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Not sure where we’re going fall. It cost me Rs. 4800. Only for the bike transportation. Because of the heavy load on top of my bike.. there were scratches on my tank … 3 dents and my forks were bent.. Hey guys, welcome to the channel, how are you guys. Today, I’m going to share an important info with you guys. But, because I don’t have much knowledge about it … I’m going to interview a friend who knows about it, and give it to you in this video. So, let’s talk on the way. Hey guys, so this is the first time I’m actually doing a moto-vlog. I didn’t have an audio system set up in my helmet earlier. I could capture only video. So, tell me in the comments, what you think about it. I know that there is wind, because my helmet doesn’t have wind protection at the bottom. So, we’re going to meet our friend. His name is also Vignesh. If you have seen my Ladakh series, you would have seen him. I only have theoretical knowledge on this. But he has practical experience, because he transported his bike from Bangalore to Delhi, for the Ladakh trip. We’re on our way to meet him now. Let’s go. He’s waiting here I guess. Shall we go? What a beautiful stretch, isn’t it? Compared to a normal vlog, doing a motovlog is actually better. because the mind is very clear when you are on the bike. There is a lot of time for you to think. so, in this kind of situation, while talking to the camera, words are coming straight from the heart. That makes the moto-vlog more natural. I’m doing this for the first time, don’t know how the output is going to be. But it’s really fun to do. Amazingly beautiful right? Very risky. It is skidding a lot, because of the sand. There is no road. Nobody visits here too. We’re just exploring. Beautiful isn’t it? A great off-roading experience. Not sure where we’re going to fall and break our bones. Just look at this.. Amazing.. One lake on this side, and another this side. Land at the middle. There is some sort of platform built here. Finally, we have found a spot and stopped here. We don’t know the place, but its really beautiful. Enough enough. Today with us is Vignesh. We did the Leh Ladakh trip together last year. You would have seen the videos. Because I don’t have experience with the train transport, I know Vignesh can give this information in a better way. That’s why I’ve called him today. So, Vignesh please explain to us. First of all, hi friends. Let me first the road transport first. Some people have a lot of bikes in mind. You might have seen in the previous video of Vignesh that which bike is suitable for Leh, Ladakh trip. So there is no constraint. Suppose if you are going a long distance trip from Bangalore/Chennai the main constraint is time. Second is your stay. The third point is whether you know the language of the state where you stay is a problem. Fourth is the food problem. The fifth problem is the health issues you face because of the climatic conditions. So, in some state, there will be heavy rain and in some state, it will be hot. So these are the constraint if you travel by road. If you are going on the road trip either from Bangalore/Chennai it will be good if you go in groups. If you want to go alone (Solo rider) you need many trips of experiences. You can easily do it if you have at least 30 to 40 thousand solo ride experiences. But what I recommend is to do train transport. Train transport or you can rent a bike from Delhi/Chandigarh is a good option. Incase Train transport is for the bike. For the bike I would recommend train transport or else you have only private transport. So if you ask me why you recommend train transport Because from Chennai/Bangalore we have many super fast trains available. So, weekly you have 4 trains From 2 states you have weekly 4 super fast trains. So, if either from Banglore to Delhi or from Chennai to Delhi you will get your bike maximum within 3-4 days. If you travel by road from Chennai/ Bangalore your first stop would be Hyderabad. Which is close to 550 Km. Second half is from hyderabad to Nagpur. Which is again 685 Kms. The values might be wrong More or less it will be this distance. Next, the third half is from Nagpur to Delhi. Fourth is from New Delhi to Manali. So, in this stretch. So from Bangalore/Chennai to New Delhi, the road is fine. It will be 4 or 8 lane road. But from New Delhi to Manali road will be small in few places and wide at few places. It will be a problem. Second is language problem While crossing Andhra, Karnataka, Maharastra you will face language problems. Next is you will face traffic rules issues as it differs state to state. You know how they treat TN vehicles in Karnataka. So, you will face many obstacles. There will be a situation where you have to either bribe or stand clueless if you don’t know the language. But the chances of facing these problems will be less if you go in groups. There will be many riders to support you. Different languages will be known to the riders it will reduce these issues. From here to Delhi it will take a minimum of 4 days. From here Delhi will be 2K to 2.4K Km. Even if you are an experienced rider and travel 600 km daily. Based on the traffic conditions a minimum of 5 days is needed. From Delhi to Leh it will take 5 more days. So 10 days will get wasted. If you think intelligently, If you shift bike you will get 5 days. This five days you can explore Nubra valley, Kardungala pass in Leh. There are many lakes to explore in Leh/Ladakh. Apart from Pangong Lake, there are Tso-moriri, Turtuk lake. And many monasteries are also there. So, considering this we need to save time. So, regarding the train transport About super fast train Why superfast train is for your bike safety. When it comes to bike safety superfast trains are, Either from Bangalore/Chennai to Delhi there is a minimum number of stops So, 8 to 15 stops to Delhi in superfast trains. For eg., Rajdhani So in those trains, the number of people loading luggage or porting vendors are less The reason is charge will be high. In normal trains, the charge will be less. I recommend loading bikes on these trains. In the bike trip, that we went to Ladakh… I have transported my bike from Bangalore in Rajdhani express. It cost about Rs.4800 only for bike transportation. You have to ask specifically about which train you want to transport. If they do themselves, they will transport it in the own train cost will be less, but it is not safe. The best experience was… A good experience is when I put my bike on a train from Madurai to Chennai for the first time … It was just 450km, I wasn’t experienced back then. They put a lot of load on the bike, and my tank got scratched. 