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buddy what you doing why aren't you just a little sweetie do you live here good morning adventures from Jackson we are actually working with visit Jackson for these next couple videos that we're gonna make here and we are super excited because Jackson is known for a lot of things and one of those is delicious food and they actually have a ton of unique restaurants we've learned that have been springing up we're gonna be trying a nice mix of local cuisine and then just some really fun restaurants that the city has if you missed our last video we were up in Memphis we got some barbecue went out on Beale Street had a lot of fun Jackson is just a three-hour drive from there and it was straight on the highway it was super easy to get here this is another new city for us I don't think we've ever done much of anything in Mississippi real once or twice but never brought you guys here so we're excited it is breakfast time and coffee time and we have a very cool place that we are going to head to to satisfy both of those needs yes please let's do it I think this chair might be my spirit animal I'm in love with it this is the coolest chair maybe I've ever seen yeah definitely a boss chair I want this to like be in my house when people come in I'm just sitting there saying welcome start this day we are going big we came to this amazing little coffee shop called urban foxes which is in this amazing and use a 1940s film that's been remodeled it's absolutely feel it's literally like we're in someone's living room it's like the perfect house it's beautiful on the outside old you walk inside and it's filled with pastries and coffee how much better does that get and look at what we have done oopsie they obviously have scones and fresh pies and quiches here we couldn't decide so we got one up pretty much everything so we have some savories we've got a bacon cheddar scone and a quiche over here but then we've got a bunch of sweet stuff and the coffee has arrived most importantly I am most excited for this strawberry rhubarb pie here so I'm gonna go for that it's good some kind of like nuts on the top right so that means it's healthy and it's filled with fruit right oh my lord it is beautiful and amazing and delicious this top part is got some cinnamon and some sugar in there it's all baked perfectly with these little almond slices the strawberry and rhubarb is so nice it's so sweet and a little tart and tangy and then the pie crust it's beautiful and thick down here oh my god I don't know if I gets anywhere pretty yeah I gotta tell you guys everything just looks so fresh here I can't get over it I am most excited to try this scone right here so they described it as orange and paprika which it sounded super interesting to me so I gotta give that a try next get a little piece of this look it's super crumbly in there this is gonna be good the only way I can describe that it's like a delicious bowl of cereal that's what it tastes like it's got the milk component it's got like the orange e fruitiness to it kind of a vanilla and this – it's an icing that's on the top paprika is super subtle so it doesn't like overpower it but it is really nice now we're gonna switch gears and try the savory so this is a bacon cheddar oh man it smells so good so I'm going to dip this one in that spicy honey sauce and see what that's about oh ha a little bit of the sauce goes a long way savory crumbly and moist and the perfect amount of spice in that sauce at first I was like I don't know did I make a big mistake but it's actually really nice not bad at all it's sweet and tangy and it's a really strong flavor this place super cool definitely worth coming to we're gonna be linking to all the places that we're visiting today in the description below but those scones we try not to eat too much but uh I'm glad we had our coffee and that it was nice and strong cuz after eating all that there's so much more to see we've just been exploring the city a bit we made a stop at the Civil Rights Museum which was amazing highly recommend checking that out but we have worked up a bit of an appetite and actually I'm starving to be honest and we came to the right place we are N and we came to the right place we are at cultivation food hall which is this very classy joint that has tons of different food vendors to have fresh meats they have Watteau they have po k over there all kinds of stuff are you as hungry as I am we let ourselves get way too hungry we've been walking around here for like thirty minutes almost already just trying to decide it's so difficult everything looks so good what does it call benefit we've made the difficult decision I went to this place just behind me called a vet go fetch I got the trash grits yo check this out these are cheese grits with smoked pulled pork smoked gouda and that's sriracha sauce on top of there and of course a little poached egg on top but man it just seemed so unique I don't think I've ever had just savory cheesy grits I've only ever had them sweet like in breakfast it's probably been like 15 years since I've ever even had girls oh I'm so excited for all right so get a lot of egg goo on there get some of that sriracha awesome the pork and of course a bunch of the grits check that out that is a gluttonous bite y'all oh my that is so good it's stupid the pulled pork really is the star the bad it's got so much flavor and a little bit of spiciness from the little drizzle of sriracha that they put on there which is just perfect the grits really hard that cheesy I thought it was gonna be like this really overwhelming I just thought it'd be a lot of cheese but it is just really nice I know it's not breakfast but they serve this all day and I would definitely classify this as a breakfast item but do it at lunch do it at dinner no one's gonna judge you I'm glad that we stuck to our guns because we we were we had