How YOU can make YOUR OWN Traveler’s Notebook – Part 1

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hi guys this is Debbie with Debbie J’s
crafting corner and welcome back to my channel today we’re going to be working
on the first video in a new video series that I’m putting together to create
travellers notebooks now this is the cute travelers notebook cover that we’re
gonna be making in today’s video and at the end of the series I’ve got a special
treat I’m gonna be doing a giveaway of all of the items that we’re gonna be
making in this series so this travelers notebook and all the
goodies that go with it so um stay tuned for that in the
meantime go ahead and like and subscribe to my channel um that will be a couple
of the things that you’ll need to do to get into that giveaway and part of me
for the coughing my throat’s not really too good this morning but I want to get
this video finished up and out for you so first thing you’re going to want to
do is pick some pretty paper for a cover and then cut that down to size we’re
gonna be cutting this home.this sheet down to eight and a half inches by six
and you notice I flipped it over because I want to make sure that I get it cut so
that the flowers are gonna be in the right direction and such on the front as pickle is just so pretty and I’m kind
of going through a pink thing right now so I really really like that
and when you feel folded over you see what the front is gonna look like
I believe heavily in double tipple checking everything to make sure it’s
gonna look the way that I want it to because it is real easy to cut something
in the wrong direction or have it not work the way that you wanted to anyway
our next step is we’re gonna laminate this this piece of paper I used five mil
because that was what I had handy I do recommend using three mil laminate
so it doesn’t pull away as easily from the paper when you fold we hold a
laminated home sheet of cardstock or paper it will tend to pull away slightly
from the from that that fold that’s normal annual sometimes getting air
pockets in there but it’s not going to be as obvious or as it doesn’t happen
quite as much with a thinner laminating sheet so on this one I need to use the
five mil it still looks real good in the end I’m going to go ahead and run that
through my laminator I’ve got it heated to the hotter setting so that it
hopefully will get everything it here really really well the first run-through
I sometimes run it through a couple of times to get rid of any kind of air
pockets that may be around whatever it is I’m emanating and that’s something
you just learn with practice and I love the way things look when they
first come out of the laminator always surprises me I don’t know why but it
just turns up just so pretty it’s not just a piece of paper this
point though I did realize that I had forgotten to score the paper before
running through the laminator so I’m gonna try it again
with the second piece of cardstock I picked this other one with all these
pretty pink and purple flowers and I’m gonna go ahead and cut that one down to
the same size and then we’re gonna go ahead and score that you’ll want to
score it at the midpoint and then a half inch on each side so it’s gonna be at
and on this one that we’re doing it’s gonna be a three under cool three and
three quarters forward a quarter and the four in three quarters so that is the
midpoint which is for a corner and then 1/2 inch to either side
and this is going to provide for the part that’s gonna bend as the binding another thing that this helps is you can
see whether or not she cut it straight up if you fold it all down because in
part of its not straight once you’ve laminated it you’re kind of stuck with
it so here I’m just trimming the edge oh that didn’t for whatever reason did not
cut it straight that probably wasn’t holding that the paper in flat against
that top bar when I was originally cutting it but that’s easily fixable so
now that that is scored and folded on the score marks we’re going to go ahead
and run this sheet through the laminator just like we did the other one and this is just so pretty
I was checking there to see if I could run to through but don’t have quite
enough space to do that get the laminator back out and we’re
gonna run that cheap so here’s a question for you guys
which of the two covers do you like better do you like this one that I used
to finish up this song travelers notebook with or do you like the other
one that only has the couple of flowers go ahead and leave a comment down in the
box letting me know which one you like better and the next step that we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna trim the excess laminate it off so I get back out my paper trimmer
from Fiskars and actually lining up the edge of the paper with a line that’s on
my my trimmer so that I get about up eighth of an inch all the way down and
lined up with that mark because the laminate isn’t gonna necessarily going
to be straight or parallel with your paper line so you’ll want to actually
cut parallel to the paper line not the edge of the limit so I’m just trimming
the excess off on all of that quick and easy and I go and I’m going ahead and
doing that for the other one as well I can’t like this from better anything
but I ran out of elastic just got some but I did run out of elastics I didn’t
get a chance to get that one finished up okay so now that that is done we’re
going to score over where those initial score lines work now it’s not gonna be
your where you’re gonna be able to score it let’s just say when you put it into
the page it’s not gonna they’re not gonna line up with the original score
lines on if you try to measure it out so you’re gonna want to line it the score
