bird eye view on it Specially on Pakistan’s map and it’s locations The location and colors of different mountains My father was an engineer so he wanted me to be an engineer. At that time,son had to follow his father’s profession But i could never understand mathematics But i had dreams to join university and study History Then again I failed in 3rd year. In Govt. college lahore,i told my classmates about my failure They all said to me that you can never be a good student so you should join Army I was not even a good cadet But my map reading was always on top Suddenly one day i went to my officer and resigned and said that is enough for me now i want to leave. It was February 1978 Otherwise i could be a bald retired major Though i am bald…. I thought to be a good farmer after leaving Pakistan Army But when i was in Karachi Danial Naveed offered me a job in Siemens so i joint it. My Father had a good taste of reading books. And we all siblings also used to read different books So book reading was a Hobby Now Eric Shipton was my ideal I was really impressed by reading his book and his philosophy The first book by eric, i read was “Upon that mountain” Then i found his book “Blank on the map” That book really motivated me for traveling Then i decided to go to Karakorum and Himalayan mountains in pakistan I already had a passion of traveling since my childhood when i was in kharian during my military service I had a friend there “Mr Lt. shahid Ahmad” He was an adventurous person like me . I used to sit down whole day and study the top Of tillan with telescope. Sindh province is filled with such great Remains At that time i did not have any car ,whenever i had some spare time i used to go out for traveling Thatta was one favorite place to visit I used to spend nights in jungle so this is how i used to do in few days ,i was famous in my company as “mad capt.” This is how i started getting time and following my passion At that time PTDC had a megazine “Focus on Pakistan” I went to that office and told them about “Ranikot Fort” Told them about it’s location and the way to get there etc Magazine’s editor was a female and her name was Talat raheem The Editor said ” No you write it for us”I just smiled at her and said i never wrote any article In April 1983 i got married with Shabnam. In 1984,my wife Shabnam sold her two gold bangles for me and bought me a camera “Canon AE1′ In 1980 i was told about Ranikot by someone at that time,no one knew about it when i was going to find it for first time,i asked to a local tea maker He said that he has heard about a fort but he is not sure Talat advised me to write for news paper I started writing for “STAR” in January 1986. One day i went to new paper’s office to get my article published I asked for editor and i was guided towards the next room When i opened the door i found Saniyya Hussain( late) there. We were old friends so i asked her “what are you doing here?” She replied “I am Editor” by the way salman what are you doing here? There was another female sitting next to Saniyya and that was “Zohra Yousuf” The day i resigned my job at siemens I told my wife about it She also agreed with me and seemed happy on my decision She knew that i wanted to become a writer. Siemens gave me some one and half lac rupees as Golden hand shake So i thought that now i have enough money I needed nearly 70 thousand rupees to do an expedition I wanted to see Karakorum and Himalayan mountains As i was inspired by shipton and Tillman’s expeditions The name of their expedition was “Shaksgam” At that time, there were many investment companies in karachi These companies used to give monthly ten thousand rupees Profit on every one lac. That really was a big fraud In march 1987, all companies were disappeared and i lost my whole money Me and my wife were living hand to mouth But my wife never lost her hope and she was really standing with me and we kept moving ahead In 1987,karachi was not a safe place to live so we decided to move back to lahore We started living in a small house in Awaan town,Multan road I used to call that place” The place for animals.” I started writing for “Pakistan times” and I.R Rehman was it’s editor. 1993, Beena server left “Frontier Post” and joint “The news on sunday” She told me that now i will get good amount of money not only for my articles rather for photography as well. She also managed to give me traveling expenses So it was a big relieve for me At that time it was “news on Friday” When i joint The Jang group,i got accepted some of my conditions by them. The writers hardly used to get good amount for their efforts. So we tried our best to compensate our writers as good as we could. I was so stubborn to fulfill my desire of that expedition. But i did not have any money for that I was hopeless about the money One of my school friend pervez saleh made a plan for money He set a plan to raise money for my expedition. A common question was always asked me that What would be the benefit for this book ? You can expect such question from a stupid nation. And i never had any answer to this. My friend Pervez collected 70 thousand Rupee for me i went to my expidition And my soul got comfort after i completed my expedition. I wanted to write about that expedition but Matter was not enough A research was needed I started hoping for a Air ticket for London. I wrote a funny article in Frontier Post about it. I want to go and people ask me “what is the benefit for book ?” one day i received a telephone call from a secretory It was Mr Khawaja Shahid Hussain He asked me if i need any ticket. I talked to Mr Secretory very casually He asked me to visit him Great people Really make you better He handed over me an air ticket My first book is actually an anthology of my news paper Articles. “Riders On The Wind” was it’s Title. But first Proper book was “Gujranwala The Glory That Was” Another Book Was “The Apricot Road To Yarkand” There is a reason behind this title once few Aprikot’s plants was brought to Shigar From Yarkand Those plants are still there in Shigar Those plants are called “yarkan paa’ which means they belong to Yarkand If we name “The silk Road” then “An Aprikot Road To Yarkand” Title can also be given. People of Baltistan used to travel towards yarkand via Mustagh pass . I wanted to travel on this same track I did this journey in 2003 . because you can’t cross the border from Mustagh pass to enter in China. I met Chinese Ambassador. He even Knew the Urdu Language. He was a big fan of Mirza Ghalib. But unfortunately we were not issued the Chinese Visa. In 2005 i received a fax. It was a hand written Fax from Syed Jalil Abbas. He wrote me “I am well acquainted with your work” The second outstanding sentence was ” I have sanctioned one million Rupee for your expedition” This is how i traveled to China. It was very difficult task to do.alot of days were wasted due to visa procedure. It took 7 days to reach on destination by foot I was able to touch Sarfalago Glacier. Majority of us do not have such passion of traveling The few,who want to do it they do not have enough money for this. Those who have money, are unaware of all this. William Moorcroftt and Gotwitomas wine mentioned “Deosai”in their Book They said that they saw few Brown Bears on Deosai plains. When i was at Deosai in 1990. I spent four nights there as well. In 1995,Himalayan Wildlife department started a project about Deosai. The basic reason behind it was to safe Bears. In 1990,s there were only 5 or 6 bears left on Deosai. The Great work was done by Himalayan wildlife Department. The last survey was conducted in 2013 Now there