our hearts set on this dish but then when we got to be like oh maybe we should get this maybe we should get that that poked a it sounded really good but we decided to stick with trash grits and I think was a good call we also heard great things about this pizza joint over there in the corner but we accidentally ordered a whole pizza we thought we just heard a slice but now we got a lot of people to try yeah Eric was like let's split a piece of beet then I was like I'm not really in the piece of moat mood but he's like okay you're not in the mood you get in the mood you're not in the mood well y'all get in the mood we were chatting with the owner of this particular little kiosk and he's actually Italian and he said his hope was that if somebody from Italy came and tried it he fit they'd say that's the best pizza they've ever had in the state so I'm very excited to try this already you can tell how beautiful it is it's really thin and the sauce you can actually like see the tomato bits in there and it's not real salami it's what does it's not pepperoni it's salami picante I think instead I look so good mmm-hmm that is way good the tomato sauce is so fresh and light and really juicy you can just taste the fresh tomatoes and then the cheese on there is so thick and amazing and then this salami up I didn't think I wanted feet but until I had a bite of this it's so good well you got seven more pizzas that you have to eat now so I'm good luck holy cow I tried the pizza it is very very good I think you were right it is just so fresh tasting and these little burnt bits add that little burst and burn flavor it's so good we might I mean it's been enough that we might be able to finish this whole thing I don't know I'm up for giving it a try hello we started with pie today or under more pie oopsie we found the bar these cocktails are absolutely amazing they have a really cool menu here and I think it changes seasonally so you can always get something new plus you can take these to go and walk around the premises with that know just pad anywhere Eliza I just saw it on a sign over there did mind so pretty usually as far as so legit they have this rack of all their own like little homemade elixirs and stuff and mixers it's probably a more appropriate term but Alixe there's a lot funner to say I love it just they have their own like little labels on it everything your beautiful that was absolutely delicious we love food hogs because then you get whatever we want the other person can get whatever they want and they're each other yeah take a little bite but this place actually also does farmers market I think on the weekends and then trivia nights tonight actually on Wednesdays so you can do all sorts of goodies all sorts of stuff here so we have just been downtown chillin working up another appetite which has been achieved oh yes and I'm very excited for this restaurant because there are some very special Mississippi dishes that we will be trying tonight and they sound so amazing yeah we've heard such great things about this place it's called the Iron Horse and we've been dying to go here I love when places have the history of the place on the menu and this is actually really interesting first off it was open in 1986 now can you guess why that might be a very special year for me because it's the year I was born yeah it's good here spoiler he's older than he looks yeah just let the cat out of the bag what's also interesting is that they had two fires in this place one in 1998 and then another in 1999 and then it closed down for 14 years but then they ended up reopening it and that's the Iron Horse grill and all of the local stuff here is conveniently marked with a little state of Mississippi next to it so all the alcohol and then a bunch of the dishes in here mini and maybe most of which we are about to get if you guys saw we had a large breakfast or lunch you ain't seen nothing yet look at this dinner that we disordered you guys we have huge crab cakes on top of fried green tomatoes with comeback sauce which we will explain in a bit crab stuffed catfish local catfish we have these beautiful Mississippi tamales and this is an extra one we just got deep fried broccoli cuz how can you not tried deep fried broccoli we don't think we've ever really had fried we've had like tempura broccoli that's not really the same enough never heard of this and it comes with cheese sauce oh my goodness what have we done when they brought it out we were literally like oh no I'm just gonna go for it I'm gonna try the crab cakes so the crab cakes and the fried green tomatoes aren't necessarily local but this little sauce right here is this is comeback sauce which was actually invented here in Jackson Mississippi apparently and a Greek restaurant called oh the rotisserie it was described as a poor-man's rum Rebelo for some reason she cannot say that word I don't even know if I'm saying it right to me right anyway it should be like mayo and ketchup and I think some hot sauce and spices it's called comeback sauce supposedly because the Mississippi instead of like saying see you later or something like that they say come back now or no come back y'all come back now I get up I don't know y'all come back now Oh Jackson y'all have had been dancing over all my food hey it's all been so good so this sauce is really I mean it kind of does taste like super creamy it's kind of spicy really well-seasoned sauce but it is definitely like Mayo heavy but it goes so well with this fried food and that's not you can put it on all sorts of stuff you can put on burger I think originally it was a salad dressing but it tastes absolutely amazing with these crab cakes and you guys have not Fri tried fried green tomatoes you got to do it they're so interesting when they don't fall apart in here huh that's the proper way to eat fried green tomatoes right I am gonna try this stuffed Delta cap fish which it's