iOS Today 391: Vacation Apps: Before and After

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gasps you love from people you trust this is tweet bandwidth for iOS today is provided by cash fly at CA CH e FL y comm what apps do you take with you on vacation and what apps do you use when you get home we're both planning she's back I'm going its next today iOS today is brought to you by texture access the world's most popular magazines anytime anywhere using your smartphone or tablet go to texture comm slash twit to start your free trial today and by 23andme a personal genetic service helping people understand their DNA by your 23andme kit today go to 23andme comm slash twit and by rocket mortgage from Quicken Loans home plays a big role in your life that's why Quicken Loans created rocket mortgage it lets you apply simply and understand the entire mortgage process fully so you can be confident you're getting the right mortgage for you get started at rocket mortgage comm slash iOS today ah yo Wester de time hello Megan Maroni welcome back you look so adorable thank you you had fun in Brooklyn yes I hit Brooklyn I hit New York's you saw a Broadway show I saw two Broadway show okay which shows Mean Girls oh that's supposed to be the hit of the season excellent if you've seen the movie they they go one better it's timely it's smart I have to say I'm not a fan of the Broadway trend of making plays out of movies and yet many of them are quite good yeah the other one was also made from a movie waitress oh is that good yes I like the pie song yeah it's it's great songs they're very different I think Mean Girls was much more ambitious waitress is small and sweet waitress has been around for a little while when I think it wanted Tony but Mean Girls is newer fun ya know Mac and you took your daughter this was your a mother-daughter trip it was a mother-daughter and my sister came and she has no daughter so that was good and my cousin lives in Brooklyn Zoey yeah it was it was I saw the picture ladies yeah which one are you I'm all of them your Miranda come on a minute she is she's running she's running for governor of the state of the great state of New York which is I have mixed feelings about because I love Miranda but I don't know if celebrity should be allowed yeah I don't know I mean but I thought the subways were great we rode the subway it was oh the subways fantastic because that was her that's her big thing fixing the subway it's not broken yeah well it's a little broken yeah yesterday was pouring rain and there was did you see those pictures the rain was like coming into the subway like well that's okay because then the pizza rats can get get washed off all right start fresh for the spring even though we would love to do in New York travel show this isn't that no well it is a travel show though because you're back yeah I'm going this is my last show for a couple of weeks I'm going to Japan on Thursday and so we thought and notice I'm ready mr. tourist guy we thought we'd do apps for for going and coming from your vacation before and after yep my favorite app for before and after is one that I know you use TripIt okay you just stole my best app I love TripIt I pay for TripIt Pro I have four years because what I do is I used it when I used Gmail I don't use it anymore when I use Gmail it would just scan through your Gmail that's maybe not the best thing now I just forward any trip information confirmations things like that to plans a trip it calm it says oh that's from leo and it builds an itinerary hmm I don't use the paid version so you can talk about the paid version but I think I think that the the free version is just fine for me I still do let it scan my email so yeah and it has all that makes it so easy of course yes so here it is it has all my past trip so this is my trip to New York and I added this like I wanted to go to the ground zero museum is that beautiful did you see it we didn't go to the museum but we did see the reflecting pools which were the gorgeous it's it's a really beautiful monument to the victims of 9/11 but I have to say the museum in a way I wish you had gone because it's the best it's one of the best things I've ever seen but it also you're in tears the whole time it's very moving and sad so good for you for that so TripIt put it all together yeah you took my tickets to the shows it just scanned my email and found those now I well you can talk about how you use it before but after it's amazing to have all the trips that you've already taken in here this is a really good thing to have is Mac yeah and then the trip she didn't take like I I think last time we talked about this I entered this emergency Hawaii trip that was a trip that I had I never did go to that emergency Hawaii trip but you can add would it be nice to have an emergency Hawaii just in case I've had it I'm going goodbye I have an emergency I should make an emergency was there actual emergency you thought might happen no yeah I felt like I needed to go to Hawaii so I planned it isn't that clever yeah and you didn't have to go cuz you felt good after any plan that was yes exactly that's what that's why it's an after two because you plan your next trip right in order to cure this that's actually exactly what I do in fact the next trip we're going on after Japan I planned during our last trip I was in the middle of our last trip garance getting sad and so I I booked the next trip to a year later trip so yeah trip it is great for that now I'll show you what's different and pro and you may not need problem now having regrets about some of my life choices because maybe maybe I didn't need pro all this time because most of what I used here before you just described you can track points actually this is a useful thing to know that's the seed tracker point tracker is telling me that I will lose one hundred fifty thousand points am i united if I don't if in 30 days if I don't get in there so it will track the points and let you know and the alerts are useful lounge buddy yeah you know lets you know that there's lounges about around their seat tracker to search for a better seat clear i don't do this is the kind of thing though i find useful flight status alerts check-in reminders alternate flights this is the one that really could make make it worthwhile the flight refund and monitoring if if it finds a lower fare for a flight you're on it will actually notify you I don't have that yeah I'm getting an alert right now TripIt pro alert you have one new alert which merely is you're getting ready to go which is nice and it shows me the airport shows me my itinerary you can add plans easily so if you have plans that didn't get there via email that's the the real reason I've always used TripIt is that you you know the forward in the email means it builds an itinerary for you but if you had other stuff sometimes stuff doesn't get sucked up properly you can you can add that like a concert or a theater show for Meghan who is mister Broadway so this is this is these are the flights that I'm gonna be going on I also have upcoming trips you're right because it plans the other trips this is the Japan tour alerts and updates will monitor your travel so I think this is a you know I get the free version and then look at what the pro might offer they have a free trial of the pro and see if it's if it's for you because I do agree that this is the number one app for traveling although Google has an app that of late has become another favorite of mine it's called Google trips now I don't have it on on the iPad but I do have it on my iPhone it really is more of an iPhone app than an iPad app because if you want to have it in your pocket as you go on your trip so let me open Google trips here on my on my iPhone so what it does is it notices where you're going notices it knows I'm going to osaka for instance and there's a little switch here that says download osaka for offline that's really really handy in here what it'll do is it's not it's it's somewhat your reservations the things like that so it's a little bit like TripIt but I think it's more useful as a guidebook cuz now I haven't and because I switched the download thing it's gonna be there even when I'm not online things to do in Osaka that's our first stop you can add of course but the automatic thing which works kind of like trip it is fantastic so these are some things you might want to do in Osaka you could save places you can say what your day plans are look at this discounts let's see if I have any discounts yeah so here's some things I can do that will give me some discounts including guides which is which is great we booked a guide I'll show you that in a little bit things you need to know this is very handy especially when you're traveling to somewhere like Japan where customs are somewhat different very handy to have some of that information this is Google trips it's absolutely free from Google and I really like it I think it's you know just put it on your phone and it will automatically keep track of upcoming trips if you use Gmail like I said I stopped using Gmail so I have to actually what's what's that goat for is there a goat in here oh I see this is her this is her thing they used to have a Google program called field trip do you remember that yeah I don't know if that's still around I took that off because what you would do is it would be a guide in your ear but it was I found it a little annoying because I would have it running and it would always tell me every time I went by a house in Petaluma that's the house where meet the abbot's was filmed and after about the 18th I didn't really want to know Park well we're gonna be there we're gonna be there that's barthelona Park well is wonderful you know I seem to be following him shortly after he leaves everywhere we go smart I'm okay speaking of locals like my Calgon to Barcelona or wherever else he's lived as I said before my cousin is a local so locals can help be helpful – on trip she my cousin Riley told me about the ferry app so she takes the ferry to work which from Brooklyn from Brooklyn so jealous Street it only costs two dollars and 75 cents which is crazy she says this is new this is Blasio's de Blasio's actions but I know the ferry in in Marin costs like I don't know it's probably not that much no it is it's 1350 each way yeah it's expensive but it's worth it it's it's a beautiful trip Brooklyn's a short trip yes but um I thought this was great it was such a handy app like I know unless you're going to Brooklyn you're not gonna need this but I just thought it there's probably other apps like this but the New York City ferry app was super easy you just you have the app and then you buy a ticket to 75 if you were gonna bring your bike you add that and then you just you just show me your boarding pass it comes out as like a little you know um what are those calls you the little things that you go and it clicks it the Oyster card but I thought this was great so if you happen to be in New York and you want to travel on the ferry this was really easy and it also has the schedule in there right in the app so do a little research and figure out what is you know what what's the local transit apps for you because the transit I mean Google Maps and Apple Maps now it shows public transit which makes it so much easier like riding the subway used to be so it's a lot easier but then you know you just use the app and you think okay now I need to take the F train to the S train – train – take the and what I