How To Survive Ordering in a French Restaurant in Paris

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hey there buddy I'm back on duty it's logged a 767 how's that survivor ordering in a French restaurant Bhushan's gonna be joining us shortly Laura's here with me right now doing anything she's gonna dress the more people we have the better customer food we can order if you've already seen my how to survive ordering in French cafe video you probably already know some of what we're gonna say but we're gonna try and focus on what it's like – oh there's fish on right there what it's like to order in a French restaurant well you should know just little tips and tricks as well as a little bit of the culture so here's the push on I live first thing that I said in the last video but it's true and this one too is always say Bonjour everyone sparkles laid it up and in Paris to say bonjour pretty much as long as it's light outside ready to say usual he's seeing it a little bit it's friendly and when you're walking to your restaurant you're effectively walking into someone's home traditionally so you want to open up you want to be friendly you want to respect that and then it opens doors changes everything they just handed us was actually the specialist of the day she's gonna be written out of some kind here for Sean go home first and a handsome manner these are whatever the special star of the day they might change regularly it might not but that's that's what they're offering so it's really important to know that the specials are going to be written down somewhere that's erasable changeable and they'll move otherwise they'll give you a menu this isn't necessarily true I don't know this is entirely true anymore but in some touristy areas which were in a pretty touristy area right now if we picked this restaurant to be kind of a classic French twisty spot is that you want to make sure you get at least one French menu just to make sure that the prices are the same these guys wouldn't do that but there are some places in town that might give you a different price on your English menu so beware not recently but I had I had a subscriber say that they had it happen in the recently when I first moved to Paris I saw that and it's been a while yeah it's gonna want for me too something to be aware of generally it doesn't happen so much anymore everything to add to that well you could say boost on my visits to yeah anything else about walking into a restaurant your first six like yeah no let's just channel what's the hugs that they don't fit hi there nice to you any wisdom are sure well once you do get ordering make sure you ask for water because they want to bring it to you the way you ask for water if you want free water yes from can tap dope got those carrot we use the word carafe in English as well but it cannot do is just tap water and they'll bring it out to you it's free let's go way to go generally when you have outdoor seating at arrest the graph right now to Assam french terrace it's open seating so you can often just find a spot sit and try to catch the attention of the waiter if you're uncertain or if you're going inside the most direct the best way to do it just walk up to the first way to you see just hold up the number of fingers for however many people are in your party look hungry they'll know what to do they'll tell you where to sit and you always Bonjour I just put balls rolling your vocabulary and always say bonjour the drinks should be fairly self-explanatory aperitif is something that you drink before this little thing to get your digestion going cocktails are obvious beer soft drinks are gonna be it's this self-explanatory the things that aren't self-explanatory left formula formula is your combo this is your combo meal so if you see formula or menu many is the really confusing one menu means combo menu does not mean menu on today are not entrees in the English sense of the word on today are gonna be your appetizers and then plat are your main dishes followed by desserts which is again obvious suggestions whatever it is that they're selling all kinds of stuff you had don't necessarily trust barbecue sauce sauce vbq and then again DJ Steve is gonna be what you have afterwards to help you digest at the end of your meal Val champagne obvious and then hot drinks and water but we already told you how to get free water out of this now the one thing that we got I got tricked by this and I realized after I got done filming this especially not to the special of the day this is just can't forget this like advertisers we're not shorts happy normally when they give you a handwritten thing it's the special of the day or like something that's seasonal something that's not going to be printed down not sure what this is but I'm sure it's still delicious so when we are specials of the day I'll probably go for that dish because that's probably the freshest ingredients in the rest that's like an insider tip probably but like a mean or a fish for that dish and for that day only while the other just could be you know it's older so your son's not eating cuz he has a way cooler party to go to after this but Laura and I've got it covered great that bread is over hahahaha do it it's kinda like steak frite except with like half tiny potatoes instead of fries of course is your kind of a thing too so drinks will come first last you want something to drink they'll come back to get your order and then after you're done eating they'll ask you if you want coffee or dessert important things to know the other important thing to know is that the French wait staff are very heavily trained to leave you the F alone while you're eating so if you're an American you're used to people coming by and asking every few minutes if you're okay we gotta get knowing here they will totally be alone which is really really really nice unless you actually need something you need something you need to be brave enough to actually wave the waiter down and ask for whatever it is you need including the check otherwise they're not gonna come and they're just gonna be