Kid’s Cruise Review Independence of the Seas

Published by Darron Toy on

What did you think of your cruise? Good Just good? Fantastic good! What was good about it? The big kids club and our kids club Hello! The ice-skating was fantastic, amazing good. No it was fantastic, amazing, good. That sounds pretty good to me. Is that like double thumbs up? and fingers? Wow! We’ve got to get off now. Why? It’s time to go home. awwwwww NO! NEVER! Everybody in this room, on this ship now, is getting off today. Everybody. The cruise is over. Not de ’em cookers! Oh no, not the chefs aren’t getting off and the waiters aren’t getting off. The people that work onboard, they’re going to stay onboard but all the passengers all the people that are on holiday, they’re getting off today and new people are going to get on. awwww Why-eee?

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