really like about Apple maps will let you like let's say that you only want to take the ferry like we all want to take the subway in transportation options you can say only ferries only show me ferries don't show me the bus or anything like that this is speaking of that the app I always take with me for exactly that purpose is called city mapper and what I do like about this is it works with everything in many many cities and it works on your Apple watch so it will send commands to your Apple watch we first used this a few years ago when we were in London which has an excellent underground network but a lot of times underground is confusing so this is right now telling me what's available in our area you mentioned ferry but there's also Caltrain there's Bart there's Muni there's bikes there's our new light rail and Petaluma so it knows all about that however I could say you know let's let's do a Tokyo because we're gonna be there as well I don't know about Tokyo reflex therapy wait a minute what is it doing it's giving me Yelp oh you know this might be part of the problem is that I it will only show me where I am right but it will show you where you are will give you Metro but the thing I like about city mappers is a free program is you say where you want to go let's say I want to go to AT&T Park to go see the Giants and then it will show you different ways you can go okay I set my start all right current location set my end there I want to go now or you could say let's say I'm gonna go to let's say I'm gonna go to the ball game Friday right okay you're right you know why cuz I'm on my iPad thank you for reminding me that the iPad doesn't have GPS built into it so let's just let's just say I'm going from work okay that's my starting point I'm going to work yeah you know what yeah I'm gonna have to do this on the phone because that's a very it's an excellent point you can see it is an iPhone app so it looks like you're in San Francisco here I'll show you should do I want to switch to San Francisco and I could to switch to San Francisco or when I get to Tokyo it'll say that the thing that's really awesome is it will it will show you all the ways of going so it will show you mass transit but also show you walking and so forth and give you turn by turn directions so it's it's really a great anytime I'm in a new city if it's supported by city mapper and and nowadays most cities are it's got a really large range of whoops it's got a really large range of cities Mexico Toronto Baltimore in New York Boston there's Tokyo you just you just enter where you want to go and it will say there's did you know it's five different ways to get there this is you know this is how long it'll take in each way here's what stops where to get on where to get off all of that stuff which i think is really great so yeah they've put this into Google Maps but city mapper is free it predates Google Maps is probably worth having on your phone as well for the the mass transit applications specifically although Google Maps does have that now so maybe get a second opinion from citymapper free so why not right all right so the other thing that happens sometimes when you end a vacation you get sad you get sad and then you feel like whoa like I need to get my life back together I ate too much I drank too much I didn't sleep enough yeah I was on the go and so I have started something that you will hear me talk about probably a little bit about the Buju is it what the boat butyou Joe is it first you buy clean up my closets I have the art of tidying up then it was the bullet journal and now I've become begun the whole life challenge have you heard of this no but I'm sad that I'm going to it's not hole 30 that's something different you've heard hope I don't know any of this stuff the whole life challenge is a game that you pay to be a part of okay sort of like being a gym membership like okay you're pay you're gonna do it yeah and it's based on seven habits that could change your life Oh sweets does it tell you what those are are you get to pick them no you tell so it's nutrition exercise mobilization which is like stretching sleep hydration well-being and reflection all of that's important yes so okay let me look let's look at the it's basically an iPhone app but I will show it to you on my iPad so let's start with nutrition you start with five points every day and then you have a compliant food list and a non-compliant food list and each time you eat off of the non-compliant food list you get a point taken off so some of the non-compliant things are bread cheese beer things that you should wait and wait anyway that's why I live on season beer what more do you need nothing really you can see it's saying that I'm not doing the right thing from the compliance so it's like a lot of grains a lot of you can eat as much easy one you can use much you can have one alcoholic beverage a day if long as it's not beer well one and then after that then you would take a point so yes who is this person telling me what to do the whole life challenge people there are people that want you to not live the perfect life but every day live them a little bit better every day all right I might take a look at it okay so it's $49 don't you say that $49 okay here's a tip to make your life better five $50 worth of beer cheese and bread no this is gonna save my life already I'm just like 24 hours you feel geez that sounds like the worst life possible okay so let's look at my yesterday nutrition I wait for that cheese is not worth living so I two pieces of whole wheat bread for breakfast that's points off yeah I thought I could eat whole wheat bread but nope nope no Brad so exercise you only have to exercise ten minutes a day you do that anyway so that's five points mobilization I stretched for ten minutes sleep you get to choose how much sleep you get I choose eight hours of sleep so I got eight hours of sleep hydration okay here's the hydration thing you're supposed to drink you take your body weight and divide it by third and then whatever pounds that is you drink that in ounces so I have to drink 51 ounces of water a day which means I always have to pee including right now that was probably too much information yeah but I have a 52 ounce giant Bubba mug that's perfect for you yeah that would be everything you need plus an ounce yeah like one extra ounce for good for growth yeah so I did that yesterday but since I weigh twice as much as you that means I should drink two of those a day probably I don't think but after this six weeks you will unless if you just eat bread and cheese well ice as much as you well being is the they every day they have a well being every week they have a well being exercise so would you like to know I'm gonna give I'm giving away the $40 secrets I'm giving them away to you and you oh yeah what's the well-being exercise every morning think of one thing that you could do today that you could would consider making your day a success one thing one thing okay what is it well you you have to think we don't tell you geez I thought they knew everything no you have to think of one thing one thing you would do today that would make any success oh okay I know what it is not really close-up picture man yeah take it now and then you see all that water all these wrinkles will melt away all right get a point is I don't punch you in the face good you get a point so far stay is not over the day is young and then the last thing is reflection which is just to reflect on the day say what you know I like this actually all of these things are good things to do so here's this I want to make okay I want to make a new app called the evil life app oh that gives you points for punching me in the face the empty life challenge the empty life challenge it gives you points for eating cheese bread and beer drinking beer gives you points for you know not sleeping like staying up all night and partying that yes the evil life challenge yeah for like spending like a half an hour a day on face you get a point for every tattoo you get a day yes I'm making that app so yes we're gonna call it burn the candle at both ends life I don't so the cupcakes you we had our Twitter anniversary over the weekend oh boy do I regret eating those yeah they were there and I I said I eat it out to the whole life challenge this is my this is this is what's doing this to me these work office free cupcakes but you know this is a chance for you to feel really good about yourself and better than the rest of us and not have one I didn't have see you're superior to all I want to encourage everyone to live their best life I tell you I had a cupcake and I felt so bad I went right straight to bed so I lost a point I gained a point yeah you got a point for going right straight to bed well if you sleep eight hours yeah can I make it 10 so you also have Mulligan's available Oh a mulligan yeah like if you were like oh this day was no good like my last day of vacation my first day yeah yesterday let's see where's the $49 is the only thing really kind of stopping me here but $49 is why I'm still doing it and that's right for the money folks they just want to make you committed yeah which is why it should really be $4,000 exactly so like here's the first day for 14 I only got us I didn't do so well because I had a Frappuccino I had a biscuit I had a diet coke biscuit which is not is that all at the same time a biscuit all oh yeah yeah I always have biscuits at the airport it was a biscuit here's how its but here's how the biscuit went wrong it was a savory biscuit with broccoli in it Oh see that's healthy that's the vegetables not really that's like you can chew thinking like oh I'm having a broccoli because it's wrapped in a biscuit but that's you know since the cupcake before that the biggest regret I had biscuits and gravy at the diner down the street I hate that and the night I went but straight to bed you know come to think of it every time I eat something really bad I just go straight to bed mm-hmm and then I feel better in about an hour mm-hmm I you know I'm tempted I wish it weren't $49 but I guess that's how you get the commitment right yeah so you can see all you can see the leaderboard all these people that are doing it oh no they actually show your results yes it's a game I mean you don't have to I'm sure you can use a fake name but this is part like I'm I'm I think those are all fake names Dorothy tau might be Ashley White not my real name so yeah it's I'm sure it's super annoying to everyone um and that's my job here well it's even more annoying than I thought it would be no you know what we were all gonna feel we're gonna be we're gonna feel very different when you come in next week and you look great and you're feeling great and you your hair's shining and your eyes are twinkling and you don't punch me in the nose anymore and that's gonna be so great mm-hmm and so you just so we're clear I paid that $49 my own I'm not gonna expense it I really paid money and they didn't pay me that's anything so this is not I'm not like part of some whole life challenge pyramid scheme or I'm gonna try to recruit you I got something that's $149 that I'm glad I got how about that you want to see this it's this look at this it even comes with a handy little purse case this is the sky Rome now one of the reasons I got this is I was informed by my people that you I thought all Japan Wi-Fi everywhere it'll be easy to get online cheap and easy and you just go to a coffee shop no Wi-Fi is apparently at a premium