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hi dear friends welcome to top education in this session we will learn Japan and Brazil through a traveler's eye which is which is a like it is a note on traveler writing and it is done by George Mike's so first we will know what this is traveler writing so guys traveler writing means a person who visits few places he will gather all the information of that particular place and all together he will put in a book which is called traveler writing also and guys 50s back only in world they have to introduce this also our professional course this is also of course okay so traveler writing is also a course which is done now first year we will know part by part because it is two parts there are first it is Japanese manner and then Brazil what are the Brazil's senarios and all those will go to Japanese here like first we have a quarter of here a quarter of hover so George Michaels has traveled to Japan and he saw there he just spends a quarter of hover there and he got to know everything about that particular Japan the bobbing the soup yes and that secrecy and all so let us know what all we have written so first the telephone guys here this is a like this essay so make points it will be very easy to you to understand first the point is then food food here telephone booth what happened is and Japan there is no particular red color booth it is only a telephone kept on a table because there is no space for telephone booth so if a person is passing through that he will not listen the talks or the chance of other person he will just move he will do his work will not interfere in difference of duty and tolerance so listen tall and the person who holds the receiver of that phone as he makes his castle early so nobody can enter fact them so this is all about telephone booth then we have bombing now guys bombing is also a part of Japan when George my kiss saw all this and all he got an idea fight fight empowering what is all going on so the boring also should be equal the status the religion the caster his rich or born in the society also it shows in bowing who will bow more and more like who will bow fully down he is giving respect to one person who is not bowing correctly so two people together they have to bow so this is known as bowing and here also they have caste color religion all they have bought here only mother father and dollars now here mother will bow in front of father son and daughters will bow in front of mother and father and what happened here is the sister of any age she have to bow in every in front of everyone full family the small boys should not so this and all are the like it is like some a bird we are following some this manners they are following that manners which is very bad okay then we have a miracle here the example which was given for American like so they gave an example of a miracle law and traffic rules if both God comes to equally like in one side in one car from one side one car we both have to move from that quickly if not fine and all yes compulsory and then we have come a girl hello the departmental store have appointed few girls only for bombing their work is routed to power that they are near the elevator to welcome the customers so girls are specially appointed for bombing only in Japan and then the conductor's the train which moves from Tokyo to Osaka Tokyo and Osaka so guys you have saw and Shanshan and all it's like same Tokyo and Osaka so here a train boost speed train so here also they both conductors they didn't they both bow to each other and start collecting the tickets so this is also their culture they will never leave leave that culture so guys and then when the gorge my keys went to a zoo that also he saw a dare deal okay so here did what he did is Jorge Mike skis and biscuits some food to dr. D so that he bowed in front of George Mike's and he took that a packet of biscuits and ran away so here being also height learn the religion the customs of Japanese people and don't forget here that is a drawback in Japan what is and the best and the people comes and bound each other and give respects then but what happens when bus comes when bus arrives everyone they will kick the run the little we have to arrive on the bus so they will fight they will do three started off but file bus is not coming they are giving respect so this is also their mannered and at all and guys last but not lease of Japan is eating soup the soup of eating guys are we do a fearful noise so this is the fearful noise so here guys what happened is the fearful noise is an appreciation for Japan people and we and foot all we do this voice this fearful voice they say us any minded people so guys they are like a appreciation also they need and they will say well mannered also so this is the Japan now let's quickly go to Brazil so Brazil here it is nothing like to learn something at all it's a story or small paragraph we can read so nobody here Hadees in Brazil all are announcing they live that luxurious lives and our on Cydia loving during decoration of footpath decoration they decorate their footpath as a luxurious and good by stones by grasses in law and then we here field refers to the steering of the car if the Brazil people gets the steering of the car they becomes the fastest human being the fastest human being in the world when they are out of the outside the car they are lazy but when they entered to a car of motivation comes with them and they living like quickly they will Racing at all so this was the present and motorcars especially in Brazil what happened is border cars are very expensive but do but it is expensive then also people afford it to shape to show that status and oil so here what happened is pedestrians life in Brazil it's all about pedestrians life the Vox here we want to cross the road but this Brazil people who are in cars more regards they don't leave them they will just kick just – them and move away from there because like it is it is like a game for them yeah like Kersey 20 times every hovered accident occurs 20 times for accident occurs in one out he asked how then what happened here is a person who was not able to cross the road he asked the next person who was on the next put football hey how you friend there so the men replied make hey I was born this side only so guys this is also present Brazil means here they have like they will do that accident and all but have a smile they will not continue that enemy type for longer period of time that time there only clear so these are that manners okay so guys this was only the explanation of Japan and Brazil the ice off George mics thank you guys if you like the P subscribe of channel top education thank you

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