Is Roehl Transport a good Company to Start With?

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what's going on everyone um this is uh this video is to address a question I was left by Sean Harrison in my comments Israel a good company to work for and will it help provide for someone in their family someone who has a family so starting with that question I'm going to say first of all it's all a matter of opinion so I'm leaving I'm going to give you my straight shot I'm a straight shooter I don't really shoulder call anything you'll come to find out that if you don't know it already so I'm gonna give it to you like it is in my opinion rail is a good company to start choose if you're going to start in the chocolate industry as a company driver I believe that rail is a good company to start with now I'm going to tell you the reasons why I believe rail is a good company to start with one I did have you know I did my research and I suggest that everyone does their research don't just take my word for it that rail is the best because I don't want you to come to rail as the best and say you olders do so me well is the best and it's not the best everybody needs to do their own research and find out what fits them the best well might be good for me might not be good for you but I'm going to give you the reasons why rail is good for me because I search the system you know I talked to different recruiters from different companies and for me rail one was the highest pain out of all of the companies you know I came in as a flat better at 41 cents 41 cents a mile and uh you know our personal horror stories about Paige with other come and that's when you get into your own suck so let's start from the beginning well first of all paid for me to go from New York to whatever terminal I was taking my orientation they will pay for your plane ticket or your bus ticket they will pay for you to get there you'll be an orientation for four weeks for those four weeks they're going to pay you $500 a week to teach you to get your CDL and that's and help you pass the CDL test in the end and if you know what you're doing in your to win you won't get paid basically two thousand dollars before taxes for them to give you a CDL you get your CDL after four weeks you go home they ship you home for seven days you transfer your license to your state then you date then they get a trainer to you or they get you to a trainer and my in my case they actually flew me out to a trainer got me on a plane flew me down the Georgia it was a layover in the Carolinas County Georgia and I got picked up on my trainer in Georgia um but they paid for that you will have to pay for your bus ticket or plane ticket home from orientation because you're making five hundred dollars a week and you're not doing nothing so you should have enough money to pay for and you know so I made five hundred dollars a week for four weeks my plane ticket loan costs like two hundred twenty-five dollars back to New York from Wisconsin um back to why rail is good so that's other companies were than giving that out for orientation five hundred dollars a week not only that it put me in a hotel which was decent the hotel wasn't bad it wasn't great but it wasn't bad they fed me three square meals a day that to me right there is very important and I'm not talking about like two slices of bread and a piece of Bologna now the central booking sandwich not no they send me three square literally gained about five to eight pounds in orientation and I was coming off a search shoulder surgery too so you know three square meals Saturday and Sunday so even though you don't have class on Sunday and you've got half a day on Saturday so they send me three square meals a day paid for my ticket to go to orientation paid me 500 hours a week before taxes to learn how to drive the truck um and at the end of the wall at the end of it all when I ended up in my own trunk I would have ended up at 41 cents a mile now according to all the other recruiters that I spoke to their pay their orientation paying the orientation program none of it came close to well not even close and I've heard horror stories from other people from other companies about the orientation programs now what do I like about the orientation program and what are what I'll be honest with you besides the money what I really like most about rail is their safety they are they stress safety and if you don't know you are you know there's 11 what is it 11 I think that's it the statistics are I think the statistics are there's 11 fatal truck accidents a day yes a day 11 like when you think about it that number is big 11 so well stresses and it's not only your life that you learn you're in your head it's all these other people this on a road it's the best of family next year with the baby seat in the back seat there's a lot of you carrying this rig 70 feet 69 and a half feet if you a flatbed you about 65 and a half or somewhere around there you you're moving this machinery down the road at speeds that can wipe out multiple lives including your own so well is big on the safety and I'm big on that because I want to get home to my kids I want to see my kids grow flourish I want to live life it's about a line you know so and they have this structured safety method called the safe seven that you know it might sound corny to you or recording or whoever's listen to this what to say 7 if you abide by the same 7 that they teach you you can't you really can't fail unless some knucklehead or some asshole is flying down the road and hits you and there's nothing you can do about it but as far as if you follow the same 7 if I follow the say 7 there's really it's almost like bulletproof alright you know in the say 7 is slow down stay back know what's happening you know to others prepare to drive and reduce the risk slow down stay back know what's happening yield