Is It Safe For A Gay Couple Traveling To Turkey?

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turkey is very closed and it's very religious and you know we were told all of these things there's no reason why okay these are all things that like society will tell you about a culture that make you feel so crazy and we go through security and then we get to the my heart is beating y'all I am my American passport I'm like oh my gosh they're gonna know I'm American and they probably hate us because now I'm used to everybody hating Americans hello everybody welcome back to my channel my name is Joey Jack and you are probably wondering why is he so tan what well let me tell you I just talked back from the most incredible holiday that I have ever had hands down from Turkey in olu deniz Turkey and it was magic it was amazing it was family it was home it was just by far like the warmest place like the feeling that I've been to and I'm American and we are pretty warm culture so I mean that says a lot before we do get this video started which this video is all about traveling as a gay couple to Turkey but before we do get started you already know what I'm gonna ask you and we are so close of hitting that 10k subscriber cool I mean I know we are close so if you could please jump on this amazing train and help me out by reaching my goal of 10k by July because that is my 1 year YouTube anniversary I would love that if you are still wondering I don't know if I like him I'm not gonna subscribe don't worry keep watching I'm gonna convince you but listen I got some questions on my Instagram I got some comments on my YouTube that were all about how it was as a gay couple traveling to Turkey and I've got to be completely honest with you ok when we first booked our vacation to Turkey I was a little bit no I'm gonna be honest I was very nervous about it um in America you don't hear so many good things about Turkey like you don't hear things that are accepting or that it's like an open culture you hear the opposite that it's a closed culture and this is all not true these are all things that are told to me so I want you to know that it's not me saying these things this is what was what I felt was being told to us Turkey is very closed and it's very religious and you know we were told all of these things so okay I kind of lived with those things because I never I was not responsible enough to look for these things myself which is very bad on my part and a big learning experience on my part and a big learning experience that I can tell you don't just believe everything that anybody says okay google it for yourself research it for yourself and really see what it is actually all about so in terms of this Turkish Turkish culture with the gay culture and how it was and you know whatever it is this is what was told to me so I was very hesitant about going to Turkey my boyfriend had already been to Istanbul um I think about three or four years ago and he was raving about it he's like we've got to go to Turkey we've got to go to Turkey you're gonna love it and I was like okay like you know I really trust him so I was like okay fine let's go to Turkey because the Greek island where I was going to I only wanted to say at one hotel casa cooked and it was completely booked so I didn't want to go anymore because nothing really looked so nice so then you know we went on kayak we put this tool where you put the the airport that you're leaving from and you put the airport that you're going from empty you put the dates and then it takes you to a map and then you can just look at what the cheap flights are so we went to the Greek island where we were going to which is Rhodes votos and we look at that coast in Turkey and we found flights to tal Amman and we picked them and we said we're going to dalawa then I went online and I looked up for the top rated on Hotel boutique hotel meaning just a little bit of rooms ours had ten rooms of not all-inclusive just breakfast included with a gorgeous pool gorgeous amenities and I looked it up and Jade residence was the number one and I said let's we're booking it weren't opening because I'm not here waiting for empty bout to else to booked this hotel well we are trying to book it cuz that's what happened with Casa cook in Greece so we booked it right away and we went now this was about three months ago before we went and I as we got closer to it I was super excited I had already done some research so I was a little bit less nervous but I was still very nervous so we are on our flight to Turkey and the flight is actually really smooth correct and Airlines which I don't know how it what it is but to be honest with you I had an incredible experience with them they gave us an aisle seat all to ourselves and they were like you guys are such a cute couple we hope you have an amazing time so anyways we land in Turkey and we go through security and then we get to the my heart is beating y'all I am my American passport I'm like oh my god they're gonna know I'm American and they probably hate us cuz now I'm used to everybody hating Americans so I'm like oh my god and Nick was like I bought the visa online so don't you worry so I go up and I had my passport to the security guy and it's this like really nice Turkish man and you know he's like um I can't find your visa he's like you need to show me online and I have no signal and I'm like oh my god I have no signal I'm already literally freaking out I'm like this is it this is it this is where I die so he was like oh no worries he's like he pulled out his phone he's like here's my hot spot I was like oh my god that's so nice okay so I use this hot spot Nick did the visa run he said I was from the Netherlands so I had to go out and go buy a visa and then go back and then we went through security and then we got to our check-in to our car we booked a car so they had our little name Nick and Joey and they were all very smiling everybody's so smiley it was like oh my god they were smiling if they were like hi waving at us and they're like mitt ha ha which means hello and so we were like hello and I'm like hello they probably thought I was a idiot because I was acting so nervous and now that I look back on it I was like Joey you're such an idiot you know like learn and research please my friends so that you don't look like an uncultured person like you did when you first landed um so I was like really nervous I was in the car they were like driving us to the UM to the location to sign the papers for the car and Nick yeah it was like hanging out the window it's like loving it and I'm like in the backseat like going a little crazy my heart is beating and if you ask me why there's no reason why ok these are all things that like society will tell you about a culture that make you feel so crazy but it's not even true because all of the experiences up to that point were insanely warm and welcoming so we got to this place and everybody's chilling and I'm like you know just like watching and just making sure like that everything is okay because to be honest with you we were like in a dirt road in the middle of nowhere and it was like okay so anyways we signed for the car and we take on the car – one hour and a half drive through villages through dirt roads the most incredible scenery that you could ever go through right and we're just there and it's like we arrived in Oasis in the palace and we check into our hotel and it is just like a palace an oasis it's amazing and Dennis our manager of the hotel takes our bags and was like super super kind to us and you know it just I cannot explain to you how warm and welcoming Turkish people want to make you feel no matter if you're gay no matter if you're not a Muslim if you're a woman with your hair uncovered there was never a moment let me say that again there was never a moment where I felt uncomfortable about being with my boyfriend never okay in fact I would be more uncomfortable in Texas staying at a resort in like the middle of nowhere and like we did in Turkey being with my gay boyfriend then with that in Turkey just let that sink in okay I mean it from the bottom of my heart like it's amazing and nobody paid me to say this I just really want to share this with you guys so we get your hotel and we go into our hotel room it's gorgeous and in the bathroom they have condoms so open-minded just like unreal just condoms you know so Nick and I decided to play a joke we were like let's hide the condoms and see what happens so we hid the condoms and the next morning we walked into our room after breakfast and they have made Swann's for us and the lake that little cleaning lady's oh my god who stole my heart cannot speak English but they were like giving us like little waves like hi boys like kind of really like we know and they left us more condoms like not a problem and they were looking at us and they were like beautiful boys they would like look at Nick and I and they would be like what beautiful boys and they would just be like so loving and that was in the hotel now in the restaurants everybody was like they would ask a question to break the ice this is how they do it to be so warm they were like how long have you guys been together and it would be like oh you know we were being together for like three years almost four years and they would be like awesome like this is so romantic great memories just like just to break the ice and just for them to kind of let you know we know we're cool enjoy relax and have fun and that's the experience throughout our whole process here in Turkey and the last experience that I think that is pretty amazing is when I asked my waiter at a restaurant and who we'd been to that restaurant because it's from our hotel I was like why are you all so nice to us and he was like listen you're our family if you need our blood you can have our blood we just want you to be happy and that is how I can sum up this whole trip in Turkey so for my gay brothers and sisters I just want to tell you guys if you aren't thinking about going to Turkey now I'm just speaking about the area where we went to right like if you are looking to go to dalam on to olu deniz to fethiye you must not worry about being gay and traveling together in fact it's more of like a honeymoon they like make it like they serve you like as if you're like on a honeymoon so I just want to tell you please do your research please understand that the things that people tell you might come from a place of like they don't know so do your research and from my experience traveling in Turkey as a gay couple was the best thing that we could have had verdun and everybody that we met along the way was the most accepting the most amazing hill artist and I just want to thank them and I want to tell you go for it don't be scared don't be like me don't be nervous like know that it's okay thank you so much for watching I want you to comment below because I want to know your opinion on this and I hope to see you in my next video thank you so much for watching bye


