Is Tesla Still the Best EV to Handle Long Trips?

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all right let's do some reality check here our Tesla is the only car still that you can take on the road trip just basically drive them long distance and not having to worry about the fast charging stations you know I remember when I was getting my 2012 Tesla in the very beginning and I told my friends how amazing this car was all his features and you know and their first question was always like yeah but can you drive to LA and I always thought was kind of odd because you know most people don't take road trips that often when they do it's not in there a hundred thousand dollar luxury sedan but at that time test already build the superchargers to go from San Francisco Bay Area to LA so the answer was yes but five six years later the same question people ask about other cars because now there are other electric cars or on the market especially this year was over 200 mile range and the question stayed the same now it's funny because one of the Tesla Model S configurations can actually drive all the way to Los Angeles from the same San Francisco area without charging at all now I think it's pretty cool but most of the time depending on your driving habits you know temperature weather wind and all that stuff you'll probably have to stop at least once even in that car now why is it so important to people I still can't figure out maybe you guys put it in the comments of this section but I decided we should probably tackle this issue and see where where is the rest of the fast charging networks there is one in the US that's been growing Electrify America of course we also have a a Vigo a smaller fast charging Network and in Europe it's I own 80 both of them have been growing I was in their impression they're kind of almost gonna be there by the end of the year but if you watch the previous episode of plugged in was Tom Alawi which we're doing today you would know that we've gotten a little bit of you know a debate there and it was that wasn't the topic so we kind of decided to go back on topic but today is the day where we can talk about it because tom has been driving his Tesla for a while now and so now he has a full experience of fast charging to a network or all across United States so he's gonna be here in a few it's our scheduled date to do that so let's get going with that right now welcome to you for electric your number one source often biased electric car news if this is your first time here go ahead and click on that subscribe button down there so you don't miss anything moving forward and just like I said today we're doing plugged in with Tamil Agni I thank you so much for watching it this is pretty much one of the most watched in terms of watch minute segment that's now on this channel I enjoy having Tom here and today is he's once again a perfect guest for this topic well mainly because he picked the topic but well I mean he is the the charging the electric car charging expert as you know when he does these segments from this garage you can see his humongous test wall of all kinds of chargers but now that he has experience with Tesla superchargers and of course already electrifying America we go and the charge point and others he pretty much is probably also the top expert in fast charging networks in the United States I don't have as much of a experience of Electrify America so definitely his opinion will beat mine but nevertheless with a couple of questions I have for him so he'll be here in a minute to answer that before that of course a quick reminder that this video and this channel is sponsored by Buyten check out their all-electric SUV call mbyte come into the US and Europe also going to be able to fast charge join myself a number of 50,000 other people who have reserved this car it takes zero dollars to reserve about a minute of your time or so and go to the description of this video to reserve your bitin today alright so without further ado let me bring in Tom and he'll tell us all about this Tom how are you doing my friend Alex how's it going it's going pretty good it's going pretty good well I'll once again we're here and we kind of picked a topic accidentally I guess last week when we got into it a little bit but you know you are much better versed especially with Electrify America we go and so and so forth okay so what is your opinion on this our Tesla is the only cars that you can drive around the US and Europe let's say I will add Europe to the question where where you you don't have to worry about fast charging or do you think it's safe to buy an electric car nowadays with CCS port and the Electrify merica unity and so forth will catch up to that well I could say it's definitely getting better for the non Tesla brands as as we've talked about in previous section segments I've been driving electric cars now for over 10 years so I've kind of been out there from the days when there were no public charging stations to when they started installing some level 2 charging stations and then we started getting a few DC fast charging and now they're kind of popping up all over the place and the one thing over the years that Tesla had I mean Tess I have quite a few advantages but the thing that Tesla could really just boast about was the fact that you could drive wherever you want in the Tesla between the fact that they had the range 200-mile plus and they had supercharger locations they were really the only electric car brand that you could feel comfortable with going on long distance it's not to say that other people didn't take road trips I took road trips in my EVs that could go less than a hundred miles I did three four or five hundred mile road trips it's not that you can't do it but can you do it conveniently without having to stop for many many hours to charge and that's one of the things that Tesla had and there's advantage over everybody so as you mentioned now that we've got some of these other cars coming on the market that can do 200 plus miles of range that solves 50% of the equation and then the other side is are their charging stations here in the US charge points the largest charging network out there but they don't have a lot of DC fast chargers most of their chargers the public charges are our level two which doesn't really help a whole lot for road trips you need something that can charge at 50 kilowatts and so Evy go really has been the main DC fast charging at work in the u.s. they have the or had the most DC fast