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whoa I'm in the path of the past we're in the middle of the podcast right now but we forgot to say go watch the commentary video we did together on my channel we hire a bunch of psychics online and waste a lot of money on a scam now back to the future you got it I'm hearing a lot of air come out of it my hair girl are you humming you through it you're humming so it makes it sound like you're playing it more and then a podcast uh uh do you say sorry what was it can anybody sing in a podcast fuck this trumpet dude what it's not technical a key that's just a piece of plastic that looks like a trumpet yeah feel how light it is oh yeah pound welcome back to the podcast we made it right what the set yeah that's every day yeah that's it we made it we did it again it's very fine we're done it I literally have not done anything today except for shower leave my room and now we're recording I got breakfast at a shitty diner today tell me about it Gus tell me about this there's only a good radio host yeah tell me about that diner Gus I heard you went to a diner today okay I'll be Robin back there is a bad diner everything was dry and the dinner was like fifty dollars for two people yeah crappy and here like you said the the place nailed the atmosphere which I've seen I have not had the food which that just makes me think it's like you were almost there you had the idea to make a good classic diner and then you just weren't good at cooking which is like a big part of that though that's the whole thing they serve me I got a vanilla coke and they served it to me in an ice cream sundae flute like one of those gradiated whatever the hell's and so the girl served it to me and she said I sometimes it overflows a little bit so sorry I had to serve it like this and there were like seven napkins on a plate so the napkins were soaked in warm vanilla coke and it was on a plate and it was like shitty sticky stuff dripping down the side and the coke tasted very off and there was no ice and it was five dollars I think I don't know if my my brain is broken survival instinct in this way but I think that wet napkins are grosser to me than human feces like genuinely if you just like if you had a clean napkin in front of me and you ran it under the sink and then handed it would really just fucking gross me out I think it's just because it's tied with like you'll be in like a gas station bathroom and fucking on the floor yeah it's like half stuck because half of its dry and half of its wet and just caked on the floor oh my god and it's gotta be pissed yeah it's gotta be pissed it's never not piss sorry were you gonna say something let's say it on three at the same time one two three you ever noticed this I was gonna say one public bathroom thing you ever noticed like I see it so much more in in the cities out here but people carve up you know all this shit you know like I'm gonna carve whatever the hell on the mirror and stuff and somehow with some universal font that exists nowhere else and you can't really read it yeah everyone's scratched fun is the same yeah and it's just like I don't know what this says but there I think that's the letter P I try I tried doing it once not in the bathroom but uh two out of context it doesn't sound good I try to do it once but when I was moving out of my family house right before it was kind of a nice moment right before we left like for the last time in my basement where like was the hangout spot for all of my friends like growing up my dad had built this bar and Tony and I were like let's scratch like our initials at the bottom of the bar and it's like my dad made it but yeah I got same initials so he can go fuck himself um but take that dad but uh what like it was this nice moment and then I started to do it cuz we had to leave in like a minute I was like this is much harder than I thought so it's like if I saw it now you could probably not even read it correctly for the initials like it was just like shitty scratches for it it just looks like somebody just took the keys to the bottom of it that's what you got to do so that new family's gonna enjoy my fucking initials on your bar congratulations this is a swastika on the bar do you remember the floors in that basement looked like a swastika they did yeah it was like this weird I think Tony might actually have a picture of it if you don't that's fine that's not like Tony forgetting to put it up I've ever not in that house anymore but it was like fake wood print that had lines in a way that it looked like a swastika and it's like hopefully you can see it right now if I don't want a rough drawing just remember my dad got it was cuz we had a carpet in the basement and then it flooded when I was in eighth grade which was genuinely I think I told you the worst night of my life because the basement was flooding so fast but we needed to like carry water upstairs and throw it out because the water was rising to a level that it would ruin the walls if it got like any more so it was pretty much from like 2:00 a.m. to 6 a.m. in eighth grade literally everyone in my family just not stopping carrying heavy s buckets of water and throwing it outside that is miserable yeah it was genuinely like super it was just it was the most taxing thing I've ever done mentally and physically I think because it was so like just when the fuck is this gonna end and I fell asleep with like my shoes on in bed it was like I laid down I was like ok maybe I'll just take my shoes off and it was like I woke up and I was like oh fuck but yeah we saw we had carpet down there and then we had to replace it and my dad was like I think I'm gonna get tile because carpets too big of a risk and he was like I have this really nice like ceramic tile that's gonna look better but it's more expensive but we can't afford it but it'd just be a little more expensive or I have this cheaper one that like if it gets ruined it won't be as bad and he like asked my opinion so I was like yeah you know I really think the ceramics worth it this other one doesn't look that good it's gonna make the basement look a lot worse she's like you know what you're right and that came that like in the next day and the bad ones were half installed in the entire base fucking fake swastika in the basement so you know read into that what you will you don't saying dad no yeah that's that sounds like a shitty entire night kind of situation sometimes you get in those situations though when it's kind of like a bonding thing you know like me everyone's working together one experience I remember I had I think I was probably in like eighth grade and it was during the summertime and there was this enormous like tornado that whipped right past my town and it just fucked our whole town up for weeks you know tons of power lines and and just trees were out and I think there were like two or three days straight where we had no power and luckily my house is way out in the country and all of the trees that we have like we got a big forest behind us trees went down there who gives a shit it's the woods you know our front yard there was just baby trees so they were totally fine but my grandparents lived in town still do and they lost something like in in like five or six square acres they lost like 40 trees she's like in town and and luckily all the trees felt just perfectly so they didn't really wreck anything like trees fell on to the house but the roof didn't get damaged my grandpa's car got perfectly surrounded by like a triangle of trees falling