so somebody had asked me about this and I said well I'm gonna get this in review at Sky Rome you can buy it or you can rent it but the idea is it works in many many countries all over the world uses LTE right to connect to the internet and then allows you to connect up to five different devices you pay for what you use so it's not a subscription which I really like and this thing has a massive battery in it so it goes 16 hours serving wife ID up to five devices so instead of getting an international data plan when we go to Japan or relying on Wi-Fi at coffee shops which apparently is not as common as one would have thought I'll just turn this on and then Michael and Lisa and I will connect our phones our tablets or laptops we're gonna be fighting a little bit because we have more than five of all of that it's unlimited data and I bought passes when I bought this so this was $149 and I bought passes for $8 a day so that means for five people unlimited data eight dollars now the real question will be you know how fast is it and is it fast enough to serve eight people here you know when I connected it at home it wasn't super fast it was about five megabits which is not super fast but I suspect in Japan the LTE is gonna be very fast it's one of the reasons I I'm guessing that you don't see Wi-Fi everywhere so this is there was something earlier called Karma Go which switched over to a subscription plan I don't like to pay for it if I'm not using it so when you're not using this doesn't cost you anything it's just you know you just take it on your trips it's the sky roam soleus sol is 4G LTE global Wi-Fi hotspot and Powerbank actually I didn't mean to do whatever I just did there but here's all the countries it works in there how do you unsplit screen the line in the middle man oh god I hate this I don't know how to use the iPad and that and it's now becoming public knowledge somehow I've opened a Safari window I didn't want to open well anyway now I have it there I meant to do that I meant I meant to do that yeah no it's definitely not worse again so anyway this is uh this is I think I will give you a review when I get back but I think this was a smart thing to get it comes what doesn't come with this you I bought a little carrying case it does come with a little charging cable it is type C which I actually really like and I won't show you this but on the other side it has the Wi-Fi access point and login and as maybe that's changeable I hope it's changeable but I haven't found a way to do that yet sky roam and this is the new solace and it's about 150 bucks to buy but you can also rent it for $10 a day I think so you could just get it for before you go on a trip you could get it and yeah isn't that isn't that kind of cool we'll see I'll have a more thorough review when I get back but I think the idea I'm glad I got told that I don't not expect do not expect and we have you know t-mobile but t-mobile isn't super high speed it doesn't cost us but it's not it's not super high speed notice it says nine dollars when you buy the soleus 450 bucks you can get as many eight dollar a day passes as you want after that it's a nine dollars a day which is not it's still not not too bad for unlimited if you really use it and I'll let you know I mean we the plan is now to put the put everything on there the kids phone that the iPad let's see that's three three phones and iPad it's four we're gonna run out we're gonna have to fight over who gets to use this solace and now you know it's secure like well that's the other thing yeah unlike unlike Wi-Fi where you might want to use a VPN if you don't know where you're getting it from that kind of thing this is secure because it's using LTE so yeah this is that's another reason to use that and frankly you know that's a lot easier and a lot faster than trying to use a VPN everywhere you go do you use the Wi-Fi on airplanes I prefer not to but sometimes I do if I have to but yeah it's not that's you know I'm really insecure yeah I think is is so slow you don't really want to use a VPN on top of it the good news is if you pay attention to what you're doing it's it's secure because for instance if you're doing Gmail that's secure you're doing Facebook that's secure Google searches that's security site that's HTTPS is as is is secure they can see which sites you're going to but they can't see the searches you're making the things you're posting so as long as you stick to that kind of thing first thing I would check absolutely check before you use open Wi-Fi is that your email provider whoever that is is fully encrypted from you to that to their servers Gmail is Mostar but I would absolutely check because that's the real risk if you're sending your email password through open Wi-Fi you're really asking for trouble mm-hmm I have one more after your vacation I know we've you know we've talked about making a photo book and we've talked about making you know photo prints you know photos you know that's for me a lot of why yeah and what have you done with your photos from your last vacation have you done anything from we made a book yeah we made a book from the Galapagos I did a couple of books I showed you but the last trip which we took last fall I haven't done anything with I didn't really like any of the pictures I got all the ones from New York from France so Lisa Lisa did that and she puts it on her blog and stuff I have not but go ahead and talk about take about what I my plan is great this is a new one that I haven't showed you before maybe you've heard of it it's called recently no I don't know that at all it makes a magazine oh what a good idea so every so rather than like you know stressing over a book so here's the app it's under send your printed magazine it sends you a pretty magnificent service so you can get a printed magazine of 50 of your photos every month or you could just do it once it's $8.99 and then if you want to just do it quarterly it's $12.99 which is great well I might do that yeah that quarter yeah so I can go through I actually did a shared I should did a shared album with my cousin and sister so we'd all share you know we did that on we all have iPhone so we shared an album see these are all of our pictures and then it will automatically select the things that the ones that it thinks you want so you can go and unselect them like I don't need to remind myself of that glass of rose a but there's just subway whole better life people are gonna get mad at you product that my cousin had that we all want it I don't need to we took a picture of it to remember but yeah I do that to a lot of my that's why I'm a lot of my pictures are like receipts parking spots bottles of wine well there's your show that's good yeah and then here's like several pictures of my sister and I'm having a cocktail I'll only take one of those we got our nails done Tribeca only need one of those that's a place to get your nails done and then I only need one of those there's trying on a tiara and so you just go through and pick the ones that you want and then you've selected them and then okay I don't want to cancel that then I want to Oh what happen now and I want to print it I think where do I go no you can't do that no I don't want to clear that I guess 4200 maybe I have to collect I've just like 50 oh you don't have enough yet the picture of Baltic Avenue so what do you what does the magazine look like is it look like People magazine or us and be nice if like it had like fake headlines and no it's just a magazine of photos I mean I can show the website Playboy Playmate I was dating last month that kind of thing yeah oh that's pretty stuff and then you know that's kind of neat yeah for $8.99 and then you don't have to think about recently and then okay so then now we can go back to my screen and I click next and then I look at all the photos that I chose and I think oh these are perfect windy fairy photos perfect than I could next would be very flash I can make I can choose the cover of all these photos here oh here's lady libs oh she's let's move her over tap the crop okay well it'll split right down the middle there and then pick a color and then that is fine that's just our address here and then I click publish and then I don't know I could also change the spine text here and you know so I could to it New York jecht I made one already and I'll show it to you I might do that recently recently my pictures my memories and I think oh every year I'm gonna make a photo book and I never make it yeah I mean Google does a lot of that automatically free in Google photos and then if you want to print a book you can but you're not you're not subscribing to something but I like the idea of a magazine soft soft I'm gonna wait and see what yours looks like how good the prints but if they're really good boy that is very very tempting look it's recommended by Paltrow and goop so right next to her jade stone yes yeah okay and it's on Android it looks like – oh that's one of the reasons I like Google photos because I usually do bring two phones one Android I'm gonna bring a Google five phone and one iOS I'm gonna bring my iPhone 10 so yeah I'm gonna bring a pixel yes yeah no well I love the S 9 but the Google pixels on Google Phi so that has free international data right but slow data same thing as as this is just the iPhone will be on t-mobile so you know I mean I'm figures that that's the most important thing to me is that I have to get online I am in a beautiful Buddhist shrine in Kyoto but I have to get online because you'll be doing the whole life challenging you need to record no no no needless to say I'm also bringing my Kindle app my texture app I'm bringing a lot of audiobooks from audible by the way textured on top on both sponsors but that's purely coincidental yeah I read a lot of texture on the planes yeah I like having reading materials and I've loaded up my Kindle with books that I want to read and and so forth Photography is gonna be a big part of what I do of course and I'm hoping I'm really torn I know that I can almost certainly do everything I want to do on the iPad and I've been practicing to try to figure out do I need to bring a laptop as well as the iPad and I think probably it can be nervous but probably I could do everything I want to do on the iPad I can travel a little bit lighter especially because of Adobe Lightroom that's the that's the photo one of the main photo apps I use is Lightroom and the nice thing about Lightroom if you have the Creative Cloud subscription which you pretty much have to have is that once you copy your photos into Lightroom they will automatically backup to the Internet so these are some pictures I took practicing black-and-white photography for this trip because I'm thinking I'm gonna bring this little camera and do some black and white shots but notice they're already on here it supports Camera Raw now I don't know how important that is now see that's like I said I have a lot of pictures of parking spots here's some fun pictures from an event that you probably were thinking about going to the lantern light festival and the crazy kind of crazy this was in vallejo of all places but it but it was a it was it's a Chinese tradition to do a light festival here's a crazy Acrobat you already mentioned what to do on the plane when you want to read your magazines instead of bringing oh let me show you a texture I love this this texture is based by the way our sponsor this is the time where we talk about it yeah this is basically Netflix for