to others prepared to drive expect the expected that the one I missed and reduce the risk and I'm not going to go through which each of those mean me if you come to rail you'll understand it completely fully it's really self-explanatory if you pause and listen to the video however if you follow those 7 rules you can't lose and there's other companies out here that will bring you in their training you in like two weeks and throwing you into this machine and expecting you to perform you know with high expectations if they're taking you in it's a week so you never drove a truck and then put you in quite new on the street it doesn't even matter of the about their expectations just think about that for a second do they really care about you as a person they really got value for your life if they are throwing you in this machine after two weeks of training even three weeks you know like just throwing you out there get on a road it doesn't make any sense you know I've heard of training for seven days with a trainer okay that could go either way well rail does is after you do the four weeks of orientation you take your CDL test and whatever terminal whether be Connelly I only know only know a few two terminals Connolly Gary um Marshfield in Wisconsin I think we have a terminal in Dallas if I'm not mistaken I think there's a terminal Appleton so you know what happens is you do your orientation you take your driver CDL chest with rail after you pass they send you home go home to your home state get your license transferred over then you go out with your trainer well pays you ninety dollars a day for six hour day ninety dollars a day with the trainer who you need to be with at the least ten days but they they schedule you for fourteen days if you need more training you'll stay with the trainer longer at ninety dollars a day for six hours a day so the trainers for the most part they make sure that you get that six hours in a day so you don't have to worry about not getting the six hours just counted as ninety dollars a day you're going to make 90 dollars a day Monday through Sunday unless the trainer have to do a 34-hour reset or reset all day where you both been working for some odd reason which even when they were trainers doing the 34-hour reset to be quite honest you still can get your fix in because you don't have to do it 34-hour reset at 6 hours a day so that's what my trainer did for me you're going to get your 90 dollars a day so after the 14 days they take you they put they give you a driver skill evaluation test then you play put you in your own truck another thing I like about rail is their equipment the equipment is official that I will admit you know their trucks are fairly new they sell their trucks between 275 and 350 thousand miles so it won't get no you know your truck at the most might be two years old unless you just choose to be stubborn or you own your own truck and you just and your your lease in an old truck that you just don't want to get rid of but if you're a company driving it your truck is at the least you know at most is going to be two years old but I want to say two and a half to three years old because like I said he's selling between 275 I've heard of being sold in me for 235 between let's say between 250,000 and 350 thousand miles they sell the trucks that's how they turn over trucks and they get new trucks and they put you in a new truck or another truck as far as flatbed the equipment they have four flatbed in the way they have the flatbed truck set up it's good the arm all except for one thing about their tarp and what I suggest they do but I haven't suggested it to them because I really don't think they are listening I mean Who am I what they need to do is weld boxes on – and I got this idea from my man Scott so let me not take credit for it I don't know why I didn't think of it but what they should do is weld boxes onto the flatbed and each flatbed carry its own tarps that's what should be done rather than so you it saves the driver from having the transfer tarps from flatbed to flatbed if you're picking up a relay that flap that has all this parts and you're dropping off your flatbed your flatbed you're dropping off has all your tops there's no switching or tarps every flatbed will always have the right amount of tarps you won't get left with just remember tarps touring foaming throwing them over steel loads so other than that I mean their chains their binders their flatbed their trailers their reefers it's all their trucks they have good equipment it's up to date the terminals are clean I like that every terminal is I've been to it's clean I'm very very particular about that especially being out on the road you could imagine this some nasty dudes out here and some women this is some nasty people out here I can't deal with that so um now those are the things that I found and also I was I didn't I was said I was ready to travel so yeah I lived in New York and the terminal ism was constant and the reason I say this is because these are the things you need to consider whether rail is good for you or not you know it would be nice if there was a terminal closer to New York so you know does rail have a terminal in or around where you live because when it comes however when it comes to home time well we'll get you home they get me home to New York they do get me home so it's not like you know just because the terminals all out on Wisconsin or in Indiana or somewhere else I don't get home I do get home but it would be nice if there was a terminal close to home because you could be home more frequently so you know you have to have the mindset and know what you're getting into and that's what's going to dictate whether the job is good for you or not so you know are you ready to travel are you ready to be away from your wife and kids are you ready to struggle in the beginning as a new driver