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hi everybody and welcome back to silent Scotties getting real I'm doing our mod test here with the Kenworth k100 II and I'm gonna say this truck is all about love the cab over and then if only we could have this on truckers MP would be all set guys give this truck a shot I do have a Cummings n14 600 motor in this truck about 605 horsepower is it shipped and I got straight pipes on the back there don't sound too bad I got a little red white and black paint scheme going on here but it's for up this truck here and see what it sounds like all nice ready go get the beacons on top yeah it's got a special transport load over here I love doing these whenever I'm on single players so let's go see what we got I'm up here in Spokane Washington right now and I think we got a load here going to Grand Coulee so go check it out here hope you guys are having a great day out there hope everyone is doing well and let's see if we got our job you free market now we got two different ones got high construction which is a big square more or less we got a large reservoir tank I think I'm gonna go with the huge construction year we'll try that one out and I do have the guys from Top Gear here for my GPS navigation so we should definitely guys probably quicker than normal man unless these guys get this load all loaded up here and hit the road here man this one looks mighty long guys think we check the route I don't think we have too much to our drive through too much big cities and whatnot all right again guys no I'm professional I don't need to read that stuff but uh start a trip up here there we go get our blinker turned off and get the lights turned on here there we go do not have an interior light should put one in here but that's alright we don't need all light inside our truck but I'm gonna tell look it's little gas as we are man very very long load here it's kind of wide not real wide but just take these corners why it should be good we got a cab over so get this baby on the road here I know our escort vehicles are I got my 18-speed transmission back in this truck this one does not have a retarder on it but it's no big deal like we're gonna go out on this side here we go my big bump here to get over there we go my beacons turn down here so we're all set all right another next time here for uh yeah oh man guys we caught the building man there we go a little bit there should be alright I have so much trunk these loads guys I'm telling you let's see if gonna make it over here I'm gonna check out the map here real quick 100 meters turn left alright like it should be fairly simple drive up a grand coulee here hopefully and get some good scenery but it's gonna be night time soak a fairly simple we're out here you're helping the highway up on the – and go up to 155 130 miles for this one get up here you've got what lean I gotta be in here alright soon this one mighty whitey is jeez cop car right there oh man we don't hit it I think we should took that our Lodi gas this one no see if we go and see well alright even 200 meters just a building in a cop car man we should be alright you gonna let me alright we don't get ticket for going through this red light some wired nice and slow I'm not taking out any traffic over here home shift you what gear we need five little black where to go down to four low here make it up this hill stay to the left here a little bit there we go make this motor work man don't switch we got here one hundred forty one thousand pounds and I said that one sweet explains why we're struggling but they're coming morning you guys there we go Jeff of my favorite motor not too much of a fan of the other kept motors continue straight got you and was it 40 mile an hour I think fastest we're gonna be going we get to left ear a little bit more my geez both lanes all right let's truck I've used before it's been a while since I drill this k100 but this is a really good truck and it's nice to have a cab over on American trucks in as well it's so much different than the long nose trucks feel like trucks I'm looking at testing out as well so straight let me know in the comment section down below a few hours wants to keep seeing little videos like this or what you guys would like receipt and then turn right right turn coming up here I'm gonna swing it to the left here make this right Oh any problem downshift nice and slow get this one good here yes Michael all professional driving there we go the guy should be splitting my gears here got this much much weight going up the hill I think we got it though man use no other horses in this motor now now I'm gonna go into four hi so we level out here Newport Coulee cool ville so what I call it anyways there we go we are rolling now you guys all right Shane's liam new right get over in this middle lane here see it to that traffic valve here in this far left lane hopefully not I think I'm just gonna go ahead and block it off here yeah so the guys look for this mod you can find it on the Steam Workshop just look for it there on Steam Workshop a loss put a link to us truck in the description down there as well hope you guys out a little bit and also a link to the top gear voice navigation there as well there's a lot of people talk about that and I really want to get that tried out love watch the top here all the time alright man we're hot on the highway now yeah I said smoking is a really nice city I live up here a few times slowing down on me like that switching lanes I'm standing the middle bro alright you have to speed here so we can get this load over here I am man you want me over there all right something really cool issue that forced us transport is a the guys talking on the CB you know saying you're clear we got traffic held up up here something like that that's one thing that's really missing for these uh specialty special transport