Nadine · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

The are almost the last one on the lgtbq europe Rainbow index. They are the least gay friendly country to live in. So don't be fooled by how they treat tourists.

Can Yüksel · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

It is. Only in the eastern region of Turkey (or some parts of the capitals) one could come up to some conservative people and some raised eyebrows, but that's pretty much it. And that's only because they aren't.. familiar, with the concept of it. As a tourist however, considering that you'd visit touristic spots and Turkish people are generally kind to tourists, i could say there's nothing to worry about. And yeah, unless a couple'd make it too obvious (lol) noone'd even notice. Our gaydars are generally outdated.

fts commentaar · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

Simpely no they wil stone you for being gay if they found out

Lisa Kokx · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

I’m going to work in Turkey for two months this summer and I’ve never been there so this is interesting to hear!

jim de nooij · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

if you dont walk hand in hand, kiss in public dont show anything that can offend them aslong as you say no bad words about their president, you might not end up i jail or get killed, people are put in jail for less than that, today a message in de telegraaf Dutch Government warns people that go to turkye to check their CP if you have messages sent or received, wich are not so positive about Erdogan the president. think twice i wouldnt go thats for sure and im not gay, i been there twice, cos it was extreme cheap i coulnt belive the flight a hoten for a week breakfast and dinner included for 100 euro pp. But there are nicer places with less risks. If you ask me, dont go to a muslim country, they hate gays

Miranda de Vries · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

I can see you had a nice holiday, youre so enthousiast!
I think the hotel is completely booked for this season 😉😊

vl2 · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

Thanks for that Kayak tip! Very helpful!