3 dents, and the forks of the bike were bent. So, I had to spend an additional Rs.6000. To fix the forks and the dents and painting job on the tank. So, its better to go for Super Fast train with limited number of stoppings. Even though it costs more… If you’re thinking of going by road, consider the fuel charges, plus the money spent for stay every day of your trip. as well as the food expenses. Plus the human effort, mainly. Instead of wasting your mental and physical energy, and invest that effort in spending time (5 – 6 days) in Leh Ladakh, if you strain yourself too much just to reach Delhi, then it will be difficult moving upwards. because it is very different and difficult from riding in Kodaikanal, or Ooty, mainly because of the climatic conditions. So, any recommendation to ride from Chennai or Bangalore by road, is a very bad recommendation. Vignesh PT: there is a strain on the bike as well, and we need to service it after reaching Delhi? Vignesh R: Yes, maintenance is required for the bike once in 3000kms. To reach Delhi itself you crossed 3000kms on road, … you have to go and find your service partner over there. and they might delay too. it may take a day or two, and again that is a waste of time. So, if you want to take your own bike, then you better ship it to Delhi or Chandigarh, and you can ride from there. So, we’ve talked about Train transport, let’s come to another mode of transport. you can go to the private parcel /courier vendors. But before that, there is another way of transporting by train. That is, if you’re not bored by a train journey, … you can ship your bike as a luggage. There is a lot of difference between parcel and luggage. To book as a parcel, you need to fill a form at the station and submit the bike documents. What are they? RC book, insurance, driver’s license. After submitting these documents, you need to mention whether the mode is “as parcel” or “as luggage”. If as a parcel,…leave your bike, pay the amount and mention the train. If as luggage, you should be a passenger on the train. Which means you should have a reserved train to the destination (to the place where you to transport the bike). So, you have that constraint too. If you are in a confusion whether to transport your bike as luggage or a parcel in the last minute… There will be a problem if they allow you only with a ticket. A simple method is to choose to book a flight or train. If you are traveling on the same train make it as luggage. If you traveling on different train transport your bike as a parcel. Remember a thing, if you are starting your ride from Delhi/Chandigarh… Make sure that your bike reaches 24 hrs or 48 hrs before the date you have planned to start. If there is a problem in your shifting mode… Suppose if your bike got damaged you can utilize the buffer time. It’s a good method to make your bike ready. I mean you will get some time. Coming on to the next parcel method… That is a courier service. There are many courier service vendors such as VRL, Catti transport, ABT service, etc… How they do is… Transportation cost is high in this. Nearly Rs.7000 to 10000 based on the bike. I am mentioning “based on the bike” because… Most of them will ride on Enfield. Some on KTM. Some even on Harley. Based on the bike range these courier service will increase the range. The starting price is Rs. 6000. Maximum RS.10000. Vignesh P T: This is till Delhi? Yes, this is the charge till Delhi/Chandigarh. The charges vary based on the location. In VRL, they will provide a cage for your bike. That is for bike safety. Even though it is costly, it is safe because in a cage your bike won’t move. Plus, nothing will fall on your bike. Vignesh PT: This is included the amount that you pay and no need to pay extra right? Yes, this is included in Rs. 8000 that you pay. This is included in the charge they specify. What they need are the documents. But, this is a time-consuming process. From which location you send the bike matters. If you are sending your bike from big cities like Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad you will get your bike within 6-8 days. If you are sending from rural, Down south places like Madurai or from other places in Karnataka… The bike has to reach the main hub and then need to reach the destination. So, it takes about 10 days. The best thing is choosing a courier service is an advantage. They even provide door delivery services. They will deliver your bike directly to the hotel room where you stay in Delhi/Chandigarh. This becomes like door to door delivery. Vignesh PT: You can avoid the procedures in collecting your bike from the railway station. If you need to collect from the railway station you need to show the documents to RPF… need to get the sign, again you to unpack you need to pay the vendors. In language unknown places this will be an added problem. So, these services will have the tracker ID and provide you the receipt. They will mention the place where you need to collect or they will deliver it. Vignesh PT: What are all the documents required for train transport? Vignesh PT: In many internet forums they have mentioned that bike should be registered in your name… Vignesh PT: Only then you receive your bike in Delhi. Vignesh PT: While receiving they are facing problems. (mentioned in internet forums) Vignesh PT: Bike needs to be registered in your name? if not necessary, what are all the supporting documents? Vignesh R: While riding your own bike and you are transporting it then it’s fine… They will check your RC, License… Plus, ID proof like Aadhar card and address proof. All these are checked if the bike is registered in your name. If the bike is registered in your father name or brother name… In that situation, the bike owners documents (as mentioned before) plus… Your RC, License, insurance, and government ID card. With that, you need to get an authorization letter from the owner. In case, if you are my brother and