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this girl I know how Janelle and IANA got 1 million and some subscribers in like three week listen it's not a rough life it's a rough road you get past it and you will hey hey hey I think I know how Janelle Eliana got something so quick first of all oh my goodness quick thing though is that I just realized my name is Janelle Eliana right my sister's name is Jasmine Guillermo also when I first watched her – I was like oh my gosh first of all I'm gonna tell you guys how I think she came up on my recommendations so I didn't think it was weird because I am in love with van like bus life RV life road lies all that if you guys seen some of my previous videos when we were moving out here to Chicago we were saying now we were gonna live that truck life but through CDL so that would get money while we are working YouTube when I saw her and I you know clicked a right away just because like I'm into that stuff but I didn't think that people were ins with them like at this time she had I think I was probably one of the first people that watched her because she didn't she had maybe less than a thousand subscribers I think I think if I'm not mistaken then my friend my friend seven years is like oh my goodness this girl's amazing I'm addicted or some like that I was like wait a second what how do you watch her because I know my friend isn't really is oh nice why I went again and at this point surety had like 100 and something thousand I was like what cuz it was probably like a two day difference my head the side of my watching her stuff what enough happening is that yesterday is a day before I started looking into it as I started actually looking into them like how did she yesterday I said you know maybe I'd even see it I think it just popped up on my recommendations people like her the debunkers like their subscribers are fake and all that is one guy that said that her sex appeal is how she got a lot of subscribers and one point like no not really because like there's a lot of beautiful women I'm here to have a little bit of subscribers and they have been like wrong that fast and some people were saying that it was because she might be I forgot the word but right here but that she might be like I have to be showing something so YouTube is like loosing her out that way she's like that movie could be coming out thank you basically like YouTube is in on me some people are just saying that she's really good at what she does either maybe she's had her channel alive for a while and just like did it on Instagram also when I saw her Instagram showing her like a thousand subscribers might be she has like two hundred and something I don't know but like I followed her quick if I like the stuff that she posted like I said I'm into that kind of stuff I'm into bam like I actually have a Chevy coachmen 1500 that I've been wanting to convert but you know money is low so I haven't been able to do that but it is my project even before all this started coming out so like what but this is crazy but then guys today I research something and let me tell you this girl is good at marketing and something we just like given her questions to in a video she did say that she worked in it's big company so who knows maybe she learned it at work I don't know oppa like I was saying about Instagram she didn't have that much followers in order to gain as much followers as she did she's probably got multiple followers from YouTube like people went on her Instagram that's how they're following her now how she had followers basically she like played the algorithm good on YouTube YouTube like went with her she knew what to do she knew what to say this is what I'm getting about this chick you guys like Jack Janel Elena she has such a bubbly attitude she has such an awesome personalities which is another way that she probably gained a lot of subscribers so people shared her like my friend she shared her to me because my friend how she likes watching YouTube and stuff does she recommended her to me so I bet people were doing that a lot like stuff like that because it is still kind of like not normal for people to be living in their cars in their bed but I guess she popped out because like she's very young she's into pop culture like she's like a hip or whatever you guys are all in yes she doesn't look like the type of girl that would be in a band I'm not saying cuz she's pretty I'm saying like her style how good she is she for me she gave me like that bougie buy it didn't seem like she'd be the type to be living in a van but it's helped I was watching her videos that she's just burying herself and she doesn't seem to go with the flow that's kind of like how I am on my channel at times I feel like I'm not very interesting for a lot of people because I just do a lot of my own being and I don't I don't know I just hope people make you guys happy along the way and help somebody my theory on why and how she got pop in her one she had featured in another Channel which I'm not sure what it was this was gonna have a side of researching and I was just putting things together happy turn another channel of light you know small living or something like that like apartment living and so maybe a lot of people found her from there because like her name is on maybe that's what actually motivated her to make her own YouTube channel about her own experience she also did say that she's been thinking about doing it for a while so she probably researched a lot into YouTube and the algorithm and how to play it that she's probably really good for marketing because she did her research my theory is though cuz I found a video that looks almost exactly like her so I'm gonna pop up Janel Alana's thumbnail and her title right here and now you see this other girl that was two years ago Jerry second two years ago that posted around the same kind of thing right here you see and she's just a lot of other vampires people that did very very similar idols but she put them like all in one and then she put with pet snake that makes it extreme then makes it different so of course super light ball this girl who will have a pest made to come on because she doesn't look like the type of girl that Hawk said to me and I bet if she watches these type of videos she's probably like okay what's a girl that has all this supposed to look like apparently it looks like we're just saying that image someone carries always doesn't go along with who they really are Angus wood that's fine because little girl new poppet you've got like famous and length how many weeks and now I'm over here feeling kind of salty because it's taking me here but hey you do you hear I'm just like I don't know it's just so awesome that people to do that and everything I personally don't put that time into research I'm not gonna use my vision as an excuse for just people they got a lot of kids and put their time into that it's just you know I'm just putting whatever I've out there kind of letting it do its own thing little by little I'll grow and I would bless me in the way I think it's the bees less and it's not it's okay what do you guys think comment down below of you guys opinion what you guys think I think about her where you guys found room did somebody share her to you within the recommendations how did you guys find out about this chick are you now it seems my probably all the youtubers and she gained so fast they're gonna try to be like making their own band living in their van but you know that ain't gonna last all these big youtubers along big old houses yeah not me none of me I'm okay with living in a small little confined area I've always liked that time stuff for me money this is but a thing when you die you can get some money no more and I'm gonna stop talking forget to send a star gaze a little bit the sky become one with you and itself self-reflection it's all about because how you gonna know we view anybody else reviewing our yourself with this it's not 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Zacatecas Baby · July 30, 2019 at 4:15 pm

Omg I’m subscriber to her channel she’s amazing

Vee Marie · July 30, 2019 at 4:15 pm

I am subscribed to her channel too.. and yes she reminded me of your ex too hahaaaa

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