magazines okay you pay one low flat rate you get 200 of the best magazines in the world I am you know all so here's what I'm doing before I go let me show you a few things this is the highlights section so they because you say you know you got 200 magazines you may miss a story or may not even think of gee I never read GQ but look that looks like a great article so it shows you stories based on what I've read before that I might like daily news so I can keep up on the latest new and noteworthy stories from all of the magazines right top ten reads there's collections so you know Kendrick Lamar congratulations won a Pulitzer Prize today so if I want to read about that it'll pull all the stories from Reuters interview Rolling Stone The New Yorker billboard and glamour about Kendrick Lamar so that's really cool then I can look at my library so when I have a magazine I really like GQ CR Consumer Reports ad week dwell I star it and it automatically downloads the new issue which is fantastic I could see the magazine's I have downloaded 64 magazines now you're not going to carry 64 magazines on the plane but let me tell you it makes it makes me it's kind of a nice blanket right I know I've got some great reading including it looks like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue I didn't put that on there well put that on there if you're a photographer I love photography magazines you know you can read shutterbug and print or National Geographic in print but because it's in print they're going to you know they're gonna lower the quality of the image frankly but when you're looking at a great image on here's a photo tips for travellers I got to read this on your texture you can zoom in you can pixel peep and you're getting you know the actual image not some screened copy of it for the print version you're getting every page that's in the magazines on the newsstand and back issues you're getting features you can't get in magazines like videos look at all the magazines everything from double-a RP magazine to yoga magazine everything in between women's health I know you're a woman would table in the wood wine enthusiast wired PC Magazine I admit okay I wouldn't go out and buy US magazine but I've got to know about Brad and his new girlfriend she's an MIT professor oh yeah yeah she's she's the most beautiful MIT professor in history and I don't know how he found her but he did they went on a steamy vacation anyway I'm you can read the gossip magazines without buying them okay I'm just saying maybe you don't want to I know I don't but you've got them 200 of the best magazines Oh more than 200 already on your iPad for you to read well I never heard of magnolia journal but it looks like something you would like this spring we're taking a look at intentional living yes yes Magnolia journal looks like I could get some tips on the art of letter writing this is almost this must be from the onion inviting entryways oh and tarts and quiche it's everything you wanted to know except I can't eat tarts and quiches cuz that's bread ok don't read that section that's the other thing is it really and it's easy to navigate it's really great you get every page it's on the newsstands texture is the only app that offers unlimited access to over 200 top magazines time the Atlantic The New Yorker I felt guilty because I get the New Yorker every week and it's a stack it's a pile on my coffee table and then I don't read any of them because I feel like I have to read the first one in the pile before I read the let not well I don't have that problem with texture I just read what I want the cartoon if you sign up right now texture T ext you re calm slash to it you'll get a free 7-day trial just it just in time for your vacation texture calm slash twit if I had to pick just one app for my iPad I think this would be a texture dot-com slash Twitter magazine homemade detergent that's that's your better life right now see what you do is you get one bar of soap like Kirk's original cocoa castile free fragrance free one cup of washing Soto soda 1 cup ecosoc so bright and one cup of kosher salt you mix that all together and in a well-ventilated area show me how to make Tide Pods and then we got something you know it feels like if you bought all that stuff you could just buy Tide I'm just I'm just saying yeah right and I don't want kosher salt in my clothes but here's tarts and quiches don't look Megan look away look away oh there are a bunch of cooking magazines on here texture calm slash wit ok yes I you know hopefully everyone is listening to our Twitter if you don't listen to every single show on the network you're missing yes but our flash briefing included twit where you talked about one of the stories that I want to talk about and the new screen savers where you talked about so shall we talk about them again yes you and Patrick talks about the leaking menus so yeah Apple gave Center menu to a memo to all of its staff saying don't leak 29 people have been fired last year for leaking and by the way of those 29 12 of them were arrested taken off to jail you could be actually facing up to five years in jail for leaking they say and then the memo got leaked some employee said oh yeah oh yeah catch me yeah I mean you can see how this could be a concern from a financial perspective all right companies don't want leaks they don't want yeah you're right competitors to know what they're up to they don't want the financial markets to affect they don't want to affect their stock price they don't want someone to not buy an iPhone because I think another one's coming out that's the one I don't like as a journalist it's our job to represent not Apple but the customer and you deserve to know whether you should buy the new iPhone now or wait right yes and I understand it's an apples economic interest that you buy stuff you don't need or buy stuff that they still have on sale even though the better ones coming in months that's their economic interest we don't represent their economic interest we represent that's that's why Apple says to their employees in this memo now you may journalists may attempt to befriend you but really they're just playing you it's flattering to be too beep but they're just I would point out Apple when it contacts journalists is they're just playing you journalists don't it's a it's a natural tension between companies that want to keep everything secret for a variety of good reasons and you know obviously trade secrets that's a good reason and a variety of reasons that I think are anti consumer like we don't want you to know about our new product in case you don't buy our current product and Apple does that all the time and it's our job to to fight if we can to publicize leaks that we think are genuine that might help you make buying decisions so it's a natural tension and if you work for Apple and I call you I'm playing you I am I cuz I have no interest no I know this is why I don't deal with Apple or any other companies PR reps or anything I don't want to be played either we try to do you know whatever we can to find out what's going on and let you know fascinating fascinating that that got leaked somebody said on twit can't remember who maybe it might have been Lindsey Turrentine who's editor-in-chief has seen that and would certainly know a thing or two about this that she thought maybe Apple leaked this memo in itself because by the way here's another thing Apple leaks all the time yeah they they leaked to The Wall Street Journal and other press till just to send signals they do that all the time Jason hunter pointed that out and maybe they leak this memo just is like hey knock it off I thought that was very funny yeah I mean I wonder if there because there they are more secretive than other companies yeah but everybody is a little secretive you know I mean we don't even tell everybody everything if you knew that you were gonna be replaced by a better you in three months you probably wouldn't stick around yeah but I think they are more secretive and so I think more interested well and I think it also causes employees to bleak more to be honest with you don't you think that if you if your company's sending you memos like this that you go maybe that's just me it's about that culture too I mean it's about money like people pay like nobody's gonna pay me money to leak to its secrets but I mean if you do you know what you have my permission I mean people it's big money and sometimes you know some when it's cases it's a lot of times it's people you're right the more secretive they are more we want to know what's a plan you know does make and I look at this is Apple's absolute right to do this I'm not crazy about them throwing people in jail over it but okay it's their right to do this and they make a very good point that people work hard on our new products and we don't want to spoil the surprise that's that's legitimate you know well the people are getting sent to jail for leaking a man memo that was sent to them right they're getting sent to jail for like hacking into the computers and stealing information to then leak Apple isn't specific in this memo which is I think there's a point that they make certain you know what it was at 13 people got arrested they don't say why or for what or who or whether they were arrested and then released three hours later they don't say any of that they're really trying to say but they do mention later on in the memo that you could go to jail for up to five years for things like hacking the network so it I certainly hope that we know that Apple has good relate very good relationships of the local federales but I would hope that they are you know not you remember when they his moto had the Apple phone that somebody left behind in a bar and that the Silicon Valley Task Force knocked down Brian lambs door took all of his computers now this is not a case of industrial espionage hacking a network an employee left a phone in a bar and to me that that's that's overreach but law enforcement in Cupertino because apples such a big taxpayer at a big company probably a little you know they let justice like him because it's Apple I would I would hope that these arrests didn't trample people's civil rights you know you getting fired yet the company has a right to fire you if you leak stuff I would hope that any arrests that occurred really were because real significant crimes occurred not because Apple just didn't like it what I would love is to like sit down with mark Garmin and find out because you know he now works for Bloomberg but he's a guard but he was just a guy writing and he started nine to five Mac and he had all day like I would just love to I know he would never tell me this but like where did his sources come from how does he get them and then how did that change when he started going to Bloomberg like surely hasn't changed I talked to mark last summer saw Matt Google i/o and praised his excellent work he's a young guy yeah he's great so sweet and gracious and yeah and I asked him he said well I just make friends you know I make friends at Apple I have good friends at Apple and they like to tell me things ice Mary Joe Foley she's also very good at getting leaks out of Microsoft and I we've actually done a couple of shows about how she gets what she gets and she says a lot of people like to be in the know like they like to be the person who sits down and has a beer with you and says you know I know what's coming next it's a human nature but that's what Apple's talking about