How to Use Public Transportation In Buenos Aires

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Hello Everyone! I wanted to make this video to help people
coming to Buenos Aires overcome some of the obstacles that they might encounter when using
public transportation. The first thing that you need to do when you
get to buenos aires is buy a tarjeta Sube. Like *this*. And a tarjeta Sube you can buy in any of the
kiosks, and kiosks are kind of like little corner stores, they sell gum, water, candy,
and they sell a whole bunch of things like tarjeta Subes, and some of them have charging
stations which are little atm machines, that you can use to recharge the tarjeta sube. You have to use cash, you put it in the machine,
and then you charge up your card. The card comes with up to a -20 ballance, you can
use it right away without charging, and then it will just go into the negative when you
use it. Don’t get discouraged if you go to two or
three different kioskos and they don’t have them, just keep trying, one of them will have
these cards in stock. You can charge these in person at the Subte
train stations, and you can use cash at those places. The first section will be about the Subte
train. The Subte train is pretty straight forward,
you can see a map online, and I will put a link in the description below. When you use the train it goes in two different
directions, there are several different lines. Some peculiar things with the trains is that
not all of the stations allow you to switch the direction that you are going in without
charging you again. If you get into the train station, you pay,
and then you realize that the direction that you paid to get into, is not where you needed
to be, you need to be in the other direction, some of the stations might make you leave,
and then pay to get back in, to go to the direction that you needed to be. Just make sure before you get into the train
station, that you pay attention to the signs and you make sure that you are going in the
direction that you need to be going in, or you might have to pay twice. When the city is congested, or there’s a
lot of traffic, or there are a lot of protests, the Subte train is the best way to go, because
on the same line it will get you from one part of the city, to the other in about 40
minutes, it will cut through all of the traffic, it’s faster than UBER, Taxi, the city busses,
and that’s about it for the Subte trains. The Subte trains are pretty easy to use.
The City Busses are kind of like the black belt of public transportation. You have to get to that “level” and feel
comfortable with the possibility of yourself getting lost in the city before you try to
use the city busses. I say this because there are a number of difficulties
that you can run into when using the city bus. The first thing I have to mention, is that
they are really really great, they run 24hrs. In the daytime the busses run about every
10 minutes. Some peculiar things happen where there might
not be a bus that comes for 20 minutes and then four of the same bus come all in the
same group, and some of them might not stop. If you are looking to take different routes
of the same bus, the majority might just keep going because they see that there are other
busses that have stopped. You can’t get frustrated when you are using
city busses, you have to just go with the flow and not worry about too much. You will
be okay. When you take a bus line, for example the
39 bus, there are many different routes. There are maybe 3-4 routes on the 39 bus,
and these routes are indicated by numbers or directions that are on the top part of
the bus and you will see it when a bus comes, you might get excited to see your bus, “It
finally arrived!” But then you have to pay attention to the
number, because the number, because the number 2, 39 bus might not take you to where the
3, 39 bus might take you. It might take you to a similar place, you
might get lucky, but if it is more towards the outskirts, then it’s probably going
to take you to a completely different place. You just have to be aware of those things. Another peculiar thing that can happen, is
that they can change the bus route temporarily, or for example, if you are waiting
for a long time, and there are some people around you waiting, and you really shouldn’t
have been waiting that long, and you feel like something is not right, then it could
be that the bus route, routed around the stop where you are standing and it routed around
several stops ahead of where you are because there is construction, or a protest, or something
is broken along the way, or a crash. You just have to be aware or where the routes
take you. Another thing is that not all of the signs
will be up. You can go to a bus stop where it tells you
on the map to wait for the bus, but the sign won’t be there and you will just be looking
around waiting. In those cases you might have to ask someone. It might be the best thing
to do, “Donde esta la parada para xx?” or just pay attention because if this happens
often, sometimes businesses will put makeshift signs of the bus numbers outside of their
windows or they will use stickers, official city stickers and they will just paste it
onto the wall of a building and then that’s how you know that that’s where that bus
stops. At nighttime, the busses run all night, and
they run about every 40 minutes or 60 minutes, They take you everywhere you need to go it’s fun, you get to see new things, and
there are some really nice things that happen, which are, people wait in line here, and they
really respect who arrived at the bus stop first, it’s a first come first served bus
stop, and everyone lines up, and it’s really orderly. When you enter the bus you have to tell the
bus driver where you are going. You take the Sube card you put it in the machine,
its goes “beep” you have to tell the bus driver, the general area that you are going
in, the road that you are going to, just some indication of how far it is, because the price
is based on what you tell the bus driver, and the distance that you are going. It might be less money if it’s a shorter distance,
and it’s going to be more if it’s a longer distance. That’s all the tips that I have for today.
If you would like to know some more information, go ahead and leave comments below, and I will
put all of this information in the description so that you can feel more comfortable using
the city busses in Buenos Aires. It’s a
really good way to learn about everything. I hope that this helped you. Bye!


Santiago Kaderian · December 25, 2018 at 3:46 pm

Great !!!

oliver gorman · April 24, 2019 at 3:22 pm

Another helpful and charming video from one of the most likeable and underrated people on YT.

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