Jeno and Jaemin out in the sea when it’s raining [Battle Trip/2019.08.25]

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(Jeno Day, Dreamy Tour) (Taejongdae cruise) This looks great. Taejongdae. (Taejongdae has been designated as a cultural asset) Back in the Silla era, Taejong Muyeol of Silla used to practice archery here. That’s why it’s called Taejongdae. He rode a ship and practiced archery here. I didn’t know that. Taejongdae is named after Taejong Muyeol. (A tourist attraction at the southernmost point) Let’s take a bus there. – Huh? A bus? / – Yeah. Can’t we take a taxi? Come on. We haven’t been to Busan in forever. Let’s take the city in. Let’s see what the bus is like. It’s nice to take the bus on a rainy day. – It’s nice. / – Yes. This is really taking me back. Remember the bus we took as trainees? Bus 4318. We took that bus and got off at Apgujeong Rodeo. If you miss your stop on 4318… – You end up elsewhere. / – Right. It’s 101, it’s 101. 101 is here. 101 is here. 101 is here. Shall we get on? (The last stop is Taejongdae!) Two passengers. The public transit is so nice here. (The bus drives through the pouring rain) (Water on the lens?) (Wiping the camera lens) (Rain trickles down the window) It’s raining so much. We should’ve taken a taxi, Jeno. – A taxi would’ve been better. / – No… You’re so obsessed with new culture. “Obsessed with new culture.” It’s nice to take a bus sometimes. (They get in the mood on bus 101) (A 45-minute bus ride to Taejongdae) So this is Busan Port. Busan Port. This place looks amazing. Yeah. We’re going into Yeongdo. – We couldn’t see from the fog. / – Yeongdo? – Yeongdo. / – Where’s that? An island. (Taejongdae is in Yeongdo) (Busan Bridge is one bridge that goes to Yeongdo) It would’ve been nicer if it wasn’t raining. It sure is pouring. The rain is hitting the bus. (It’s raining and they’re full) (They’re getting sleepy…) (They fall asleep) We really slept. We really slept. They passed out right after eating. – We felt drowsy. / – Very healthy. That’s the best feeling. A nap after a big meal. (They have a short, yet happy nap after eating) (He’s still so handsome when he’s sleeping) (The two boys slept very well) We’re here! We’re here! This is so real. Yes, that was for real. – That’s where we woke up. / – That’s funny. Gosh, that itis hit me hard. – Did we sleep for 10 minutes? / – Beats me. I blinked a few times and fell asleep. Let’s go on that cruise ship. (Two ways to see Taejongdae) (First, take the train that goes into Taejongdae) Oh, there’s a train. The Danubi Train. There are several ways to see Taejongdae, but the cruise ship is the most convenient method. I didn’t even know they had a cruise ship. (A course that circles Taejongdae) We took a lap around Taejongdae. – I didn’t even know they had a cruise ship. / – Yes. This looks nice. People in Busan don’t even know about this. My entire family is still in Busan. (It runs from 10 a.m. to sunset) Let’s fill out the form. So you need to do this. This is my first time on a cruise ship. Wow! What’s up, sea? “What’s up, sea?” This view is so nice. But it’s so unfortunate that it’s raining. I can’t see what’s ahead of us. It’s covered by the fog. (Dark…) So clean. Nobody’s on the ship. – That’s… / – The weather… – With that weather… / – Nobody would take a cruise. Yes, that’s right. I love the smell of the sea! (The cruise ship sets off anyway) This is pretty nice too. Seeing the rain clouds. So cool. – The island is covered. / – That’s… Wow, so cool. This is pretty cool. A mountain god. A mountain god? I feel like we’ll see a mountain god. Nobody else is on the cruise. – That’s when couples should go. / – Yeah. – So they can be alone. / – Right. It looks cool covered by the fog. (Things are quaint because of the rain) Even the eroded stones look pretty. And colorful. It’s like they’re split into levels. Jaemin, this is refreshing! What we saw earlier. – Oh, the kettle? / – Kettle Island. You have to look carefully. Where’s the kettle? You need to use your imagination to see it. So it’s Kettle Island because it looks like a kettle. What’s that? I think that’s a lighthouse. (Kettle Island) – A kettle… / – It looks like an elephant. – That one stone is sticking out. / – Yeah. – That’s a stone statue. / – Oh, a stone statue. Waiting for her husband that left her. That’s sad. (Stone statue) Oh, so that’s a stone statue. She turned to stone from waiting. How did they build all that on a cliff? (The lighthouse built on a cliff looks romantic) The perfect boyfriend shot. 1, 2, 3. Great view. 1, 2, 3. (On a shaky cruise ship looking uneasy) 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. Jeno looks great. 1, 2, 3. (Looks like a photo shoot even with his eyes closed) Jeno looks great. The reactions are good. I’m so happy! I’m so happy! Jaemin takes great photos. I take good photos. He takes terrible photos. If it was nicer out, I’d feel even better. But it’s nice with the rain too. Our trip was in the rain. The rain flew into our faces. We have something else to do after this. Sure, so what’s next? We’re going to get grilled clams. Shindong recommended a place for grilled clams, so that’s where we’re going next.


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Best Friend Goals 🙂

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More like Jeno and jaemin going on a date UwU!💚💚

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My two biases❤

Jyryx Puno · August 25, 2019 at 12:13 pm

They look good together

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Photos of NCT will always look great no matter the circumstances
My biased opinion
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KBS separating the cuts because they want more views… smart move.

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Be mine, Jeno😫

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Thanks KBS.. For unexpected Nomin date.. 😁😁😁

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Bestfriend goals

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Jaemin really know how to use camera 😂

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My ringtone is playing ,settle for less

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THE BGM IS DAY6 SONG OMG I'M SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad having a super-not-direct interaction between NCT and Day6 :'))

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Omg jenoooo

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"chocolate" by day6 playing in the beginning,,, I see you, kbs editors aka hidden mydays lmao

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a full episode would have been better hehehe

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