loving which is really really nice but it could mean that you're sitting here wondering where the check is for an hour when you should just ask for it so make sure to ask for whatever you need don't be afraid to the professionals let's take care of you I know it so if that's just one of those weird cultural boundaries that for me was always uncomfortable like waving down the waiter but it's totally fine we've done have something to say and if they take too much time and they don't come you don't come to see you at your table to ask you for if you want anything else that means you have to pay inside again the counter the answer is usually yes sir you can go pay their right way for you or just here dine and dash some of you'll be appalled to know this but I usually don't get dessert I'm gonna get dessert comes at the end coffee as well you drink coffee this late at night which I don't and yeah creme brulee I also wanted to remember before we move on to like the blog content from earlier in the day all of us done writing the guide like I actually finished the draft of the guide today in about a week you'll be able to lease there I'll put a link below so you'll be able to find a link below to the guide as like my favorite restaurants in the city places to drink tips tricks all that kind of stuff so if you're interested in that make sure to grab that below you can buy it have a great time in Paris do you like things that I like you'll be extra happy if it hasn't been a week you probably have to wait a little while so just hold on and we'll talk about this more later down the line the International sign for police sent me the check is just to pretend you're signing a check even though nobody has checks anymore I don't know what you mean and then bring you the bill let's go buddy go tipping for great service in France they make a living wage so you only need tip one or two euros to say like thank you officially I guess so you don't have to leave like 20 percent if you leave more they will appreciate it but one or two years is enough the other thing is if for this for Americans specifically if they give you a card reader and you have to put your chip in don't pull it right back out immediately leave it in there until the whole process is over and then they'll ask you to sign it those are all my magic tips for the evening I hope you enjoyed this please do subscribe if you liked it and I will see you bright and early for those of you oh wait no move on to earlier blog content then we'll carry on finish and home and so tired what did i do today that's all I'm gonna try and hit the highlights as quickly as I can ago started out by grabbing a peach down the street mm-hmm just trying to survive I had a bunch of errands to do this morning I ended up at Jenkins Bank for example and Sergeant I got no good news there man sitting in banks in this country who has like 45 minutes anyways Jenica sorry for the bad news but they don't they don't they don't have your account anymore Jenni's gonna make good friends about it soon in the blog before she asked me to go try to help sort that out yes it's too quick break up the peloton have some coffee Paul tricked me into staying longer than I intended to guilt-trip me a little bit it's okay let me know Paul so that worked out fine but across the river now to do two more errands wheel situation bed situation bed situation is potentially tragic and I will share that with you if things don't progress after this this this stretch that's next errand I'm trying to figure out how to fix my wheel thankfully there are some guys over there at Ebru which is like electronic wheel that sound like you're gonna be able to handle this I'm gonna take it there first thing tomorrow morning hopefully get that squared away okay so good news there's a good chance that we'll be able to repair the wheel and then I went to the bed store the bed situation a little bit rough basically the check hasn't shown up my landlady said it a few weeks ago was still not there they haven't seen it she's not super thrilled about the idea of it missing for obvious reasons hell he gotta figure out what to do from there so I had to go I went in to check on that a person booked into it for her we'll wait and see but that's definitely a delay for the Chateau huh came home got some work done went back out met Laura got some more work done in the end a lot of work done on the guy died feeling very good about it the first man draft is off getting critiqued right now we'll see how it goes hopefully I will have it ready for you within the week that is my goal it is kind of massive it's 40 pages long and it's like all me it's I mean some of its stuff in there that you've heard of before for sure like photo spots that are definitely heard of either in the vlog or just because you know about them like the blue Ford Eiffel Tower seem like that and then lots of little thing is hopefully an ER heard about before and they're all things that I would recommend go for it is the visit the best croissant 2018 yeah it's very good is it the best apparently we went got a drink on the way to meet push on and then did the video that you've already seen about ordering food in French restaurants and it was at roville and I have a feeling that I totally missed something and you're gonna be asking me questions for the next like a year about the same thing that I totally missed and I'm sorry about that but I'll try to answer in comments below but for now that's kind of a good summary I'm going to I get to work on this so hopefully go to bed before it's unreasonably late and I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning for yet more of this madness and I think what I might do is I might actually very soon either tomorrow the next day sometime soon I'll start clearing you in as to what exactly is going to be in the guide so if it's something that you're gonna be interested in you can be ready for it as soon as it pops out and I hope that it's very helpful for all of you who are planning on coming to Paris anytime in the near future so with that hasta manana