are nearly 80 Bears on Deosai plains. In july 1997,i was sent to Deosai by Himalayan Wildlife Department. It was good experience to stay and know about Bears. They asked me to write a book on deosai. I started working on book in 2001. meanwhile i had visited nearly four times. I also did some photography but i never pretended myself as a photographer. Nadeem khawar was an old friend. I found him very keen and serious to his work. He is very hard worker and passionate about photography. He has got a professional In 2008, i talked to nadeem that i am not as good photographer as you are But if you could do photography,then we can publish this book. in 2010,Nadeem stayed at Deosai for 3 months. Earlier he took his jeep there but jeep broke down. He did a lot of photography there. He spent days and nights there. it was very difficult to stay and survive there for long time. Then Nadeem brought his Motor bike to Deosai and kept his tarveling continue at Deosai. No one could do better photography than Nadeem Khawar. We tried to cover history,geography and culture etc in that book. I did my best Research for “The salt range and pothohar Pleatue” I never did so much concentrated Study before that. I went through nearly two thousand Books. I was doing my research day and night. It was a highly concentrated study which i never did before. The original Theme of travel writing has been changed in urdu. in Urdu that is actually a vocations report. What did i do during my holidays. Traveling writing is a deep thing. A travel must be a anthropologist,historian geographer Geologist,sociologist, And as well as an environmentalist as well. Then you can complete a Proper Travel writing. Salman Rashid is the best English travel writer i know here. He is the one who himself has trekked to mountains and wrote about them. He experienced all those places and wrote about them. There are few writers who are actually jeep riders They just roam around here and there then wrote a short article. and that is nothing. Salman never does like that When ever he needs to write He goes thorough those places and complete his research. He always speak truth so writes truly as well. He stays away from any festination. He never tries to add a fake color or story to his writings. He always look forward to write truth. Salman Rashid is surely pure of Heart.. He is a True Asset of Pakistan. He has experienced most part of Pakistan. He can represent Pakistan better than many others. Travel writing has become a fraud for last 40 years. That actually looks like a hero’s story. Hero is like a superman,alot of gilrs fell in love with him etc He always show himself as a very brave man. Then he offers prayer as well in mosque. This actually is a Rubbish to me If you want to become a travel writer It’s not as simple as it looks. It takes time to become a travel writer. You need some experience behind. Then study and research work is also very important. So you could groom yourself and improve knowledge. Then you will be able to do fulfilling writing. Some 4 years before i received an email from Muhammad Zaman Narejo The email was very well written So i thought it’s from an aged person. The style of email was quite imressive. So we started staying in touch with each other. Mr Narejo told me that he lives in Larkana And invited me to visit Larkana whenever i go there. He was very happy to invite me there. Next year i had to go there for some work. I had to write something for Pakistan Petroleum. A govt. car came to pick me at airport. I asked that driver about Mr Narejo’s occupation. I was amazed to know that Mr Narejo was Serving as Assistant Commissioner in Larkana I really did not have any clue of that. So it was our first Sitting and we became good friends. Then Mr zaman Narejo was posted in Mirpur Khas as Deputy Commissioner. He invited me there as well. I wished to travel towards Khokhra park through railway line. But zaman told me that train has been discontinued Now a new road was established there so we planned to travel by road. After few days Zaman told me that he has been appointed as D.C Tharparkar in Mithi. So again He invited me there. I went to mithi in january 2017 first time. I stayed there for 15 days. We both did many adventures there. we climbed on Karoonjhar mountains as well. And experienced many new things there. Then again i went Mithi for 15 days. Then again i visited in March as well. Then i started waiting for Rainy Season. I came back and started writing a Book about it. It needed a lot of research and reading. Book writing needs solid Knowledge. It was a long Research session for this. It was December 2017 when i thought to complete it. But when you start writing a book,suddenly you feel that you know nothing. And now im on my final stages. Then i will send it’s raw script to Zaman for approval. After it will be approved by Zaman,i will ask Deosai Books’s designer for its printing. Nadeem khawar showed me one of his picture of “GHORI TEMPLE” I asked him to give me that picture for book. It is such an amazing picture with beautiful clouds. The readers will find Tharparkar’s history in the book. No-one has written about it before. Most of the people do not know much about it because Book reading is not part of our lives. If you go through Old gazetteers You will know the total numbers of jains,hindus and muslims etc Mulims were mostly one third of the total population there. For example Nagarparkar,islamkot were the main cities. Who named “Islamkot”? According to my research, muslims named that city ” Islamkot” I have also covered Culture as well in that Book. The life style of local people. I and my wife visited Mithi first time in 1984. So i had that time in my while now i was writing this book. How were Mithi,Islamkot,Marvi’s well etc at that time. So i had seen all these places before. And now in my upcoming book,readers will see a comparison. How the water used to be pulled out in 1984.. How carpet weavers are spending their live in that tough conditions. What difficulties they are facing now a days. The Shawls makers are also mentioned in new book. Narrating Mirza Ghalib…… Balochistan is a place, i still wish to explore more. As i used to explore it few decades ago. There are many places to visit It is said that in 1994 Mir Hazar Khan Murre was the leader of Tadri Tal. He told me about Great Chakar khan. When Chakar khan and his fellow Bejar Were coming from Sibbi They were moving towards Punjab. There is a place called “Tangi” Which is also known as “Chakar Tangi”(A narrow place through mountains) Chakar khan Put off His Armour and put on that Tangi. That is very High Shelf in that Tangi It is said who ever will pick that Armour He will rule the whole Baloch tribe. I had a dream to go Chakar Tangi But unfortunately i being a Punjabi can not go there now. The law and order situation is pathetic there. A Punjabi can not explore that part of country. I really wish to go there once From Sibi to Tadri Tal Via Chakar Tang And witness that high Shelf It doesn’t matter if there is any Armour or not,i can carry it or not.. But i have to travel through the area Where Chakar e Azam traveled through. There is only one proper way to travel The slower you walk,the more you may see The best way to travel is on foot. When you start Walking You start talking to Stones,Trees,Birds etc And that is the best way to explore the world. If you are just a commuter Even then you need to stay and see You need to feel and be Sympathetic for that place. Now a days everyone says ” We have done that” And i always say ” You don’t do places” “YOU EXPERIENCE PLACES”


