Kingdom Come: Deliverance – ALL SECRET Armor & Weapon Locations!

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what's up guys my name is ESO and welcome back to the channel in today's video I'm going to be showing you guys where to find all of the secret treasure of the past which includes some unique armor and weapons if you pre-ordered the game you will get access to these ancient treasure maps but don't worry if you did not preordained because you can actually still visit these locations I'm about to show you and you'll still be able to find the secret treasure you just won't be able to get the unique warhorse armor set and guys just so you know it is possible to make over 24,000 gold using this method and that's excluding the warhorse pre-order arm because it's only worth 1 gold per piece despite being one of the best armor sets in the entire game you'll be able to start searching for this treasure after the introduction to the game where Theresa takes you to the Miller and you'll wake up here on the map north from ritai just here if you go into your bedroom where you wake up you'll discover a chest with all your belongings in it in this chest you'll find five ancient treasure maps but remember guys you do not need these treasure maps in order to find the treasure you can instead just go right to the location I show you in the video and discover the treasure yourself also you'll be able to find in this chest the unique warhorse gambeson but that's only if you pre-ordered the game the gambeson is pretty decent especially at the start of the game as it gives you a big boost to your charisma skill anyway take all these treasure maps and head outside before we go any further you're going to want to pick up a shovel because some of the treasure we're going to be finding is buried deep underground you'll be able to find the shovel just here next to this cart I've already picked it up personally but it's going to be here for you now let's take a look at our first map as you guys can see on the bottom left there is an arrow pointing towards a ritai which is where we are now then to the right it looks like there's a camp site and a charcoal burner Kliff across a river go ahead and take a look on your map again if you travel east down this pathway from ritai you eventually come to a bridge across a river where I'm standing just here just to the north you will see a campsite here on the map you can also see a small path leading into the woods like the treasure map showed us so let's head across this bridge and continue up the pathway towards the campsite it's also worth noting guys that you can actually get other treasure maps in the game – you can buy them off different merchants and I'll actually be covering those in my other video linked in the description below like where to buy them and exactly where the treasure chest is located for each treasure your season smoked ahead and discover the camp where the charcoal is burning if you take a right from the first charcoal burner you'll find a secret path heading into the woodlands follow this path between the rocks and try to stick to the trail and soon you will come across a burnt down campsite now this isn't actually where the treasure is buried but there is however a chest you can unlock in this campsite it is a hard lock but you'll be able to find decent loot inside I'm pretty sure it's random but I got about 633 gold worth items in it if you guys struggle with the lock picking please watch my guide on how to lockpick linked down below in the description now get back on your horse and you're going to want to head southeast out of the camp and soon you will come across Logan the Bandit hanging from a tree just to be clear if you look at the dark outline trees on the map and follow them along just place a map marker here at the end of the one that looks like a butt crack place it right in the crack that's where the treasure head south east towards the map marker take your time and you'll come across the grain it kind of looks like somebody took the body here in a wheelbarrow let's desecrate it and just dig it all up for some reason the skeleton has an abnormally large head just loot the corpse and you'll be able to find lots of treasure inside again the warhorse armor is unique but you may also be lucky enough to find a lucky praying die here which will help you win more at gambling yes it is possible to find more lucky dice in the game so you can have a whole set and there are different types of sets as well so in total there's four thousand three hundred and forty Gold's worth of items here excluding the warhorse armor which is only actually worth one gold and you should definitely not sell this the sword stinger is one of the better swords in the game but there's not really a best sword or armor it really depends on your character and play style for example maces are better against plate armor the warhorse arm however will give you a decent defense and good charisma and it is by far the best thing you can get in the game at this early level do remember to check out the requirement stats on the weapons though before you use them anyway let's carry on with the second treasure map once again you can see that ritai is just across the river to the east the treasure is just south east off the path through the woods keep going south east until you see a large rock and then near this rock you'll find a mine with the treasure buried within take a look on the map starting from the miller north of ritai we must cross the river just here and head west along this really long path on the other side of the river like on the treasure map the path meanders through the woods but as soon as you reach this flag I've put on the map there you're going to want to head south deeper into the forest from the path just to guide you guys visually you're going to see these free rocks on the left-hand side they're really flat just next to the pathway if you go to South East on these rocks into the forest I'm using a horse for this I'm literally just going in a straight line towards my map marker which is placed in that general area because I know there's gonna be a huge rock that we've got to look out for but it's quite deep into the forest one of the indicate is that you know when you've found it is you'll go past these rather tall ferns once you've gone past these take a very slow look around and you should see this giant rock just to show you guys on the map again where we are we're just here you can see the rock is right next to us so now we get off our horse and if we go down you actually find a secret mind hidden just behind this rock once you reach the overgrown mineshaft you'll see that it's actually collapsed but the treasure is hidden away inside in a sack this treasure is worth a total of five thousand two hundred gold the books are the most valuable things here but you'll actually not be able to read them until you've learned how to read and I've got a guide on learning how to read down below in the description there's also another unique dice here and