around it so we got really lucky but but even though like it was really shitty and caused a lot of damages and stuff it was kind of like this cool little survival everybody coming together to help out when weak that followed cuz it was the middle of the summer no school and it was just every day our family would get up at like 7:00 a.m. we'd go into my grandpa's house for breakfast and he'd make breakfast like on the wood stove cuz there's no fucking electricity yeah you know bacon and eggs on the wood stove and then we would spend all day and it was like extended family came out of town that's cool he would just be chainsaw in trees and Holland brush you know and listening to like music on the car battery and stuff and it was fuckin rad and I remember I was like make the best of a bad situation and there's something about being put in constraints that is fun you know yeah like no power I'm getting constrained sexually in the bedroom anything giant Oh . did you wanna if you said two things there what was the second thing so no power cutting down trees with a family that's not what he said he said getting constrained sexually in the bedroom I didn't I think timing physically Tony cut that part out so you're saying he did cut that part out like live in our real life yeah that's not true he can't do that I'm here still the rest of the podcast no he can't do that I mean he could I can't hear Eddy talking thank you for successfully done the body thank you Tony what was one thing I was gonna say about that oh yeah I said I feel like rural area is better for the power to go out feel like especially cities like oh no because did that happen to New York in the 70s and it was like a fucking chaotic like famously chaotic day I don't know probably but in the suburbs I feel like it's just like everyone's pissed off but in a rural area it's like you just go outside just stop complaining dumbass yeah Jesus and literally – worst case scenario like oh fuck the power's out for two months it's like well I'm in a community of like a thousand people everybody collectively has enough food to probably carry the community for two years yeah even just can't shit that people grew in their gardens yeah yeah you're right about the New York City blackout in 1997 history nerd over here hey you know I'm gonna bully the shit out of you after this podcast you asked me another history question what's your favorite history do you got no give me another question what is your past what's your favorite kind of history Pass um what is what does history mean to you its history is when you can tell a future that is it's when you could look into the future and you could say World War two is about to happen I'm you got elements of it okay you're you're the littorals opposite just flip it around dude opposite history what's the opposite of future is 2 Chainz why so rapper future oh dude I'm gonna give you a swirly even harder there's a lot of swirlies that happened between both of us in the apartments grounded the New York City blackout in 1997 so it was an electricity blackout that affected most of New York City on July 13 to 14 it was just like a day which again is crippling for a city yeah and it was the 70s New York where everything was on fire yeah that's true so goddamn you don't scary you this sounds so just like shitty but do you ever kind of seek really hope for like it'd be kind of fun if like we didn't have power for a few days back in like 2012 I did when it was like all the zombie survival like craze but now I'm like not here yeah here scares the shit LA scares the shit out of me dude if it wouldn't clearly negatively affect a whole bunch of other people it might be kind of fun but if it was just like if we were in our own perfect world here and it's like no power well we have our solar charger for our phones and canned food and yes and board games you know no I feel you dude I'm definitely on board with that you know I was gonna ask you earlier to when you're talking about like wet napkin stuff what are some like things that are just maybe sensory or something that you just fucking hate you can't do man shit cuz I know one that like always bugged me you know like nail on the chalkboard is always like just a classic example that one really anything with chalkboard stuff really fucks me up there's something about like on older vehicles that have where the paint has kind of lost that newer Sheen like it's the same stuff like it's so easy to rub like a zipper or your nail across an it's just that it just I want to barf if I hear that shit dude even regular writing on the chalkboard sometimes they're like how are you doing that yeah the full it's like when somebody hits it where you hear the knock of the chalk and then this great yeah like what the fuck I'm doing dude you know it's I see really funny I've been seeing a ton of memes about Michael choking on ice from like from like two months ago yeah um that same Michael who choked on the ice in elementary school he had a thing where um he he didn't like whiteboard marker squeaks like he would really about it constantly you know those are fine to me then yeah you know and he would just be like like can you please not use those cuz when I was in like second grade all the blackboards got turned into whiteboards over the summer something like that and I was another example of whitewashing XCON Trude Gus in any podcast we're walk check this that's fucking Oh [Laughter] so yeah Michel where I don't know where the fuck he ended up that's probably choking on a whole hunk of ice right no you like gets a new job and it's like at the gas station and they're like alright and here's the ice box Michels he goes home he goes days since last choked on ice pulls out the chalk on the chalkboard zoo he gets a job at like a water plan it's like there's no ice here it's all melted there's just dead ice here oh no man I wonder about some of those kids from like elementary school and stuff mmm I remember there's a I'll change his name we'll call him Charlie there was this kid growing up who was a couple of grades ahead of me but I was in a class that had first through third graders it was the Spanish immersion class and there's this kid named Charlie fake name who like you could even as a kid you could kind of tell you know like he was really like didn't have a lot of money and didn't seem like the parents were super there but he was always really friendly with me and we would we would stay after school because like my dad worked at the school couple of my other buddies mom worked at his school and then Charlie would stick around we'd play games in the gym and stuff and I just you know just just stuff that that's really sad looking back that I didn't fully realize in the moment like it was just his birthday one day and he goes hey it's my birthday can I come spend the night at your house oh okay you know and like kids she didn't be like I'm coming to your house tonight yeah yeah and then my mom like saying yes to it for some reasons I want okay you know because I mean I didn't know he had nowhere to go it's his birthday yeah looking back I felt terrible about that but and then I didn't see him for years and years and I never knew what happened to him but I was like a sophomore a junior in high school and my my youth group at church was doing like some sort of Christmas activity where they had like the community assembled like kind of food care packages and and toys and stuff and and then they like we would go give them to needy er families in the community and I