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so you're thinking of coming to Sri Lanka but you're not really sure what to fully expect this is exactly why we came up north maybe you're looking for all of the Instagram hotspots or maybe you're looking for adventures on the road less traveled and because we are the budgeteers and we specialize in having bigger and better adventures unless money we're doing all of this on less than a thousand dollars each so sit down and relax and join us on this epic journey around Sri Lanka appetizer Yanis roll that intro star series four was made possible thanks to Sri Lankan Airlines providing convenient and cheap connections to the island book your flights with Sri Lankan Airlines we're also brought to you by a wonder go the must-have app for any digital Nomad discover destinations workspaces accommodation and much more download it for free from the App Store today after spending a few days in Sri Lanka's most popular tourist town of cigarette we decided that the crowds were just too much and we needed to find somewhere a little more undiscovered thankfully just a few hours south was the gorgeous knuckles and mountain range we got a sneak peek into the way of life up here in the mountains and we got to encounter some of schanke's most beautiful and rarest wildlife after we got our fill of adventures in this unique part of the island we made our way back down through the valleys into the second-largest city here in Sri Lanka of candy we are switching it up from the wild mountains to this big city but first thing in the morning on our journey to find breakfast we could see that not only was this city absolutely stunning but it also seemed to have plenty of historical sites for us to visit so buckle up it because not only are we going to explore candy today but later on we are also going to attempt our biggest adventure of this series so far good morning morning and welcome to the beautiful city of candy ken is actually the old capital of Sri Lanka and so there is lots of historical and religious places to visit but where we do anything luckily candy had loads of delicious breakfast places and so after walking around for a bit we popped into a really nice highly recommended cafe the secret ally what about you two going one of those fancy bells after our delicious breakfast it was time to explore one of the most historical and religious sites in all of sri lanka the temple of the tooth this sacred temple is located inside of the royal palace and is home to one of the teeth of the holy buddha himself and as we made our way towards the ground we could see large crowds of buddhist monks who had come from all over the world as well as loads of keen tourists like ourselves who all came to take a look and to worship the relic we could instantly feel that this was a really important and special place for both the locals and the monks so we certainly felt honored and excited to be a part of this really wonderful energy ok we have got our tickets 1,500 rupees each which is just under $10 per person make sure you have the right money otherwise you're in trouble and it's all mechanical machines and I'm looking spiffing yes we buddy properly covered up we were all excited to get inside however this early in the morning the temple gets huge influx of visitors this is because every morning holy men bring the sacred relic into the shrine and musicians play old songs in this very special ceremony this does mean that the temple grounds become packed and it's very hard to stay together and to really understand where to go and what to do we found ourselves stuck in a packed line of people and we started to feel like we were actually kind of overcrowding this place especially for the people who came all this way to worship the relic you and as soon as we joined the queue everyone spam on the carriage sympathy so we kept at it until nearly an hour later while we were giving a quick passing glimpse and an impressive gold casing holding the holy relic clearly this ceremony was amazing to be part of but there was something we couldn't really put our finger on but once we made our way outside we finally got a chance to catch our breath and digest the experience where they'll be disappointed over here I just felt that you know there's so many we've seen so many people coming here just to do like a religious pilgrimage a lot of people coming from very far even Lanka and Thailand from Burma or Never and they're coming here because it's an important place for them religiously and it's this big religious ceremony and it just feels like all this forests including ourselves are just in the way and it feels a little disrespectful and it feels I felt really I personally felt earlier I enjoyed more is experiencing it just part through the other people that were there yeah cuz they found it really beauty important and I was fighting more of the people that were there doing their prayers yeah that was that we both dressed in why who's kneeling down by holding their babies that was really really sweet but yeah like like Lena said I just yeah we felt like we were in the way we were like oh god can we get out and then you snuck in the line of people I don't know like it was just it sounds really secret is the perfect word it's the sacred moment or something you're just there come if you want would you go again guys no I'm glad we did it yeah I'm also a hundred percent sure that a lot more temples that are also really good and that is exactly what we did next firstly we popped back to our cheap hostel to escape the blistering at midday heat and to devour a deliciously spicy rice and curry and then we made our way to the Buddha statue that overlooks this stunning city and somewhere we could enjoy the peace and serenity that Buddhist temples provide that had been lacking down at the somewhat flustering a temple of the tooth you actually study a stream I'll put his life like how to sit on his lap but imagine the trouble we let the Instagram might jump on that I stand on his lap her YouTube channel was arrested today for defacing a Buddha statue but they got 500 likes so that was all that mattered it was actually so peaceful up there that we decided to hang out for ages and really take in all of the beautiful views the gorgeous storm clouds rolling in and the serene atmosphere before we knew it the evening had rolled in and we had to say goodbye to the stunning Buddha statue and also to the city of Kandy because tomorrow we were going to start our biggest adventure on this trip so far so we made our way back to the hostel but not before taking one final look at the magical city good night candy yes the next morning we were excited to head towards Adams Peak the tallest mountain in the entire country however it was going to be a whole day's worth of driving although the route was only 90 kilometres we would be driving through the central highlands and our little Vita she isn't exactly a four-wheel drive so we knew it would be a challenge to reach base camp before dark we made a promise to ourselves along the way to only stop if we saw something incredible and it turns out that we saw something kind of unbelievable atop one of the many mountains in the area we saw a very strange-looking tower it looked amazing and like something that we definitely needed to check out but since the roots were so steep our little Vita she had other ideas here we are walking up a hill because we saw a beautiful hill with a temple on top it's apple or toffee we thought it would be a good idea but the tipster can't have the plans no I'm not taking all of you I can only take one of you the driver which is Elina you can do it maybe give it a sailor push here push a look at this crazy tower it looks really really high I've already looked over the edge over that we're so high tides already backing out on me he's like I'm not going up those stairs yes you are I'm pretty scared too I I consider myself a pretty fearless