Kodaikanal via Palani Road Trip |Bangalore| PART-2 |English-Subtitles| WildBuffaloCrossing|Biketrip|

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Reached Kodaikanal, The Princess of hillstation at sharp 1.15PM. It was a great travel through the misty hills. Currently I’m in the resort where I’m residing. Time is already 4.15PM. Let’s go and see the places around Not sure if we can visit much places. But let’s give a try. There are lot of beautiful views at this spot. With the beautiful clouds and hilltop views. It is a must visit place. It will be awesome during the early mornings and evenings. You can enjoy a romantic walk with an amazing view Let’s move on to the next place. OMG!! A Wild Buffalo crossing.. We and our new buddies got scared Wild Buffalo.. Wild Buffalo.. Should be careful as it can become dangerous at times and can hit the vehicles. It is actually a forest area. We went in search of a few tourists spots, but by the time we reached it was already closed. No issues, we will surely visit the next day. Got 2 new buddies from Kottarakara, Kollam part of Kerala. Now we headed to few shops near Bryant Park. There are lot of shops. We can see many Tibet shops. We can find varities of jackets. If we inform earlier, they will get Tibet flags for hanging in your vehicles. We get to see lot of shops for home made chocolates, jewellery items, eucalyptus oil, sweaters etc. It is chilling here and it feels amazing. On the right side of the shopping area, you get to see the beautiful view of kodaikanal lake. We can get cycles for rent here. Both single seated as well as double seated cycles are available so that you can ride as couples also. Here, you can see the gigantic horse and can try horse riding if interested. Fresh fruits are available Single seat cycle costs Rs50 and double seat cycle costs Rs100 respectively for half an hour. We are ready for the 3rd day of our trip.

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