Journal With Me No. 34 Traveler's Notebook Vintage

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hi and welcome back to my channel again today is another journal with me before we start I still want to apologize for the lighting disturbance today it's still gonna happen because I can't figure out how to solve it yet now I did ask around and my aren't either got answers I got was to google it so I'm gonna google it and hopefully by the next video I'll be able to solve this problem now let's start and today I have I don't know since the start I have the problem of adjusting the not only the lighting but the distance of my video please bear with me today as I don't know what's got into me so here I'm just looking at the vintage paper that I got and this tiny cute little why is this calll clipboard yep I got it from sticker freak it's from high tide Penco yeah it's absolutely adorable so you can hold your little bits of paper and scrap there just showing you is so cute and I've taken out a few pieces of vintage paper that I'm gonna use and some scrap from my last usage that I have left yeah and also I'm gonna be I didn't use that to piece of vintage paper that put aside I wanted to use this like a Chinese calligraphy paper with which has this brown boxes around I think it it goes well with vintage team yep so I'm just trying to move around the bits and pieces and find the most suitable placing for them all suitable collage yep I like to do collages you know with vintage paper there's normally normally and usually how I start my set up so yeah I think if you okay sorry here I want to explain because if the background is the white table the light thing if the lighting is way more sensitive if I put a different color background so at first I thought I want to take away my cutting mat but then the lighting is awful so the sensitivity is so high that you know slight movement of my insert it will have that light disturbance so I put my cutting mat back and here I'm using this very very gorgeous frame stem from enchanting which I bought from something of mine is absolutely gorgeous and I'm gonna stem it using this test on impact the jet black color on this transparent paper that I got is actually a tracing paper but it's a ticket type so it sort of you know whole whole ships very well and it's a bit like the vellum type paper since it's thick but it's not so thick that it's rigid yeah here and then I let it to dry for a while and I'm gonna stand up stem out these two fern this tree first stem which is also from Lynn Channing which I also got it from something of mine recently I've been obsessed with this fern stem yeah and here I'm taking out my versifying Claire stem pet which I haven't been a bitch I have not been using for quite some time treat that of green now versifying Claire I love this dump at just that mmm I prefer diversify more because it's still give the same of the same amount of detail both stamp at just at diversifying of course is more portable with the size the mini size and I find a versa friend Claire is more liquid liquefied compared to diversifying yeah but it gives a very vibrant and gorgeous color and the detailing are there just that because it's more liquid fire or it has more liquid in it it tends to bleed through easily yeah so now after ice them out everything I fuzzy cut the fern the ferns that add the third of sorry different ask them on the piece of white paper yeah and here now this frame is dried so I am gonna tear it out and it's absolutely gorgeous because of the lighting I think you can't really see the detail so yeah I'm sorry about that and today I sort of have to rush through as well my you know with me because it's quite late now and I only have the time to sit by my table and I really want to do a journal with me video yep so here I cut out this long fern into a shorter one because I think to give it a little bit of layering but then I ended up only using two ferns rather than tree and I'm gonna cut this big one as well maybe smaller it looks nicer yep and is this the smallest eye the smallest one I'd end up using on the other side of my spread yep because I think with three of them there is a big crowd so two of it is just nice so here I'm gonna put everything down so just now as you can see the lighting disturbance there and I try to focus it or not a part of my video but it became too bright now for this I think it's a bit too bright but what if I lower down the brightness that disturbance will happen again so you know I'm very sorry about that I will definitely google it and try to find out how do I turn off that I think it's because of the automatically the adjustment of the lighting of the phone which is set to sort of automatically adjust it yeah I need to turn that off so I need to ensure that doesn't adjust the lighting by itself I just can't find anywhere in the setting for now so I'm gonna google it and see where I can turn that off but of course I do not want to drag my journal with me video as they want to have like once a week if I manage to do that so yeah and here I'm taking out my favorite glue tape I think every check every journal with me or every time I use it I did mention that is my favorite yeah it is I'm so happy I got it and here we go and next up I will be putting down this transparency paper which I have the frame stem on this frame is as absolutely gorgeous is my favorite frame is the floral team from the Channing absolutely gorgeous I bought quite a few ferns them from something of mine which is from Lynn Channing as well and I think it's it's awesome you can do a lovely union with them