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If you have watched my other 2 videos of Maldives-Luxury on a budget series Then you would have understood one thing visiting Maldives is a costly affair but parallelly, one question would also come to your mind can we see Maldives in a budget of 30,000-35,000 Rs? The answer to this question, would be. Yes. definitely, you can. If you skip the private resort islands and choose any public island of Maldives to spend your holidays. then definitely you can see the Maldives in the budget of 30,000 to 35,000 Rs. In this video, I will be taking the example of Maafushi Island, which is in South Male Atoll. I will give you a rough estimate of 4 days’ holiday on Maafushi island Apart from this, I will also take you to another public island, HulHumale. If you have missed watching my previous 2 videos you will get links to those videos in the right corner of your screen. Let’s start this video with a rough estimate for 4 days Maldives trip for this estimate, I have assumed that 2 persons are traveling to the Maldives from Mumbai and staying on Maafushi island for a 4 days trip Total cost will be approx 35, 000 Rs flight cost 30,000 Rs for 2 Visa is free on arrival Return ferry fare will be approx 560 Rs for 2 Hotels approx 20,000 Rs for 4 nights including breakfast cost of food approx 13,000 Rs for 2 A couple of excursions for 2 will cost about 7,000 Rs so the total will be around 70,000 Rs for 2 for a 4 days trip. If you want to save cost on food, then you must watch my next video in which, I will give some money-saving tips on food. We have reached Maafushi from Holiday Inn we have kept our bags in Icom excursion center and I am going to show you Maafushi Island In my view, Icom is a very recommendable service provider Because I have booked my speed boats Maafushi to Kandooma to & fro and shared speed boat from Maafushi to Male airport. they are very prompt and punctual, they will always right on the time given and the prices are also very reasonable If you are planning to book any tour service, then you can definitely try Icom. There is a water sports center on my left here you can do jet-ski, para-sailing, banana boat ride and many other water activities you can do. There are more options for water sports on Maafushi in comparison to private resort islands and I am sure the prices will be lower because of the competition. Maafushi is a small island in South Male atoll approx 1.25 KM in length and 250 M wide. The population is also very low, approx-2,500-3,000. Most of the buildings are Guesthouses, hotels & restaurants. There are many public beaches here Especially this beach is very clean here you will find corals and fishes. you can have fun on this beach. The beach behind me is Maafushi Island’s Bikini beach Maafushi is one of the rare few islands in Maldives, where you will find a bikini beach on a public island which is only for tourists. Since, Maldives is an Islamic country, locals don’t come on this and tourists are not allowed to go on public beaches wearing swimming costumes/ bikini. if you want to go, you can, but there are lots of restrictions in terms of what you wear. Bikinis are strictly prohibited there is only one pre-specified beach, where you can wear Bikinis on Maafushi Island. Right in front of Bikini beach, there is one very nice hotel, you can check this out. And this beach right behind me is being used for water sports activities. on this beach also, the bikini is not allowed. Let’s go and check this souvenir shop out. There were lots of things on display and the collection was very good. The prices were also fine. I found these prices cheaper in comparison to Male AIrport If you are planning to buy souvenirs for your family & friends and then surely you can pick one from here. There is a scuba diving school also if you want to learn scuba diving. when you go from Bikini Beach towards jetty, you will find many Hotels, Guesthouses, restaurants & shops. you will also find many excursion centers. The most famous excursions from Maafushi islands are private island resort day trips. These excursions prices shown on your screen include transfer, entry fees, meals & beverages also and all the facilities of the resort for the day apart from these resort excursions, there are many other like sunset fishing, snorkeling, sandbank trips, dolphin watching among others whenever you come to Maafushi, you will do at least a couple of excursions. I will recommend also you to try at least one of them. The dinner & lunch estimate that I had taken in my budget was after seeing these prices you get lunch & dinner buffets in roughly 12 USD in most of the hotels & restaurants. Here are some clippings from Sandbank trip I could not take this trip because of bad weather I wanted to do this trip very badly but when I reahced all the trips got canceled because of bad weather. I have taken these clips from my brother to show, how does sandbank looks like. Very beautiful to look at but for ships & boats very risky and dangerous. to avoid these sandbanks, the ships and boats need to take long detours to go from one point to another point. On Maafushi, shopping, photography, and videography were done now it was time for us to go to Male airport. we took the speed boat for the airport. and this was the boat that took us from Maafushi to the Airport. After reaching the airport, we realized that we had lots of time to pass because the speed boat for Adaraan resort was supposed to come at 3:00 PM and we reached Airport at 12:30 PM only. We took a taxi from the airport for Hulhumale, which is a new town and 11 years old only. Male has now turned overcrowded, hence people are shifting from Male to Hulhumale. The roads are very wide here new buildings are being constructed and the city is being developed in 2 phases. 1st phase has been completed and the 2nd phase is under construction. our driver was a very good guide also he gave us a good tour of Hulhumale he showed us everything important, which was being constructed. Then I asked my driver to drop us at a good eatery beside the beach. On Hulhumale beach, there was a small eatery named Kicks, he dropped us there. We ordered a Pizza at Kicks. the views were pretty awesome sitting on the beach, we enjoyed our Pizza. We had passed a lot of time and now it was time to go back to the Airport. The owner of the Kicks restaurant advised us very strongly not to take taxi, it will cost 7 USD approx 100 Maldivian Rufiya if you use Hulhumale local air-conditioned bus service the ticket cost for the same would be 30 Maldivian Rufiya. So, we were going to catch the bus from the nearby bus stop. the bus service was supposed to be very frequent I thought this to be our bus when we reached closer, came to know that this bus is going to Male city and not to the airport. and the bus conductor told us that we will get our bus from the opposite side of the road. when we reached our bus stop then we realized that our bus just left and the next bus will come in 30 minutes. There was no point waiting and risking of missing the speed boat We grabbed a taxi to the Airport. The driver of aur taxi did not know Hindi but was fond of Indian songs he was listening to Ankit Tiwari’s song. Listening to Ankit Tiwari’s Music and enjoying beautiful views. we had finally arrived at the Airport and this was the speed boat, which was going to take us to our resort. for this return transfers, Adaraan charged us 135 USD per person. The next video will be the last one from Maldives series in that, I will give you a resort tour of Adaraan Select Hudhuranfushi & Presitge Ocean villa. I will also show you my Sunset ocean Villa. I will also give you some tips to save money on food. If you liked this video, then don’t forget to like, comment, share & Subscribe. press the bell icon also, so that you get timely updates.


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