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Throughout the Chimera Ant Arc, it’s clear to see how Togashi blurs the lines between good and evil Humans are depicted as true monsters while on the other hand Chimera Ants slowly become more humane Not too long ago I saw this image which sparked my interest in how similar Gon’s development into an unforgiving beast was to Meruem’s transition to a caring gentle human After re-watching the arc with this in mind what I can tell you is that the similar or nearly identical Experiences I found between these two was nothing short of stunning So much so that I can only conclude that this was the intention of the author In this video, I’m going to cover four of the biggest moments in depth as well as provide a Lightening round of smaller moments that may make you view this arc in a completely different light The first group of scenes set a theme of Gon and Meruem being the antithesis of one another Gon’s second encounter with the Chimera ant is in the former hideout of Gyro Kite tells Gon and Killua not to hesitate and to fight to kill Gon’s first strike does little damage and he recognizes the strength of his opponent after seemingly Defeating centipede he’s attacked from behind that’s saved by kite and kites advice to him is “you must crush the head” In Gon’s second encounter he opts to crush his enemy Baro But still not destroy the head He criticizes the ants since they refer to each other as trash in other words He justifies his actions because ants don’t care for their comrades Kite, Killua, and Gon then make their way to the Queen’s nest But are stopped by one of the Royal Guard, Pitou The first ant they encounter who can actually use Nen Gon experiences fear of his opponents aura followed by anger that his comrade is injured Take note of his position as he prepares to fight Jumping over to Meruem, we see almost the opposite Interactions. After being born, he’s joined by his royal guard on the hunt for food which leads him to a nearby village He dispatches the first two humans without hesitation by decapitating them with his tail He dismisses the strength of his prey Commenting on how they didn’t even put up a fight Disgusted by how they taste he’s offered some advice from Pitou and it’s actually the opposite of what kite told Gon “dispatch your prey without harming the head” Meruem’s attention turns to the little girl in front of him. He follows Pitou’s advice, stabbing her in the chest and feasts on her brain Meruem and the Royal Guard then head towards the palace of the Supreme Leader Diego There he encounters his First Men user one of Diego’s quote-unquote royal guard He’s filled with excitement and easily kills the guard and after eating the guards brain He releases his aura standing in a similar pose to be Gon once again filled with excitement Finally after killing Diego, he criticizes the remaining humans as they beg for their lives Because they’ve probably never spared an animal they plan to eat. In other words, Meruem’s justifying his actions of killing humans because humans don’t hesitate to kill other species Looking at Gon and Meruem’s Experiences side by side, we begin to see the contrast between the two at the very start of their journey towards self-actualization The connection between Gon’s fights with knuckle and Meruem’s gungi games with Komugi is an easy to miss but immensely real thing Both battle an opponent with greater experience under a different deadline only to be defeated over and over again I would argue that this is the biggest turning point for both Gon and Meruem, but I’m getting ahead of myself The list of correlating events that unfold during their matches is plentiful Number one Before Gon and Meruem faced their opponents in a real contest both of their opponents end up passing out Gon and Meruem discussed this with their comrades and determined that their opponent is an idiot Number two Victory would mean nothing against an opponent That isn’t fighting at full strength Gon and Meruem both share this feeling So at one point, they both let their opponents rest even when victory was within their grasp Number three Poof and shoot are passive onlookers during Gon and Meruem’s trials Poof sees how Meruem’s opponent is changing him and barely holds back his urge kill her while she’s vulnerable In a contrasting way shoot sees Gon as actually having an effect on his opponent But he can’t muster The courage to attack while Gon is vulnerable Poof and shoot are both ashamed of their actions in very different ways Number four when Meruem uses the remote concealment technique, his opponent briefly freezes hesitating to act But then perfectly counters the king. The king is angered by her hesitation and demands an explanation In Gon’s case, it’s clear to see that his opponent has not been using His full strength in each of their matches and is actually helping gon get stronger but eventually Gon comes to the conclusion that his opponent is too soft on him and is angered by his opponent’s hesitation He scolds his opponent for not taking the fight seriously Number five In their final battles Gon and Meruem are utterly defeated by their opponent due to an identical catalyst Nen Knuckle activates his hot suit for the first time while Kaimuki actually awakens her men in general for the first time The most interesting part is what both Gon and Meruem learn about themselves from these final battles For Gon, he breaks down after knuckle and shoot enter the NGL exclaiming to Killua “I’m weak” “I never knew how frustrating weakness could be” For Meruem, while he acknowledges the strength of his opponent in Gungi, He realizes that brute strength is the ultimate power what tremendous strength I must possess aAlot has happened to Gon and Meruem since the last scenes I described Gon is now determined to defeat Pitou by himself Meruem has learned that humans are worth protecting When both characters encounter their next opponent, their behavior is not what you would expect Gon becomes enraged and ready to kill Pitou so much so that he almost forgets that his opponents death would ruin his chances of saving his dear friend Kite The monster within him is starting to take over. On the other hand, Meruem becomes completely passive and wants to have a discussion with