I am taking your bike then… You have to mention that he is my brother and he can transport my bike as luggage on the train (you need to transport)… all these should be mentioned in the authorization letter and need to sign in your ID card. Vignesh PT: So, We need a letter with owners signature? Vignesh R: Authority letter is enough. Vignesh PT: How much does it cost for packaging? Vignesh PT: You said it will cost about 500 to 800 for packaging. Based on which criteria you have told? Vignesh R: Okay, so whatever might be the method if you are packing it on your own they won’t accept it. They have a porters union so only they will pack. So, even if you pack on your own. They will unpack and pack it again. First condition is zero fuel. Your bike tank should be empty. In case if there is the fuel they will suck it out. Second, while packing the best idea is to make them pack in front of you. They will try to distract us like filling forms during that time. If so, you don’t know how safe the packing is. Even it’s taking time, it’s good that they pack in front of you. Because few might have fixed extra light, indicator… They might have added some features for safety. So, to safeguard your costly essentials make them pack and then you can proceed with the formalities. Porters will ask about Rs.500 to 800 for packing. Which you have to pay for sure in all the railway stations all over India. It’s against the law but you have to pay. Vignesh PT: Actually you need not pay these charges right? Vignesh R: Yes, they are government employees they will get the actual pay. But we need to pay. Though we are doing a long bike ride and for our bike safety, paying Rs. 500-1000 doesn’t matter. Make them pack in front of us and if we pay for it then it’s fine. No problem. Vignesh PT: If the bike reaches before us when we need to receive the bike?… Vignesh PT: Is there any charge that we need to pay till we receive the bike? Vignesh R: I said it’s good if your bike reaches before you so that you can manage if there is a repair… If you are transporting through courier they won’t charge for it. Mostly they will ask Rs.50-100. But, In the railway station, they will charge Rs.20 per hour. They will charge it as a late fee or like parking fee. So, Rs.20 per hour. When I went to Ladakh, I have transported from Bangalore… I reached Delhi on Thursday. But the bike arrived on Tuesday night. So, from Tuesday to Thursday morning I have paid Rs.300 as charge. That is Rs. 20 per hour. This is an added advantage because your bike will be safe. Porters will keep your bike in godown. So, you’ll go find your bike, show the slip, payment receipt, and IDcard while taking your bike. Plus, you need to pay the late fee. In trains, One is normal and the other is superfast trains. Superfast train you have limited stops. In Express train you will have ‘n’ number of stops. Superfast trains cost high. Stops are less and so the cost is high. In express trains, stops are more and so the cost is less. When stops are less, the people who loading luggage are less. The luggage might be from various states and there is a chance of dumping luggage on your bike. That too mainly if you are loading from the originating station. Vignesh PT: If starting from Bangalore. Vignesh R: If so, dumping will be more. But the cost is less. It’s better you transport your bike on a superfast train. If by train I would recommend only a superfast train. You can transport your bike from all over India to Delhi… But from Delhi, you can transport only as luggage. I had faced this problem and this is a good experience for me. After finishing my Ladakh trip, I have booked a return ticket from Delhi to Bangalore … I need to ride the bike till Delhi. When I asked for return transportation for my bike in the railway station they first said “NO”. As a parcel, they said NO. After questioning them for half an hour they said because in Delhi there are many theft vehicles… Not only in Delhi but all over India…… Even if the documents are original they said they won’t accept. They said you can only put it as luggage. So, if you transporting your bike from Delhi it’s better to book the ticket on the same train. It can also be a sleeper class ticket. If you travel or not, the porter’s work is to transport it you need not be there even. Porter’s will load the bike plus ticket is enough. Vignesh PT: It should be a reserved ticket? Vignesh R: Yes, it should be a reserved ticket. If it’s a waiting list they won’t accept it. It should be only reserved ticket. It can be anything either sleeper or AC class… That doesn’t make any difference. Vignesh PT: Only extra charges? Vignesh R: Yes only extra charges. I didn’t book a ticket before and so I am in a need to book a two-tire AC tatkal ticket. So, I spent extra Rs.3000 for it. Transporting a bike as luggage will cost less nearly Rs. 4000. Vignesh PT: Parcel rate will also be the same? Vignesh R: yes the same cost. So in the railway station, you need to roam a lot for getting sign and seal. If courier office, you will show the bike, they will pack in front of you for transporting. They will give the consignment… They will tell you the buffer time that is 7-10 days. Based on the place from where you send and on which transport. You track easily using the tracker Id available online if you are transporting on a renowned transport. Renowned transport like ABT, catti transport, VRL, etc… In Bangalore, VRL transport will be good. From Chandigarh or from other places you don’t need a reserved ticket. They will accept parcel too. Major constraint if only from Delhi. But, for the safer side, it is better to ask before you start the trip. Because you can book the ticket online and can show the reserved ticket… and transport as parcel plus you can come in flight. It’s better if you enquire once. Based on my experience this situation is only in Delhi Vignesh PT: Thanks, for sharing the information. You spoke really good. Vignesh PT: You have conveyed it properly. Thanks for spending the time. Vignesh PT: We can share more information with the viewers like this. For more videos subscribe our channel. If you like this video hit the like button. Comment your opinion or questions below. I’ll try to cover those questions in future videos.I’ll see on the next video till then tata…bye….


