I'm Back From Vacation.

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hi everybody it's me Taylor and I know it's been for a fir um I do have an explanation first of all shout to the braids I did for this past week I went to Chicago my reason for going to Chicago is BTS I went to the concert for both days which is Saturday May 12th and no yeah I don't know I can't remember but basically Saturday and Sunday this past week um I had an amazing time I had fun at the pictures lots and lots of pictures what else did I do also when I was down there I met so many armies like there were almost like a billion people basically it was super crowded when they came to like the if you followed BTS and if you are a fan of BTS they created a pop-up store in Chicago and I actually went to the pop-up store I was like ah so excited the line yo the line was so ridiculous long like because of the story I think opened up at 10:00 and then we and I my like roommate or whatever like our other army we end up going and leaving and getting there around eight nine ish and we stayed in line until then we went in and I end up buying me like I think I bought a shirt and like some pins whatever I'll show you like later on in the video I guess or some pictures um and then after that like when you first go in like the outside of it was so a magnificent like it was so beautiful and everything and like inside was magnificent they had this big giant projector screen showing like the old BTS videos or the new ones and there was like amazing amazing and like everything was very cool and I took a whole bunch of pictures and got some video so put them on you know different social networking sites besides that the concert was like that concert was so the bomb.com like I wonder you know if I ever want to be like an artist artists like that does music music I guess if that makes sense probably not but if I ever wanted to do that I would wanted like my dream would be like Rose Bowl slash Soldier Field slash whatever but yeah um that's all I got right now but one of the reasons why I've been gone for so long was because my laptop I basically need to get into one and the software that I was using for my laptop end up crashing and I was trying to find different like apps or different like software editing to use and I haven't found one that I like truly like and then my camera I like do have a bunch of videos that I have been trying to edit but it's not going so well so I'm just kind of like we're just like maybe buying a new one maybe I don't know I'm trying to debate but I am still currently in my same place I've been in for like a while but I am getting ready to move I'm going to university soon so I'm going into fall which is for me would be September to December basically I'm excited I'm throat actually I don't seem like it but I am and it's like super early in the morning right now I think is about one o'clock something like that one o'clock yesterday Thursday May 16th I believe 2019 so yeah but I just want to do you know a quick little update where I've been how I've been I got back after cuz I went to Chicago May 10th through the 13th and I got back to 14 so obviously I'm I'm here but it was exciting I wasn't my sister we stayed in a hostel in the hostel was amazing shout out to like the hostel I stayed in like everything the location was like perfect because it was close – like Soldier Field plus it was close to like downtown area and different shops that they had and just I get catching ubers and lyft's is so so less expensive there when it comes to like different places you could probably walk to so why even take the ride but yeah it was exciting it was fun I was getting tired it was exciting it was fun I do want to show you guys like that stuff but I'll have to do it later but yeah but thank you if you're subscribed to my channel thank you thank you thank you so much co-op salida i'm saamne da arigato gozaimasu kakuka I think that's cocoon car yeah means Thank You entire beliefs the other one was Japanese and the other was Korean gracias mark their band name is Italian so thank you guys so much for subscribing and if you already have been subscribed thank you for staying with me through this journey of my life period I do and will do more videos whether it's on my phone cuz that's what I'm blogging on right now is my phone and because I haven't blogged in so long I've been trying to you know cuz I have an HP so I don't have like the Mac or anything but yeah so I don't want this video to be too long cuz I still have to edit it and all that kind of stuff or just though yeah that's about it but if you follow me on instagram you will see I have posted some videos of the concert I my first day I didn't have the best scene but I was there so all that mattered and then the second day girl the second day that's my seat was Bob it was lit it was Bob but now I know like how I'm gonna go and get these tickets next time for the next concert my seat the second day was so amazing like like BTS literally look like honey pictures but like better like in person they looks so much better I have to say they look ugly but no they look like themselves I guess on TV too I don't know they were actually on Good Morning America today I was like I'm so proud like as a fan like you would think like not only with their hard work and their staff hearts work and they're just dedication but you're like dedication to like help them get promoted worldwide and all that kind of stuff so you think that you know they would make it that big if you're following certain people but thank goodness like I'm so excited to be able to like even go to a concert because basically this is my third BTS concert that I attended and I'm so grateful thank you Lord Jesus hey loosen em and the parties like yawns don't know how excited I was because I wanted to go my sister but she couldn't go so I have a younger sister so she didn't go but I'd like took a whole bunch of pictures of Jim Ian cuz do you mean is her bias so I showed her I was like texting her like hey you guys Jimmy and I want to send this to you so I sent her the pictures but you know my bias technically it is j-hope but it changes sometimes just cook sometimes this around sometimes it's gin sometimes sugar express to her that I thought makes the most like you know exactly what I'll talk about if you were there and even like I just feel like I'm so grateful because like I was able to go I've been to three pound eight one two three three BTS concerts was in last year and this year like that's amazing just even get like a seat is amazing so like yeah but that's like the ending so I want to go I know see and talk to you guys later don't forget to subscribe like comment and share and I'll see you on the flip side which is the SUBSCRIBE side if you guys have any questions or want to see like more I will post more videos you know like maybe more pictures than anything and yeah so bye

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