stuffed with crabmeat and then it should be pecan encrusted which you can see on the outside super crunchy looking lemon dill sauce which is this stuff on the top here let's dig in I'm thinking it's gonna be really tender on the inside but nice and crispy on the outside oh yeah check that out look at that crust date man oh my god and I got plenty of the sauce on there that's good the bukhan crossing almost makes it taste like a hint of a pie like a pecan pie the sauce is amazing because the pitch is super flavorful that it's really subtle flavor and then the sauce is really hanging really lemony and I love dill and it just makes the whole thing pop and then it's got the crunchiness when I cross it on the outside it is absolutely delicious y'all next up I'm gonna try these tamales so I had no idea the Mississippi is known for their tamales apparently they kind of have their own version of it that are pretty small as you can see these particular tamales are actually from Tony's tamales which I had heard about before we came to Jackson barely they're really famous in town and now they ship their tamales all over to all sorts of restaurants but they are at local to Jackson Mississippi tamales it might be a little grittier because they're made with cornmeal instead of corn flour and I believe there should be some pork in there and a lot more seasoning than you might find in a typical tamale so I'm not sure what this sauce actually I thought it was Kim the sour cream oh yeah it's really interesting looking sauce it really does I don't know when I put it on even there's just a little bit of meat in there it's got so much flavor sometimes tamales can be a bit bland and kind of almost dry but these are really nice they're cooked really well so they're kind of squishy and moist in there but then the meat is really savory oh it's so good and whatever the heck this stuff is it's really probably not mashed potatoes we'll get back to if we figure out what this actually is we figured out what it is y'all it's a sour cream sauce and let me tell ya this is delicious although I don't know that sour cream sauce really tells them what it is yeah it really doesn't but it has kind of a tart lemon lime kind of flavor to it and the texture is really nice on it I like this a lot it's really good and with the tamale I like it better than I think this is rain Harrow saucers yeah seems like just kind of a thick salsa but wow these two together also PS deep-fry broccoli some anything yeah she ate this just I turn the camera off and then she ate it for some reason and she would just started lastly cow you guys we're completely stuff this place super classy though I found this room and I've got it all to myself I'm just sitting sipping my whiskey and chilling but we are way too full to fit anything else in our bellies so for our last place we are going to see you tomorrow it's tomorrow we did it we made it yeah we came to this really cool shopping center that it's not like a typical shopping center it's actually really nice has all these flowers everywhere the real reason we are here is for popsicles there's a place called deep south pop and we're gonna get our popsicle oh we're getting the rundown of all the flavors here y'all this is not gonna be an easy decision cheesecake cookies and cream blueberry orange cinnamon crunch how will you decide I won't they had so many popsicles to choose from so yes every single one of them seemed amazing but I decided to be a little bit adventurous he said you can do a beer float this is a porter and he paired it with their Cinnamon Toast Crunch popsicle look at that crazy or what this is like the best grown-up summer treat yeah give it a little stirring all right and I've absolutely no idea what to expect I don't even really like Porter's that much just happen so interesting oh holy cow that is surprisingly very very delicious does it make the porter a little less bitter wow it really does those go incredibly well together I never would have guessed that the popsicle is super sweet and it tastes like a sugary bowl of cereal the porter has this dark bitterness and then the fizziness is great because it's kind of like a root beer float but obviously without the root beer flavor and without the sweetness of the root beer that's why I never get root beer floats because it's all just too sweet you gotta give this a try this looks so funny it's like freezing to the popsicle it smells like beer oh whoa look at that popsicle is maybe one of the best popsicles oh yeah the popsicles insane it's so interesting with the because you do get a little bit of the beer flavor but it's really sweetened with the popsicle and I really like the fizz from it you're right it's like a root beer float but without the all the sugar you get drunk oh my god it's the best thing ever amazing Wow when she told me we were gonna get beer popsicle float I was like yeah that's not gonna be good but this is amazing yes come here get that sadly I have to drive us in just a bit so I that is my I don't think we can eat another bite for y'all so I think that's gonna do it for this video but the food here in Jackson has been the highlight it's completely blown us away I hope you guys enjoyed coming along and checking out some of these dishes super unique stuff that we were able to try it was great oh I'm so good but in the next video we are going to be just exploring more of Jackson and showing you guys some stuff other than food although there will still be plenty of food don't you worry yeah and if you're from Jackson or come through the area a lot and you know of any cool places cool restaurants are just cool activities to do leave us a comment below so we can check it out next time we're coming through or if someone else is watching you know they can check it out as well we are gonna go find our stretchy stretc pants and just chill good night adventures we'll see on the road