in that memo like don't you're being played but yeah I think it would see I mean you know I know someone that works at Apple who used to work here Nate you know what used to Nate has never called us with a leak once like I love Nate I loved working with them I would never consider asking him like you know II think I do that all the time we have Apple employees visit frequently usually they're very careful about not saying they work for Apple but I can I can spot em a mile away and and I say I'm not gonna ask you don't worry I'm not gonna ask you I'm maybe I'm a bad journalist and I should be taking him out for drinks I don't want to play anybody any more than I want to be played that's why we're working here and not a Bloomberg well we don't get a lot of enterprise that kind of enterprise stories we don't break stories here we're we're we're really more a commentary Network we comment on the news stories as we're doing now we don't go out and get those news stories I that that memo wasn't leaked to us occasionally I will get a leak I have gotten leaks from well-known Lakers you know and on Twitter and stuff and I usually I just ignore them another story about Martin that Mark Garmin another leaked apples planning to launch a new subscription service this has to do with our sponsor we just talked about texture who they purchased but this came out today that they are going to be integrating texture into Apple news for not for free though no subscription service interesting so right now it's 999 which is definitely worth it this is this is a rumor not necessarily yeah this is a leak if you will so yeah that's an interesting question I mean I continue the service the texture already does obviously I would be very happy with them but I have to say apples history with things like Siri taking a successful commercial service and rejiggering it has not been great she won't be interested to see I mean they did pretty well with beets they bought the beans music service Turnitin Apple music they've done a good job with that so yeah we'll see I mean I will did apparently lay off 20 texture employees according to people familiar with the motor hmm that's not you know that doesn't make me too happy yeah yeah another leak the gold iPhone 10 what do you think of that that was from the verge yeah well so here's the funny thing is they didn't make the red iPhone 10 they made the red iPhone 8 mm-hmm and I was kind of surprised because it would be actually I think easier to make a red iPhone 10 because it's got a glass back I don't think colors are hard on the back of that no so it'd be easier to do that but they decided to do the iPhone 8 that way this is from this is this is a leak that I think you can trust because it's from an FCC submission this is one of the things Apple doesn't like to do when the iPhone remember when they first announced the iPhone in 2007 yeah you've got one that's free of it I took its case off so you know I don't know if gold would look that much better I wonder what they would do with this so what I really love about the white iPhones that we have is the chrome trim around it which you've kept quite nice it's very shiny still well steel so it should be it shouldn't be too scratchy right but yet gold will be nice that's you know what that's for the Chinese market I think they they gold go Apple started going gold when they started selling stuff in the Chinese market man I've been told that it sells very well in Chinese market although we all we always buy the rose gold whenever rose gold is an option I always choose it can remember what color this is this is the problem yes you never see it this is rose on a rose gold iPad 10 but who knows because it's in a ugly black case all the time like it and they can't even get it out so you just have to take my word for it I can kind of tell because I can see through the camera hole a little bit of rooks cool that's what I paid extra for kids actually it's not extra for the rose gold is it no it's not external all right so I have a few products I want to talk about before we get to questions we've talked about writing with the Apple pencil you see my Apple pencils here and I'm ready to write on it of the Apple pencil I got a tip from someone who said add a met did we talk about this ready a matte screen to the front of yes give it some texture did you don't you like paper do you feel like does that feel like paper does it um do you have it do you have something on there yeah yeah I can't tell you can see it's peeling a little bit there huh that's nice this is the I cares I can't see AR easy let me see there's a little bit better for writing on because it is a slippery screen it is I need to let me just get some notes or something here you know what I love and I recommend for writing I rediscovered it it was I think a nap cap Nebo have you used Nebo Arabia because you can you can double tap you can make shapes by double double tapping it it'll it'll turn it into a shape there's a lot of things you can do that's pretty cool with this and it will take text and it will it will add it and turn it into real text and yeah so I don't know it feels it feels nice to write on it it's not like my boo Joe but here's another one this is called paper like so this is this one nor I that one yeah you try this one because this one was like $9.99 for two I think okay I'm the paper like by Yann sapper is $36 watch it's got a really for how many sheets – Wow so Wow – dust absorbers and one instruction sheet I'm gonna feel guilty except I probably bought these right so it's yeah that's expensive though yeah let's do this live make writing on your iPad with Apple pencil feel like writing on paper so you clean your screen mm-hmm everywhere very carefully oh oh you should use they have a wipe to do that okay yeah all right it's so clear that we can't even see that it's underneath there okay I'm gonna use their special Masoli and lens cleaning wipe to make sure it's really yon is from Germany yawn is a yah sapper uncie's okay yeah he's even got his handwriting on here because apparently the link on the printed stuff is wrong hmm so you had a handwriting in the new there's yan hai jaan well you know what I'm gonna I can I be the guinea pig on this yeah yeah that's what I got the cheap one you got the expensive one well forget – you could have one of each when yours peels off which is apparently about to do all right so now what does he keep showing this dot for what does that mean this dust absorber thing I don't know ah never hold that let's see never hold the paper like sticky side looking upwards when applying make sure you do it in a quiet and dustless room oh yeah quiet dustless almost magically from everywhere almost no magical particles are appearing if you're really having issues with dust try applying the paper like in the bath after a hot shower what the steam takes down the particles like no we got a molecule in here there's no particles I think he means the bathroom after a hot shower so yeah like you know how it sometimes you try to iron your clothes by keeping them next to you in the shower okay okay I'm just reading the instructions it's kind of like IKEA so you got to put the holes in the right spot okay so I'm gonna peel this off which one is the I don't even know which one's the protector I'm gonna you probably put the wrong peel off the mask with this sticker this is the mascot off with that sticker okay that's the sticker okay and then with this sticker oh I can't read it because I'm holding it and put it on put it just right and I already there's dust particles oh no oh no oh no I never do these I hate these okay I think I got it right and then what do you do with the other is there a credit card style thing or is it this is that is that this there should be a credit card style thing to get out the bubbles yeah the bubble remover well this is another understand what that dust absorber stickers for the guide sticker right how do you get this off we should have watched the video okay we're gonna put this up as it's on I think I get you know I get these bubbles bubbles see the bubbles I hate bubbles I had bubbles which you can chase them out but that's why you need a credit card thing here let me get a credit card I have a credit card okay that's you can show that it's yeah it's not showing it's just my health insurance card did you scratch it it looks scratched or is that oh crap yeah I scratched it already yes that's why I don't do these come on little bubble yeah I think I did scratch it maybe you're supposed to use this with that oh yeah is it really bad Chumlee says leave it alone for 24 hours the bubbles are gone no I wish that were true I wish that were true I'd I'll do that I'll wish okay now let's just see okay it's close enough amazing looks so much better that's why I never use screen paper I guess yes turn it off because I didn't want to stray touching no touching no touching no straight touching those straight touching this actually works pretty well to get there I think definitely would have worked better if you've done it in the bath to it in the bath after a steamy shower okay well I will try this other one in a quiet and dustless room please yawn don't don't I'm not complaining and I'm not saying it's a bad thing first I just don't use anything like that I don't I don't like screen protectors a nicely recommended by the viewer it looks fine as a teacher I think it looked good um yeah I don't mind slippery odd that much I'm gonna try it too and then we'll see I should have gotten a spa treatment before we did he should have been much better all right so you know what's all over this now dust and your DNA and my Oh it'll take a little more than that we're talking about 23andme which only requires a little bit of saliva for a complete genetic analysis I love I really love I did this quite a long time ago when they first started I think it's several years now and what I do love about 23andme is I'm getting new material new information all the time once they've got your DNA the couple ways that they're adding the material first of all is it 23andme user you you know you can answer questionnaires about you know tastes things you like and they collate that and then they can say you know based on other 23 remembered me members who have your genetic you know this genetic marker you probably have wet earwax or cleft chin or maybe you like coffee more than others it's really cool and then of course there are the actual health and wellness markers they can tell you as you know lifestyle changes you might want to make it should they should really integrate that into your whole life thing yeah because you know some people there's things they could do like drink more beer anymore cheese and it probably says that here 20 the ancestry stuff is really cool now I have at Lisa's done it now we're gonna do it get it from Michael I gave it to my mom for Christmas my sister for Christmas my sister is giving it to my dad and when you share that information it mom just got hers and she said oh oh and it's so fun and you could see a couple of really interesting things where your people came from a couple hundred years ago you can see all the different groups that make up your genetic makeup but you can also and I really like this see where the migratory paths of your ancestors as they travel all over the world so and this goes back hundreds of thousands of years so I could see that for me my people come from central Africa they migrated up into the Middle