person that's why the tiny tower first no no no no no we're going big go home I'm elected already shaking now let's go outside why this view I don't want to go near it's slanted she's I don't trust this this build quality what I'm gonna go on the outside I'm gonna be a brave little soldier because we came here to do and try new things I'm talking to you look at me come on yes come on no I'm skipping that no I'm staying no you're not concrete no time yeah I feel like if we all stand on one side the thing is this guy my moss I don't get paid we don't get paid at all because ties we came to try new things yes did you go to the top is it scary we need my limit my Patea whoa oh my god ties were supposed to be a team Oh I think this is the top no maybe not equal matter we no no no no we Estonia stretcher Oh make up ties I made it to the highest point you can't make it to the top it's blocked off hey I'll show you I feel so this isn't okay wait like holding on to the railing trembling my legs are trembling there were points when my hips were too wide to fit through I put my camera away oh I'm shaking the wind is blowing I hate this my mother would kill me mommy hi papa ideas sorry papa sorry mama I'm so high up I'm so high up I can't even I don't want to look doubt it or what I like that okay I'm going down but I did it Oh highway this is the top I did too I know you didn't I can't I go about three-fifths of the way up die I cannot believe that building got cleared by health and safety I cannot believe somebody built that and there's people up there shaking like I know this is high enough for me ties bailed I bailed but she's out Matt showed us again yeah you bailed on me that's five I wouldn't have way I'm actually quite proud Congrats are that couple of Mainers at the top actually and what's really cool is if you look leaner to turn the camera here that this tower is dedicated through the three religions the three major religions of sri lanka you've got the muslim press there the Buddhist Wheel and the cross so it's not really a religious place but it's built for all religions and these guys to prove that all religions are as crazy as everyone else if you can make it to the top so after my legs stop shaking from that absolutely terrifying time to the top I now had the honor of driving us the rest of the day through the winding mountain roads and of course just to make life a little bit easier it thunderstorm the entire drive travel can be a really thrilling ride sometimes but these are the kinds of adventures that we love the most and thankfully after what seemed like an eternity we had finally made it to the base camp of adam's peak hello we have made it to the beginning of Adams bks after a long long time I really really long it's been a really long drive on crazy Road and we arrived and without any plan and we have no accommodation sort it's so petty and I jump out of the tooktook patio in one way I went the other I mean he sat here guarding the took to go and I got the best offer this guy just crossed the street and he's like he's looking for a room and he made me the best offer that anyone made us so we did a lot of bartering but we didn't have the beacons so we're just gonna park our tooktook over at the guest house we're gonna drop our bags in there have some dinner and then we're having a super early night because we have to be up shortly s plans we dumped our bags in our tiny little room and headed out to find some food so we could fuel ourselves up for the big tract up to the summit Adams feed holds huge spiritual and religious significance so we wouldn't be doing this climb alone most nights you can expect a few hundred or even a few thousand people attempting the climb every single night that's because each of the three main religions here in Sri Lanka claim that the holy footprint at the summit of the peak has spiritual significance so that's why lots and lots of pilgrims from far away come all this way and before we went to sleep we looked up at the imposing summit as it lit up in a blaze of divine glory it's early in the morning hey excited I am yeah me too [Applause] how far off are we right now maybe a quarter not even a little harder than Annapurna yeah I think you're not a fornum where's reading you just go on you like on autopilot this is like get your butt up there person is cardio training we've seen a few pilgrims being carried down and stretches right because some of these yeah they're stretching them down I looked over and there was people because some of the people doing this pilgrimage are in their 90's and 80s and they're going up there one step at a time we and we can't complain these now yeah and they've worked their whole lives they're literally broken in there there and up there yeah there grandma that's a perspective walking up there's a little like Michener year old crying his eyes out and I was like I feel you all right onwards and upwards Thanks so people shouldn't be allowed to travel I mean Trek that's like my biggest pet peeve Trekkie people who put on no meat I was wrong right at the entrance view over the beautiful sunrise we lost Lena in the crowd so we're just kind of gonna wait here for half an hour until she gets up here so that we can go into the building together and try not to freeze to be so lucky there wasn't much we could do about being split up the crowds were just too large so we decided to enjoy our spot and watch incomplete or as the Sun crept over the shrunken mountaintops I still constantly Leena and the whole crowd just means highs are just saying if you're gonna do this wake up now like wake up watch the Sun rise down there kind of split us up too many people I mean she's probably only 50 meters away but we can't see it because the entire movement of people has stopped because everyone stayed at the top of the stairs like we did yeah watch the summer so I was standing on prize was standing one step up come to Adams peach right obviously it was a bit frustrating being splitter and having to spend the last few hours just stood in one place unable to move but the summit was just so close but look guys four steps to go so we decided to persevere the last few metres and queue up for another hour or so in order to see the holey footprint and the last thing we had to do was ring out the Bell one strike for each time a person makes it to the summit during their life and with that it was time to descend back down and with the crowds gone we made good time and we were back down at base camp within two hours and we packed up our bags and said our goodbyes to this incredible place and reflect on that once-in-a-lifetime experience [Applause] in the noisy town where the end of the trail is what a crime what an experience ups and downs but we finish the episode in the next episode back to me right now it's only morning going to Ella but on the way we're going to make loads of detours so stay tuned for the next episode see the next one thanks again for watching and if you did enjoy this episode then please help and support us by giving us a like subscribe to our Channel and turn that Bell on so you never miss an episode you can also support this channel by picking up some budgeteers merchandise there are loads of awesome designs and some brand new product lines available including stickers now so make sure to head over and check them out and if you've enjoyed the music in this episode we use epidemic sound for all of our videos actually now and you can get a 30 day free trial below to help level up your content whatever that may be but for now we'll just leave you with this teaser for next week's episode and a simple question for you to answer where was the most beautiful sunset or sunrise that you've ever seen we would love to know please let us know in the comments and yeah we hope you enjoyed this episode once more because it was actually my favorite episode we've ever made alright cool see you next week Rowland here's a lovely day in new area


