LAPPI ROAD TRIP JA KAAMEA IKÄVÄ! #vaihtovuosisodankylässä vlogi 19 (english subtitles)

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Exchange year in Lapland. Vlog 19: Lapland Road Trip! Series is executed in commercial cooperation with Other commercial partners of the year Our family There, over there Is that where you are going to go? Yes, we are staying over night, just the two of us Because we sleeping there together And from there we continue to our secret hideaway We are going there So we shall have that kind of trip? Yes This kind of trip Oona and Lucia here are planning our autumn trip Right girls? But you are planning to go together? Wont you take us with you? No Oona, wont you take us with you? No Oh ok, but we were planning to go with you. No, we are going alone just the two of us What was that? We are planning to travel with our dear friends to Northern Lapland So this video will be about our autumn holiday to Nuorgam, Norway and Utsjoki With us are traveling our dear friends Mare, Joel, Isla and their family And don´t forget that in Instagram you can follow us daily We are now stopping in Ivalo to do some shopping and to eat We got some tips from you in Instagram about the local restaurants Anja´s Pizza Salad buffet in S-market and Kultahippu From these we chose because we had cravings for burgers Soon in Utsjoki. We have rented a cabin a bit forward from there. We actually have no idea what kind of cabin I just rented it from a local person I met earlier in the reindeer round up so fingers crossed it is a nice cabin At least the location should be good Morning in Nuorgam Good morning from the Teno river After a few missteps we finally found the cabin yesterday But we are here now and have slept the night in the cabin over there Luckily it is nice cabin and the view here is beautiful, if only there was a bit less fog The cabin is right next to Teno river. We are in Finland and on the other side is Norway I feel like swimming I´ll go and try how cold is the water It is so cold Where have you been? Ok, I will count. One, two three…. Today our trip continues to Norway We are passing Nuorgam to reach the Norway border In Norway we are going to a place called Hoyholmen It is supposed to be a beautiful route through a narrow cape to a beach with sea shells. Let´s go and see what we find. We brought our portable stove with us. Oh and the views are amazing! Look at this children How´s it going Lucia? Don´t block my view, I need to see outside to take some pictures Lucia has her own camera today I have to say Finland is an amazing country. Well, and Norway as well, and Sweden I can´t believe the landscapes here, absolutely amazing I get chills just looking around. I wish I could come here every season of the year I feel so tiny compared to these mountains They are so gaunt and craggy and can you see all the landslides? There are tens of landslides over there. Can you see that Joel and Lucia? Do you remember Papa our in honeymoon in New Zealand when suddenly that one road was blocked with landslide and rocks It was so strange Mare, doesn´t this feel like a dream? Yes, it is almost like walking on moon I can´t believe this And the fells are so different in every direction There are the snow-capped ones, and the huge one… The one here looks like slate, very gaunt They are symmetrical Some jellyfish can be….remember the giant one we found in Malaysia? What makes this place unique is the combination of mountains and sea Mountains make you feel so small but then the sea gives you such sense of freedom It is not many places where you can find both But here you have it. And Lapland Now it is time to make some peasoup with the portable stove Papa has the best technique He make a hole on the bottom and blows. Yes but I made too many holes One is enough to get it out Peasoup! What have you done? Children have taken care themselves that there is no unnecessary noise here Was it a beautiful place? Yes it was Good thing at least someone there can talk Here we have drawings of our day What is that? She got everything right… Show me Ronja I did my math homework What is Isla doing? Also math I only do math now. Aren´t you two hard-working Today was a very good day The drive was only a bit over an hour some roadwork was slowing us down but not too much A beautiful destination, I highly recommend it to everyone Now we are back in the cabin, cooking dinner. We got some local reindeer. After dinner we go to sauna Second morning Is it a beautiful morning Mutu? How are you feeling this morning? Just fine What have you made Ronja? A lip pencil Today we are going hiking, a 6K route in Skaidijärvi Starting point is about 10K forward from the centre of Nuorgam The landscape should be beautiful and in good weather you should able to see hundreds of kilometres away It is a ring route 2K to the hut and then another 2K to the road And then another 2K around there This is the first time for me in Lapland in October Time when winter is just beginning It is surprisingly beautiful. One might thought that with the