just remember I went to this house like way out of town and it was kind of run down and I'd knocked on the door and I saw Charlie I hadn't seen him in low shit like eight years yeah and I couldn't tell if he remembered me and in the context of that I didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable you know there's nothing to be ashamed of for having a little care package like that yeah it just felt weird than just hi hey how are you doing and I think he might have recognized me Ben because I hadn't seen him since I was in first grade yeah there are some of those when you see this person where you just don't say anything yeah like I thought you both know yeah I thought he moved out of town or something and like gosh I don't know where he ended up that's one thing is a lot of that when you think back to like some of your the weird kids in your elementary school just had like a really bad upbringing and you're like oh man get to the worst kids are the worst didn't that's the the thing though is like there were some of the quote like weird kids where again I was never like anyone to I never like made fun of people or anything like that but there was like that kind of self I would like not like certain of the like weirder kids when they were mean mm-hmm but it's like then you realize like wow they should have a real bad upbringing but it's like they were mean to me as a kid so then I was just like fuck this person dude exactly I I told that story tons of months ago about you know that kid on the bus that used to bug me and had a survival mode and stuff you know and I look back now I'm like dude he was in a shitty situation yeah like fucking I feel terrible um again I did what I had to do out in the courts there but one thing is this is like sort of unrelated but just this kid that I knew in elementary school that I was friends with who happened to be not like well I guess technically like obese but not to the point where it was like crazy but yeah he was like a little like not too big you understand what I'm saying like unhealthy for a kid yeah um and his mom was younger and she would like say cuz I like certain parents knew her that she was really trying to get him to like be healthier yeah and his did you guys have lunch moms were they bring in lunch it was in elementary school it was like oh they help her they help facilitate the lines yeah so like for us we didn't have like a cafeteria it was we eat in the classroom and brought our lunches but then like the teachers got a break for lunch so then like moms or or like grandmothers in the community or like ants or anything just like would come in and like watch us for that and time and then they usually watch during recess as well and one of the lunch bombs was this kids grandma so like his mom was way younger his mom was like I think like we were eight or nine and she was like 23 or 24 and his grandma brought him like Wendy's and Burger King every single day so like she would be talking about how she was trying to get him healthier and her his like her mom would be bringing in fast food to this kid every day for lunch and one I was so jealous though at the time because it's like I have a sandwich and you have Wendy's with a frosty glass right now but yeah actually you think back you're like what the fuck man like she what she was not approving of that you're bringing them fast food every single day that's the thing is it that that stuff is low tier child abuse you know if you're just funneling garbage into your kids mouth especially if the parent doesn't wish that you know oh yeah his mom didn't want that and then secretly it's like he was um here's a thousand calorie lunch for you and you're a child no it's just ridiculous yeah it just it sucks that healthier food is not more affordable there are healthier more affordable routes you can go down it's just easy to go to one of these you know yeah that's for it's this thing it's affordable in time and money because the thing is it's like it's yeah more like expensive with your time and money to make healthy stuff exactly um there's like yeah you can budget it though where you can do it right but other than dieting you know what I love Gus I think you love the mountain okay I don't have my keys right open right now hi Gus Johnson here to key your fucking car no don't do that I'll do it I don't care audio listeners drive pull up see whatever again send us the any packages you want us to open up on the podcast address them to Gus and Eddie if they're addressed to us individually we will open them off air and then make fun of you and then return it with a very heartfelt note mmm just kidding we won't mail anybody back I said one thing it came out today it's gonna be a week late for the episode but god damn Nicky jakey's new video is so good it was so fucking good go watch it I will link it in the description if I remember by the way in case you haven't heard look up jakey on Spotify the boys got some tunes in his Boone's the song Moby Dick oh that's a banger I'll say it and then Tony we could take that out I wouldn't like any compliments to my friends in this don't bid again your weekly reminder to go watch I think you should leave on that flake oh good this package comes to us from Sam you know our old pal Sam yeah Sam we got some flipping games in here Saito's wait okay damn Sam games for Gus and Eddie um okay this is a lot of nice stuff here also you know what I keep seeing more and more that it's just like I get it cuz we do it for other people but it's people talking about rewatching our videos like old ones and it's like really like you go back and watch older ones like that's so cool lady happy yeah like the older the better the less popular the better like we I feel like we keep seeing in the wild now when people are referencing our videos they'll say like I love Gus and Eddie go to Canada Canada when I hear about all the time yeah and that's why I'm glad that we're gonna be releasing and do Gus and Eddie stuff sometime soon when you're listening to this yeah I don't know when is we've filmed it and I'm gonna just tell you right now it's not even done right now it's funny the thing is yeah I'm like I'm not sure how the whole structure of the video is gonna be but there there's at least like I know one bit specifically that I'm so fucking excited for zipline yeah you'll see it but I can't wait to talk about that on the podcast after it releases yes just like the logic of the situation was just fucking beyond yeah I think honestly the funniest stuff and they'll see it later but I'll be very vague but uh I think that the least funny stuff for most of it that we got was playing the games honestly it's like a lot of the next stuff we got was really good so that'll probably a montage that's we talk about all the time it's ironic because for all the other Gus and out ego stuff it's like we have these big extravagant like ideas but the funniest shit is like yeah we're just standing around yeah honestly that's really it so that dude Sam thank you we we have boys over all time sometimes women and it's fun to play game also again like I tweeted this as well your boys does not mean they have to be boys it's a feeling in your heart if you're a lady you can be somebody's boy your boys are just your friends and it's a great way to say it you know what we are we are welcoming in an era of positivity on the internet here we're that we are entering the era of boys boys fucking support boys boys support boys and again I want to stress that doesn't mean you have to be