yep which I am doing right now as you can see and this layering this frame with this furniture saw it on the on this product page of Lynn Channing in something of mine how they actually layer it like this and of course the cut off the top part is also from there I saw it on their web page as well yes what how I got the inspiration so now after this is done I am going to put some washi tape nothing yes so since it is the fern team I'm gonna use some green color washi tape this is from classic e the washi tape or tape dispenser is from Daiso now my town my home where I'm staying I'm sorry I'm staying now does have a tie so but they do not have this washi tape dispenser I'd recall it from another die so in another state yep when I was there so I think not every Daiso has this what she dispenser container and I'm using this very gorgeous stem like washi which I recently got now I try to sort of move it around but then I can't because it will tear up that vintage paper yep so I just leave it there I think it looks awesome there and here I'm tearing a bit of this Chinese calligraphy paper to put it on the other side of my spread now from what I see here I think the lighting is way too bright yes it is so I this phone is very clear I mean the video is very clear but then yeah the light sensitivity is way too much so yeah again I'm very sorry about this and I know how frustrating it is when you try to watch a journal with me or plan with me to get some inspiration and the lighting is like so bad it is too dark or too bright and you can't really see the detail properly I know how that feels because I get irritated as well if I'm watching a journal with me and you know the lighting isn't at its best I'll try to google it today and try to solve this once and for all yeah you know a lot of time not a lot of time every time I do rewatch not rewatch but I actually after I upload it to my youtube channel I will watch it again and to see how how the lighting is and how my voiceover is and yeah so so that I can improve on my video quality yep and here I'm trying to take a piece of this vintage ticket for my huge vintage tickets collection with that frame die-cut that is actually a die-cut is not even sticker it is actually a freebie that comes with the Lynch awnings time difference time that I bought yep so I'm going to use that as a part of my college as well and it's them put on top of it and after that I'm gonna sort of reattach back down going friend that I cut into – yeah since I do not need a smaller piece now I can use the full piece and yeah it can be easily reattach back into its original size there we go and last but not least I am going to Spencer down today with this travelers company brass pencil and 17 is a Wednesday I was thinking where am I going to eat a stem down to Wednesday or how am I gonna do you know put down the Wednesday and ended up I didn't put it down because I think the way it is now is gorgeous and I'm not gonna put down the winner stay here I'm taking this distress in from Tim Holtz which I'm gonna distress this spread of mine and the darker Brown is actually vintage photo and the lighter brown is antique linen these two are my favorite vintage distress color to use and I normally would put on more distress at the corner that it that I think is how natural in this dress would look like I think you know normally when you have very old books the sight of this the four corners of the books are always the one that age most so I try to distress more at this at the corner the four corners of my spread now I like the brown of this vintage photo I think it's absolutely gorgeous and yeah lady I love to distress all the four corners of my spread I think it looks actually looks very gorgeous and you know it shows like pure vintage item or very old one book yep and after I use this vintage photo color I'm gonna use the antique linen to put it all over the page because the page is white color and I want to have a little bit of the brown color – yeah to get the natural worn out or vintage look and that's it so guys I hope you enjoy my video and ver sorry about the lighting again and sorry also about the babbling if I have been babbling too much and here is a close-up look of how my spread looks like and I hope you guys enjoy it and until I see you guys again do take care and leave any comments down below whether it is good or bad or if any supply that you'd like to know where I got it from and I'll get back to you as soon as I can thank you again for watching bye Tata


dinna_ fash · July 26, 2019 at 1:47 pm

That tiny clipboard is a clever idea for storage! Your supplies are gorgeous! Back in Maine, but the wifi is working well. Yeah! Thank you for the tips with Versi-Fi ink. The leaves came out beautifully. It's so helpful to see how your art is made and your thinking explained while you create. Thank you for taking the time to share!

John Rush · July 26, 2019 at 1:47 pm

The lighting isn't bad. Something that might help is if you actually have more light coming from all sides this will also help eliminate shadows. One reason you camera might be fluttering a little could be due to the settings you have it on. I love watching your videos. Thanks for sharing!

SAZON Vintage World · July 26, 2019 at 1:47 pm

Very Niceee Vintage Thank You For Sharing THUMBS UP…

Judi Hakim · July 26, 2019 at 1:47 pm

The lighting isn’t too bad. I’m still happy you uploaded video. Very nice layout today. Love that frame. I want to start filming some journal with me videos but I’m nervous because I have an old iPhone 6s.

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