Learning from Experience – Courses and field trips at The Umbra Institute

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you when you study abroad at the Umrah Institute you'll have an unparalleled opportunity to travel with your professors and see firsthand what you're learning in class in Florence students walk in the footsteps of the Renaissance masters at the academia the Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi gallery in Milan students trace the path of Leonardo da Vinci through the sports a castle the towering Duomo and the monastery that houses the iconic last supper no matter how long the thing that struck me most when you walk in like we see these digital images of the last summer but you can't get an idea of the perspective until you walking like the way that it actually like she Adrian always talks about how it recedes the background and she's totally of symmetry and the way that it just it looks so much deeper than actually you can't get it sits empty seat in person Roman history and archaeology students visit rome and pompeii you'll visit countless ruins and museums dedicated to antiquity tour the gilded hallways of the vatican museums experience the fascist era Museum of Roman civilization and wander through the preserve streets of Pompeii to top my panic stages and fast again gamma and so finally students in the food studies program will explore both ancient and modern methods of sustainability and food production you'll follow your professors to the cities of Parma Medina and the villages around Perugia to see and taste what happens at larger factories and smaller artisanal producers I do it out of my mind