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86upsmaya · July 26, 2019 at 2:29 pm

Hey,im from Kandy and have no idea about that Secret Cafe. It really is secret. Too bad about the temple of tooth relic, either go early or after 11.00maybe. N maybe u could get an audio guide of the place, which is available at the ticket counter

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Ashan Malinda · July 26, 2019 at 2:29 pm

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Guys.. I've been watching all of ur programs in sri Lanka. Even though I live in uk I'm a sri Lankan. About the "dhalada Palace" where the Lord Buddha's relyc there, all I can say is u guys went to there in wrong time and may be a wrong day.

Most probably, in weekends, full moon poya day and when special programs going on its absolutely fully crowded.

Go there in a week day at 6:00 am. That will be a fantastic experience for u all. I have taken in my British friends and they all spent hours and hours. Sitting around the lake, feeding fish, museums, and many more.

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Steven Healey · July 26, 2019 at 2:29 pm

In my opinion best episode so far this series. Not religious but nice to see them come together. Felt awkward watching the first temple as you later described. Very emotional episode. P.s Lina big kahunas for making it to the top. Gap in steps would have stopped me. Love you all, see you next Friday

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Iamnot Arussianbot · July 26, 2019 at 2:29 pm

Those who have actually seen that tooth thing in Candy in the late eighteenth century have attested that its just a dogs tooth. There's a lot of literature about it. That's why its never been shown again in public for over a century. It's just a hoax and a scam perpetuated on the credulous masses (and stupid tourists), by the unscrupulous monks.

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Siraj Kasideen · July 26, 2019 at 2:29 pm

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Simmy Rogers · July 26, 2019 at 2:29 pm

Wow guys, what a packed episode! Lina, so much respect to you for making it to the top of that tower. It gave me wobbly knees and I was sitting down :O I really admired all of your honesty regarding visiting the temple of the sacred tooth and now I'm wondering whether we will decide to go inside now. I guess upkeep of the temple relies on ticket sales so it's a bit of a tricky one? Adams Peak looks HECTIC! If we make it there, we'll do as you suggested and go up after sunrise. As always, amazing vlog <3

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Thevindu Samarasekera · July 26, 2019 at 2:29 pm

You might have got your facts wrong. The major religions of Sri Lanka in the decending order is as follows
Islam and Christianity
Don't forget Hinduism

And Adam's peak is not the tallest mountain of the country

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Yogaratnam Sangeetha · July 26, 2019 at 2:29 pm

18:30 . Brother there is not 3 big religions in Srilankan. There are 4 religions in Srilankan. You missed the Tamil OM sign that is holding the 3 religions u were talking about. Tamil OM is the oldest and the native religion in srilanka . Tamil OM people are second population in srilanka. You must show the Tamil OM symbol you missed out on that building. All the 3 religions you spoke about is held my the Tamil OM symbol, look again brother. With out the ancient Tamil Om (ஒம்), there is no OM’s law in science E/i*r.
Each Tamil temple is made using ohm law and gold and copper .Each temple can provide unlimited amperage and unlimited voltage ~ infinity resistance . That’s why all the big Tamil temples have ஓம் sing in front of the towers ./. The whole world and Universal need electricity, humans animals and ET all are welcome everyone need electricity to think and open their eye lids. Solar power race Tamil people can provide electricity to every living think. Welcome to Tamil temples . ஓம் namasivaya.

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