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– Have you ever wanted
to ride like Sam Hill? Take that famous inside
line, be super stylish, and fast down the mountain? I do, I’ve always wanted to ride like him. Today’s your lucky day, we
do have Sam Hill, himself, to teach us that inside line. (relaxed hip hop music) Okay, so we’ve dropped in on this trail, it’s a little bit rough,
there’s a few turns, but, Sam, you know this trail a lot ’cause you’ve ridden this a hell of a lot. – Yep. – So you know a few good inside lines. So you’ve chosen this one? – Yeah, we’ve chosen this track,
it has a few good insides, and they’re kinda, one
links into the next, so, you gotta get the first one right to make the next one and so on, pay off, as you go down the trail. – Nice, and it all starts here. I can see one, I can see the obvious line, and that is way on the left. – Yep. – Into the right-hander. And the inside line, I
can see one inside line. Here, so I would’ve come, this
is the one I’m looking at, here, through here, and then down there. – Yeah. – Is that it, or is there a different one? – I’d probably go
further inside than that, as you’re sorta coming in to the trail, you can hug this left-hand side, and as you’re approaching this big root you sorta wanna start heading across, you can use this little platform here to get your wheels over that
root so you don’t slide. – Oh yeah, look at that. – And I’d be running right through here, and that’s gonna open up your entry into that next left as well, where we also wanna try
and hold an inside line. – Yeah. Right, well show us how
it’s, how it’s done. – Alright. – And then I will follow in. Hill, coaching me, the inside line. Watch out, Neil. I got Sam Hill’s inside line. Wow. Holy moly mother of Moses. – Yeah, I think to get on the inside you’re gonna wanna brake a bit earlier than what you would if you
were sticking to the main line. – Yeah. – You wanna wash off a bit of that speed, spot the line where you wanna go, and then commit to it,
and get across that root. – Yep. – And you can, you slow
down a little bit more, and tuck on that next inside. – Tuck and then we’ll talk about the exit, ’cause there’s another inside line. – Yep. – We’ll just master this one. – Yep. – And then we’ll go into that. Wow, okay. (hard rock music) – Yeah, you did this really good and then you just carried
a bit too much speed. So, you missed that
second inside on the left. (hard rock music) Yeah, nice. So even though someone
might smash these outsides and look super fast, you’re taking the shorter
and the faster line, and just more controlled and
you don’t need to try as hard. – From the master himself. Words of wisdom. (hard rock music) Alright, following you
through there was pretty fun, it was quick, it felt
quick, but more in control, it felt, yeah, way quicker
than going all the way up and around and dropping and following the natural line of the trail anyway. But, linking that up, I
saw you link this one, and then you’ve linked that one. When you’re riding a trail, do you ride it blind and find it? Do you look in ahead and you’re
spotting these inside lines, the straight line, tryna
make the track a bit quicker? Or do you walk it? – Yeah, so, leading into an EWS, I’ll try and walk the stages that I can, and that lets you know what’s coming, but you can also look for
these little insides and. – [Blake] Yeah. – [Sam] And ways to shorten the track. Yeah, so, as you can tell,
we got the first inside line, which then allowed us
to be able to check up and take this next inside line. – [Blake] Yeah. – And then, from that, we were able to follow in to this next section and actually cut off a lot of trail through this next S sort of chicane. – Yeah, yeah. – All by setting those first two up. – Yeah, and it’s like a domino
effect, you start up with one and then it starts creating
other inside lines, ’cause it’s putting
you in a different spot on the trail, right? – Yeah, definitely, so if
you’re hitting that outside, you’re gonna be turning late and it’s gonna push you
into the next outside. – Yeah. – And through a section like this, as fast as you wanna ride it,
you’re not gonna be as quick as just taking a bit more
of a steady approach. – Yeah. – And just getting the right
line through the trail. – So steady wins the race, eh? – Fast steady. – Fast steady wins. – Yeah, smart steady. – Smart steady, there you go. Okay, so we’ve done that, we’ve linked that to that
inside, to that inside, and now we’re introduced
to this horrible drop with loads of rocks and roots and stuff. We can see the natural line, it’s a right-hander but it
kinda goes left and then right. And then, yeah. Where’s the route here? – Yeah, I think this is,
like, a perfect example of walking a trail and
being able to spot lines, ’cause last week I did a
few laps down this trail. – Yep. – And I kinda had those first two insides, but I hadn’t really taken my time or had a look at this section, and was just sorta riding
the main thing and. – Yeah. – I remember this being
quite rough off the drop and that sort of thing, so,
just by being here today and sorta walking you
through these first two I’ve found that by linking
them two insides together, you can kinda go off this drop, hug next to the tree and sorta use those roots
as a bit of a landing. – [Blake] Yep. – And that allows you to cut
this corner, the next corner, and semi head straight into
the berm at the bottom, so, you’re straightening the
whole thing out, essentially. – Look at that. – [Sam] So, yeah, I think
that’s the good thing about walking a trail. – [Blake] Walking a trail,
it’s a perfect example, yeah. (relaxed hip hop music) – Straightens it up, eh? – Straightens it up like a treat, yeah. That was so inside. Can’t even believe it, so fast, wow. Right, okay. Let’s time it. I’m gonna do normal, natural line, that everyone else
takes, outside, outside, and then you’re gonna do
the inside, inside, gap. And we’ll see who’s faster. – See if you can still see me at the end. (relaxed hip hop music) Where were ya? (Blake laughs) – Yeah, the inside line is way quicker. So there you go, that’s the inside line with Sam Hill himself,
teaching myself, and you guys, how to pick the fast inside line. – Yeah, it’s all about finding
that inside you wanna take, commit to it. If you’re a racer it’s great to get out and try and walk the track before and look for these little
sections to make you quicker. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. And if you wanna see another video on how to go faster in turns, then Neil shows you how to
do that, click over here. If you wanna subscribe to the channel and you haven’t, smash that globe, and? – It’s all about the
inside line, thumbs-up. – Give it a thumbs-up like.


