KOH LANTA: Summary of my Trip in this Amazing Thai Island

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Hello guys, welcome to
Love Live Discover Koh Lanta series Koh Lanta is my favorite Thai island and
it is one of the most underrated island in Thailand. in this Koh Lanta Travel
Guide series we will visit popular destinations and also some hidden gems
that he never heard before but you must visit It looks so beautiful here. 360 degrees all
around is mountains and you feel like you’re in a private space. I’ve never
heard before I come to Koh Lanta And it should be one of the
top 10 locations in Thailand. we will visit Long Beach we just watch the sunset there were no
clouds. It looks beautiful as the Sun was setting and also now as we’re going back
the lights are on on the bars it looks pretty nice as I get closer I will take
some recording for you guys as well We will join the four islands tour we just finished snorkeling and it was
beautiful. it wasn’t the best snorkeling I did but it looks really nice
the corals. We had to walk a little bit first but once he reached there. There is
lots of different type of corals and plenty of fish. We will discover the Emerald Cave,
which you have to swim through the cave to reach the beach in the heart of the mountain. Guys, I don’t know if you can hear
me but let me explain this. We’re gonna go through this cave here
and it will take us to the beach inside We will kayak in Mangrove Forest. as we were kayaking there is lots of
different monkeys waiting on the side of the river even one of them jump
into the river to swim to us. We will explore Secret Beach,
snorkel, walk around old town, And of course, spend time in Lanta Animal Welfare Which is the number one thing today in
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Love Live Discover · December 9, 2019 at 8:33 am

Hello guys, thank you for watching the video. If you need any more information about Koh Lanta, write in the comments and I will respond as soon as I can.

Also if you been to Koh Lanta before, share your opinion below so the next traveler can learn from your experience.

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