How to Make Money in Tropico 5 From Tourism (Tropico 5 Tips and Tricks)

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what is the beautiful people view – my
name is Jerutastic with another Tropico 5 tutorial guide and today
we’re gonna be showing you how to make money in Tropico 5 but today’s episode
is specific to the tourism edition so how to make money off tourism a lot
of you have watched my how to make money in Tropico 5 in general which I plan on
doing a part two for it but I said it won’t be a Tropico 5 how to make money
guide if I don’t include tourism so today I’m going to be showing you on
this map first and foremost let me show you how much money tourism has made me
on this island specifically for look here it is making me right now ten and
ten and a half million dollars ten and a half million dollars is coming from four
point three million from a hotel revenue to six point 1 million from an
entertainment revenue the number one mistake I see people
doing when try to make money off tourism in tropical five is they try to start
the whole tourism campaigns which I mean by the Attucks over here they try to
start a whole tourism campaign when they don’t have enough entertainment
buildings so make sure you have enough entertainment buildings for your island
before you even do that how do you know that well an easy way to tell I mean
this island is in 20 71 so we’re way ahead but an easy way to learn or you
have enough entertainment buildings I should say is by clicking on your
happiness for the people and see how satisfied are they with the
entertainment so for people in this island they’re entertainers satisfaction
is about 80 that means there’s significant amount of entertainment
buildings for them because if your own people are not happy or not entertained
enough on the island how to expect tourism to come and be entertained on
your Island so start off small make sure you have enough entertainment buildings
to make your people happy it doesn’t have to be like a hundred percent
entertainment rating in the happiness section but just enough let’s say about
like 65 to 70 percent entertainment happiness and then go ahead and start
scaling out for tourism such as hotels and when I say by start by small
obviously this island has significant amount of spa hotels and has a lot of
cruise ships it has all of these things when I what I mean by start small is
with this beautiful little thing that we call the economy hotel you can never go
wrong with the economy hotel this thing right here economy hotel is fairly cheap
it tracks the kind of tourists you will be attracting at first you can’t expect
wealthy tourists coming to island because most likely your attractions are
not gonna be in for wealthy tourists anyways they’re gonna be for slob
tourists maybe family tourists so start off with small hotels like this the number two thinks to have make money
up tourism in tropical five is make sure the beautification on island is good if
you click in here right now and you see all this green right here this means all
of these places are even in the farming areas are legit places or desirable
places by tourists what that means this area is beautified and how do you
beautified areas well that’s simple you just add a bunch of parks large parks
small parks wherever you could and this not only helps you build hotels and that
only helps the hotel effectiveness but it also helps the entertainment building
effectiveness and also helps your residential building effectiveness so we
can see as a tenement the effectiveness is one thirty five and twenty five of it
is because of beauty and this is just a random example I’m giving you if we take
a look at this economy hotel for example the effectiveness is one thirty five
twenty five of it once again is the hotel location which means the area is
well beautified my number three tip for you on how to
make money in tropical fire from tourism is understanding the different service
classes and tending to their needs this is very important so if you click an
almanac click and balance tourism and you just hover over tourism interest you
see at the bottom right over there tourists buy class and you see which
class visits your island the most once again my island has been in the game for
a really long time so therefore I literally attracted all the classes so
once you start off make sure you look at this because you’re not gonna have all
the classes here the only reason these classes are here because I tended to
their needs or expand it to their needs so to start off with if you don’t have a
lot of money it doesn’t make sense to go and build for example a spa hotel if
you’re not getting wealthy tourists it makes no sense to get a cruise ship if
you’re not getting wealthy tourists every tourist needs something else even
something as a restaurant I’m just gonna build a restaurant right here for the
hell of it actually right here here’s one even something as a restaurant the
upgrades can be sloths tourists or editors prefer Torres family tourists
are added as a preferred tourist class so you have that option to click on
entertainment buildings and use that appropriate upgrade to whatever tourist
class you have an island so make sure you know what tourist class you have
because this way in the long run you’ll be saving money and your tourist
interest is going up this way you’re not just building buildings for the hell of
it you’re building buildings that are catered to specific audience now tropical six has promised us more
transportation options but we’re not a tropical six yet what can you do or what