Zaheer Chaudhry · December 4, 2018 at 12:07 pm

You guys have done a great job, big hug. I would say it's one big publication in 2018.

short and tamed it takes you so close to The Salam Rashid, travelling passion and relevant stories of ones. BRAVO team. love your work.

Beena Sarwar · December 4, 2018 at 1:58 pm

Riveting narrative marked by deep research and hard work. Well done – great job.

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"Jitni aapki raftaar kam ho gi utna hi aap dekhein ge".. what a summing up! Indeed..no bus better than the No.11. A brilliantly narrated biography and equally commendable composition. 👍

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Literally inspirational . THANK YOU sir Salman Rashid 👍👍👍

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Salman, Kabhi apne Nazar se Dehradun ya Rajasthan dekhne ka nahi socha.. We would love to read your Travelogue of India, surely one day.

F Haider · December 8, 2018 at 3:30 am

I am glad I discovered Slaman Rashid's work. He said to go slow while traveling, walk…so you can interact with the environment, see things up close… I am a believer of that. Whenever I travel, a 3 hours journey turns into 8 hours journey. I like to stop and admire things up close and take photos. My first camera was also Canon AE-1. Still treasure it. One day hope to fulfill my dream of traveling extensively.

Vijaykumar R · December 8, 2018 at 5:23 pm

He is one and only travel writer in Indian subcontinent ..request him to share his books on torrent site or publish in India ….

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Great story about a great man. Love from India.

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It's really a great documentary. I remember reading just one travelogue of Salman sb and that was indeed an informative and good to read. Now will try to read his other books too. InshAllah

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