Journey of a Book at Parkland Regional Library

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Have you ever wondered what happens
behind the scenes after you order a new book for your library? Here at Parkland Regional Library
there’s a dedicated team that orders receives catalogs and processes your library
materials. Join us as we take you on the journey of a new book inside PRL. Hi, Do you have any books on fast food and the obesity epidemic? It’s a pretty popular topic right now but let me see if I can bring something in for you. Yes, I have something here. I can order it for the library and let you know when it comes in. Great, thank you so much!
Your welcome, Goodbye. The library manager places the order and the request arrives electronically in the PRL acquisitions
department. Once the acquisition clerk receives the
MARC order she places the order with the vendor. Later, the order arrives at PRL and the Acquisition clerk places the box on
the acquisitions shelf. (Small talk between delivery man and acquisitions clerk) The shelf time for new purchases that
aren’t bestsellers can vary from a few days to several weeks depending on the
current workload. Bestsellers are pushed to the front of the queue. When the Acquisitions clerk opens the box the book begins its
journey at PRL in the acquisitions department. First, the acquisitions clerk check the
book condition Book is gooood! then she writes the price in the book barcodes the book, and scans the book. Then she checks off the invoice and places the book back on the cart.
When the acquisitions clerk finishes the remainder of the
items on a cart it is then sent to cataloging. The book lives on the card for about a week
in the cataloging Department each cart is dated and the earliest
received material is catalogued first. Since bestsellers are pushed to the front of the queue, wait times on other materials can vary.
The cataloguer creates a bibliographic record sometimes the cataloguer looks for data
in an external source. In other cases, she has to create the
data from scratch by analyzing the information presented on and inside the book She then inputs the data into Horizon. Each book approximately 10 minutes to
catalog once the book is brought to the physical
processing area by the cataloguer processing may begin on the same day or
up to a week later. It takes a maximum of two days to complete. Items are process in batches of 80. Each item needs it own label. the processing clerk begins the label
process by scanning each book on the cart into Horizon. Information is
imported into Excel labels are designed in Publisher, printed,
and attached to the items. The physical processor completes this intricate task for between 160 cue 240 items per day. If a book has a dust jacket, a mylar cover
is attached in order to protect it and ensure longevity if the dustjacket is larger than 10 inches it
might be laminated. Laminating is done once a week. Each item is and unique and the time can it spends at PRL varies
depending on format and content. Van Run day approaches. Each public
library in the PRL system receives one van run a week. The day before departure, the processing slerk prepares the book and the library’s other items for travel
by scanning their barcodes into Horizon and preparing a packing slip. The book is then tucked away into a
travel bin. the processing clerk takes the packing slips for the van run to the finance department. Finance staff prints allotment reports or bill direct invoices. Those documents are added to the bins. Our trusty van drivers arrive bright and early in the morning to
load the bins and and hit the road. Music by Jason Shaw. Title: Wheels Parkland’s van drivers make up to 270 delivery stops a month. When the book arrives at the public
library, its journey with PRL comes to an end but its journey in the hands of library
patrons it only just beginning.

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