East and then from there they so I it they got into Europe and that's why you see 39 percent British and Irish these are these are this my DNA family 1081 DNA relatives of course you have to give permission to be part of this but if you do you can actually see your DNA relatives this is the 23andme iOS app you can also get notifications when they find out new things for instance just a few years ago they've got the first Neanderthal DNA lo and behold humans some humans have Neanderthal in them I do four percent I can look at my maternal haplogroup I descend from a long line of women that begin began in Eastern Africa 150,000 years ago these are the women of my maternal haplogroup isn't that cool so you can see the migration information like you can't find out that information necessarily from history as easy as no no these are the various haplogroups where they were forty seven thousand fifty seven thousand sixty-five thousand years ago I basically am less neanderthal than you Lisa is more neanderthal than me and so this is fun but you know what don't knock it because the Neanderthal ancestry is actually very helpful you helps you tolerate cold I'm in seventh place out of family and friends haha Robert and Myrna have more no but but it's funny because I was all excited cuz oh look I found a I found a second cousin and look his I've even done this something had a couple of months ago his last name is the same as my grandma's maiden name he must be related to me and then my sister Eva did it and she said oh you nitwit that's Anthony we have pictures with him you've known for years now here's the research thing no I think is this kind of fun I've already answered 174 questions let's dance let's answer one statin medications commonly prescribed for people with high cholesterol but completing this survey you'll help us better understand how genetics may affect the side effects and effectiveness of statins so I'm going to do this because I actually take statins so oh but I don't remember this I kind of remember it what was your most recent LD off to have to look this up but so they're collecting they call this when I call phase of phylogenetic information they're getting the information about human your your traits and then comparing it to the markers and this is very helpful for genetic researchers you can also download what's really cool you can download your entire genetic database and use your own tools if you want to analyze it I gave consent for research you don't have to do that right you get to control the how much how much you give information genetic weight I'm predisposed I don't understand this one I'm predisposed to late weigh less than average maybe they mean average for a small hippo maybe they don't mean humans maybe you just need to do the whole life challenge and you'll are your real self oh I'll guarantee you this is true likely to consume more caffeine I can smell asparagus in my pee useful I have likely little upper back here right John I don't have much back here I do not have a bald spot right I can't taste bitter you know it's funny for years we've said that Lisa is a super taster because I would make food and she said oh what'd you put sour cream in this for I said there's this much how did you know or we'll go to a restaurant she says yeah I don't like the sage in this I said you how this doesn't have sage in it she said has sage and ice it doesn't ask the chef does it have sage sir just a little bit she's a super taster we always thought this we always assume this is somebody who has extremely this why she's really good at picking wines and things 67 she just got her DNA results back from 23andme 67% more likely to be a super taster confirmed confirmed I do not have cheek dimples do i I think I do you I don't know I don't know cleft chin no cleft chin no no it doesn't look like a but you know what I have no photic sneeze reflex did you this is what I love about this you're gonna learn it could be a case of crossed wires in the brain for some people bright sunlight kicks off a round of sneezing that's called the photic or photic sneeze reflex can you believe that and fortunately I don't have it here's my genetic likelihood yeah very very unlikely to have that this is by the way a chew also known as the autosomal : cholinergic helio ophthalmology outburst achu syndrome anyway fun isn't it 23andme calm slash twit go to two three and me calm slash twit and get your own kit they'll send you a little vial you spit into it's easy to do no blood you don't figure to a doctor it's very simple very fast and boy is it fun so it seems that we we and by we i mean you miss applied the paper like fifty two ounces of water drink is that i'll get lipstick on your straw so don't know in fact okay yes let's revise a review now of what is this called paper like first of all I apologize for screwing up your paper like because I don't know if I screwed up the second sheet or not no I still see a little grain okay on the screen a little grain I don't I don't know if you can see this on TV but you can look at it Megan see there's a little grain you get used to it I mean if you really want to feel like you're writing with a pencil let me I think this is good let me let me create a new page here and you're a lefty what no am i it does definitely give you some texture so it's not so slippery if so here's what I would say if you are bothered by the slipperiness of the iPad when you draw this would actually be a very good choice I think there you should notice it does modify a little bit the visual presentation it looks like there's a little graininess and it might affect the sensitivity just ever so slightly uh maybe maybe not that's hard that's hard to say well Melissa was the one who recommended it she's been using it she works in the school she loves it see if I were an artist you would have probably some strong opinions right on what you want and I think a little texture is probably a good a good idea I'll chat with serenity Caldwell see what she yeah she's in our actual artists yeah um all right I'll keep it on you know what I'm gonna keep it on though keep it on yeah and then you know use your journal app well on your vacation rental Journal I might I might well do that okay I was gonna type it but I might I might well do that all right so a few weeks ago we asked people who didn't have iPhone tens to tell us about the battery health manager and whether it worked for them because our iPhone tens so said our battery was 100% brian from minnesota wrote in and he said i bought a used iphone 6 off ebay a month ago it had iOS eleven point two point six i installed the third-party battery health app and it said the battery was at 65% hmm a week later or so iOS 11.3 installed apple battery health said it was at 78% I contacted Apple and was able to qualify for the $29 battery replacement while I was waiting for the battery to arrive in the store I drained the battery level to about 20% in the phone crashed when I charged it up it mentioned about the battery performance metering I don't recall what state it was in I'm guessing the default was throttling that default throttling was turned on since my battery health was at 70% last Friday installed my new battery and all is good nice mm-hmm I'm glad Apple gave them a battery speaking of batteries I don't think I had a chance to tell you this cuz I've been on vacation but Milo had my old iPhone 6 from 2015 and the battery was bad the screen was crashed and we got and I fix it battery replacement screen replacement oh and he did it himself took 30 minutes replace the battery the iPhone 6 is great I bet he has a real good sense of accomplishment he does it really does nice so yeah get yourself and I fix a kid I have fixed it also a sponsor Jen writes a couple of different times you mentioned something about a procedure Jer sorry not Jenn but Jer Jer a couple of times you mentioned is something about a procedure that you used where you do work or a task for twenty five minutes what was that called I need help with my progress tomato tomahto the Pomodoro homo d'Oro which is Italian for to Malta yes and it comes from those tomato timers yeah so I do that I just said a 25 minute timer on my watch and I focus on one thing and then I move to the next thing you like being told what to do don't you I do it's part of my personality I need rules yeah mm-hmm I don't like being told what to do like I do the opposite if somebody tells me what to do yeah that's why we're like butter and water I'm sorry butter and sugar we make a fine cook check out Gerry you can check out the app pomodoro keeper that's a good app for the Pomodoro Technique there yeah if you google Pomodoro though you'll find many many apps this is and owned by anybody it's it's a common can you know idea and I think yeah for some people it's a very good idea it may be it would be for me because you know what I end up doing if I'm engaged in something I forget time in it and I just lose track of it and I was you know six hours later at 3:00 in the morning go what happened so maybe I need a Pomodoro tied up I don't like I like to get engaged in what I'm doing I like to to but then I get distracted yeah but yeah you're right I do like to be told what to do I like external validation as opposed to intrinsic validation synapse in the chatroom is is really getting on my nerves he's saying whatever you do Leo do not send me a hundred dollars I'm gonna send you a hundred dollars that makes me angry oh I get it Berlin wrote to us to thank us for the answer to the podcast versus Siri volume in the car remember his old Pontiac and he says he says that he fix I got it figured out with the combination of Leo's to recommendations pontiac volume podcast volume to about 1/2 trigger siri then turner volume up works great now thanks that was intuitive wasn't it for one so mad also added another explanation that sort of makes sense the ring and alert volume is controlled in the sound and haptic menu menu under settings and media volume is controlled while using the media right yes so that's the tricky thing is that you have to do the volume while the media is playing there's no way outside of that to do it and and actually I do have now I can show you that Android allows you to set them all individually if you if you turn the and this is this is why I find this a little confusing there's three different just I think this is the same on the iPhone there's media there's ring and there's alarm and when you do the the you know the volume rocker it'll show you whatever you're doing right now but you can then press the down arrow and say oh yeah yeah I want the ring to be or I've got do not disturb so I can't set the ring but I want these volumes and so these can all be controlled separately I like it that way frankly I think Apple has always made it a little confusing in fact it's not really obvious that's very Apple right it's not obvious that there's three different levels it all feels like the same rocker the same level it's not yeah yeah there's at least two there maybe three if you include Siri Siri seems like she has her own volume I don't know if she's alert volume or just Siri volume judith writes my rogue who is old oh that's not her Roku's fault if I buy a new Apple TV is twit available on it yeah so Roku changed how it works they call it the API the application programming interface and it they changed it and we had an app we had paid for written by Craig Houdini 7 in our chat room he did a great job of it