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Bro RE la exhaustor change panitu ride pona police problem varuma?

sanjiv satish · July 24, 2019 at 5:59 am

U correct sir nanum B'lore la than irukan inga TN bike pathale stop panuvanga

Jayandhan jayagopal · July 24, 2019 at 11:19 am

Bro yaalarukum replay kodukiringa antha video la answer panninga now intha video paathadhum doubt clear aagiduchu

Adithyan Gnanasekaran · July 27, 2019 at 4:56 pm

Really awesome info bro

trust me · July 28, 2019 at 11:11 am

drive from where you are🔥🔥🔥

DILLI BABU · July 29, 2019 at 6:01 am

Vignesh Bro, we planed to rent bike, so what are the documents needed for that.

Sasi dhawan · July 29, 2019 at 12:06 pm

Romba romba thanks bro na k to k poganum it's my dream hin Chennai to New Delhi ABT parcel service la annipttu thiruppi Chennai varumbodhu bike la varalamnu thonudhu na ipdi pannuradhu k va…? Mumbai, Goa la laam konjam enjoy Panna veandiyadhu irukku

Sb Vicky · July 29, 2019 at 4:15 pm

Well organised explanation , clear and crisp , Best wishes to the team ✌️Thank you !!!

trendy virtuals · July 30, 2019 at 6:53 am

Sema bro

Jeneef Joshua · July 30, 2019 at 6:23 pm

Amazing video. Very structured presentation & quite informative. Thanks for doing this

Gopi P · July 31, 2019 at 4:37 am

Delhi la bike rent evlo bro

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