How to pack suits for travel

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I'm son Crompton found a permanent Starcom packing effectively is a particular problem for anyone that's into tailoring not only do you want to carry as many lovely clothes as possible in your suitcase but you also have to avoid creases in your shirts trousers or jackets fortunately that's relatively easy to do just by avoiding hard creases today we're going to show how to do that packing a testing suitcase for a short trip away for a night or two I lay out everything for my trip before packing really just to make sure I haven't forgotten nothing more than anything else I also have a list on my phone that I keep or add all the essentials of things just to make sure so for example charges is something I'm particularly good at forgetting and I make sure I've always got those if you're packing a pair of shoes so usually for going for more than one night I always put a travel shoe tree inside and these are usually very lightweight made of plastic or something similar and they just avoid the shoe getting crushed inside the suitcase ticking on the front of the shoe here you don't have trouble shoe trees you can also just use socks or underwear just stuffing those inside the toe of the shoe and filling up the inside once the shoes got the travel shoe tree in it and then put it inside a shoe bag again to protect it from any scraped or anything else inside the suitcase and this is a tiny point but I quite like turning the shoe bags inside out just because the seam on the inside of the shoe bag is actually the thing that has most chance of scratching the patina on the shoe rather than the clock itself so they get packed into the side of the suitcase usually it's a good idea with anything heavy or bulky to pack it around the sides so it's less like to move around inside the case and the next thing I take is the jacket and for this the key is to turn the jacket inside out so you start with one shoulder turn that shoulder inside out then put your hand in the facing shoulder and push it through that one you turn inside out then if you line up the collars and the pearls you can fold the jacket quite neatly in half you then lay the jacket inside the suitcase now this is the point about avoiding hard creases if you fold the jacket just on itself you'd quite often get a hard crease where the jacket is folded but we're gonna fold the jacket and other things around things in the middle of the suitcase and to avoid those creases the other reason for following the jacket inside out of course is so that the lining is exposed and on the outside so there any Nick's on the inside or any spillages inside the case it's the lining that's gonna get damaged which is cheap and can be quite easily replaced rather than the precious outside of the jacket the next thing we take is the trousers again we're trying to avoid a hard crease with the trousers so we do the same thing placing them inside the suitcase only half inside and half outside on the opposite side to the jacket then in the middle of the case we fill it with shirts and knitwear and other things that these two pieces can be wrapped around so first of a couple of shirts folded fairly simply just in thirds as they would be in a shop and these are placed inside some people keep the plastic or cardboard support for the collar and put that inside the shirts as well when they're packing to avoid it being the collapsing when things go on top of it but it's upon us I've never found that to be a problem so I don't do it shirts are in then some knitwear again followed very simply well there's three things I always take when I'm traveling just from the absolute safe side one of them is a navy crewneck one of them is a scarf like this and one of them is a handkerchief and no matter what I'm doing or where I'm going always take those three things because it means you can adapt anything you're wearing to different temperatures by putting on the sweater or the scarf or taking them off and the handkerchief music and dress anything up or down much more easily so the scarf goes in the middle – then we have a tie to put in actually a navy tie as one more thing I would always take with me again like a handkerchief it allows you to dress anything up or down some people roll ties or put them inside cases to be honest I've always found ties to be absolutely fine just fold it into quarters as long as that place carefully inside the case if it was very precious I might put it inside just a paper sleeve like you would buy a tie in possibly then you just got a hankerchief folded flap laid on top and then underwear if you haven't used that inside the shoes then just tuck that around the edges often underwear and socks are a very good way to pan out the suitcase to fill any holes to try and stop things kind of moving around there's a few things by the way that I wouldn't take in a suitcase so for example a hat I've tried lots of times to pack it inside a suitcase with support inside there's soft things around the outside but I always find it loses its shape slightly that's very frustrating and yet when you get to the other end so a hat I'd always carry my hand or indeed on my head and an umbrella equally I wouldn't carry a little short collapsible one and a long umbrella sometimes you can get ones where the handle and the end screw off and can fit in a big suitcase but pretty much all the time I'll carry that in the hand and then I'm gonna have hand luggage where I'm gonna have computer some charges maybe a camera little things like that and also usually the wash bag goes in there particularly I'm not taking luggage was going to be checked in because it could be the transparent bag and very easily accessible so then having packed the whole of the case we pack everything else around it so you can fold the trousers over the top and then the jacket over the top of that and she avoided those hard creases you've got more of a rounded roll on either side of the jacket the trousers and everything's very nicely protected you ready to go you

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