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Water crossings they can be tricky
but today we show you how to master them on your Enduro bike. One of the most important things when it
comes to water crossing is that you approach them slowly right if it’s the
first time especially out on a trail they could be three inches deep they
could be three feet deep you don’t know. Out here in California they’re mostly
clear so that helps a little bit you can see the bottom you might ride
somewhere in the woods where they’re really muddy and muggy and you don’t
know what’s on the bottom so always coming in slow probably second gear
standing up finger in the clutch and then throttle and clutch control play
with the dirt bike a little bit. So approaching the water crossing slowly as
you can see here not only does it help you to control the Enduro bike better, you also
stay dry. The one thing you don’t want is entering the water to quick that wake
going all over you’re getting yourself wet the bikes sucking water and then
obviously that leading to a bunch of trouble. So come and slow control the dirt
bike with the clutch and the throttle stand up and look ahead. So again you want to be standing up on
your toes you squeeze the Enduro bike but you don’t want to fight the bike.
there’s rocks there’s logs there’s roots on the bottom the bike is gonna move
around a little bit and you don’t want to fight it in the creek or the water
crossing because that’s how you fall down and end up in the water. I’m
approaching this crossing in 2nd gear and that’s really what you want to be
first gear is just a little bit too aggressive
third gears a bit high you don’t want the dirt bike to stall, so second gear will
drive the bike through and you’ll be in control. So this is how you master the
water crossings, approach it slowly standing up one finger on the clutch
and throttle control and then don’t fight the dirt bike while you’re
crossing the water. This is it for this week’s Enduro riding tip let us know what you
want to see next like and subscribe and we’ll see you next week’s video


Bryan Jeanes · June 18, 2019 at 10:08 am

Thanks very much. Very helpful.

Bob Burns · June 27, 2019 at 3:34 pm

When in doubt remember…STILL WATER RUNS DEEP. If you have a choice, always go through where the water runs rough. That will be shallowest. Read the water flow to watch out for the biggest rocks. Oh…keep moving. Never stop. In really deep water, slip your clutch to keep revs up.

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