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In this week’s SOS Enduro riding tip we’re
gonna teach you how to ride rocks . Edgar and I have been playing in this dry rock
bed here on our trails for the last hour and rocks can be frustrating right
you’re constantly working you’re constantly trying to control the dirt bike so
there’s a couple simple tricks and tips that we’re going to give you today to
improve your Enduro riding in the rocky sections Really important when you’re getting
into the rocky sections is that you stand up, you cannot control the Enduro bike in
the rock sitting down so you see I’m standing up on my toes and I let the dirt
bike move around and I’m not too concerned with it. Number two is second
gear you don’t want to be in first gear where the bike is really snappy and revs
out really quick so second gear if it’s not as rocky maybe in third just so the Enduro
bike can track along and you have some traction. Number three that’s really
important you’ve got to look ahead you see in these clips I’m looking ahead I’m
looking where I’m going and not just staring down at the rocks and that’s
really important because you keep the neutral position and you’re not too
focused on getting around the rocks as you can see the dirt bike is moving I’m not
reacting too much I let the bike go around and just make sure I’m steady on
the throttle and I let the bike drive forward So those are the most important things
right remember to stand up remember to really look ahead don’t
stare down at the bigger rocks and don’t fight the bike just like the water
crossing last week make sure you know you let the bike do the work and you’re
just on top and controlling throttle, clutch control and try to keep your feet
on the pack it’s really important. This is it for this week’s Enduro riding tip I hope
you guys enjoying our new riding tips with the yamaha, Chico and I are having a
lot of fun so make sure you like and subscribe and we’ll see you guys next


Bob Burns · June 27, 2019 at 3:27 pm

PERFECT description. Many beginners won’t stand on pegs, and use a higher gear. Sitting and paddling with feet SAPS a lot of energy.

Dose of Dopamine · August 23, 2019 at 9:21 am

Soft suspension is important. It's almost impossible to control the bike on a hard suspension set-up

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