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hey guys in this video I'm going to show you what I call my secret weapon this travel planning app has helped me a lot in the past Google trips has changed the game when it comes to travel planning for submarines but I'm going to give you my top three by the end of this video you'll know how to use a tool I can make plenty of your trips the time efficient breeze let's check it out I'm Zack this is peregrination so first this is what Google trips looks like in your app setting it's actually not available on your desktop it's just available on Apple and Android devices and when you open it up it looks like this as you can see it has trips that I've taken in the past and it will also have trips that you can take in the future and it's laid out by the dates so as you can see it has the header of the place you're going to and then the date underneath that as you can see I have used it a lot so now we're gonna scroll up and go to the search bar and type in the place you want to go for this example we're gonna use Boston and when you open up the city you can see there are a lot of different tabs and it kind of looks like a lot but it's not really that many and the tab we're gonna select now is the reservations tab and the first thing I really like about Google trips is that this tab will actually pull information from your Gmail regarding hotel reservations or flight information this might be scary to some people but it's nice to have all this information in one place on this app and then if you scroll down to the bottom you'll see the need-to-know section this section gives you customized information such as hospitals doctors and emergency numbers in addition to this you can see at the top it has sections for local shopping and this gives you information such as the location of the best malls and even the local tax in addition to this there's a money section that gives you a breakdown the local currency and tipping information and next we're going to the food and drink section this kind of gives you an overview of the local dining scene and provides details such as the best places to dine out or see nightlife and if you click the top spots you'll see different establishments in different sections such as family-friendly or in this case New England seafood if you were in London for example this will be fish and chips and if you're in San Antonio it would be probably tex-mex you can refine your list based on the type of establishment you want to go to this section is review based and the stars are dependent on public reviews a lot of people like to use Yelp for this but it's nice to have it in the app because you can save it on your saved places and it will say the location which you can see when you're walking so now that we figure out what we're going to eat let's figure out what we're going to see when we're on our vacation so we're gonna scroll up to my favorite section the things to do section and this shows you a variety of attractions and it has many different ways to sort this information for example you have top spots and in my favorite things that are recommended for you and this saves the type of attractions you want to see from past trips such as if you're more an outdoorsy person or you like to focus on fashion or if you're looking for where the LBGT community is this will give you recommendations based on your previous save places but I like Google trips a lot because it has a lot of different tabs which has local favorite selfie spots art destinations comedy clubs and so much more but if you don't want to go through each tab you can do it like I like to do it just go to the end and as everything listed from A to Z but for the purpose of this list we will go to the top spots which is at the front from here you have a list of everything and as you scroll through if you happen to find something you know you want to do without having the read description you just press a little bookmark and you'll have several options but I oftentimes like to choose the starred place and I'll tell you why in a little bit but you can also choose you want to go to this place and add this to your wish list and if you're scrolling through and you see something that's interesting but you don't know what it is just click on it and they give you three to four pictures a basic history or description of what you're looking at its location on the map and sometimes the website and the phone number for the attraction and then at the bottom you can see videos interviews from fellow travelers that review the attraction on Google the things to do section is my favorite and if you have different trips with different people or groups you're gonna be traveling with to the same place you can create different lists to put the attractions and I'm gonna bookmark this one as a trip with mom and now the old Statehouse is added to that list as you can see you spend a lot of time in the things to do section this is probably where people spend the most of their time it's basically a Travel Guide without having to purchase anything so when you save each item to a list so lists are easily accessible from the save places tab the yellow one right there here you'll see my list such as what to do starred places and places to visit with mom we're going to select starred places and here you can see that it saved all the places we have designated to the star places so with this list you can see everything that you liked off the things to do tab and now you're gonna click the little map at the top this is number 2 on my list of top 3 features in this app I really love this as you can see here it's the map of Boston and once you zoom in you can see the list of things you saved in their