a textbook boy everyone is a boy on the inside there's a lot of plastic bags in there this is from gauge gauge and Gavin Zachary aka the bean boy oh okay there's a bunch of beans in there well there's a very limp daffodil I don't okay it just died they put it in to be nice but then it died nice piece of framed artwork favorite towel yup those are two separate types of paper that they did Gus congrats on 1 million and he ketchup I can't post enough I can't catch up what a hilarious waste of a very nice fur honestly yup Thank You bean boys is a good meme why go for it so funny plastic bags single death this could have gone in the framing but they put it loose with the bag oh it was just a piece of paper framed for audio listeners fuck you by the way it was a piece of paper that said yep in a picture frame don't forget to say fuck you to the non-existent video ones yeah the video watchers you don't exist again if you're from Ohio go fuck yourself it's textbook shit do we need to start displaying this at the bottom of the screen honestly this is from Aaron our buddy Aaron oh you fucker goose poop shirt Aaron what you're giving me fucking PTSD here can you share if people didn't see that episode people didn't see the episode okay guys oh and they spelled eddie ber bach with ch that's how i was originally spelling then we changed it so that's actually like my true last name how how you got made fun of just as much as I did same level same level I changed it I think cuz the Nazis I told a story on on a podcast before about honestly you know what I'm fully I got a good sense of humor about it it bothered me for years when I was a kid there was once shithead kid named Evan that called me goose poop on the playground and kids laughed at me and I didn't like it because I purposely didn't make a goose poop meme because you said that it really did bother you but the fact that somebody put a fucking shirt and send it to us this is no hard feelings whatsoever this is a very funny thing to write genuinely this has been so ingrained in bothering me for years even just the initial gut reaction to just seeing that I going oh like it's so fucking I don't want to laugh at no you can laugh at it now just guys do me do me a bro move don't make the goose don't make him it's funny for this one instance but still like you said from his childhood it's not a fun thing yes do not do it this is 100% funny though I will have you know thank you Aaron this is fucking hilarious we could baby put in some hotlines for bully oh he's got a little note to Tony here from Aaron from Oklahoma says PS if Tony lets his iguana poop in my yard one more time I'm calling animal control but it is now boy what else we got oh look at this fancy ass handwriting from Nathan from Arlington Texas hi Nathan Nathan and also everybody else pretty much Nathan for us oh I get it because um what's in the package this another history theme Nathan fucking combat tape here I'm so sad Nathan for use over I'm didn't watch it yeah alright Nathan for gusts fucking open up Christ oh man it's just yeah be sure when you send this stuff to cover it in a layer of tape we can never open it make sure that it's exclusively packing tape and not any paper-based tapes god dammit Nathan you you backstreet bitch is it a movie it looks like a movie I think so you fucker Nathan you could probably take it out by now I can't I'm too weak you work on it Nathan you break of my heart you shake them I shake up my bones yeah I'll tell you spoke Italian dude you didn't go like this oh sorry my bad I choked Nathan we love you it says training wheel not required soundtrack by grassy knoll and the magic bullet what it's from lbm multimedia if somebody's helped them I don't understand give a little peep at the card there see oh my god it's a fucking I think it's a unicycle tricks video what look at the back of it dude we can maybe take a little commentary one on this owned in Ontario New York twn our captures unicycling superhero Ryan Atkins like never before and introduces riders Brian Mackenzie Joel Burgas Chad sass Co Joe Merrill Kyle Grasso and over 30 others what's fantastic um I don't know if there's a runtime on here damn it what's the MPAA rating there's definitely not it's oh it's 32 minutes oh yeah okay also there's I guess the brands here and it says over 25 more minutes of riding ride notes and writer biographies so we're definitely gonna watch this also it's a copyright of 2003 2004 and 2005 I love it dude I don't know what it kept getting recertified it went platinum a crippled planet no does that mean there's three different things copy written cuz you can only you just say it of that year right the original year I thought was filed I thought so alright well we should definitely make a video of this yeah this is a banger – we're watching this the thing is they're probably gonna be pretty good – so it's like I don't know if I can make fun of it if they're actually like really good and you know that all of them individually could kick our asses yeah oh yeah because they just hit us with the fucking wheel to the face dude you imagine a face full of Chad sass go in the morning yo near the quote on the back yeah so this is from John Foss the director of the International you know unicycling Federation and he said finally a video for East Coast you two cyclists very accessible makes us mere mortals feel like we can do more rather than just watching in awe whoa this meme or is this real I can't tell if it's like taking it so seriously or not I love it okay yeah we're peaking at that by the way I want to say a thank you to Alexei for sending us some chocolate and this cool drawing of Gus and eggy she sent us chocolate eggs huh huh thank you Alexei this is a good drawing – who sent us the unicycle I think Nathan right Nathan so Nathan said this like legitimacy like a nice card from it looks like Walgreens our home he said ok so it says wishing you a wonderful and he crossed out birth so it's just a wonderful day yeah and it says happy day and then there's not a fucking chance I could read even a word of this I'm sorry Nathan it's shiny though there's it's very shiny but there's not a chance Nathan for pete's sake more like it oh hell yeah dude that's a thing there's a different name on here let's read the Bible verse I think this says and so here's a package real quick not gonna make a big deal out of it now I want to give people negative airtime that we already opened because it looked like it was also from an area of somebody that's been sending us kind of harassing mail is it that guy it's not the guy it's nobody else oh and I just saw the net the net okay yeah I saw the netherland thing I had to open it out of security so it's not this person so you don't feel bad if there's this person who is this person they'll probably say on the note but they sent us some stroopwafel okay what is there is there filling in this Oh feel like I've had something like this but not with you this is from Yuri I think is this offensive what you did I don't think so they are all white over there I'm sure you cannot be racist do you want me to do the rest of the fucking podcast Oh [Laughter] trumpet where's the chocolate is my question Sian Q fusses oh this is traditional in many countries from Pitt it's my fair line from Shrek 3 Shrek the third okay I don't even really remember Shrek the third that much what the fuck was even the conflict in the third Trek movie I don't remember the conflict was they realized oh oh we're making too many Shrek wait was that Rumpelstiltskin