charge takes off for the past few years but now the 800-pound gorilla is in the room and that's electrify America and they're really coming on strongly and they have said that by the end of this year they're going to have four hundred and eighty four sites live in the US with over 2000 DC fast chargers and which is pretty good but putting that in perspective Tesla by the end of the year should have I think around 800 sites which is a little less than double and somewhere around 7,000 I want to say maybe arenas can correct me actual stalls so they still will have that more than three times as many stalls as electrify America even if they have less than half the locations I'm less than double the locations and that's because Tesla has been installing eight to ten charging stations per location and Electrify America is coming in at around four to five now that wrecked me if I'm wrong so I absolutely in terms of numbers Tesla beats electrify America here in the US in Ayana T in Europe but there are many I think what half a million right now Tesla is out on the road where there are very few CCS compatible electric cars that could be charging at Electrify America so the ratio between the cars that capable of charging are much more friendly at least right now in electrify America case rather than a Tesla's case but there's another problem you say electrify America has that Tesla has solved from the very beginning yeah so yes you're correct with numbers wise there's a lot fewer CCS compatible and chatham o cars that we'll be able to DC fast charge than or Tesla's so you know with having charging stations but a lot less cars that kind of balances it out and the fact that Electrify America is installing these charging stations at a ridiculous speed you know we're talking about Tesla's been putting in these superchargers now since I'm not sure when was it you might know 2013 ish yes I start superchargers yeah early early 2013 I believe I was already able to use this supercharger so figure solid six years plus and they have about 700 750 stations to date right now sites not stations in the US and I know they're installing them worldwide but we really need to drill down on us because that's what I'm comparing with electrifying America so they have about 750 sites after six years Electrify America started installing their their sites last year it's only been about 14 months now and they're the the rate that they're installing them at right now is is unparalleled they're they're exceeding Tesla's you know the installation rate and they're gonna even ramp up after this year so so electrifying America is really doing a good job with that now where they're not doing a great job is with the reliability we're a lot of the stations we're getting a lot of complaints over at inside heebies a lot of people on our forums complaining that the cars they can't initiate a charge or the credit card reader doesn't work and you know I can I can verify that the two times that I've used Electrify America charging stations and there's my I three charging at the first test electrify America station in New Jersey it just opened up last week in bridge Bridgewater at the target both times I've used Electrify America so far I had issues I couldn't initially when I plugged in the credit card reader wouldn't work and then in the middle of a charging session only you know 10 minutes in the station just shut off and I had to initiate another charging station session so you know that they having problems with the software now I've been in touch with Electrify America and they know the problems that they have and they claim that they're working on them and that they're gonna have these resolve relatively shortly in particular the the units from BTC power is our ones that seem to be having a problem with shutting off mid mid charging session and reinitializing it just so happens the two stations that I use more BTC power stations so you know is it bad luck on my end sure but you know when you're driving electric car and you're trying to get charged up and you're on a road trip it doesn't really matter who made the charging station it doesn't matter who made the credit card reader the only thing that matters is that you pull in you plug in and you charge up and you don't want to deal with anything and I tell you I've had my model three now for two months and there's nothing right now like super charging they're really they're really none of that none of the networks are so easy where you just back in you plug your car in you don't even have to look at the station you know it's gonna work you just plug it in and you walk away you know Eve ego stations have been pretty reliable the ones that I've used I really can't fault them but still you get out you get your card you swipe your card you plug the car in then you watch the screen to make sure it turns on with the Tesla superchargers they just work and you know that's a great feeling and it's a great advantage not saying the other manufacturers won't get there like electrifying America is working very hard they've as I mentioned before that they're only been installing these for a little over a year now so there's going to be some glitches early on and one of the problems that electrify America has that Tesla doesn't have is the fact that they have to make their stations compatible with cars from all different manufacturers and while while that seems like it should be simple it's not because all the manufacturers interpret the the protocols differently like the Jay 1772 protocol or the CCS protocol each manufacturer seems to slightly modify how they interpret that code and that reached have it on the havoc on the charging stations so what Tesla has is they make their cars and they make the charging stations it's it's it's very simple for them to make be certain that the car when you plug it in it's gonna work because it's all in-house whereas with Electrify America every time a new Eevee comes out they've got to get the cars and immediately start start testing them to make sure that there's no bugs or no incompatibility issues when I had the press loan from Kia my Nero and I drove to an electrifying America station and I had some some initial ation initialization problems the person I spoke to at much far America was almost surprised that I had the car because they weren't out on the market yet and you know was like yeah we're having some difficulties with the handshake with Kia so I mean that just goes to show you the problems that electrify