loads here to let you know I can just tell you you up you're in good spot if you get too far away or whatnot they could let you know I think it'd be a cool audition need some more communication I hear galleys vehicles blocking off the roads and stuff go back in a seven low now thing I'm mostly a highway run for this 118 miles to go on put cruise control on here forty 40 mile an hour should work first right now look at this load slowly making our way down the highway here it's one long long load manning that back dollies go she's out all my tires on it cruise pretty good he flips looking alright put some lights on side up there I'm not too sure if I like them J Creek a little bit here there we go have any problem getting up here dropper in his six Lolo make this climb my own oh girl there we go get now man 106 miles here we plan with our motors here as will excite the n14 shipped 600 and today you might route some other motors Jenna I never get ones over 600 650 horsepower more than enough well I'm a look around so you can find some more out there guys know if any let me know the comments down below you guys do it for you as well makes guys that like button there calm it down there and these guys feedback on these little videos here so well let me know and if guys like see any mods or anything like that as well as curious just let me know as well as that keep on cruising here I think we're good now for a little bit sit back relax and lock that our lane still have no traffic coming up on us here sorry guys gotta wait just ain't got enough room man could use that shoulder over there but yeah we're still gonna be pretty wide here Dan looking whitey guys and I was looking at it but stuff a little bit wider now two on the road here we got a 40 mile an hour all right we are doing well a little bit of miles in here for the company as well remember cards look for a active virtual trucking company we are silent squad Incorporated yes – on trucks bookie you you'll find us right on they got a really good company are they proud of everybody our company put in lots effort Jenni eyes out on truckers and Pete on Wednesdays and Saturdays 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and if you guys could join our discord as well there's lots of links down in that description down there join our discord to get in contact with us you guys want to join sorry for some truckin nice little cruise yeah now I know there was a Waystation coming up here I don't know if they'll be pulling to it or not but I'll find out here shortly won't we continue straight thanks buddy no say they got that blocked off here I don't you think we'd fit on the weigh station you guys it's got concrete barrier over there and no we want to would not have the wind fin on the waste scale at this one hopefully we got all of our permits I would like to worry about that hauling this load here at 10:12 p.m. now much traffic are here which is good oh if they blocked off I'm coming or what but it's probably good idea if they did here see our GPS up they're going the right way don't think I got where you're buying switchbacks are too much steep grades on this route here on the Grand Coulee but we will senior I know this road I don't know the one up here to grant cool about it feels a few times see what it's like yeah I definitely commend these special transport load you guys they're fun you guys seen the first or second when I did man trafficking so if I was actually in kind of nervous they're watching out for him and stuff so can I answer my phone right now sorry I am hauling a load it's an important phone call oh my goodness watch out there buddy all right cops start swerving over Matt know what's going on there and then they block and everything off for us all right a little different a lot of ones I've done were uh thinking California and busier areas lots highways and stuff so I'm just going down at one lane roads they got every little side road blocked off here it's definitely good man so see we're hauling here one more time huge construction that's pretty much all the details they're giving us on this one but looks like you got a some type of piping system tinkerer something on it I'm not sure it's definitely huge construction well getting there guys 58 miles go we're already halfway there only time to get there guy wasn't even tired to take a nap before started did not want to fall asleep halfway through this one get back up here let me know if you guys like to see the wheel cam as well in these trucking videos that I'm doing here I was like see the the wheel or the shifter there top left corner let me know I'm gonna go down to five blow you know get up here so if we can do it here here that turbo whistling away should be alright to go into five below no back up in Oslo here doing good day though not grind too many gears click with these loads uh learning to take my time a little bit that to have patience with these loads cruising at forty down the highway here yeah going on up here man a couple bends up here looks like railroad tracks careful of these up here right not bright Sun or not there we go blind these guys but it's probably better I see them they do the moment here right this might be a little tricky here so take this one easy here nice and wide wait over here for them rails don't come down right now there we go go back down into five below it cruising again alright that was too bad that at all no train that's good well he it's like we're in the Nevada desert you guys were up here in Washington back up to speed here we go think on these as well don't grab my gears I'm taking my time a little bit here easing that clutch there maybe a little bit too soon we should be alright to get on this binge you got a right turn coming up taking us up to Grand Coulee now I believe there's a dam up in Grand Coulee ain't no man lot of guys out there probably know