errs at the fourth one that was the fourth one and Ellen sucked what is Shrek the third I don't remember I remember where's the chocolate Gus I don't how much chocolate are you said thank you for the chocolate and this note with this drawing of us their chocolate eggs okay well they got little leaky I was just gonna toss them okay I don't feel bad about it cuz it just got leaky okay let's open this one this is from oh this is from Clara from my hometown I know Clara I just literally recognize that right now what's the book says PS your cat is dead that's going on the shelf boys we're keeping it this is to gustafson and Eddie this is from my friend Clara from high school there's a lot of packing peanuts in here Clara spilling out okay sports and the chiropractic chiropractic lifestyle okay what sports is spelled with a Z and it goes share with your friends and fam there's a business card in here with somebody's number I don't want to Doc's wait what the fuck is this everything's a little misspelled but it looks like an actual pamphlet health begins before birth BIR F is that a plan your name to top right did she make this consulting a Gustafson doc okay what oh yeah oh okay it's a fake one she put my face on the weight lifter that's pretty funny bangin mean Claire I was clearly fully for you even in the note oh hey I won't talk to Clara thank you so much we did theater together she's very funny awesome thanks Clara well clearly there was nothing for me so go fuck yourself just kidding you can live packing peanuts more like fucking die am i right boom we got another fact it's just Timbo did we miss somebody is that from that was it seems like there was that was what the business card was also in that package so I don't know what the fuck that was you Timbo we got a package and the return address is called trash okay you know is that a clothing brand oh it's just trash on it you want to unfurl this this Captain Jack that's pretty cool yeah I like the design thanks for that trash got that nice packaging clothing vinegar smell that we've also I can't remember well that has a recession I can't remember if we said this last time but I say I go pick up the the post mail from the post office and it's the entire post office is ran by middle-aged women and all of them are just the sweetest people in the world but they're so confused cuz like sometimes you guys put like you know like bareback and bitch shit on it so they're like it's just who is like edgy bitch shit it's my roommate so this is – Gus Jobson and Eddie bareback prank gift box what wait what is that is it the Box you construct the box and that's the prank oh I get it yeah that is it that's funny you can just put some stuff in there wait so okay so just like it looks funny but there's no product for it yes man I'm gonna get somebody so good Zoop gala package here from Jake we're fuckin flying through the mail yeah we gotta get rid of just the packaging like yeah the boxes are just like there's so much there's a lot of boxes yeah there's a ton of boxes off screen we've been using Jared's toilet paper I already took two shits with it so thank you Jim how is it I haven't used it yes sublime okay I caressed me down with it that's a sublime reference okay this is marked fragile hilariously everything that's marked fragile is like beaten to shit hopefully this is fine this is two French custard and Eddy barbecue sauce from our buddy Jake is it whoa CB get crack there what's up digging that magnet oh shit it says let's sacrifice Toby and it's just a little like one of those 70 I almost dropped it one of those seventies drawings you're not a chance you're gonna be able to see this but it's just like a little girl about to stab a little boy so dude we got we got a little mixtape from Jake himself doesn't he look almost exactly like Theo yeah he does holy shit God he looks so much like the uh Tony can you get a picture of Theo on screen and then you just keyframe it is so small sorry Tony thank you that's my boy Theo so that's what he's been doing on his weekends off is being Jake is being Jake that's the sequel to being John Malkovich um she dude he sent us a mad libs sincere letter edition dude that's a funny idea yeah that's a banger and then a nice note thank you Jake we will read these off podcast to our exclusive patreon we own a patreon so the fuck named packing peanuts yeah who thought the peanut like really it's just I mean I guess it was before Cheetos but what if they were called packing Cheetos that's so much cooler I fish it on the Gus in any podcast we will now call these wait I think people already do that right do they hurt let's go nogal it damn it we ran into the same problem with don't pee January you guys are already coming up with the ideas yeah it's well cuz this looks at just like a white cheeto I feel like I've heard it packing peanut the forbidden cheeto there's a post on our / forbidden snacks about it about wanting to eat it cuz it looks like Cheetos yeah then my tip is just buy some Cheetos there you go you know what we're taking it we had no prior knowledge of it fuck you guys packing Cheetos that's it we got a DVD from the creators of Napoleon Dynamite comes another in a unique view of the world gentlemen Broncos is that a real actually from the creators it looks like it what did this get a theatrical release at all did it just flop Cassie the keys I've literally never heard of this it looks stylistically like the exact same like stuff as Nepal shit it's the kid from Sky High and Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords really what the fuck guess what it has on Rotten Tomatoes Eddie because we've never heard of it I'm gonna say 35 yeah closer to say 19 oh yeah it's the fucking kid from Sky High and Jemaine what the hell dude what's his name Michael argon Garn grin go no the one from sky-high delq rankles can he fly in this one um I don't know Michael arrogant grin go has blown it all sky-high has he um has he done anything recently let's check it out he's 31 jemaine's crushing it what is when did sky high come out probably like I would guess like 2006 2005 great sky high was a good one ah dude I fucking love sky high I forgot about Kurt Russell being in that that was yeah this guy I watched it recently sky high fucking rules dude well it's really good yep 73 on Rotten Tomatoes good for that let me see dude yeah this guy hasn't been doing a lot I guess in 2018 he was in a movie called in a relationship Oh starring Emma Roberts and then he was the second build so yeah dude he's working okay awesome good for you dude hell yeah he was in this is us that's the show do you that's a very popular show did he uh so do you think he can still fire I think if he can be real strong still what's his uh what's his name I'll look him up on Twitter i'll DM him DM and say can you fly what's his name michael you just looked it up i no I really should have retained it really doesn't even say on the front of the box I could look at the back I guess sky high where's yeah Michael I'm panicking dude hurry oh no Angie ARA n Oh Angie oh here we go Michael Angora no don't bother him about sky high okay he probably can't escape the demons charlie who follows him Jimmy Fallon follows him but also Jimmy Fallon falls like fuckin 9,000 feet does he really actually I am kind of surprised about this so Jimmy Fallon has 50 1.1 million followers and he follows 8.8 thousand people so I'm surprised that Michael made the cut for that my guess is that he follows everybody who's on his show yeah I wouldn't