I Sent Fakes of Myself to Be on TV Around the World

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hi I'm Lou the butler last year I got a fake restaurant in a shed to number one on TripAdvisor in London oh just the shed story didn't seem to die it went on a world tour I'm filled simply brought in Brazilian TV little reenactment special Chinese TV came over to the shed and filmed me for two hours while people commented on it the shed was discussed in Singaporean Parliament in order to help them form new laws on fake news I've been endlessly contacted by media from all over the world asking for interviews it doesn't matter where like the interview is from they asked me the exact same questions so I decided to send fake versions of myself on TV radio and in public for the next six weeks but can I go away with it people like put forward totally fake versions of themselves online nowadays anyway don't they like you have a sexy you who's on Instagram I'm like a funny you on Twitter so like why can't I do that in real life if it works this can only be a good thing and it means that I can spend more time on nothing I'm gonna host auditions to find these like bettered versions of myself what we're doing here is we're trying to get at the tune of people who will be me at media events I want to find the genuinely best person to do it I believe you've seen the Shedd documentary right sure is the opening of the shed documentary much sure if you've seen it yup 40 million people listen to this and now I want to be the 40 million and first person to hear it the shed is the number-one rated restaurant in London you've got every foodie celebrity and blogger in the city trying to get a table but the problem is until now it didn't exist I like getting to know the character and then becoming that character amazing yeah what's the bet what's your like favorite thing I like planned gangsters or serial killers I've kept a few things I have a little bit of like yeah real-life serial killers and things all that yeah they judge from work again I try to check that's all good we're gonna do a roleplay where I've just met you I'm like a producer I've brought you in and then I'll realize you're not me that's not you no no yes so but you maybe change my hair a bit but it's definitely me look you've got to be up we've gotta fill a slot in five minutes and you oh come on man let's get it going I'm very famous only its peak places I am about hi I'm Ava Butler my place make you I mean I'm ever busy though I think someone's gonna realize if I send a woman it's up to you it burnt his audition wasn't great but he looks really good he's a hotter version of me he's all over ha tried to again he was gonna be on BBC Radio 2 with Vanessa Feltz at 7 million people had more people than I've ever been in front of are you okay to take out your piercings and stuff as well never took air there you go so where did the idea come from so I was a few years ago I was working writing fake reviews for restaurants on very shed intellects 15 calls a day and I need to talk to you and Vanessa about a project on Monday not clean shoes it all started for fun I was taking I was taking the pitch I was having a laugh at the shed I've been living in the ship converted shirts for sure how is easy enough yeah this is so ridiculous like I'm gonna have like ex-girlfriends colleague everyone be like oh my god ooh be on radio – Wow like well done it's not gonna be me good luck you nervous you also know but probably thinking we almost got ratted out sure that we but that shows that ID looks nothing like they comes up with a picture obviously when you're signing up a registration page but eighteen screener there's a picture definitely there's something just about some on the radio that we need to listen to seven million people listening Luba joins me in the studio right now good afternoon nothing well it's sort of started from from what's working and writing fake reviews it doesn't make a good review um I think it's the most good review hmm why would you bother with this thank you so much interesting to meet you that's me so I thought the whole thing had gone terribly but I couldn't have been more wrong people were went on device and read the story we had a spike in website traffic because it done so well I sent him on Indian TV in fact getting it for the perspectives from Butler himself I get tons of likes from Indian fans on Facebook because he's the hot a version of me the next thing that I get is an interview for like Bulgarian TV over Skype hello hi you can hear me I decided to go for this incredibly charming actor that's just behind me back there but I didn't want to leave any of its chance so I fed him the answers to the questions yeah well I tricked everyone I like to think of myself as Monet of fast I like to paint with nonsense The Washington Post did an article called me the Donald Trump of TripAdvisor I look I've got the same hair as them you know it's just me who buy gas in it well the shadows in a hearing in their Parliament about like fake news great are you real am i real is anything real caught a body could a journalist this is misleads our strength it'll provide enough sense that yeah I wrote a kind of template mystical Disney before she become anti everyone my us is any medical easy school they wanted to come into the studio but I've said nicely it'll just be on the phone so five live we're doing a stationwide special about like the morality of fake reviewing how would you feel about going on the BBC as me no this is about the brain given the fact you've got like a background in like anthropology and you were brilliant journalist absolutely he basically goes on a tour of Britain as me so while I was just stay around on my sofa the whole of Great Britain thinks that I'm a smart going the next thing that I get is an invitation to go on Australia's biggest breakfast show so I decide to go for like the closest thing that I can find and that's my own flesh and blood my brother this is by mile the most risky one we've done right just look good morning morning shower is the morning it's that biggest biggest morning show in Australia you happy that we're done here no okay you've actually been on the channel and met the people before you'll be fine because the first they're gonna see of you is like you scream do you think that it's going to work no so my brother was about to be interviewed in the same studio with the same presenters on the same show in front of like the biggest audience in Australia and we had done no preparation he did his first or the interview with us last December yeah absolutely they were all absolute nonsense were just barely so good an uber Butler joins us once again from London good morning to it was actually last year that you infiltrated Fashion Week but why did you go back to the designer of piane jeans recently I guess I wanted more people to hear the story what do you hope that people take out of what you've done now with the fashion world the identity fluidity that the Internet has brought us I'm not even the same person I was a year ago there's something fun there as well losing yourself in it we've a delight to talk to you again thank you so much for being with us thank you for me my team of ubers represented me to millions of people from all over the world I've got follow-up interviews tons of new fans opportunities but they literally did a better job at me than I could ever imagine nice so now they'd put like all the hard work in I could sit back and reap the benefits I got nominated for a prestigious award for journalists content creator of the year not only was this dumb idea possible ie optimized me as a brand thank you so much for this award I really enjoy it thank you so much if I can some fakes to represent them why can't everyone else ever feel like you're not quite making the most of your life whether it's during that big presentation or the morning after the night before but you can always find an uber uber is the world's first service which enables you to order a look-alike of himself you can step into your life and optimize it [Applause] wanna impress your date vivid up high that DJ set becoming a train wreck uber car designated driver had one too many you know what to do [Applause] uber car optimize your identity it's a creator of the year what happened and I said I took over here thank you no no no that's for my mom yeah you can have it oh no no no you're not allowed it


VICE · May 14, 2019 at 3:39 pm

In the wake of turning his shed into London's most popular restaurant, Oobah Butler decides to send doppelgängers of himself on a global press tour to improve his personal brand.

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Faking your way up to the russian president

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I love it.

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