lines up with where you can prevent it through these the scoreboard reason for
this is we did have about that a little bit of excess on this side which is
about an eighth of an inch so it is going to make it so it doesn’t line up
quite correctly so you’re gonna have to line your paper up with the score lines
to be able to score it and you see I’m not really having a whole lot of trouble
on folding on those score lines here it is a little difficult because of how
thick the laminate was but having scored it prior to running it through the
machine makes it pretty easy to to fold there and then we’re gonna just round the
corners now you could have rounded the corners on the paper as well which I
think it’s probably a better idea but rounding it after it’s on the lam it
does help out a lot because those corners can can poke you and can scratch
you and it can hurt and I don’t want you to hurt yourself from those corners on
land so now I’m going to go ahead and try scoring on a page that did not have
its score lines done previously so this is the one we started off with the first
time around see that I’m lining up with the edge of where the paper is not the
edge of the laminate and it’s pretty tough to even score through this and
then it’s real tough to even try to fold so I decided I’m going to score it again
on the opposite side lined up with those four marks that I did before it does
make it a little bit easier but as I mentioned it’s a lot easier if you score
it first before you laminate it and then again afterwards that weave and of
course for the fold on those score lines when there’s reports laminated I think
you know what I mean but again all the instructions for all of this step by
step is going to be in my blog post and that blog post link is gonna be listed
below so you can go back to that for reference this is a little tough for me to fold
over and those both look really really pretty so again go ahead and put down in
the comments when to which of the two that you like better the one with just a
couple of flowers or the one with a lot of letters that way I kind of have an
idea what you guys’s preferences are going forward for some future videos so
Alma next what we’re gonna do is we’re going to punch some holes in this so
that we can put the elastic in for the binding now I used my memory keepers
punch for this you can use just a pokey tool or an awl for that but you’re gonna
want to put three different holes down at the bottom lined up about a quarter
of an inch in and lined up with those three score lines and we’re gonna do the
same thing at the top I’ve got detailed instructions as to where you are
supposed to poke the holes so that you have an idea of where to line those up
all on my blog we’re also going to be later on poking a hole at the center
point of the middle one this is going to be for the for the elastic that
basically for the elastic closure and again I’ve got this all written out and
diagrams in my blog so you’ll want to check that one out so next we’re going
to need to run the elastic that’s going to hold the signatures and other goodies
in the travelers notebook you want to leave each of the chords a little loose
to make it easier to slide everything in or out so you’re gonna want to start at
the bottom inside center hole and thread it the cord inbound um I do have all
these instructions on my blog and I’ll put them in the description below as
well so you start at the bottom run the cord in and then go to the top and go
through the center hold there and go out so this puts a cord on the inside of
your planner then you’re gonna go to the left side on that same end and go
inbound go directly below that one to the
opposite end and go out that puts the second cord in
and then you’re going to you’re going to have to continue to adjust these to make
sure you have enough cord there because we are gonna go back and forth on four
times table total so you’ll see that I’m adjusting that and then you’re gonna
want to go in from the outside through that to belen that same end you’re gonna
want to go in through that remaining hole that you see there I think I’m just
at that point I was just trying to decide do I have enough cord and do I
need to readjust or nothing so here to see them now I’m going on the
outside in I have that remaining hole at that at that end and because the holes
that I punched were bigger than the cord that I’m going through I didn’t have to
use a needle or anything for the majority of this so now again I am
running to the opposite end on the inside so now I have a third and then on
this one I did it is a little difficult to get that through on that center hole
because we already have a cord coming out through that one so I did have to go
back and get a needle for that and because this court is you’ll have less
trouble if you use a thinner cord okay there we go so now just unthread
back through there so you’ve got two pieces of cord going through the center
and what this one’s going to do is give us a place that we’re gonna be able to
tie it off at again the hole is smaller with the cord and everything than the
end of my then the end of my needle with the cord and everything so I did have a
little bit of trouble with that and now I’m readjusting the cord again so that
that tail in that we have is only a little more than halfway jump down the
inside we’re gonna be tying this one up and I don’t really want to waste too
much of this elastic cord so I’m readjusting everything leaving all those
cords a little loose and now we’re gonna be able to basically
cut off a little extra you do want to time pull that the other end of the cord
in this part that’s still attached to the school so that it has a little more
than half way through and then we’re gonna need to Pinson that one back
