Is 'Terminal Tourism' fad poised to come north of the border?

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if you suffered an injury from a truck accident don't wait call eight wait call eight yeah that's never gonna leave my head it's the classic jingle that classic jingle was a calling card for hotshot personal lawyers Selena and Barnes but now it's the firm's and namesake that will be breaking a leg so Shauna anyone here the GTA who's watched TV at a buffalo I think they know three names first of all the late great Irv Weinstein he's probably covering a fire up in the sky right now but they also know Cellino and Barnes the personal injury lawyers favorites for those commercials and that red-hot jingle the two though did you know that they had a messy breakup in 2017 Cellino sued Barnes Shauna Cellino said he could no longer stand working with Barnes because of a series of bitter disagreements now the whole messy falling-out has been turned into a Broadway show now called Cellino V Barnes it's hitting the stage August 3rd it's already been sold out off-broadway and yes apparently they do sing the don't wait call aid Ginga in the show I've always been more of a William Mattar man I don't know about you hurt in a car call William Mattar I know these these jingles are genius because they stick with you through the decades but how many personal injury lawyers do they have in Buffalo what's the situation I don't know there's something with Buffalo but you know what back to the Broadway thing is it is it a musical I think it's a music if it's a musical I'm gonna say no because honestly those songs will never leave your head big ear the ear worms that will never end they were some of the most lucrative personal injury attorneys in the entire United States the jingle worked John it works Sonja it totally does I agree our sales departments time we need a jingle anyways here we go he here's a bit of a head scratcher out of Pittsburgh so I can't think of anywhere more stressful to spend time in than the airport especially if I'm not going anywhere so tell us what's going on that she's agree I love tribes from John Mayall the airport so call a terminal tourism Shana some airports are now opening up their terminals to tourists who just want to hang out and have fun but not actually get on a plane so airports in Pittsburgh Atlanta Tampa and Seattle issue what they call non traveler passes they like a boarding pass allows you to go through security and explore the area behind there so the draw from and Hashanah is that there's bars and restaurants you can visit airports have some gourmet eats these days the shopping is very good in many cases and you know in the US where guns are prevalent people see this as a very secure situation of course if you like planes like I do this great plane spotting that can be picking going on I guess so but it's so expensive like everything feels like it's double when you go to an airport food and drink can we do it here at home I got a statement in from Pearson today they write to me Shawna we do not allow this Toronto Pearson Transport Canada sets the regulations that control who can access the secure area of the airport passengers must display a valid boarding pass they said even if we want it to do a Transport Canada wouldn't allow it I just think I know it's expensive but I think it'd be fun to go and hang out I mean just think about about battling the traffic to get to Pearson Airport just to hang out and watching everyone going off on this awesome vacation and you're just paying triple for your food make it a bit a foam or like I really want to get on that airplane right now good for people watching them yes yes ok so Richie how much would you pay for an old pair of sneakers well I buy most of my wardrobe on the dollar this might not be for you once you're on oh man broke the bank and the world record in the latest south bee's auction yeah this is just hard to wrap your head around I think but a Canadian investor called miles nadal spent 850 thousand dollars on 99 pairs of the world's rarest sneakers he then bought a 100th pair called the Nike waffle racing flat moon shoes I think we have a picture coming up he spent 437,000 on those the most expensive pair of sneakers ever sold there the only parent existence they were designed by Bill Bowman the creator of Nike one of the co-creators the other ones were looking at them now the shoes the mag shoes from the Back to the Future Derek Jeter Air Jordans in the collection here's the cool part shun it Nadal says he plans to display all these shoes at his private Qiu Museum in North York right here at all right here so you can go check them out I don't know why you want to whoo I can't believe this but people didn't utz for the sneakers we kept the Jordan store out here and they line out around the block I know I mean I just wish I had that kind of money but I don't see the appeal though when you rather buy something else if you had a if you were a collector well I mean how many pairs of shoes do not many I'm not a shoe person either yeah you can tell just look down at us okay Ritchie thanks again we'll chat tomorrow Shana


Tony D · July 27, 2019 at 3:49 pm

Why would you go to the airport just to eat and shop? Especially at Pearson. That airport is a dump.

Reece Martin · July 27, 2019 at 3:49 pm

Traffic to Pearson? Take the up Express ….

TOTransitGuy7755 · July 27, 2019 at 3:49 pm

Oh wait! Shauna is pregnant!

Steve Vassallo · July 27, 2019 at 3:49 pm

A question for you all. Why are all “personal injury lawyers” Italian or Jewish? Hmmmm.

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