I have a story about a dam but maybe uh I'll tell you guys that story in the meters turn right all right thanks buddy sure damage much to the sign got pay attention guys well I said next time guys I'll tell you my damn story let me know in the comment section if you guys heard or not all right why turn ye cab or helps do ain't got that big nose on here there we go for lo right now should be alright 155 north yo man 30 miles to go you guys and we're getting there and I forgotten a little bit damage on here when we left we caught that little building push the cop car out of the way and pry it back there took out a sign or something to get that little bit damaged so it definitely happens I'm standing middle up here man be cool out of there cut the mountain out here to put the road in last mountain was hard like that I watched one ounce a little hill here all that weights gonna push me should be okay though hit the jack though just to hear it don't sound too bad sleeve better ones out there you guys on a mission here to find the best sound in J Creek so I'm gonna be working on here next for engine mods here we go was a motor down here was the cat straight plate well there's like 530 horsepower one car getting through there it looks like the Cape's Campos we're letting no get off the road just grind going in there oh here and continue straight anything quickly you've got the green light got this intersection blocked off do that on top you gonna hit that tree a little bit you got one copter at the intersection down shift six low might get pretty good view of the dam from here oh yeah there we go right over there man Jake break here back it down a little bit it's rolling in here now go back down to five five no man all right real neat touch gas here just RJ Creek little bump right there all right a little bit of Bend up you should be okay well use the entire road I think engine braking low we ready there we go load has gone pretty well yes pretty well I think next time I get a or next time test not a moderate truck I'm gonna go ahead and go up the log side up later awesome logging equipment or awesome logs or something shred out here for next time what's gonna you guys let me know in that comment section down below you got a right turn coming up 200 meters turn right slow down still way down for me deathly cern this one right mighty wide way over here to the left fires we can go get on this bridge you see that was good enough why is there trap coming right now all right should be enough room here got enough clearance if you sure do the truck is not in the best spot right now see my load – we'll all right we got man barely yeah down shit though turn it to low just maybe moving there pretty tiny guys going to a bridge and you got a truck set in their way in just hear the motor pretty good in this truck in 200 meters turn alright man we're almost there turn left couple more trains swing this one nice and wide too and we got a car right there man jeez all right it's not gonna go well for that car I mean they're not blocking off traffic well enough not gonna do much push them all the way all I can do man you guys are doing the job out here supposed to be blocking traffic man and now we have a lawsuit on our hands cuz I'm crashing that car I believe we are here I'm pulling in right here have reached your destination well done frankly yeah you did bro I was just driving doing nothing you know all right stuff probably long slow I've ever had I don't have a big nose on her truck today still straight to the left here my miss this fence here all right cutting it close right there man we got it do you think you're lined up you're just straight all right I want that I want this construction we're here at all these houses but I'm just a driver he that's good trippin the k1 on your guy's actually enjoyed that quite a bit I love these special transport loads here there we go man Park it where they want it there we go see how much we got for that one should defecate some bonus there as well another achievement for of 11 therefore bacon America or something these special transport loads get achievement before but got a little bit trim tray for maneuverability bonus maneuvering bonus fact to read that right high value skill level 6 so we got a little buff that when you guys but more or less just a fun load there to ruin definitely enjoyed that this truck is really nice to stuff recommend this truck you guys got try it out we're so used to the long noses over on here on American truck Simmons nice 2x drive a cab over so try out this truck guys it is on the Steam Workshop before there'll be a link in it in the description down there so you guys can get this truck I'll make my way over here and park doing trucking for today anyways but I'll be back next guys let me know which guys think in the comment section down below and if you guys like see more videos like this let me know I think this is a dead end Becky yeah it is but we got the light so you can see the truck oh there we go alright guys hope you guys enjoyed this little video here and death chop this truck is a very good truck and actually has pretty good pretty smooth truck to you so you guys have a great day out there and I will catch you guys see you in the next stream or video so uh until then you guys I'm Scotty now we'll see you then


New Holland Man · July 30, 2019 at 11:15 am

i wonder if you we driving with the racing gloves on lol

Leo Ankerson1989 · July 30, 2019 at 11:15 am

great video bro like the look of that truck

Dinkybacon 123 · July 30, 2019 at 11:15 am

Hey hope u having a good day im at school on break

Bubby Beats · July 30, 2019 at 11:15 am

who else noticed the amount of times he said ''Here''

Max Tew · July 30, 2019 at 11:15 am

Hi Scotty plz stream

leonard mohr · July 30, 2019 at 11:15 am

hi bro lol

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