and you know for me I took a pay cut coming here and I was again I was prepared for that I had a little money put away and I was prepared to take the pay cut because I got bigger plans in the end now if you're single it shouldn't be no problem if you're single no kids no big responsibilities everybody got a cell phone bill if you don't have any big responsibilities it shouldn't be any problem but uh you know if you got a wife or kids you got an apartment you got rent you got mortgage and all these other you know utility bills medical bills you have to understand that in the beginning you're a struggling driver so I don't know what your money situation is like now but coming in depending on what you're pulling to will type afraid you're pulling if you're on a flatbed with your reefer or of your van you know your mouth is how many miles you're doing how well you know how good of a driver you are um how willing you are to hustle and uh you know just get miles like if you push yourself to you know do better and better and better you know each week you know you push yourself without 3,000 mile week every week and you know that's good but no matter what your coming in as a struggling driver so that first month even two months it can be rough what I would suggest is if you do come to rail I suggest that's just me I would suggest if you want to get miles and consistent miles the reefer division is where it's at how do I know this because I did flatbed flatbed is also has its season where it drops off the mat also I didn't get enough miles and flatbed and I'm a excellent arm reefer is consistent stay oh that food is always moving it's not like you know flatbed caters to architectural construction fabrication and in terms of other things but food is always moving you get me food is always moving so the reefer division in the refrigerated division to me is where it's at um you make a few cents less than the flatbed but in the end you're making miles because you're not throwing tarps all the time you know and you're not be I don't get laid over too much i get i get i get my minimum expected miles it's not more since i've gotten to the refrigerated division so again israel a good company it might be good for me you know is it good for you those are the things you got to consider pay and by all means don't take my word for it go do your due diligence be sure that you call other companies compare the companies see which recruiters getting back to you the quickest she was recruiter sells more attention see which recruiter sounds like they just want you win no matter what and they're not trying to really you know explain things to you ask questions see which recruiter has the answers for those questions ask a million questions whatever you don't understand be sure to ask that's what's going to dictate what company you want to go with um well was the highest ranked company oh it was the highest paying orientation looking online at their reviews reviews if you look online to reviews haters hate all of 90% of reviews for anything it is going to be bad I shouldn't say that all the trucking company is going to be bad because that's what that's when people want to speak up when things are bad nobody wants to you know all of the customer experience manager 15 years rarely did someone come or call corporate even though it did happen to say hey he did a great job but if he did a bad job well she did a bad job somebody would call and of course that I have to handle that situation but people speak up when they got something bad to say that's just what it is so again their terminals they have multiple terminals around the US which is good a good thing their equipment is good one of the highest-paying they flew me they're going to fly you out to orientation but I can't stress enough what I'm on board with with rail is the safe seven I don't know how they do with that other companies ah but that's a seven I'm sold on that I'm sold on that it's going to keep me safe for the rest of my driving career and I don't know how long that is because I got other things I want to do but it's gonna keep me safe for the rest of my drama career even in a car when I get off this truck and I get into the clarify my cell using the safe settlement it just makes sense you know I got home and you know friends and family noticed like many driving differently I was doing the same seven just subconsciously just that's what it is but um so those are the things in our consider but call you know call different companies make sure make sure you ask all the questions you need to ask and don't just take my word for what's going on um you know make sure you ask all the questions that you really need to ask that to help you decide whether the company is good for you or not another thing is when I call the recruiters you know some recruiters didn't get right back to me and then there were some recruiters where I could tell they were just on it like really bait me like just here get in here get in here getting here it wasn't about you know we want to be sure we're recruiting right person you know because recruiters are just recruiting anybody that's a red flag too so you know um you know that's another thing you want to look for but remember that recruiters will tell you anything almost anything to get you in that's their job so that's why you have to ask questions if you're not clear on some look then you're not clear you don't understand a song that don't mean you're stupid it don't mean you're ignorant don't me just ask the question that's what I did it doesn't matter and I'm not I'm no fool I'm not I'm not stupid I just needed to be clear on what I was being communicated what was being communicated to me so that God forbid you know something came up and I needed to argue it even so in that right I got a clear communication this is what was communicated to me so why