but we would have had to pay for a complete rewrite and what we decided is not to sorry so that means the current twit app and this is the I think the only app that we actually made everything I mean Craig makes an app self for iOS but this was the only app we ever paid to have made and what we realized is you can on a Roku you could use YouTube to watch YouTube live and we stream live on YouTube Ustream or twitch there's apps for all three on Roku that you could use to watch us on your Roku so we don't really feel like it's necessary to have a twit a p– know on we don't make apps for anything else but there are a number of people who have made some really excellent apps for the Apple TV in fact I think there's three or four different apps you can choose from I like my twit that's my current favorite because the guy came in and he's a really nice guy he wrote it for us he works at Apple now I think but at the time he didn't we should ask him if he liked us and stuff well you know he said I can't work on it anymore because I'm at Apple what I like about this is it uses our own API we have an API as well so it's always up-to-date automatically he doesn't have to change anything if we change album art or we put out a new podcast all of that will automatically be added so this is and it's excellent oh look at that and it's free my Twitter and unfortunately it probably will get out of date at some point because now that he works for Apple he can't work on it anymore and I did I said if you ever wanted to give us the source code we it's a sad story we but we're running out of time so I should add tail we spent more than 70,000 dollars to make Twitter apps for iOS and Android and the company that wrote them for us did a terrible job and I was too embarrassed to release it it just isn't worthy of releasing so we just rely on the kindness of strangers okay so cheap for Judith on her Roku there's nothing left on Roku or she can watch YouTube on road there is no official Twitter app for Roku that one doesn't work anymore they finally cut off the API but use YouTube that's a everybody has YouTube app on your Roku if you search for the twitch channel and you can watch twit live you can watch this on the Roku all the shows are there you know we have an iOS today channel there's channels for all of our shows start at slash twit and you can find all the shows that we do on YouTube yeah and if you're thinking if you need another reason to buy an Apple TV then yes you can watch the apps on Apple TV are very good yeah love it okay Kurt has a question about third-party mail apps on iOS I have been lured back into trying them by a friend who uses them and I'm always leery about how much of my data is read by them do you think that's safe to use third party email apps do you use one if so which do you use I'm currently trying out email or air mail and Edison mail what do you use mm-hmm I use Apple's Mail app which I like a lot I've tried all those other apps in fact mail pilot now exists think is back they're doing a new app they just sent me a note saying you know you liked mail pilot in the day well we've got the new mail pilot I think it's called the yachting edition or something I'll find out more for next week when I'm not here but I use them a lot look any app that you use can read your data the people who serve your email can read your email the people who run the servers in between you and your email server because email hops around you know it's on many servers doesn't go directly like if I said an email to Megan if she's on Gmail and I sent it from Gmail it'll stay within the Gmail system but if she's not and I'm not or one of us isn't it'll hop through a variety of servers at every point along the way it can be read email is not private it's a postcard so don't assume that your email is private at any time unless you're encrypting it specifically the one time that you could sort of say it's private is if you if you both use Gmail then the email is encrypted between parties that's something Google does and Google now's ever since last year said we're not reading people's email we're not looking at look at it anymore that's not strictly true what they really said is we're not reading people's email for purposes of advertising but any email service you use and this is most of them that says we block spam well how would they know it's spam they read your email they have to so do not cannot think that email is safe the same thing by the way is true of almost you use that app can see your data and it could theoretically send it back to the home office since why Apple warns you when you put third-party keyboard apps on that anything you type on here could be sent back to the company so really the rule is only use apps from companies who absolutely trust be very careful about what apps you install in if you don't apps even if they're in the App Store that just means Apple is look to see if it does anything really bad but stuff gets through you shouldn't trust it and you should always know the email is not private so you asked which one really is I've used them all also I use Newton that's the one that I am most fond of that's a newer one and it's a paid subscription service I mean it's worth it but there's one that I've been trying called Edison like you said you tried Edison and I really like Edison to a night you know we have this cumbrous conversation with Curt like read the privacy policy and it says Edison does not ever they say they're secure yeah the content of your personal email message is written or sent by users for example messages that contain user written travel info event plans purchased to do except for the limited purpose of providing notice to you that the message has arrived so I'll tell you I'll show you what I like about Edison why it's worth using so here's my inbox I just got this email from Burke and he says tell Leo whatever you do do not give Burke five $100 bills okay so little handy I guess I'm more cooperative than I thought thank you for your quick response what do you want me to do let's discuss more on it which is kind of something I would never say but let's discuss more on it Burke and then you just send it what that that's you know it has all the swiping features so I want to you know read consumer reports I can swipe things away I can snooze I can archive all the things that I love about email that Newton has there's this one feature though that I really love and that is on my Apple watch it lets me mute notifications from particular senders which i think is great so like if I get spam reminders on my Apple watch it gives me can you want to delete you want to reply or do you want to mute from this sender which is really handy on the Apple watch because I like getting email on the Apple watch but you I don't like getting spam on the Apple watch so I can specifically say no I don't want to get notified when Consumer Reports emails me on my Apple watch maybe I want it on the you know I want to I don't want to mute it regularly but I want to meet it on the Apple watch so it's that little tiny feature that I really love and like I do use I use more than one I use I use all of them and then I get a lot of alerts but Steve Gibbs had reviewed a couple of weeks ago a Swiss service called protonmail it's a web-based email service but they do have an iOS app proton mail and he is of the opinion that it is safe it is secure it really is encrypted it's encrypted from you to the proton servers it's encrypted if you are sending an email to somebody else who uses proton mail and you've shared keys so it's an easy way to incorporate PGP style encryption if you and I had a proton mail account I could send you mail that would be secure you these are the steps you have to go through if even if you're using Edison mail and you read Edison mails privacy policy do not forget that the minute you mail that email anybody along the way can't read it right up into you know right up until it arrives in the Inbox so it email is should be really considered setting a postcard you you know and the Postal Service says we don't read postcards okay good but you're sending a postcard protonmail is the only mail service I know of and this is I mean there are a number of that offer encryption but this one is a good choice it's not they have a free tier but I think you probably going to end up paying for it if you really want to use it and they do have an iOS app and that is you know there's the mail servers are in them in a Swiss Mountain you know in my opinion if you really want secure email the only way to secure email is to a pre-arranged with somebody I sent you my public key you send me your public key and we use PGP to an orgy P jeez when I use to encrypt mail I encrypt it it Apple Mail will do this by the way Apple Mail will encrypt it send it to you and only you can read it and decrypt it look into the new privacy guard if you really say I want privacy but because it's always a man of trust I mean we're at presuming protonmail is doing everything right but there's no real way to verify that so he's always a certain amount of trust going on I think Steve says he thinks these guys are legit on the up and under we trust Steve I want to talk about an app that lets you express your sadness but first we need to happily talk about rocket mortgage I am sad because when we bought a house four years ago Lisa and I went to the other guy the big bank with the stagecoach and the whip and and it was a nasty experience first of all you have to go to a lender you have to you know fill out an application you have to get dressed up and go to the you know please maybe we have some money the application was endless and then they kept coming back to us saying could you fax us more documentation and this went on for two months before we got the loan we almost lost the house next time for sure rocket mortgage they rocket mortgages from Quicken Loans the number one lender in the country number one in customer satisfaction two by the way according to JD Power they decided this there's got to be a more modern way to do this they created rocket mortgage because it lifts the burden of getting a home loan and it's entirely online you could do it on your phone you could do it at your computer you could do it at an open house answer a few simple questions that you already know the answer to no need to go to the attic to find papers they have the relationships with all the financial institutions so with your permission they can go out and get all they need crunch the numbers and it's computers so it's fast then based on your income your assets and your credit they offer you the loans for which you qualify you choose the term you know 15 years 30 years you change the rate they have a variety of rates very good rates by the way a good rates for reef eyes – they do reef eyes this way you choose the down payment and then you get the loan and all of this not months not weeks days about ten minutes you could literally do it at the open house and show the broker were approved for the loan we'd like to make an offer before you leave rocket mortgage is aptly named from Quicken Loans the best lender in the country apply simply understand fully mortgage confidently book market right now rocket mortgage /i OS today or better yet just go there and start the process you know you're not obligated just get the account set up and all that and then that way when it comes time you'll be ready and it'll be just minutes away from loan approval rocket