Your trip seemed wonderful. However, I would still think twice before going to Turkey. I don't want to contribute to an economy whose people elected a homophobic president (Erdogan). I totally believe you that the people you met were nice and tolerant of gays and lesbians and probably didn't vote for Erdogan. But Erdogan's done a lot to bully and disempower the LGBT community in Turkey and, as a gay person, I can't support that.

This article shows some of what Erdogan and his government have done to hurt gays and lesbians:

Iflie · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

Turkey is one of those countries where there are huge differences between people. The work immigrants that came to the Netherlands were the poorer people from the country and they left the impression that turkish people are very far behind in equality. They are several generations along in living here and they are still conservative and big fans of Erdogan. Meanwhile there are large populations of progressive people in Turkey that suffer from that bad image that Erdogan has given the world, a lot of people depend on tourism and that has been tanking so like with Greece btw they will be very friendly to tourists to make sure they come back and tell their friends to come. For many it's their only source of income, working in the summer and surviving of that in winter and things are getting expensive due to the bad economy so it's even worse for them. So you making a nice commercial for that place will be great for the nice people.

That said, of course not everywhere is going to be that nice. What you can tell from incidents in the Netherlands with the Moroccan and Turkish kids harassing gay people they have a bad view of gay people and jewish people. Even in the language the word for gay and pedophile is the same so that's how they view it, no difference between them. So while dutch people are fine with being gay the immigrant population seems to be responsible for the rise in gay hatecrimes and why people feel less safe holding hands on the street in big cities. It's very sad, they need better education.

Jan Folkersma · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

Fijn dat je een goede vakantie hebt gehad. Ik kan wel dingen zeggen als: 'all they want is your money' en zo, maar dingen zijn vaak gecompliceerder dan dat. Ik zie nu vooral veel voordelen van Toerisme. Mensen zien nu makkelijker andere mensen en weten: hey, all is fine, everybody happy.

a. kramer · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

I'm glad you had a nice holiday and had great personal experiences with the Turkish people but (when you research) the Turkish gouvernement is not all that good for their own people. .

Jennifer · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

Okay, I go on holiday to Turkey 3 times a year since I was 8 or something. I'm 19 now. But it is indeed true that the Turkish culture is very warm and welcoming! Except in the tourist parts they exaggerate. It is because the tourists are the one who bring in the money. Most of the people in city accept homosexuality, because they feel like they are not the one to judge you but Allah (god) does. So they accept it, but will not approve it. In more conservative villages and cities they don't aprove being gay. I hope you get what I'm saying. Love ❤

Sander Fitzwilliam · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

Euhhh dude…. it really depends where you go in Turkey…. as with any country for that matter. Of course in the tourist centers near the coast they are used to western people and lifestyle and are more than happy to respect that because their income depends on it. You will have a completely different experience inland in traditional towns where tourists are not common. I had some local kids spit on one of my female friends because she wore short jeans in some market town a bit off the tourist trail. So be very aware of the local vibe because your experience may vary (a lot).

Freeκ 0ut · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

Turkey is a great country! the most hospitable country I have been to, idk bout the safety though for gay couples. I would go to Greece instead, also very cheap, great food and nature/climate. and they ppl there are lovely too. Croatia is also great and not too pricey 🙂 P.S. love your vlogs you're always giving me great vibes :p

Nightfly · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

Most countries are save to travel to as long as you restrict yourself to the tourist areas. Would you have felt comfortable going into one of the rural villages in Turkey and be openly homosexual? I've worked in the Gulf States outside of the tourist areas, outside of the safety of the big cities and their protective walls, you can't be openly gay there. How is this for Turkey outside of the tourist areas? I personally think this is an important distinction to make, because so many times I hear how safe places like the UAE or Bahrain are, when in reality once you find yourself outside of the city walls as someone who doesn't belong there, you're not exactly safe.

a. kramer · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

Only idiots hate america.

maddy lewis · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

Lamo like every dutch person went to turkey and loves it and also the food omgg

RobbieFPV · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

Turkey sucks.

boxie001 · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

I had a Turkish guy telling me with a straight face that there are no gays in Turkey .
so it should be no problem 😛

charles · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

Ik hou van je videos😍

Savera · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

I am looking for a holiday myself on this moment. Can you write down the hotel name for me? I would love to see if it's something I love to visit.
By the way, I am not even gay en still watching your videos 😉

Savera · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

I am looking for a holiday myself on this moment. Can you write down the hotel name for me? I would love to see if it's something I love to visit.
By the way, I am not even gay en still watching your videos 😉

nicole b · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

You're GLOWING I just

не болтай · May 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

Don't go to that shithole.

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