Jay Swanson · May 15, 2019 at 12:20 pm

Hey there! In case you missed it, the guide is out and available here!

ワーイスベークシ · May 15, 2019 at 12:20 pm

4:38 you are right it is just behind you 😉 by the way if you go in a brasserie/bistro always ask for "plat du jour"

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Excellent video, full of details, I'm going to visit Paris on May 22 to May 31/ 2019. I watched many of your videos keep up good work. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Hope to see you some where in Paris! I'm hooked and I encouraged all of my friends to watch your videos and get hooked.
au revoir

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Paul Greenlee · May 15, 2019 at 12:20 pm

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Michael Dockins · May 15, 2019 at 12:20 pm

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Paul Greenlee · May 15, 2019 at 12:20 pm

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Hi , I just want to know if u have some tips like how do we ask for a split check? U know if ur dining with different families . Coz there’s 3 families in our group and there’s 10 of us . Do u think it’s hard to split the check ? Coz it’s common around here in the states . I hope u can help us . Merci

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Heather Keeton · May 15, 2019 at 12:20 pm

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"If you're an American and people come to ask if you're ok, it's gonna get annoying"
What if I'm Canadian?

Steaphan MacRisnidh · May 15, 2019 at 12:20 pm

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This is excellent!!! Any place suggestions on snails? I will be in town mid November. Have you tried L'Ami Louis? Ty ps. Your video are incredible! My favorite research. Thank You!

Observer778 · May 15, 2019 at 12:20 pm

Really helpful tips! Newbie question, but when you call the waiter over, do you have to say bonjour every time? Or only once when you initially meet?

Travelanes · May 15, 2019 at 12:20 pm

Discovered your channel today! I enjoyed this video, the cafe one, and voting absentee (I was so curious about that). I noticed you must be very confident, it looks like you often put your camera down and walk by for some very cool still vlog shots. They look AWESOME and make your transitions great! I want to do that but I'd be so shy about it. I'll be in Paris at the end of the month for just a couple days in between travelling- and I really enjoyed watching your videos since I'll be going alone and that's kinda spooky for me- I'll check your your vloggersguide thing.
Dude have the best of days! Keep doing what you are doing!!!

Rubaida Allen · May 15, 2019 at 12:20 pm

The French pride themselves on manners, so, yes, say hello whenever you enter any establishment. I remember my French professor in college reminding us of this constantly. I love your videos. So informative. The Louvre one is my fave. I'll be sure to remember your tips while in Paris. 😊😊

ScibyTravels · May 15, 2019 at 12:20 pm

Here in Aus, entrees are just that, I think it’s only America that refers to a main course as the ‘entree’? Not sure why…

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Good videos, good tips. What advice do you have on clothing for Paris in late November? Family coming for the first time.

Irene Mills · May 15, 2019 at 12:20 pm

Been asking people who have traveled to Paris what advise they would give me. Many recommend making a reservation, before going to a restaurant. Is this generally true? Does it matter if it's lunch or dinner?

Josef Richter · May 15, 2019 at 12:20 pm

well "entrées" are surprisingly…. entrées! = exactly what it says to be 😀 it's just the weird american habit calling the main course "entrée".

R John Mitchell · May 15, 2019 at 12:20 pm

I checked out Puxan's photos on IG. He's a good photographer. Good dining tips.

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Soooo looking fwd to this guide of yours. Have been to Paris 3 times now : 1976, 2000 and 2018. Hubby and I will be back there next April (2019). You’re such a knowledgeable guy with many invaluable tips. Thank you. Merci beaucoup. Will be on the lookout. Hopefully Australia is not too far away to receive it.

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