do I mean by you need to have a valuable transportation system in order to have a
successful touristy island well as you can see right here the metro station is
right in front of the airport here’s another metro station also right
in front of Airport parking garages clutter not clutter our clutter seems
like a bad word but make sure you have significant amount of metro stations
throughout your island because your tourists are gonna hop from one place to
another to another place mitre is supposed to land on the airport they can
take the parking garage there come to this parking garage right in front of
the hotel or if they wanted to walk they can go
from that metro station to this metro station right here and most if you look
throughout this island specifically this island you’ll probably see metro
stations everywhere and I’ll just focus on the airport focus on the docks
not only for your Teamsters this is a subject for another day but for your
tourists because tourists sometimes come by ship so you also need to have
adequate transportation options for them like parking garages and metro station
if you think this stadium is going to attract a lot of tourists people will
add a metro station buy it add a parking garage buy it and that’s what I mean by
you need to have a valuable valuable transportation system in order to make a
whole lot of entertainment buildings make you money tip number five and the last tip and the
most important tip that I don’t see a lot of people using is you need to
understand how to make buildings a tourist only entertainment building
every entertainment building I think every one of them if not all of them
have the option to make the building right here
a tourist only building why should you do that because your Tropicana’s want
these entertainment buildings as bad as the tourist would want to so a lot of
times the tourists want to go in there spend money but it’s all filled up we’ll
look at this nightclub for example this is a local nightclub that’s open for
locals as you can see it’s not a tourist only it is 80 out of 80 and it made me
$266,000 now I built this nightclub at the same time it is 80 out of 80 and it
made me seven hundred and fifty three thousand dollars because tourists are
most likely to spend more money than your locals here’s another example this
casino is locals only once again almost filled up made me three hundred six to
eight thousand dollars this casinos just across the street from it almost is a
tourist only all the way filled up made me double the money that that made me
and this could go on and on and on I can look at cabaret there’s another cabaret
tourists only 270,000 here’s a cabaret locals only one hundred thirteen
thousand you look at even stadiums sometimes I know there’s a stadium
around here that I’ve made tourists only yep see I built them right in front of
each other look at this one this is locals only and it’s all the way fold up
so Turks can’t even get in only five of them and this is tourists only Stadium
and it’s not all the way filled up but however is still making me money
my tourists have these options if you want your tourists to have a good time
on your island you need to specify some locations for them where it’s just meant
for them let’s take a look at the last one this Beach site tourists only
$46,000 locals $42,000 now we’re doing that the reason why you see two
nightclubs next to each other the reason why I see two Cadbury’s around each
other is because I’m not trying to exclude my
citizens out I want my citizens to be involved in this as well so you need to
make sure you have that balance you make sure you have enough money where you can
support your local economy and support the tourist economy even restaurants
don’t even sleep in restaurants restaurants will make your money off
tourism only this restaurant is not even all the way fold up lifetime profits
forty five thousand this restaurant all the way fold up locals only sixteen
thousand so that gives you an idea that makers of tropical five didn’t put this
button here by a flute by accident they put it here because they know that
locals tend to occupy places where tourists can entirely get in so you need
to utilize this button as well as the upgrades bar if you have no money
upgrade your stuff upgrade your stadiums upgrade whatever it is international
venue alters class become preferred this restaurant right here I haven’t looked
at in a while but I guarantee you is upgraded as you can see it’s upgraded
upgraded both of them so that’s another thing that you need to have and guys my
bonus tips of course what goes without saying is go ahead and make sure your
tourism campaign directors is selected make sure you’re Mardi Gras one is
selected make sure your entertainment buildings are good make sure your you
have enough police station so your thirst can feel safe and all of that
good stuff and this goes without saying and also when I say ten tutors classes
is also ten to them like if you see a lot of family tours if you build a
family a resort maybe build a circus around it since that attracts families
if you have a lot of wealthy classes for example in a casino do the back array
tables a braid that attracts wealthy classes so that’s what I mean by tender
needs this has been my five tips put some bonus tips for you if you guys have
any questions more questions on how to make money off tourism I’ll be happy to
answer them for you so make sure you ask them in the comment
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you very much for watching guys my name is Yuri tastic and I am out


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