like probably he wasn't a guest on The Tonight Show I'm guessing he's probably a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and then he followed him at that point can it can you see if that's correct can you look up Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and his name cuz if he was on that and I guess I'm just a boy genius like our boy Jimmy Neutron go Jimmy Jimmy except I kicked Jimmy's fucking ass Oh big brain easy target to kick am i right yeah dude you could probably kick the shit out actually Sheen would fuck Sheen would fuck me up for sure so would Carl yeah Carl would be like I love the um about a head out meme with Carl tonight last he was on The Tonight Show last November for what this is us probably probably they see like a big character and this is us because that means he's doing very well yeah I don't know it um let's see how many views his interview has 92,000 lower and it's uh not very impressive Oh Boogie's on the h3 podcast today yep William Osmond and idubbbz dude we got boogie on the h3 podcast we got William Osmond and idubbbz doing a video we got Nicky J key uploading today the day we're filming this is a good day for you to your friends and we missed the mark on the podcast today whoops oh also by the way in case you your video was gonna be up by the time this podcast goes up yes absolutely um we got some we got some bang and commentary stuff go check out Eddy's video is fucking hilarious hi Kyle fuck we should have mentioned in the beginning shit damn it now only the idiots that forgot to turn it off will hear wait Tony have me time-travel real quick ready I'll do the sound for it I whoa I'm in the path of the past we're in the middle of the podcast right now but we forgot to say go watch the commentary video we did together on my channel we hire a bunch of psychics online and waste a lot of money on a scam now back to the future drop down on your chair in three two one wow what a journey right we've done it okay I'm gonna be honest guys we didn't time-travel it Tony did do some now here's an interesting thing that I'm gonna have to probably help this side with him do when I say we're gonna time-travel back did we just cut out that middle bit cuz they watched it in the beginning or did we play it for a second time no we got a play for packed content hell yeah dude what fuckers I looking up oh yeah and then I got a I got a commentary video up as well but don't try it time travel for that you can just go watch it after this podcast it's a Steve Harvey one it's super funny also great Chris Hansen has uploaded again an update video dude we gotta listen to it we gotta do a little follow-up okay it's 34 seconds just with the Steve Harvey thing I sent Gus the most cursed image I've ever seen less bad I don't even want to show it I can't really won't show you can describe it it's a somebody took one of the product photos of a fleshlight and made like a Steve Harvey Mouse just kept sending ins like more zoomed in pictures and Gus last night it's a feud light it's disturbing okay yeah so at this point in time we did our little help Chris Hansen video maybe about two weeks ago to three weeks yeah three weeks ago so luckily Chris Hanson has heated all almost all of our suggestions his videos are HD his descriptions are better he fixed pretty much everything from the video but other than a quote retweet like referencing us didn't even mention us or thanked us in any way possible yeah and we kind of helped him out and he got a lot of subs from it so it's like great yeah like literally the only interaction was from I commented on one of his videos like the day after my video went up on my main channel you know and I was just like yes Chris like this is really great work because it was an update video in full 1080p it was fine description everything and then even his response was like a little bit like like hey think he didn't he never said tweet – he never said thank you but he just was like oh my media crew was very capable of handling anything it's like bitch no they will hurt but yeah there's the tweet as well where somebody tweeted our video at him and then he corrected us like kind of cheeky about the Emmys it was funny yeah it was funny that but then there was nothing else but it's so it's like dude Chris when we swooped our asses in you had like 2k subs I'm looking at your channel right now you're you're on the brink of 20k so what the fuck how about a little fucking thank you dude okay dude you were spinning circles in the parking lot with your 240p daily upload update videos like Chris why don't you have a seat so I can teach you some manners my friend like thanks somebody who gives you 18k subs or some shit like that yeah like come on dude like I I get it you know maybe he feels a little out of his element you know and we knew what we're doing now in a bit we clowned it with the foot you got cheeto dude you just really okay I don't wanna throw crank show but yeah it's just uh I don't know we clown down on him a bit but we also helped him out a lot if somebody clowned on me and then gave me like I don't know I Drupal my channel size or even more I mean it's fine yeah fucking 9 times the amount of subs that you had it look nice people that didn't want a clown on you yeah like look at your goddamn comment sections right now Chris I'm gonna click on your yesterday update video noticing it has 2.3 kV by the way I think you were pulling like 30 views before we swept in you got a hundred seven comments let me just read the top four haven't even looked at him looking sharp next livestream will be great let's make with the Predators my dude hashtag role-playing chatroom dude third one from a verified account based shaman says looking good in that suit brother very aesthetic and the fourth one I like the brick wall looks like you're gonna do some stand-up those are positive fun comments those are positive boys that I'm gonna assume came from on we're taking full credit for that Chris here's a thing Chris we still love you we still want you to succeed we're still friends no beef but be on the podcast beyond the podcast use your goddamn manners dude give them this fucking thank for that have a seat and we'll see you on the podcast also just because you know they Lord giveth and he taketh away I think it's fair to clown a little bit he is still posting daily update videos Chris if you're listening too much you get like one a month that's even too much that's too much you get one a year yeah we get two a year you get to clear update videos a year unless you're posting new made content all the time yes I noticed you post a thank-you video for hitting nine thousand subscribers that was the day we put up our video bitch wait don't NK you know it's just like read the room wait wait till the milestone also I know she had a livestream up a couple of days where he did some QA great idea you had three videos I think on your channel that were live for about four hours that were called live stream test the thumbnail was whoever was working for you to help do the live stream and it was just his face cut off like this Chris don't act holier than thou you don't know what you're doing yeah my media team doesn't know what we know is what I'm here no Chris and it's like dude I get it like it's a new environment you know maybe we're being a little harsh it's it's learning YouTube has taken us years to do you know the things that we outlined were very clear concise things how hard is it to say thank you you know and yeah don't put an update video every day