through that center hole as well since that’s the hole that we started with
you’re gonna want to go around the other cord that’s there you see how we’ve got
it from the right side to the left side you’re gonna want to go around that so
that holds the cord in place so it doesn’t come all the way through and
everything fall apart and it also makes this a will be able to tie this last one
off creating a fourth cord to go through for you to hold on your signatures and
it does look real unclean and everything on the outside with those with that that
horizontal line across the end of the notebook so you don’t want to go ahead
and tie this one off again making sure that it is a little bit on Lucy today
these be tough but not too tight so that you’re gonna have room
and of course you can’t go back and adjust it which I decided to do there
tied it the first time a bit too loose so struggling there a little bit to
untie it and once that’s untied I’m gonna go ahead and just retie it just a
little bit tighter than what I had before like I said you do want it to be
oh and I decided to tie it differently instead of just trying that I’m trying
to do this not in step does work better and I think it’s a little bit cleaner
feels nicer and then just off trim off the ends that extra hanging around in
there next we’re gonna need to I’ll put a
chord to you know to do the holder and rolled this out this shot so what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna poke a hole in the center of that center line like that
one last vertical line and this hole is a bit smaller than any ones that we
punched with the hole punch so I am gonna have to use a needle to get that
through there and as I mentioned before if you’re using a thinner elastic it’s
not gonna be as difficult as what I’m having here I get I don’t that was the
only elastic that I had at the time so I have since been gone and by some 1/8
inch instead of this actually it’s oh seven or point oh eight its up then then
ish core that I got at Michaels that’s in the kids section they didn’t have the
cord I was looking for in the jewelry section like I expected so well if
you’re looking for that for yours oh that’s where I got mine I’m poor
different for the for what I’m gonna be making future I’m gonna make a few of
these so now that I’ve got that through there with a loop you need to loop
through there I’ve got the loop tight around the ends around the outside and
that looks like it’s about right so now I can go ahead and cut off the excess
from the school when I decided I want a little bit more
space there and in this one then once we get that done and I do apologize for
being off-screen I didn’t realize that I was and I remesh heard to make sure that
it was the way I want to want it to be to apologize for all the coughing I’m
having a hard time I think there’s just too much pollen or something in that air
here today I’m in Florida and oak pollen and Dustin lots of different things
dried my sinuses crazy so that plus the asthma does not help what I’m trying to
do a video and get to chat with you guys so I’m new I’ve already trimmed it off
of the spool and I’m tying the end and so there is going to be a knot on the
inside of the notebook and that way you can loop the elastic around the outside
and now you’ve gotten a completed holder for your notebook so all you have to do
now is just add in your notebooks or whatever that you’re gonna be putting in
this cover for your travelers notebook I did have some that I already problem had
pre-made for this on going ahead and I’ll put some in there on the next video
I’ll be showing you how you can make your own um inserts for your notebook
that’s gonna be super fun and you can customize it to whatever you want and
these are super easy to make I think they turned out really really really
cute so once those are in you’ve got your
completed travelers notebook see you can customize it however you want next thing
I want to go over with you guys I’ll know the internal travelers notebook is
that is what you need to do to sign up to be in that giveaway first of all
you’ll want to watch each of the videos to the entirety I’m all the way to the
end you want to like each of the videos subscribe to my channel and leave a
comment in the comment section on each of these videos at the end I will be
selecting someone to win a package that’s going to include the travelers
notebook and of course all of the inserts and all of the goodies that I’m
going to be making over the next few weeks for that be sure to check back
often I will be sending out reminders and such so if you’re on my email list
you’ll get that thank you guys for watching and have a wonderful crafty day


Tracy Steinbach · April 14, 2019 at 9:12 pm

Very cute note book love the paper

Kaelyn Johnson · April 14, 2019 at 9:48 pm

love this thanks

Gloria Marquez · April 15, 2019 at 3:52 am

I love the one with lots of flowers

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This is fabulous .. thank you so much for sharing your tips & techniques x

Janie - The Craft Princess · April 19, 2019 at 6:12 pm

Pretty papers!!! Great instructions both on your blog and video 🙂 Hugs…Janie

Katzel Create · April 21, 2019 at 11:47 pm

What a wonderful tutorial tfs, i like both papers i think i like the 2nd the most white w/ flowers

Nadine Smith · April 23, 2019 at 7:38 pm

great project

Craft With Some Kattitude · May 3, 2019 at 2:31 am

Thank you!!

Karen Sutton · May 22, 2019 at 7:39 pm

Hi Debbie! I love both papers you chose. Both are very pretty. However, I like the one with lots of flowers best. Thanks for sharing!

breeziedee05 · May 23, 2019 at 2:26 am

Love your videos

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