naked trees and without much snow it would be stark However this is very beautiful. The little snow there is glistens in sunshine and the temperature is -7 degrees centigrade Our children always have a habit running in in front of us whenever we go hiking Their feet are not heavy at all. How´s it going? All good A beautiful landscape here, right? Yes it is. Don´t take your beanie off Can I go and take a look? Of what? Of that? Yes but be careful not to fall in It is durable enough mom. No it is not. It enough for the brush but not for humans A beautiful lake Have you ever seen anything this beautiful Isla? I need my gloves I can´t say as I have also been to Malaysia Have you ever seen snow? Yes I have When I was small Noodles, noodles It looks super tasty. I believe it is super tasty I think noodles are always super tasty Mom´s noodles are also good With which letter begins the word “pancake”? With P How about reindeer? With R Reindeer -R How about a fell? With E? With E? Fell? With F? Yes with F This is just perfect What are you doing? Sleeping. Can´t stay here and sleep. Come on, get up This rock is called The Sitting Rock of Nuorgam Apparently during hundreds of years it has been a known resting place for those who have travelled from here towards Norway or maybe following their reindeer herd Finally we came to Pulmankijärvi lake which is an old fjord It is located right in the border of Finland and Norway and part of the lake is in Norway There is a unique species of flounder growing here that can not be found anywhere else It has remained here since the fjord was still connected to sea Because of upthust the fjord has coalesced and formed a lake But you can still see a fjord like form in the lake The way here was also beautiful It is for a good reason they call this road one of the most beautiful roads in Finland If you are visiting Nuorgam and Skaidijärvi I highly recommend to also come to Pulmankijärvi on the way Did you find a lucky stone? Yes. Let me see. Such a beautiful lucky stone What can be found in an ocean? That is the jellyfish we saw! We got a tip from you to watch a documentary about “Life in the Norwegian Fjords” The last morning Today the Teno river is starting to freeze But I still want to swim there Let´s see if I can do it. I wont be able to film it though I am still planning to get there Ooh, I did it! I went in! I had to break the ice first, it was a bit difficult but finally when I got there it felt so good! I have these neoprene socks I use for SUP boarding and they worked for the swimming as well Oona, fist bump! Do you like this brush? Yes Today is our last day in Northern Lapland We are currently cleaning up the cabin that ended up being very nice On the way back we are stopping in Utsjoki to see the famous church cottages (kirkkotuvat) and to have lunch in the landscape restaurant And then we are off to our home in Sodankylä We drove here from Sodankylä about 4-5 hours It is amazing to have the possibilty to come here or to travel to Norway and the Arctic Ocean even for just a weekend And look what I have accomplished, I am so proud of myself This will make a nice Christmas present for someone Our cabin has a kitchen and a fireplace Living area Mutu´s favourite spot There flows the Teno river One bedroom here One bedroom here and a balcony Balcony is here and a terrible mess also I see The amount of mess a family with small children can create in two days is something else Anyways, this kind of cabin. Then there is sauna outside and a decking from where you can see the Teno river This cabin is not publicly rented but our landlord is willing to rent it if anyone is interested So if you happen to be interested in this, just send me a PM Did you like this place Mutu? This was a good place, thank you so much Now to Utsjoki and to have lunch From there finally back to Sodankylä and Vuojärvi Our Autumn holiday is coming to an end which is a shame because we would love to keep our dear friends with us for longer We stopped here in Restaurant Deatnu in Utsjoki which has an amazing view to Teno river It looks beautiful when the river is starting to freeze Back home! I am making a snow angel This makes a good head Today it snowed properly for the first time A day later Our holiday is over and for the first time here I feel very very sad We had our friends here, our closest and dearest friends Mare and her family I have been so busy this Autumn, enjoying our life with all my senses and I just haven´t had time to miss people so much has been going on I have talked with my friends on the phone and every morning with my sister But now that we actually spent an entire week with them it was just so lovely and now that they left it feels so difficult I have been lucky to have some very dear friends in my life for many years As an adult it is not so easy to find new ones that become equally close to you Somehow the opportunities for genuine encounters are just fewer Today I realised how much I actually miss my friends. Exchange year in Lapland. New video every Tuesday (at least)