like can you imagine if NBC start what I'll do one that's not your network can you imagine if like CBS for like three months before like the fucking this is us came out or whatever that's on was just like every week during that time slot was just like a half hour of like you guys only two more weeks tilt this is us premiers make what the content yeah one thing is I think this is us is NBC I would do your network but here's an NBC example whoops anyway ever being too hard on you Chris just show you boys some love boys support boys boys support boys that's what you do and you know the kind of show is based around people not supporting boys so yes well that's just my escort boys his show to catch people that are not looking in the best interest of boys that's what the show should be called that's really asking me you got to support your good boys Chris did we have any other any more mail we got a fuckload of mail the other one we got sidetracked from the mail boom baby yeah I don't have keys I can do that one while you're doing oh great thanks they got silent real fast panicking right now dude I'm fucking Deana game I don't know what the fuck happened dude call me the original trilogy because I'm panic and Skywalker over here this is from King you can read on the podcast it's not sappy is a hot dog a sandwich I'm telling right now it fucking isn't I just my answer is always I don't care I do care and it is the thing is you can call anything anything it doesn't really matter unless you call and not unless you call thing game cornhole I mention it's very late by now I just hate it you know what I hate it is I made a joke about the name of the name of the game cornhole or beanbag toss or bag or whatever you call it being a dumb name but everyone was too concerned with their dumb like it's kind of like is a hot dog of Sandwich like is it called bags or corn holes look woodles do you call it like that's not the argument I was saying I'm saying the name cornhole is a dumb name I don't care what else you call it that's the stupid fucking name that's it I'm done I'm gonna agree with you there oh this is actually painted it says what's up dudes and it's from King with this and oh it's a car doesn't seem like a piece of paper it's our podcast card yeah that's Oh the handwriting on this is crazy hot King dude that's some good hang right in all right we'll read this personally later okay we got the elusive envelope that we opened on the podcast buddy elusive envelope we time I don't typically open these cuz there's less interesting content to feature okay but this is very heartfelt from Clara Thank You Clara I didn't read this all I'm scanning it here she goes I'm gonna attach a resume just introducing myself and include some stuff that's on my actual CV to show that I have an actual prospects for the future we wish you the best Clara we will continue reading this off the air thanks Clara oh but she tried to flirt with us a little bit what does it say at least check my Institute to see if you think I'm cute before ruling anything out heart I don't know I'm gonna hide her Instagram I just closed my eyes until the letter is gone wait where'd it go close your eyes I'll wake you up open them a little bit I know you you have the trumpet was that supposed to wake me up yeah wait wait Eddie you're getting a phone call fuck is that what my phone ringtone sounds like yeah let's do one more package okay I'm feeling goofy today I don't know the boys are out it's this is the sun's out we'll open some frickin mail this is we've been doing that for like the whole time yeah this is from Brian oh also we haven't seen anything against mail do you guys like it yeah yeah it's I I hope people like like the mail Haley's tell us the numbers are still rising we haven't seen anyone complain about but tell us if you don't oh yeah because if it's like they run too long you don't like them that's fine let me know we didn't do a two-minute ran today because it's so wholesome yeah no problems my County just won I know cornhole ran but does it count cuz I didn't announce it this is from you boy Brian Brian a t-shirt coming on down here what the fuck is this oh my god oh is this Brian's shit is that Brian is this Brian it's a terrible image that's the image horrible Ryan your face doesn't scare us it's just the contrast is so high he looks like a fucking Resident Evil 4 zombie in that picture thank you Brian now we both have one I'll wear it on the town I'll do it dear Gustav and Edward Congrats on 1 million subs with great power comes responsibility oh wait it's the bottom here says Eddie on one of the previous podcasts you mentioned how your friend at a terrible yearbook photo that you used to playfully tease him with it reminded me of something my friend group does with our friend Jeremy's driver license you see Jeremy has the worst driver's license photo imaginable and so it is my pleasure to present each of you your very own Jeremy's face t-shirt I love that that's great dude Brian I'm wearing that shit on this yeah now except here you hold it up again I want to see it in the context of a being a driver's license yeah those you understand we're hesitant to see a face and be like look that guy yeah in the context this is fucking funny oh my god that's a driver's license photo that is bad if you get pulled over and that's your photo the cop gets to shoot you right legally yeah but that's that's that's that's that's what we got from wait you're a little flat on that one three two one you see sharp I like it all right thanks let's do a couple of dare I say Guntur say that's Spanish for questions we got our Twitter questions rolling on in follow us on twitter at eddie Berbick and at gus buckets and then we'll answer some of your questions so right now we got we got some bangin ones here at head Vic music asks what is your favorite song at the moment oh man I'm having one of those moments where I've just been like you know when you have a week we were like I just not really listening to new music right now I am in a musical Renaissance for me I give it a terrible habit of not listening to anything finding one person playing them into the ground of course that being a little pea-brain right but right now actually I've been discovering a little bit of Kim Petrus and some manner little Aaron never heard either of those two people watch my favorite song at the moment why don't you go listen to homework by Kim Petrus or for life by little Aaron just some really good bang and party music okay put some good headphones on that's what I'm digging right now Oh Abbi the Nomad – what else what else we got here I don't know I can't see this screen oh I do I'm sorry okay @kg Baron asks hey Gus on any question for the pod Oh interrupt you yes guys we just never turned the hair lights on really yeah Gus and Eddie after dark I mean it's bright enough right now probably bouncing lights fine all right lock it we do it we just looked up and I was like huh that looks darker than usual why can I look right into that yeah question for the pod mostly aimed towards Gus but Eddie can chime in too I guess Wow I'll say I guess yeah and then it's a fuck you bro and then it's literally a frowny-face how much talent is required in songwriting and how does well that I get why I didn't Eddie's more of a rapper that's the thing and how do you go about doing it thanks guys I don't know how to answer how much talent is required how do I go about doing it typically I've been writing mostly comedy music in the last couple of years I do have