Kate’s Evo Journey: Episode 11

Published by Darron Toy on

Vicky: Knowing my mum before she was very
social and outgoing, she was very bubbly and very chatty and she was out a lot with her
friends and stuff and as time went on and as her teeth deteriorated I just seen her
change from that bubbly, social, outgoing person to becoming this different person who
was just too embarrassed to leave the house and then it was turning into depression as
well, she wasn’t smiling at all. She just didn’t want to leave the house at all, not
for anything, not for shopping so I was helping her out a lot, I was going shopping. My granddad
as well, he comes one day a week and so he has a car so he would drive us to the shops
and he would help out as well. Kate: It’s like cloak and dagger going anywhere, do you
know like? I got so depressed I was becoming like a hermit. Vicky: I’ve seen her just looking
at the Evo page as well just before she finally got the courage to be persuaded or to just
go ahead and make the appointment, you know what I mean, just don’t worry about your nerves,
it’s worth leaving the house to go and get an appointment and see about actually changing
your life, do you know what I mean? And that’s what Evo’s doing for her so I can’t thank
them enough. I remember before she had her teeth, me and Vicky would just go out and
Mum would just stay in the house because she was too embarrassed and then when she got
her teeth she actually has started to go out more. She actually goes shopping, because
before it used to just be my sister and my grandpa, and yeah. Vicky: And now you feel
a bit happier Mum has started to.. Kate: Now you love that I can go out and annoy you and make you embarrassed in front of your friends again (laughs)