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it's so much harder now to eat you your heart is floating in the sky for so long no song a little area feeling people are staring at me but that's okay so we arrived yesterday in food at the ADEA I'm Sur staying for two nights we ended up actually getting a massage yesterday I'm like walking around we had dinner and lunch Arabs are peaceful and nice and we just bought some work done but today is going to be a big shooting day and first news video I want to show you guys how does shoot to travel Instagram photos because obviously on my Instagram I shoot just all travel photos and I do have a lot of tips and tricks so I want to kind of go over that today talk to you guys about how like I get the shot like what's in my head and all that kind of stuff so if you guys want to become a travel extra grammar this will help I get a question quite a bad time but for those of you who don't know I do shoot on a Canon 1dx I did get this back in November and as for lens I usually use a sigma 30 millimeter 1.4 and this is an EF lens because this in the full-frame camera I absolutely love this camera basically one of canons best cameras you can buy of obviously quite an investment it is later than we realized another tip I have is to actually wake up when your alarm rings and go for those sunrises because it is worth it and also too if you're going to go take photos during sunrise it's gonna be less busy automatically but we missed the boat on that today so we're gonna go grab some breakfast and then we'll probably I mean try to do sunrise tomorrow it has been raining here a little bit so fingers crossed the rain kind of holds off we are on route right now to our first location and so we are going to need rice terraces and they think about going and shooting places they're often busy is you honestly have to give yourself a lot of time and patience I remember when we were Dubai wind up this like one shot we really wanted we had to wait in this garden area for like an hour to get the shot so if you are on a time constraint sometimes that can be a little stressful with shooting and another tip that's really useful if there is a lot of people a shot and I think sign we're actually didn't do it the rice terraces is what you can do is you can get your photographer to just stand in one spot and then just keep taking a photo and then eventually you can just layer the photos on Photoshop and erase people out of it but it has to be taken from the same angle if that makes sense so like don't move the camera get your subject or like your person for example to stand at the same spot and then if people are slowly walking eventually like I said you can just layer the images because basically making any shot to look like there's no people in it or you can use the patch tool in Photoshop and get rid of people all right guys finally other rice fields it is very very warm it's actually not as busy as I thought it was going to we're trying to figure out right now where exactly we want our shot there's so many little areas of this rice field that it honestly makes it kind of difficult you just kind of have to walk around take your time trying to figure out like where you want your shot and like I was mentioning before you don't necessarily want the same shot as everyone and so finding unique angles of things or different ways that photos have been taken I think feel like I'm dying right now I feel like I'm in a sauna the shoot is going well we've decided to get a few angles to be honest it's always better to get more angles than not enough even if it's like an angle you weren't originally thinking about shooting just try different things because when you're actually editing the photos you'll find out like oh actually maybe this shot looks better and once it's edited maybe it looks better another thing is lighting so the best lighting is honestly in the mornings during sunrise obviously we didn't make it for sunrise today but it's kind of over cloudy this is over cloudy it's called overcast I just kind of overcast weather honestly is probably the worst lighting you can shoot in sunrise sunset is the best so I'd aim for those times another good thing about sunrise is it's not as hot so just sunrise just do it shoot sunrise every single day we're also getting video at the same time and so that's a really good tip is to shoot photos in location and then also get videos for them you can make those like highlight Instagram videos I'm gonna be doing a whole video on that just to teach you guys how to do it like a pro scaling him address it's always good but you know you know we have arrived at a swing okay so I think we found a swing that will work and this is kind of what I was thinking and then there's actually a whole bunch here and then you just wait for your turn go pay for ticket and go in the swing so we have paid 150 rupiah which is about 15 dollars each person to go on the swing which no hmm there's a lot we want to get for the shot or to go for fun that works too but most things I do is for an Instagram photo there's also this little basket thing I'm sure you guys have seen photos I've been there there's a whole bunch of swings here there's also that pink thing this is actually really close to the rice fields you can come here after you go to the rice fields and get all your photos okay so once again we're actually trying to frame the shot and figure out like what angle we want it at I think on a side angle looks better versus straight on an important thing too is if you only have a certain amount of time to get your shot is to practice your shot on another person so it for example there's about five people in front of us right now and so I'm actually practicing taking photos on them so I can figure out the exact shot