Join the Caribbean Tourism Organization!

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this is Lisa she is a travel writer from New York she produces articles for magazines and blogs on living and traveling in the Caribbean Lisa wants to write better more compelling articles on the Caribbean for her publications how can she do this she knows she needs access to information on the region and that has to be spot-on and reliable so she calls her friend Paul who sells holidays to the Caribbean and always has good advice Paul tells her about the organization he joined last year the Caribbean through his organization the leading tourism development and Management Agency for the Caribbean Paul made tons of connections at their conferences and was able to showcase his own services to potential clients and business partners involved in Harriman tourism from all over the world he also learned a lot more about who's traveling to the Caribbean and from where so he was able to target his own promotions to capture that market because he knew more he could give his clients better information and saw his sales go up I'm checking the website Lisa sees that she can get lots of research data on what's happening in the Caribbean including cultural events attractions and even accommodation Lisa decides to take Paul's advice and she joins the CTO one year later she is getting the information that she needs to write better articles on the Caribbean and was even hired by some Caribbean governments to promote travel to their countries this sign pole made the right choice by joining you can make the right choice to visit one Caribbean not all to join the CTO today created using powtoon

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