mortgage comm / iOS today Equal Housing lender licensed in all 50 states and MLS consumer access org number 30 30 the best way to get a home loan or a refi rocket / iOS today Oh time for a hat oh yes I have I have apparently merged two kinds of hats you're an Irish pirate how many Irish Pirates and you are a happy-go-lucky Sonny farmer yes and we wear these why I'm doing the whole pirate challenge eat more bread drink more beer hook somebody today its caps apps they rhyme and that's the only reason it's like I mentioned before that it's alright to cry it's that's how you let the sense isn't it crying app kind of are you ready to cry yeah so this was sent to me by a viewer whose name is Preston and he's from Canada and he hosts a podcast called The Melancholy geek and it is partly about his battle with depression oh I shouldn't laugh at that that's serious it's serious but it also can you know it's okay to laugh it's okay to express that impression is very very common it is and let all the emotions out whatever they are he's interviewed Georgia Dow on it um and he said he found he has not found any iMessage stickers that were very good for him oh that makes sense they wouldn't you know they don't wouldn't want to encourage sadness yes there are some emojis with there's a terror Motorhead's but he found one called sad animations from Ivan Mira Schinkel and he lives in Russia that's where he said yes so I will send you one right now you can show my screen if you want so here's actually how I this is how I'm feeling right now well you know I was all big about not eating bread and cheese but I kind of want to eat my feelings now and that's why I sent that to you or I had just tilt Burke also not only did he mail me but he also texted me to say do not tell leo do not give Burke five hundred dollar bills I do I do like that yes my battery's empty that's a really good one like this one which is kind of sometimes how you I feel that all the time yeah I feel that way all the time yeah and this is how you feel when you're not living your whole life yeah he's crying and binging on chocolate-chip cookies yeah I love that that's kind of me right there do you know what that one is everyone's watch my face is upside down and people are staring at me I don't know I don't know either I was sweating cuz everyone's looking at me maybe maybe that's Russian you know the Russians are famous for being melancholy melancholy people yeah now if you send me this sticker there's no way I can like add it to my stickers I have to you can't I wish there were some way like the telegram does this if you like a sticker you can press and hold it and you save it yeah I mean I could send you a ticker I'll just do that thank you okay that's your that's your response I don't know what that is troll troll Dahlia sad animations mm-hmm but yeah chickens podcast if you're interested in a geeky depression podcast the it's you know he makes a really good point that there's a certain amount of I don't know it the way that they've choose stickers and stuff it gives it's kind of there's they're saying it's not okay to be to have feelings besides you know just kind of the approved feelings yeah you could do the crying emoji but it's not really I don't know it's a bit it's really interesting seems a bit sarcastic yeah we need a broadened well what I was thinking about I was trying to test him out and I was like looking through my text to see how I could respond and I feel like I don't normally respond I don't show my sadness and text messages to my friends too much no and that's bad it's one of the things I think that makes means makes people feel bad when they use social media is everybody's having a better life than you right and and everybody's life is wonderful and stuff like that so yeah I'm just looking through mine and I don't even I don't think I have happy well here's a crying kid in I'll send you a crying kitten that's kind of funny too he has a cute it's cute yeah they're just even in the bitmoji czar they're bitmoji 'he's that are saying you know i'm just a little down right now don't you know don't you know no it's all great idea um i'm living my best life i'm traveling a limousine I think Burke's connected to a sadness enough he sent me back this well there's lots of gifs that will give you give you satisfaction along those lines yeah here's some ninjas here's an angry ninja could send you an angry ninja mm-hm but yeah it's true um it's alright to cry crying let's the sad out of you yeah that's sadness mm-hmm it's some somebody crying in the rain how do you know you're crying if it's raining those aren't tears that's raindrops all right what do you got for your apps this is I'm gonna steal last week I stole when by the way thank you to Micah sergeant for filling in for you he did a really great job from I'm war and I last week suggested a mic Elgon suggested app called Noto mic was back this week I'm stealing Mike's ideas on this weekend Google and he recommended a to-do list icon app that is free extremely powerful has great sharing features and has boo Jo features it's called task aide it is I just you know I should does n't do very well on the iPad so let me show it on the iPhone I immediately downloaded it and I'll tell you what I'm using it for for our trip I created a shared group that I said to Lisa and Michael of our trip in Japan it has outline capabilities so you can create to-do lists but you can also do notes and outlines and this is our itinerary so I shared that with them they can modify it they can change it I can create folders in task aid but let me show you what you're gonna like the best which is let me let me show you the bullet journal capabilities so this is an example of a bullet journal that somebody created you have the ability to change bullets actually let me go back to the bullet journaling I can show you right here change bullets into other shapes yeah pin star let's see where's the shapes oh you can have a conversation with other people in your shared group about what's going on we could have yes we could boo Joe together that's boy that is my dream come true it's really I think a very nice and it's completely free iOS and Android and and this to me is really important you can use it on the desktop because they have a Chrome extension and so a lot of times when I have a lot of text entry to do I don't want to do it on the phone I love having it on the phone things like meeting notes and things but I would really prefer to be able to do it on the desktop and then have it synced to the phone this does all of that this is a really remarkable program with a lot of very nice features you see it you can have a pin star copy move archive any list option it's very powerful and I it's Freight TAS k.a de I love the sharing features sharing to-do lists or shopping lists or any like kind of list is always handy I love it that they have discussions yeah we could totally have a list that's iOS today and and discuss stuff it's basic to do list functionality of course is in there all the time I you know it's funny I as soon as I start using it I can't remember how to do all the things that I was there's a great bullet journal capability but I just don't remember how you can you could choose the bullet journal bullets because either I know you have unique bullets that you use right well it depends feeling I want sometimes it's circles sometimes it's dots sometimes you could choose them you could choose him I would never do stars but if I could just press a button it has and I don't I've forgotten where but anyway um nice little app I don't know probably cuz it's made by Russians who are spying on you I don't know but I love it that you can use it in your browser in fact if you use it in Chrome you can make it be your new browser tab and I'll show you what you have to do and all of that stuff it's got lots of beautiful backgrounds really you ask the right question because they could easily charge for this I don't know why they give it away they say that they may charge down the road for premium features which is always what people say when they make some day we may charge you I have a question so it asked me to log in you know you can log into Facebook which I don't do and don't do that with Twitter am i giving away yeah all the people I follow like who know oh I see no yeah well I mean so and you can use Google Twitter or Facebook these are the single sign-on solutions that are offered by those three because it's very easy but yeah the thing about Facebook is you're just giving Facebook more and more and more information right it's not but all you all Twitter would be getting from you is your email address you they already know that because you have an account it doesn't work if you don't have an account with them and the application you're using I don't think it would be additional follow me no like that's the thing that Facebook does that's really bad they don't they don't take what I retweet back to my knowledge for advertising not to my knowledge now how do they target ads they don't know yeah well all my ads seem to be for dudes like yeah they're not targeted I thought was because I follow a lot of dudes I don't think Twitter ads are targeted but I don't know we should that let's do some research by the way read the task a privacy statement that's it's very good when when when Mike suggested this somebody else on the show I think Stacy Higginbotham said well what about privacy so we actually on the show went through the privacy statement and it's very good so I think task 8 is really boy look how pretty that looks too doesn't that look nice in a Chrome extension you have you can have random desktops a lot of stuff and it does work it has a bullet journal mode there they're aware of the bullet journal and they support bullet journaling it's not just me no no it's a big thing I know now with all the but it's weird that it's only an iPhone app the task aid that they don't have a good looking in fact it's kind of a broken I pad version yeah they but the thing that I do like that it does is at least it goes into horizontal mode into into portrait or landscape mode I do like that but here like I already I logged in through Twitter and now I can't it's a bit broken well you have to type in your username well or login through Twitter oh I see what you're saying you can't reach down there for that yeah yeah that's broken maybe make it 1x see what happens and their lower right-hand corner out there yeah now turn it sideways oh it's not even sensing that yeah it's broken yeah yeah what do you want for nothing rub a biscuit yeah it's really for the iPhone but I love it I found iOS Windows Mac yep that's one thing we asked do an iPad specific version yeah I mean when I say I'd pay for it I'd yeah alright we're running late we got to get to macbreak weekly so let's wrap this up what'd he say yes let's wrap it up twit on TV /i Oh yes we record every Monday at nine ish a.m. Pacific Megan it to a TV email me also email iOS today at wid TV I subscribe to the show you can get the video the audio it's available everywhere that's it if that's it that's time to say goodbye to all our family we'll see you next week now who's gonna fill in for me next week Jason Snell and Georgia Dow are gonna fill in because I'm missing two weeks and I'll be back on May 8 from my trip and I'll show you a lots of pictures thanks for joining us we'll see you next time on iOS today buh-bye you

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