America and some of the other charging Network companies are gonna have that Tesla will never have because they make the cars and they make the Chargers they'll never be a compatibility problem with Tesla I do have to say that you know throughout what five six years that I owned my my three Tesla's never a single even tiny little glitch and when I did the rear I wasn't using Electrify America stations but I have this one report that I that I did here in Livermore California and as I was doing the report there were two or three other people trying to figure it out and couldn't figure out how to pay and in having those technical difficulties that that you mentioned now let's talk about something else that the people do care about and so we know that a lot of tassels were were made you know and in early days they have free super charging for life and they're still on the road once in the wild Tesla does have a promotion where it's free super charging for the first owner or you know a thousand first miles or whatever in overall Tesla rates still after they raise them are still pretty low where Electrify America for example you know those rates are up there so what what is your estimation as far as just how much money you would be spending even than the worst case scenario if you have a Tesla like I believe you have to pay no matter what versus Electrify America and and does it really matter if people take only maybe a couple of trips a year so you know for the person that makes a couple trips a year no it doesn't matter you could pay a lot more than what they're charging now on either network and it really wouldn't matter because you're just paying for the convenience part of it but for those people that say live in an apartment and they are gonna rely on on public charging infrastructure for those people it does matter and you know III think that company like Tesla has to look at that in the future and consider how they're going to address that because you know to me right now I think the superchargers are a little bit less expensive than they should be I don't think there's any much of an incentive for people to not use them then that by that I mean like person like myself who really almost never needs to supercharged I can charge at home 99% of the time unless I'm going on a really far trip so for me if I'm paying nearly the same for a supercharger as I am at home there's no incentive for me to not use a supercharger and and clog up a supercharger and take up a stall from somebody else that really needs it so I think you know there needs to be some have to figure something out maybe when you buy a car you can buy a package that includes less expensive super charging so that's for people that maybe know that they're gonna need to use superchargers to rely on them weekly to charge their car but somebody like me who charges at home won't pay for that that that extra option so that'll give me a less of an incentive to use a super charging because then I'll pay more at a station than somebody who maybe bought this this this supercharger package let's say because as it is right now honestly I think Tesla should be charging more I think that they're they're they're losing money in a lot of the stations with the demand charges they must be paying dick Ulis demand charges for the superchargers and they're basically charging what the electricity costs in that area maybe a little bit more then or earlier this year they announced price increases which to me looked Hurst perfectly reasonable but there was a huge backlash and then they kind of pulled back on that and and then cancelled those planned increases I think they need to reinstate that I mean I think that they need to raise the prices and in get some more additional revenue that supercharger network must be causing costing Tesla tremendous amount of money right now and it's unsustainable and then we record oh sorry to interrupt maybe because I'm in on that is the weird part they're not even using their own battery pack technology where with if they would install those it would decrease those rates as a matter of fact I think it's Electrify America who made a deal with Tesla to use their batteries to decrease those rates correct me if I'm wrong that's that's correct and I'm not sure how many stations they did it kind of like a pilot program I think they did 15 or 20 of their locations where they're there they're powering them with Tesla power packs and for on-site energy storage and that's really just to shave the the demand charges that the sites are gonna have which is is actually incredible I mean I have a little I own a piece property of Montclair New Jersey and I have a DC fast charger there and a level-two charger and it's only a 24 kilowatt DC fast charging it's kind of like an inner-city one not a super high-speed one but it gets a lot of use and my summer demand charges right now are ridiculous year-round I pay like five dollars a kilowatt for demand charges but in the summer they add on top of it ten dollars a kilowatt so I was a max draw on my property of around 30 kilowatts because I have the 24 kilowatt charger and then a six kilowatt level-2 charger so if any time during the month a person plugs into two people plug into the both stations at the same time then I hit my 30 kilowatt maximum so I'll pay 300 dollars for the summer demand charge because it's ten dollars a kilowatt and about $150 for the annual demand charge so my electric bill starts off at four hundred and fifty dollars before I pay a penny preferred for the delivery or the electric so it actually means that I'm paying over a dollar a kilowatt hour to charge people's cars and I'm charging them like 30 cents a kilowatt hours so I lose money every time someone uses my Chargers but I do it to provide a service for the people in the area that that need to plug in granted you know I always said that the best feature of a Tesla up until very recently was their super charging Network and I think that still might be the case but okay so let's get more of a real advice to our viewers right so let's say someone who's watching us right now is thinking about buying another test or just basically an electric car and you know they are concerned with with being able to go wherever they want to go in the United States I think that we can also project it to Europe because I think it's a very similar situation going on now we've mentioned that the Electrify America is gonna have a pretty decent coverage by the end of the year nothing like Tesla