The Endless Adventure · July 30, 2019 at 4:34 pm

The next stop on our southern road trip: Jackson, MS! Have you ever been through this area? What are your favorite food spots?

ColorCodeTrader · July 30, 2019 at 4:34 pm

Don't take this the wrong way, but I love to hate watching your food vlogs. I know it's going to be a totally cringey experience for me every time, yet I just can't help but look. o.0

Syed menhdi · July 30, 2019 at 4:34 pm

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Can anyone tell me what grits are guys?

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Very interesting!

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Do not watch this episode on an empty stomach. In fact, be quite full. My wife and I both had to stop it at one point and go get a snack before we could continue. It all looked so yummy. …oh and of course, you two are adorable.

Michael B Traveller · July 30, 2019 at 4:34 pm

"That is so good it's stupid" – Eric gets my vote for "Best Food Critic Comment 2019"

Robert · July 30, 2019 at 4:34 pm

guys I found your channel by chance, I really enjoy watching your videos, you have very easygoing personalities , keep up with the good quality on your videos , cheers from Canada 🙂

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If there's one thing I miss, it's Southern food! Yeah…we were both drooling throughout this video. I'd most like to have the trash grits (minus the spice 😉 ) I mean…Sean would love the spicey, but not me! Love your food videos.

John Shanahan · July 30, 2019 at 4:34 pm

What on earth are “GRITS” . Is there an equivalent in the UK ?

Talgat · July 30, 2019 at 4:34 pm

Jackson MS? They have just taken the woman's right to choose and will soon make gay discrimination legal agsin. Why not promote Gilead while you're at at. Is three nothing you won't stoop to to get an endorsement ?

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I just wanted to say I love your show,, I am so busy working and haven't been able to go on vacation for a while but watching you two travel makes me feel like I am there. Thanks!

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Do you guys find it cheaper to travel within the US than foreign countries? Asking from another country 😄

Dankwing Duck · July 30, 2019 at 4:34 pm

Jackson Mississippi is a beautiful food City! I've gotten to kick around Jackson several times and it's always fun.

Sarah Maria · July 30, 2019 at 4:34 pm

Thanks for not drinking and driving!
Looking forward to more. I honestly have never considered visiting Jackson, granted I’m way on the west coast, but I always imagine seeing other cities, so my interest is piqued!!! 👏

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You didn’t eat your crust.

CarolJ2013 · July 30, 2019 at 4:34 pm

Sweet grits? Who puts sugar in grits? Salt and butter; cheese or bacon!

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Jackson is now on my radar. I really want that beer float!

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That pizza looks legit. Love the leoparding.

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The first time I tried fried green tomatoes was in Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay in St Michael's. Delicious!

Vintage Moss · July 30, 2019 at 4:34 pm

That home looks like it was made in 1910. I used to own a home just like it.

Bethany Fryer · July 30, 2019 at 4:34 pm

I’m from Jackson. I haven’t been to Urban Foxes yet, but now I’ll have to make time to go! Tony’s tamales actually use ground turkey, and you can buy them here frozen at Kroger and Walmart for less than $5/ half dozen.

J. James · July 30, 2019 at 4:34 pm

You saved the BEST for last, LOVE this beer popsicle idea! 🙂
We're not too far from Jackson and now have a list of great foods to try.
Thanks for this share.
Best, James and Kim

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Eric you were born in 86, that makes you a year older than my youngest Daughter, more frightening a year younger than my oldest Grandchild. Is that a 'tache and goatee you are attempting to grow or did you lose the cat?. How do you two stay slim and Allison so fit with all those calories you consume on camera or do you just starve between filming an episode.

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You two are so excited about the all food in Jackson. (And it all looked amazing.) So after we found out that Canada is where you go to chill now we know Jackson is where you go to eat. That pizza was the star btw. 😉

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The Mayflower Cafe. A cool diner that was in the movie “The Help”

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