location and if you have the app Google Maps all of these starred places are now in your Google Maps account next if you click the magic wand tool this will show you an itinerary for your trip to Boston Google trips that's planned out your day based on how close the attractions are the time they're open and the average time it's been in each attraction based on reviews then if you go up to the top left corner you can refine your search even more by sorting your day based on the time of day morning or the afternoon and then you can also search by days of the week that you're going to be there so if the museum is closed on Sunday this attraction would be on a different day this feature is very helpful when planning your arrival and departure so if you get in on your plane in the morning you're gonna want to look at things to do in the afternoon or if you leave your destination at night you're gonna want to look at things to do in the morning and then once you're ready to save this itinerary you just hit the little Save button in the top right corner right there and as you can see this itinerary has been saved based on my starred places we can schedule different itineraries for the same place using separate tabs this next function is one that a lot of people like to use but I've never used it personally the discount tab shows you a list of local discounts on attractions or passes to many different attractions this is not standard for every city but Google already has two hundred three hundred cities in their database and it's looking to expand that every day the discounts range from city passes and things you would find on Groupon and everything in between once you have all of your discounts and saved places and planned now you can go to the day planning section and it shows you different itineraries based on the places you saved for the most popular things to do so once you figured out the things that you want to do you can use some of these as presets in my third and final favorite thing about Google trips is offline downloading oh so cool so you see this travel plan and this map the cool thing about this is that you can save all of this information by going offline so how you do that is you create a trip which we probably would have already done and that's very easy but create a trip and select your city and the date you're going to be at the destination let's say this trip is probably gonna be in March and then at the bottom you can select add destination and now you can create a multi-city trip with a travel guide for each city all the one app next at the top it says download Boston and you click the switch once the Green Line is finished downloading you will have all this information for Boston offline so all the attractions we saved we are now going to have the description and pictures so when you're walking up to a building and you're like I wonder what this is you had the description right in front of you so you're gonna look like a travel genius because you saved this place for offline and you're not using any data and this really helps when you're in places where you don't have cell phone coverage this is useful if you're in a foreign country or you just need to keep your data use down low so in addition to this you also have the map here if you click on the map you can scroll in and out and you will see that you have all this information download it on your phone and there's no loading needed and if you turn on your GPS it will show you where your location is on the map so if you're on some side street you don't know where you are basically this is your best friend I love this feature and I've used it often times when I'm traveling and I don't have a cell phone or cell phone reception this makes it so easy to navigate yourself throughout a city without having cell phone coverage this function is also available on Google Maps but I don't like using it on Google Maps I like using our Google trips because if I click the start places on Google Maps it will take me to Google trips and if I'm walking around and I didn't know there was a start place next to me now I had the opportunity to see that whereas before if I didn't know it was there I would have never seen it my tip to you use Google Maps and never get lost well that's it now you have the tools to plan your future trips I hope this video helped you out if it did call me in the comments section below and make sure to check out my video on Google trips best friend Google flights I have a video on how to find cheap or discounted flights using Google flights and if you liked this video make sure and hit that thumbs up button and share with your friends I'm Zach and this is peregrination oh and don't forget to hit that subscribe button down there I post new content every Tuesday on travel tips and tricks on how to make you a more efficient traveler so please subscribe


Steve of Queanbeyan · July 30, 2019 at 2:38 pm

I have a destination I'd like to visit. It's on google maps but not in google trips. Can I add it?

Anoop PA · July 30, 2019 at 2:38 pm

Hoping to learn how to use the Google trips app actually slept on this video 😴

Peter James O'Connor · July 30, 2019 at 2:38 pm

Well done! Thanks! But, I am confused about your comments about Google Maps vs Google Trips at the end. You said that you don't like using Google Maps but then recommend that we should use it. Might just be an editing thing or maybe I'm misunderstanding. Could you clarify? It's the last segment of the video. Peace.

Michael 732 · July 30, 2019 at 2:38 pm

I'm planning a trip to Paris. This video was very helpful.

Annoyin Artist · July 30, 2019 at 2:38 pm

I don't have the magic wand for some reason

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