isn't this happening you know um however that's not what I'm trying to do I'm not trying to make noise you know I'm not that's not something I just I just wanna I just wanna get miles and hustle that's what I want to do I just want to get miles and hustle I'm gonna get money that's why I'm in you know and learn this and learn the industry that's for a minute so another question is showing arsonist he asked going to orientation as there is there are certain things that you need to bring yes there are certain things you need to bring what I suggest is you bring a pair of boots that you don't care about straight music bring with bear boots that you don't care about you can bring sneakers if you want if you don't care about them they want you to have boots bring a prayer bring a pair of gloves that you don't care about because you're working with the trucks you won't get dirty oil you know you need to bring a pair of blue jeans that you can bend down and get up in because you're going to be doing a lot of climbing in and out of the truck and climbing under the trailer so you can respect kingpins and doing all that if you're wearing skinny jeans that's hugging your asshole tight you can bend over that's not going to work or if you're wearing jeans are just don't fit and that sliding off your ass so bad if they're falling down to your ankles that's not going to work neither so wear some comfortable jeans you can wear in sweatpants out there with people wearing sweat parents they didn't say anything well is going to give you a list of all the things they're going to walk you through the entire process which is another thing that's good so you're going to get a list of things on mr. Harris and they're going to give you a list the recruiter is going to send you PDF file of the list of things you need to bring are there any things on that list anything is on that list that I should have brought what I would say is bring your own covers and sheets if you don't like using motel covers and sheets now I take the motel come the hotel covers it's a hotel take the hotel or motel cover off and throw it on the floor because I don't use the top ever anytime I go to a hotel motel but I use the sheet so I don't have a problem with that I wash my ass every night and the shower and so that's not a problem um you definitely need to bring everything for your own hygiene so you know I type of stuff so you know well is going to walk you through the entire process which is another thing I liked you know they walk you through it the last thing I'm going to say um is I'm that good people I'm that good good people you know where I made some friends you know I did some good fleet managers here through my monthly manager on the Riverside is amazing um there's two of them that I know from the Riverside both of them are treated me very well are there some trainers there's two trainers one that's no longer there and another one you know I don't know if I should give his name he's a good do you know put it this way his last name his last name is only three letters long and and and what's funny is me and him bumped heads but today I you know I consider him a go-to guy he's a good source and and I think God he you know he's a good guy so you know that said you know you meet some good people we make some friends um oh oh and the leader in the training shoe there's another guy there you know I found I was up in his office twice and he took me to the side and says some good things to me that he didn't have to say on my way out you know and um and I had some I butt heads in training but uh I got to it like I said we're you know we're adults and personalities clash sometimes but uh in the end we were all good because I can admit when I'm wrong and at the same time not going to be walked over but I couldn't hit one more so you'll meet good people so that's my review and that's my opinion if you're going to go in rail and you have any specific questions about well like real specifics you can hit me up leave a comment hit the like button if you liked it if you heard anything in here that you liked we you know hit the subscribe button I love some new subscribers that would be great too um you know I got all types of videos coming not just about trucking but that's where I'm at right now minutes trucking and uh you know that's what's going on in my life right now so well I got some few things actually and I'm about to drop some more videos about some other things that's going on in my life right now but um – mamas URL so Israel a good company to start as a company driver with my answer is yes it is for me it was and everyone needs to do their own research to figure out which company is best for you all right y'all stay fresh be cool and is that you


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I need company address for job please ?

HIGHLANDER · July 31, 2019 at 8:41 am

I am curious how Roehl vs Prime?

ktanner11 · July 31, 2019 at 8:41 am

Depending on what you want out of your career, you may stay ive been here 4 years have no intention of going anywhere

Ja Spruill · July 31, 2019 at 8:41 am

Thank you so much for the information video! I love the Safe 7! I have been doing my research and I will be calling ROEHL to join. I am a woman so I hope it works for me!!
Hope to stay in contact with you to ask questions if you don't mind!

Jacob Goetz · July 31, 2019 at 8:41 am

Great video bud!

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Thanks for bring up the Safe 7 aspect of your training. I was a courier for FedEx, years ago and the similar points you brought up have stuck with me, to this day. I haven't gotten a ticket in over 15 years, and the last one was for expired tags or lapsed insurance. Accommodations, while training, is also important. I've read some terrible reviews on motels.

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