you'll also find that these two books one will give you a boost to your vitality skill that you can read a level 15 and the other one is a book on how to make a certain type of potion and then of course we have the war horse armor again this is kind of more like an archer armor but you can also combine it with the armor we found previously as well if you also turn around and go back the way you came you'll actually find there's another grave just here you can dig up as well and guys if you haven't already please go ahead and subscribe to the channel and also press that Bell icon then YouTube will actually notify you every single time I release a new kingdom come deliverance guide and I'm gonna be doing loads of these sort of secret location walkthroughs as well as some cool hidden stories that I found in the game as well now this time guys instead of going for ancient mathri we're actually going to skip to ancient nap 4 because it's right next to the location we're already at so it's have a need of this map as you guys can see there's an error on the bottom light pointing downwards towards Rattay and just north you can see there's something that looks like a child's depiction of a in the middle then we cross two bridges go to the north go past a wood cutting camp and then there's some kind of castle here and then there's a hand pointing at what must be the treasure so you better go find a ruin along that road let me show you guys on the real map right now where that is so rats is just here as you guys can see here are the two bridges that you cross and then we follow this road keep going up towards this logging camp which were I'm actually standing at right now and then there's meant to be a ruin along this road somewhere so we're gonna keep going along this road until we see that ruin then I'll show you guys where the chest is so this is the logging camp on the left do take care cuz sometimes you'll get ambushed by bandits around here don't know they're here today no they're not you can't just right past them usually but one of them was an archer last time so boy you guys are okay so just the left ear you guys can see that there is a villian just here so let's dismount all of this deer as well maybe we can have a sneaky bow shot at one of these deer in a minute Birds we can actually jump into this ruin just there now we don't pop over that wall there if you look around this should yeah here we go there should be a chest just here this is a very easy chest so even at lock-picking level one you and still unlock this chest super easy and you guys can see heavy war huh it's not a spiked Warhammer like we got last time 200 grand fashionable slippers this is really good because actually makes you kind of invisible and nighttime birds we can also wear it for protection as well it's light wave protection as you guys can see again stab and slash not very good against blunt damage though as you can see the heavy war hammer does a ton of blunt damage that's pretty good we also have a recipe here for the lullaby potion this is one of my favorite recipes almost as good as the frenzy potion but basically if you make this potion and someone drinks it it will make them fall asleep so if you want to go and sneak in someone's house drop this in their food during the day and then go inside and you can steal their stuff the war horse helmet is also here which is a pretty damn good helmet with a very high charisma skill for helm actually and there's we also have the war horse shoes here as well which have a decent charisma skill they're definitely not the best shoes though do you remember guys we have stolen that so it's good idea to put it in the chest for now and so it loses the stolen tag if you guys have any difficulty over there's actually a bandit there although but if you guys do have trouble gang up here you can just walk off these sides just here I'm gonna sneak up behind him and just check we're gonna strangle him to death he is a bandit I don't think years tho oh yes ha ha sneaky sneaky killer now let's look at ancient map free as you guys can see this map has one location to the South called you shits if you carry on north from you shits you end up at a pond and then if you go right at the dry stone wool you'll find a tree where x marks the spot and it looks like there's a skull and bones there so be sure to bring a shovel let me show you on the real map where this location actually is and then we can use the treasure map to actually find it so as you guys can see town berg is just here you should already have town berg on your map if you travel north east from town burke up this path here you will reach you shit as you can see it's in the top right corner of the map just here so now if we zoom into you shits if you travel north of this path you eventually get to the pond and the free dry stone walls just here that we saw on the map this one is pretty easy to find and we know that if we follow this second dreicer move here in the middle at the tree at the end just here I put my map marker we should find and be graved and bigger so just in real life now let me quickly show you guys carry along this path north of Usha's till we get to this tree that looks like it's all being blown over and there's a pond there and here's the dry stone boom on our left so just keep this to our left and carry on riding and I'm pretty sure that huge Austria ver they're the biggest tree around really in the middle of this field is going to be where we find this treasure now we should get some pretty cool loot in this one actually so uh prepare here's the grave so let's go for horse just here you have discovered a grave it's actually quite picturesque grave surrounded with flowers under a tree ok let's start digging stop desecrating some corpses yes sounds good oh my god ok that is rather sad maybe this was where a couple used to come and like hang out and maybe you know make our underneath this tree we've literally just dug up their corpse that's so sad that literally embraced in there and grave oh well let's open this and as you guys can see there is a ridiculous amount of loot here in total actually all of this stuff adds up to eight thousand two hundred and eighty-five gold which is crazy this necklace alone is worth one thousand gold all it does is boost your charisma it's very good for merchants who are selling have also got the grand basinet which is basically a elongated helm which makes you pretty immune to slash and stab attacks and then there's the nobleman boots which also give you a massive boost or +20 charisma and then we have a Kuras which again is immune to stab and slash attacks not very good against blunt attacks though the old die is another interesting one it's basically a dice that is weighted to land on odd number now depending if you group certain dice together this can be extremely useful rage potion this is kind of like a frenzy potion from Skyrim it makes people go a bit crazy and mad very funny if you poison people's food with it and just absolute chaos ensue in the enemy's camp or even in the kitchen