but pretty decent all of the major routes the even though Electrify America charges more you know it is it is only a problem if you're you're just going to rely on it every day and thirdly you know there are some problems that electrify America has an e V go my has it's a bit of a hassle though they have been improving it and they promise that next year you will be able to have the digital handshake they already released an app they figure out their pricing now with all of what all of this that we just went over would you recommend somebody to consider a CCS compatible electric car like he and your a V or or how de Tron or would you say hey listen in the next three or four years if you're traveling long distance relatively often you got to stick with Tesla what's your verdict here so you know I wouldn't want to discourage anybody from getting a cc s compatible evey I've been driving them for years now and I love them but it really depends on how often you need to drive far quite honestly that where we are today that Tesla has unparalleled convenience with their supercharger network it's not even close if if you if if once a month or once every two months you need to drive three or four 100 miles or you know four or 500 miles then you know I think you could you could find your way around with CCS it's just going to be a little bit less convenient but if you're the type of person where you know every week you you need to drive somewhere that's that's hundreds of miles away I think we're not quite at the point yet where the CCS networks make it convenient enough to do that even with a car like an Audi e-tron that can go 200 miles per charge I just don't think we're there yet I think we're going to get there I think we're going to get there soon I think within the next two years we're gonna be really close to being as far as location wise close to where Tesla is now whether they'll have ironed out all of the the technical difficulties and have the new plug in charge working where that's basically a technology that's going to be just like Tesla where the charging station is gonna identify the car you won't need to swipe a card a credit card a network card an RFID card nothing like that you'll just plug the car in it'll know who you are and it'll charge you that's gonna start starting this year so I'm thinking you know within the next year or two that's gonna be hopefully working well in most of the stations and then you just have to get the manufacturers to include it in the cars some of them are already working on that technology not all of them but if the charging stations are there I'd imagine that the companies that make the cars are gonna make sure that they have the technology built into the cars so basically that's a long answer for what you asked I'll drill down to it if you need to drive a lot of long distance trips today Tesla's really the only way to go if if you if if you're not going to need to do that for another year year and a half then you might be able to hold off and get a CCS car but as of today it's Tesla still the king of long distance DC fast charging and nothing that's really even close yet okay I gotta say I actually I thought we would disagree on this more I fully agree if it's your daily or even weekly need then just the charges even if it's operating perfectly just the charges will will eat up into your budget and obviously with all the technical difficulties you know it just adds up to too much trouble but if you only need one or two or three trips a year I think it's a you know a pretty equal equal sort of opportunity there to where where other things you should be considering other things and those two different types of cars so all right well don't forget to tell my audience where they can find you and a read your stuff sure so I write for inside V's um post in there a couple times a week and you could also find me on Twitter at Tamil on alright and I love following you on Twitter because you actually oppose some of the interesting not only uh links to your articles but also some interesting information and then even once in a while you get in a bit of a you know a little Twitter war with to your area another uh uh ought to make trouble every now and then yeah yeah yeah so it's fun if you guys said one full of Tom go ahead and follow him it's right underneath his name it's also in the description of this video Tom thanks so much I'm looking forward to the next week of doing this with you once again okay Alex great to be here again see you next week see you man alright guys so well I I gotta tell you this is where we at it is if anything it's exciting before that this wasn't even a conversation Tesla was absolutely the only choice and even if you don't travel that that that often you know this this would be an advantage no matter what will electrify America coming up with all this trouble and you know and issues they are fixing him just like Tom says and I expect that you know sometime next year not only I'll have enough locations the the ease of use is going to be a very similar they do have an app going on there are different plans you can be member you don't have to be a member so it is definitely getting there just like I said I know what they haven't talked about Europe but it's a very similar situation with Iona t being the the fast charging Network as well and that one is invested by Volkswagen Group Daimler the parent company of Mercedes BMW in Ford out of all companies there now now with them investing into brilliant it now makes more sense so my I'm definitely excited about that so now don't forget to participate in our program feed a youtuber just for five dollars a month this guy can get shelter water and video equipment and maybe even press passes to some of the events he go to but also you get to watch a lot of this videos life and of course if you if you don't have five dollars a month who knows maybe you spend it all on Electrify America chargers we still have something for free for you in the description of this video besides the free reservations for Buyten and that's our VIP list to get the free bonus story every weekend which we're working on one right now so if you sign up right now it will we'll get to you tomorrow go to e for electric calm slash VIP of course you can find Tom and and and read his articles that link is also in a description of this video and absolutely should do that alright looking forward to your comments other than that see you next time and remember to stay charged [Applause]