the man responsible for almost killing Komugi His human side is becoming dominant Both of their opponents are driven by a sense of duty to fulfill the orders given to them Check out how their opponents were assist them exactly three times and finally strike a deal to help them fulfill their duty Starting with Gon he approaches Pitou He becomes enraged at the sight of doctor Blythe and demands that she move away from Komugi and fight him Her first act of resistance is to put her hands out, palms up, and beg Gon “Please wait” But the monster inside Gon is infuriated. not persuaded by her plea, he begins to walk towards her She resists again by saying she’ll do anything He wants if he just lets her save Komugi and Gon is confused by this Why would she want to save someone. He questions her motives? and her response sends him into a whirlwind of emotions. He even argues with his friend Killua Seeing how out of control Gon has become Pitou’s final act to prevent a fight is to break her own arm She offers Gon her other arm and more He isn’t convinced but luckily Killua reminds him of saving Kite and is able to calm him down So Gon approaches Pitou and the two make a deal After healing Konugi, Pitou will follow Gon to Peijin to help him heal Kite In Meruem’s case, he begins his confrontation with Netero by explaining how he has changed He still plans to rule the world, but will spare Netero’s life Netero’s first act of resistance is to decline the Kings offer to only spare his life He then takes a fighting stance The King explains his plans further and sits down and invites his opponent closer to have a conversation Metro resists a second time by activating his hot sue and striking Meruem with first hand Marilyn comes out unscathed and compliments his opponent’s attack, but he sits down again Confused By the Kings willingness to still want to talk things out. He resists a third time by striking with third hand once again Marijuana comes out unscathed and sits down for a conversation He tells Metro that only words will persuade him As Netero prepares to fight again, he reflects on these words and is able to stop himself So Netero offers to tell the king his name Netero wants to make a deal. He offers to tell the king his name if he can make Netero admit defeat Meruem agrees, sealing the deal and the two begin their fight So before we analyze the final Transformations of these two characters, let’s take a look at some other similar scenes in a quick lightning round LIGHTNING After Kite’s fight with Pitou when Gon wakes up He actually thanks Killua for knocking him out and not helping Kite when he was in danger thinking they would get in the way However, Meruem is very upset with Pitou that she didn’t stop that bird from attacking Komugi even though she knew it was happening due to her powerful En So in this case Gon is thankful that his comrade did not help Kite Whereas Meruem is upset that his comrade did not help Komugi Due to the fragile nature of both of these character’s mental states, Gon and Meruem’s comrades keep secrets from them for example, for Gon, killua was afraid to tell Gon that Pitou was actually healing Komugi Then later he tries to prevent Palm from seeing Gon Knuckle even decides not to tell Gon how Youpee has changed on the other hand after Meruem’s resurrection Poof is Constantly lying to the king or hiding the truth, even though the king is aware of it He’s running around trying to kill Komugi trying to prevent the king from seeing her even Yupi joins in on the deception and he agrees to go and find Pitou because he knows how important it will be to talk to her before the king does After gon and killua’s Infiltration of this country, Killua comes up with an idea to wreak havoc to disrupt the selection Gon agrees with it and he wants to help Killua in his mission But he scolded by Killua and told this stay out of it similarly, poof comes up with the idea to speed up the selection which Meruem is fine with but wants the Royal Guard to take care of it themselves Proof continues discussing his plan until Meruem scolds poof Meruem decides to make a bet with Komugi on a Gungi match He later calls off this deal and offers his opponent his left arm as an apology After Gon kills Pitou and her Nen reactivates, She attacks Gon taking his right arm This actually makes Gon happy because now he is just like Kite and he offers his severed arm to his opponent So at this point both of these characters, Gon and Meruem, have been through so much and this is the final Breaking point for both of them the characters were driven by a purpose for almost this entire arc For Gon, it is to save Kite. For Meruem, to rule over all things When Gon is told that Kite is already dead, he sinks into a depression and begins to deny the truth We see him flash back on memories of Kite But when he comes to grip with reality, he lets the monster inside him take over Determined to crush his enemy. So the final tipping point for him is when he loses his purpose of saving kite Meruem’s En became so powerful after his resurrection That he can read the emotions of people that are touched by his En Because of this he reads palms emotions and concludes that he is soon going to die He has lost his purpose of ruling the world Even the narrator makes a comment at this point on how human he has become and that may be Netero was wrong During his final moments with Komugi, he realizes that he was actually born to be with her and we see a nice flashback of their time together And so we’re gonna go ahead and end it there thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed I hope I showed you some things you may not have thought of in your original viewing of this arc But go ahead and comment below and let me know do you think it was the intention of the author to put these characters in similar situations and show how they react differently Or do you think that maybe some of this is coincidence and really it’s all about the end result Meruem becoming human and Gon becoming this monster and if you enjoyed it if you don’t mind Please drop me a like, subscribe if you’d like to see more There’s plenty more to come and if you haven’t checked out my Kite Theory video, go ahead and check that out as well. 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