if you just want to laugh at the local pub then we have the two War War Horse items just here and let me just show you guys the stats for these and really interestingly the spiked war hammer this weapon is absolutely insane probably one of the better blunt weapons in the game notice as well that it says steel all because you're actually robbing someone's grave just there so make sure that you go and put this in your chest for a little while until you lose the stolen tack otherwise when a guard searches you you actually use the items and it's quite hard to get them back so I definitely suggest doing that and now we finally have the last map here we go is open this one up you can see here this is actually scallops doesn't actually tell you that it is but you can tell because it's where this giant river comes south and I actually know there's a mind to the left so all this tells us is that it wants us to cross a river follow the river northwards until we get through a deer hide and once there we find the last piece of treasure and this is definitely the hardest piece of treasure to find in my opinion so to show you guys on the real map once again town Burke is just over here go directly west until we get to scallops now you're going to want to follow this path around the south of scallops just here or to the other side and then you'll find the giant river now the map wants us to carry on up the river and turn left to find this deer hunting spot which is just here but the best way to find this is very easy to get lost in this forest is to follow my quick tip here so I'm currently looking at the castle just standing here and in real life you guys can see where I am I just crossed the bridge over the river which is there and if you turn around again you guys can see there's like a fork in the road you want to go right towards the forest here and there's actually another secret chest just here there's like a car that's pullin over and there's actually a hike this is random skull here as well but the chest is just round here and you guys can lockpick unlock this is a very easy Jesse might as well bard potion Bowman's brew wow this is really good it improves your artery by five points for ten minutes that's really good and we have a chalice and 54 grow ship there's about 600 there's about 600 gold worth of stuff in here so we're gonna take all of us right now I just wanted to quickly show you guys where that chest is and by the way guys just so you know I'm literally cutting out all the lot picking in this video because otherwise I think it would probably be about 10 minutes longer so right now we've just discovered this cart and now we're gonna carry on up this path a little bit it looks you're right because we're gonna work our way through the forest in a moment just when we get these bushes here just comfrey the forest and you guys will see some lights or muddy ground just here and there's a few puddles and there's like usually some pigs walking around some broken sticks and now there's a part leading northwards so we want to follow this park I'm a tree just carry on going Lord go straight north try to keep us straight as you can and you'll literally run into this deer heart this is the best way to find it like the most accurate way okay unless you can't go through this bush let me walk around this bush there you go the deer heart is right in front of us I guess it used to be a deer heart it's now just a ruin but here we are let me go show you on the map quickly again where we are just here in the forest just so you guys can use that as a reference as well this is where the deer hunting Squires just behind this building here we will find the chest now this is actually a very hard lockpick and guys if you struggle with this watch my guide and my lock-picking tutorial and have to train your skill to make it easier but it's not gonna be easy it's really really difficult to get this one so give me like 20 minutes try and get this finally okay finally we opened this chest dark plate on the jacket so how is gonna be ridiculously good oh my god it doesn't even have a minimum stranded you put this on right now by the way guys you may have noticed there is the next day I spent thirty lockpicks on this chest trying to unlock it it was not easy I'm not good at picking but you know that's how hard it was in fact I leveled up my lock-picking skill while attempting it we've also got some decorated riding boots here some corrosion and a lucky die when fortune smiles on you smile back otherwise you'll look suspicious what a great description so I reckon the lucky die probably always rolls on a six but we'll have to test that one out honestly I'm not reso sure what this does maybe it's a healing potion the rule of the Nicholas a skill book on pickpocketing that can only be read after achieving level 10 by the way the max level 4 skills is level 20 so sometimes it can be better to actually hold on to these skill books until you need it in the later game and then you can level up when it would take you more experience to level I'm gonna steal that now we actually got a u longbow here does 77 damage the longbow requires a minimum strength of 15 and a minimum agility of 10 so it's probably one of the better bows in the game to be honest the only thing is it also does a lot of damage and I assume he shoots arrows extremely FOB I haven't had a chance to have a girl in yeah so in total guys we got 24,000 gold worth of stuff to sell and plus 500 more gold if you sell these treasure maps as well because you don't need them anymore the warhorse preorder armor is only worth one gold each so even if you don't pre-order the game you will still get 24,000 gold by getting all of these chests the most valuable things with the skill books which ones red are useless and you can sell them though I would argue that the final chests we just got probably isn't worth it without the warhorse armor oh and by the way guys I'm pretty sure that all of this stuff actually respawns as well as soon as I confirm that I'll leave a comment in the description below but the warhorse armor set is indeed one of the best armor sets in the entire game obviously though this lost chest is very hard to get only this chest piece that we found in one of the previous chests is actually better than the warhorse one I suggest though that you guys check out my playlist link down below in the description for all of the other treasure map locations where you can find more rare items weapons and armor I'll also be creating guides on the fastest way to make gold and some tips on leveling your skills quickly I hope you guys found this helpful please don't forget to smash that subscribe button and also ring the bell icon as well because then YouTube will notify you the next time I have a video guide out again I also recommend adding this video to your favorites as well so you can come back and watch it in the future when those chests respawn but thank you for watching guys I will see you in the next video goodbye


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