tony nedeljkovic · July 30, 2019 at 9:08 pm

Yes Tesla are the best even for road trips no one comes close. All are way behind. And will not catch up anytime soon

FSEVENMAN · July 30, 2019 at 9:08 pm

I love Tesla's but I don't feel that your message had to be 30 minutes long ,
You tend to babble too much….

Marco Garcia · July 30, 2019 at 9:08 pm

Idiotic. How’s that even a question

Sama Zoa · July 30, 2019 at 9:08 pm

can tesla charger charge othe ev

lane johnson · July 30, 2019 at 9:08 pm

Nobody is close to Tesla, but Tesla needs to start placing chargers on 2 lane highways..

Gregory Smith · July 30, 2019 at 9:08 pm

As I understand it, a Tesla (US models) cannot charge at an Electrify America (EA) station unless it uses its Chademo charge point (usually only a single 50 kW connector) with the Chademo-to-Tesla adapter. It cannot charge at EA's CCS charge points because they use the Combo 1 connector and there is no Combo-1-to-Tesla adapter. Can anyone confirm this?

Tim Wong · July 30, 2019 at 9:08 pm

Tom is a great interview because he has both types of charging EV’s. He is factual and has some good points. We bought our M3 long range for the best range possible and that if we wanted to take a long trip, we could with no problems. The Super Charging network is another reason we purchased a Tesla. We have never had a problem supercharging in any of the supercharging facilities. Peace of mind.