that I want Megan to get of me um and she's doing the same and then also to the video we're just gonna have to like quickly go in between and try and get all the footage but it is like a little nerve-wracking when you only have a set amount of time to do everything you got caught in a little bit of a rainstorm I won't we're going on the swing it started a pouring rain in front of the b-roll turned out really cool so I'm gonna show you guys your music by you tear me to pieces or doesn't seem that cheap speed ignores we're heading right back to to our phones home right now and also to the travel photos another tip I do have is when you're planning your feed to post the photos try not to post the same color photos in a row and so spread them out you can use an app called uh nom it's really good for planning out your feed and you can figure out what mode you want next to like what photo kind of puzzle it together I actually really enjoy doing that if any kind of therapeutic look at this the nice thing to know about Bali's it doesn't stay ready for that long so we have arrived back in our room we actually switched villa so I thought I would do this is what the outside the little pool area looks like and this is actually our own private pool which is kind of nice it overlooks the jungle and then we have the bed and you walk in to the room this is the tub that they actually fill this whole thing with flower petals so we're definitely gonna get a photo here later I just put a robe on because we're waiting for our luggage and my dress was completely wet anyways we're gonna do a little bit of editing of the photos good morning guys so it is the next day last night we ended up just doing some work hanging out and then we went into a cafe and no food but anyways we are currently back at the rice fields for sunrise because we want to get some drone shots and I did want to get a few more shots with the camera with the better lighting but it's like I mean half the sky is kind of overcast where the Sun is rising right now and then half of it is like normal so I don't know if we're gonna get those like Sun flares coming through the trees because that's kind of the best lighting and what I wanted you know that's okay I only got two hours of sleep last night I was up editing photos so if you guys aren't follow me on Instagram definitely make sure to do so so a really good tip I have when taking travel photos is think of how exactly you're gonna crop it honestly I would recommend with travel photos just taking in portrait mode I don't really think horizontal photos or landscape photos look that great on Instagram one of the most important things when taking travel photos is to take your photos in raw and if you don't know how to do that your camera look it up basically what it does is it takes the photo in like almost plane or like flat settings and so when you're editing the photo you're gonna get more control over exposure and everything in the details and if you don't do that and you're only taking it in JPEG you're just not gonna have as much detail to the photo the file size is smaller and especially if you add it in Lightroom and do have certain presets the presets don't work as well because it doesn't have any of the color profile information and so that's the biggest champ and the biggest thing I was confused about when I first started taking travel photos is I didn't even know you how to take them in RAW also just met someone that recognized me from the internet they say I think I've seen you on YouTube and I'm like an old travel vloggers videos and he's like yeah that's it I'm like so you can never get enough to travel shots it's always good to have lots of room on your memory card because let's be honest you can always make your travel photos better or get a better angle we actually just peered around the corner because the Sun just came out and there was a whole section of the rice fields we're missing and it's actually the best part oh yeah this is totally where I've seen photos where it's the Sun is actually coming through the trees and it literally looks like 10 billion times better strive for greatness people oh this looks so much more lush here you breathe but I can't see if your right hand extend me something's wrong is it now it you get dressed i'ma come back and you tell me and you tell me okay so we just finished getting shots fun little fast you guys I'm sharing this with you just because I love you if you come to the rice fields like the Maine rice fields in Ubud if you go around like you go all the way to the top and the other side and then go like around the corner if you guys have ever seen a photo here by a professional photographer that's most likely where it is it's not actually in the Maine rice field area we learn that because the Sun was like coming through the trees and we're like that looks really nice over there so that's a little champ is just go exploring try finding this kind of goes on my point of like try finding different angles that most tourists don't use because as a photographer obviously you have a bit of an eye so you want to try and get a unique angle especially because everyone's Instagram photos I mean kind of looks the same so as long as you can cut it down and have it not look like butter wrist we're gonna head right now back to our hotel and I'm excited to start editing these photos and it's about eight o'clock right now it honestly is not that busy even yesterday in the mid-afternoon it hadn't got that busy it was actually really cool when we first got here which is kind of nice and cool and cool temperature wise because the Sun hasn't come up yet but we're gonna head to the car right now then head back to our hotel and get some more travel photos


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