some stuff on Spotify right now some of my older music that I produced with Joe Dumas very talented producer and friend and I'm going to be uploading more I've been trying to get the fucking I I took every meme song I ever did you know like nobody ever buys salt I won't wear Jack and stuff I'm trying to put it on like Spotify and all the other platforms right now and I'm going through distro kit and it's got this stupid rule that it's like oh we noticed that all your songs are super short typically these are like more considered a collection on an album so you need to add longer songs so I'm literally having to fucking make up longer songs just to raise the average length of the song Jesus great but anyway check me out on Spotify it's just Gus Johnson there's one thing though we can't really fully talk about yet today you're working on he showed me last night yeah it's gonna be a banger I'd say just one word and then we'll they'll see it in like two months yeah boys boys boys that's it boys it's for the boys get ready for it fucking buckle up get your boys ready for it gather your boys assemble them in a line from most to least attractive but yeah that's why you don't do that to your boys guys Ari can you will you forgive me my boy I'll forgive you dude boys forgive boys boys for your voice that easy dude let me see I'm just gonna I feel I really should screen these ahead of time because I'm like here I'll read one off that like without even looking at it at Joseph J 9 0 7 2 1 6 8 3 if there were 300 ants in a quarter-inch could a microwave eat a table is that what so they're just trying I don't know we don't screen out ready for a real hypothetical there and then I got a shitty one how many regular ants do you think it would take to kill you dude I couldn't tell you honestly that one's like like fire ants maybe yeah I just don't know cuz it's like I I don't think of like ants attacking me and going I fuckin got this yeah like fourth graders easy kill them all yeah by the way did you see the barstool sports thing Oh Glenn Howerton was yeah it was like today steelier me it's like no is just a regular hypothetical and Glenn had a similar answer to us obviously Glenn didn't see our fine podcast yeah but it's like I like that Glenn had the same answer is s there's like fucking destroy him dude it's easy mode yeah sometimes people like I appreciate what you're doing but like sometimes you know we'll we'll have something that we joke about and then somebody will see a similar thing out in the wild and it's like I love that you guys have my back but every once in a while some people will be like fuck you you stole this from Gus or just from Gus and Eddie like I did see like one or two of those from the barstool things and it's like dude this is such a common phrase yeah it's like shitting on someone for being like wait would you rather fight a thousand duck sized horses or horse sized ducks and it's just like dude that's just like a common thing yeah just also don't spread like it has to do with our stuff even if somebody is like blatantly stealing it's just like you can't even mention it but don't be like so negative about it like if it's ever like I just I don't want people that watch our stuff to be attacking anybody for any reason and yeah you can do it within reason if you see one of my memes that gets stolen all the time if you see someone stealing my memes like you can be like hey man like this is this is from Gus you know or like like please give credit or something like that but don't be like you fucking degenerate mmm obviously they're fucking degenerates they don't need to hear it again everybody in their life tells them that yeah I I got it a lot with the JK Rowling stuff like when we made the JK Rowling sketch it's like all ready for like literal years everyone knew she's changed and shit around in the mall yeah we took a different kind of approach to the joke the core joke already existed you know like I've seen dozens of people in the last few months like having maybe you know somebody makes a funny tweet about it we're just nobody JK rowling Hagrid's gay in style yeah we're it's like that was the easiest everyone connected the dots for that meme like I don't have a claim on that meme yeah it's like I didn't come up with that idea we took a somewhat unique approach to telling a joke in that same theme yeah like I just I'm tired of people like seeing people be like fuck you you stole this from Gus it's like you know what they didn't they don't even see the video yeah that's thing is like the video is popular but that the JK Rowling meme was like universal mm-hmm I don't know at Cohill v click dick dick how do you feel when you see a video do really good it's it's weird cuz it's like it's a really good feeling that doesn't feel as good as you think at all you know what I mean yeah it's like it's really nice where you're like hell yeah especially I will say the first time you have a video that you can tell is gonna finally cross your channel over into like maybe I can do this professionally that shit's like euphoric that's like us fully like the first time Gusto's I don't know if I talked about on the podcast the first time i refresh my Adsense and realized that I could maybe do it as a job I fully just like embarrassingly in my basement was like listening to music and spilling yes but like it's like it's great to see something you really care about do well but it's not like every second of the day you're like yeah yeah it's just like oh awesome and then you life is normal still it's like when you get any good news yeah we still we appreciate stuff of course it just feels weird when you're like fuck maybe I should like it feels like you forget things quicker you know you have a bang and day for a video you like hell yeah the next day it's kind of a reset like you're not depressed but you're just like well fuck I gotta make another one that's the thing is following it up I never think in the moment but then you're like fuck that's not that thing oh no especially when like time goes by and they're like oh no yeah I don't know I think um you let a bunch of bees in here no yes and was it oh I thought we were any in the podcast I thought it was supposed to be that abrupt and you know how we'll do that bit where we'll say something abrupt in the podcast alone no I've been I didn't ending each episode on like a really thoughtful devotion yeah we've been cutting that out you know yeah we'll keep it this time know that patients can be a virtue if you


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Annie Quandt · May 14, 2019 at 10:44 am

kim petras represent ✨✨✨

Puni baba · May 14, 2019 at 10:44 am

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There was this really crazy girl in my elementary school that everyone made fun of. Looking back on it now, she was probably autistic and I feel really bad about it now ☹️

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Thanks boys. Can't wait for January when I can stop ruining my clothes with all this pee, but anything for the boys.
T.Hanks bois

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Don’t know if thats a meme or not or you are doing it purposely. But thought id mention it due to its been a thing since the beginning.

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We call it corn hole, which is misleading because corn does not have any holes


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A-aron · May 14, 2019 at 10:44 am

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