Global Mountain Bike Network · September 5, 2018 at 1:10 pm

Now that Blake's been shown the inside line by Sam Hill can he beat Neil? Let us know in the comments below 👇

Neil Tilley · September 5, 2018 at 6:04 pm

did not want this video to end [email protected]#$%^&* love sams style , oh and u blake

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The ChaosEngine · September 5, 2018 at 6:29 pm

5 EWS racers don't like Sam riding the inside line! (At time of typing!)

Day light · September 5, 2018 at 6:29 pm

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There's a little more in Sam Hill's career…

Paul Billings · September 5, 2018 at 6:38 pm

Would love to have seen timing with Blake on both inside and outside lines for comparison.

Darren G. · September 5, 2018 at 6:58 pm

Great video GMBN. Know wonder Sam rides with bush guards on, cutting the corners that close he must have had a few knuckle raps.

simonExplorer · September 5, 2018 at 7:23 pm

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Lemo_Manda · September 5, 2018 at 7:29 pm

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sitonka · September 5, 2018 at 7:45 pm

Yes Blake! Wicked vid. You on the canyon torque, must have seen me shredding mine somewhere and wanted one I reckon. Sam Hill is on it with the EWS, unstoppable. So cool he's giving up his secrets! Love it GMBN, keep up the great work boys and girls!

Doug Blease · September 5, 2018 at 7:45 pm

Hey Blake. Does the same apply in the wet (UK winter) where, if you dropped off that log and placed a front wheel on a root, it would equal a muddy death?

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There's two different approaches here, and Blake has made videos about them before, racing and having fun. I'm not saying Sam not having fun, but his focus is getting down to the end of the trail as fast as possible. And he's obviously doing a very damn good job at doing that. Personally my aim is having as much fun as possible. And I think riding trails is fun, so I want to spend as much time as possible doing that 🙂 But all things considered, every trail rider can catch something watching videos on line choices, such as this or Ben Cathros videos, and giving the trail you ride a thought, stepping of the bike at times and take walk and look for those alternative lines.

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How to widen trails 101

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