If You Still Want To Travel By Plane In Future, Don't Watch This Video

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if you still want to travel by plane in the future don't watch this video did you watch some movies about a guy who's flying the plane but suddenly the engine stops and the plane starts slowly falling big drama would be but the movie is pg-13 so yeah it turns out that this guy is a former pilot and he breaks into the pilots cabin and cockpit and sees two pilots who look like they're gonna throw up because of the sushi they ate the day before so this guy took the helm and wheel and starts landing the plane on his own so it ends with happy ending like nobody has died except for bad people but it all depends on the rating you say where's your point I'm just saying cuz I found out that many of you are afraid of flying so I wanted to explain to you more facts about what flight is exactly and how it can be dangerous for you or not and if you want to fly you have to hear my following speech so I'm completely honest with you guys and I don't want to scare you by my stories so I'll start with bad news for starters every single day over 100,000 flights take place up in the skies between cities all across the world that's a big number right at this time while you're watching this video there's probably about 5,000 or so planes full of people flying over just the United States and to be sure flying by airplane is the safest possible way of travelling anywhere you want by far that will cost you money but you will be able to visit South America Europe Australia Africa and even the craziest Asian countries too so today we have the 21st century but accidents do still happen sometimes I'll start with an analogy when you drive your car on the way to work and suddenly gas runs out you may just have to pull over and push it or hitchhike over to the nearest gas station but when you run out of gas in your plane while you're in the middle of a flight even if you have much experience your options won't be pretty much equally with a car so that's the difference one of such accidents happen on July 23rd 1983 with the crew of Air Canada flight 143 the day before their plane was flown from Toronto to Edmonton and received its routine maintenance checks on the morning of the 23rd the plane called Gimli glider was flown over Edmonton over to Montreal the captain was Robert Pearson with over 15,000 hours of flight experience and the second captain was Maurice Quinto with over 7,000 hours of flight experience short version is that the plane unexpectedly ran out of fuel it all started when the first engine stopped and the second on men as well but the end of the story has good news luckily due to much experience of pilots after a long planning the plane was successfully landed at the unused military airfield Gimli all people on board including 61 passengers and eight crew members survived only 10 passengers were injured but none of them were dead and that's more good news so after two days being at the airfield the plane was repaired on the spot to be able to fly out of Gimli after additional repairs costing about 1 million dollars the aircraft was returned to service but what was the reason of such an accident hmm it would be important to note that Air Canada only began using the metric system on their brand-new planes in those days so the refueling team were instructed to load up the plane using the gallons and pounds unlike the metric leaders and kilograms so just because of the wrong calculation death could take 69 lives on board the accidents level doesn't depend on time there has never been a safer time to board a plane but thanks to better crew training and advances in technology we improved our safety level in comparison with the past century just to be clear over the past 20 years the rate of fatal accidents has fallen much now it's one fatal crash for every 5 million aircraft departures so the fear has been and is and still exists it's widely believed that the most common type of accident in the 1980s and 90s where the crew didn't realize how low the plane was flying it's hard to believe now but that was a real problem so then it has been virtually eliminated through better technology and training nowadays attention is focus on other things for example a pilot can lose control of an aircraft but it happened so uncommon Lee that statistically it's hard to measure this doesn't mean that we can take safety for granted as an illustration the Germanwings crash has highlighted weaknesses in the assessment of pilot fitness and the UN's International Civil Aviation Organization can confirm my saying they say that not enough attention was being paid to mental fitness and the regular medical assessments that every pilot has to undergo anyway the incidence of pilot suicide using passenger jets is extremely low in part because pilots are assessed not just in medical exams they also have to attend the lengthy training sessions that happen several times a year wish to be a pilot they ready for any examinations experts say that they are more worried about the fact of increasing automated nature that thing worries you too right so these techniques are being implemented to the cockpit in cabin the concern is whether pilots still have the flying skills they were taught when an aircraft could be less reliable it's got to be for pilots like riding a bike the European regulator says that you not only need a good knowledge of systems but you also need a flight crew who are able to go back to basics when things do not go as expected and you know hard to argue with that but I can only add that pilots also have to cope with more complex technology outside the aircraft that happened in Dubai Airport that was brought to a standstill in January when drones suddenly appeared in the airspace normally reserved for passenger jets so it's a safety issue that these aircrafts have the increasing demand as a result the president of Emirates Airlines said that we have to legislate against the use of drones in restricted airspace so of course there is the problem but it's not so big as you think thanks the guys who understand these words science technology more extensively than we do so let me reassure you with statistics we have one hundred and thirty eight hundred thousand flights a day in our planet forty-eight million of flights a year transferring over five billion passengers accidents in the air around the world given the distant African states about five hundred people a year for comparison in a car accident kills 1.5 million per year thus the death rate from flights is equal to the ratio of one to ten million people per year despite the fact that people drive by car more often than they fly they do not get less suffering from aerophobia and two most common fears of flying remain the same its engine failure and a zone of turbulence what I'm really trying to say is that your fear often exaggerated or even far-fetched don't let these fears destroy your life or your dream to see some far places not only on the photos but of course you can give it a shot and just go by the Train but the ocean would be a problem for you unless you're a good swimmer yeah I'm just kidding there's always this thing to help so share this video with your friends and if you like just write a comment down below and don't forget to subscribe on this channel to see more interesting videos see you guys [Applause]


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Flying still safer than driving

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Jayden Dodd · May 14, 2019 at 10:13 am

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The only thing that really scares me about the future of aviation is buggy hotfixes.

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Mundy Morning Report · May 14, 2019 at 10:13 am

You failed to examine the real problem with flying at altitude is the increasing radiation which has long term effects. Today most carreer retired pilots and crew are suffering from cancer related to radiation exposure. With the collapsing magnetic field, the radiation is increasing and can spike on a daily basis to make flight that day a deadly exposure…. check it out.

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