HOW TO MAKE A TRAVEL VIDEO – Top Things You Need To Know

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so you want to film a travel video well in today's video I'm going to be showing you exactly how to do that so make sure to subscribe turn to my post notifications and let's get started so the first thing you're going to need is some equipment nowadays you can actually get a very good quality cameras at an affordable price so I'm gonna leave some of my recommendations down below when filming a travel video you're going to need a bunch of different types of shots from far away to close-up panic shots shots a zoom in and out fast shots slowed down shots and if you want you can throw in drone and GoPro shots now let's get into each of these types of shots in a little more detail the reason close-up shots are important is because it can add dramatic effect to your video and really bring the viewer in close if it's a person's face you can feel the emotion better or if it's a close-up of a leaf you can really take in its beauty but at the core it's about the emotions that it will cause the viewer to feel next up we have the Far Away shot these shots show up the scenery and give the viewer an idea of where the video is taking place and in between those two types of shots you have something that looks like this where its knees are close up or far away but somewhere in the middle now with all those types of shots you have different ways or more specifically different camera movements that you can use to fill them one of my personal favorites is the zoom in and out now this does take practice to get a steady shot doing this but what we'll do is use the camera strap to create resistance and then push my arms firm towards my side then with a stable upper body I'll bend my knees and sway back and forth you can also use a Steadicam but once you nail this fancy move you won't really have a need for one the next camera movement is your standard panic shot or this modification I do on one which is just a mini pan I always try to have some sort of camera movement in each shot because I think it looks better I find it helpful to just stick my camera and autofocus when doing these shots because it's one less thing you have to worry about next up if you want to get real fancy what you can do is called a whip pan now this is like a panning shot with a fancy little twist this one takes practice to nail and most your shots will be out of focus when you first start practicing this but for this shot you basically use one of the shots from above and then you whip your camera out of the frame you use shots like this to connect other shots you filmed so they look like they are connected when filming I'll try and do my whip hands in a bunch of different directions going both up and down sideways and diagonally out of the shot that way when editing I have lots to work with as you do need to connect shots that go in the same direction when doing whip hands if you want to do one where it whips in and then whips out what it suggests doing is sticking the camera in manual focus and then before you start your shot you want to focus it exactly where the camera is gonna land right when you pan in and so then that part will be in focus and then you can pan out and then by putting it in manual focus you don't have to worry about it going out of focus once it hits the center for all of these camera movements you can do them with all of the types of shots that I explained before the next type of shot that looks fantastic and travel videos is good old Rome shots and this is great for using at the beginning as an establishing shot and makes your video look a lot more cinematic but if you don't have a drone don't worry about it I didn't even get my first drone until a year or two into doing travel videos next up we're gonna talk about the frame rate now a frame rate is the speed at which the images are shown the most commonly used are 30 frames per second 60 frames per second or 120 frames per second I personally like shooting in 60 frames per second because it's more smooth and sharp than 30 and you can slow it down 50% to give that slow-motion look when you see this super slow motion that I use in all of my travel vlogs that is filmed in 120 frames per second on my Canon 1dx but it's important to note that only certain cameras have the ability to do that I'm going to leave a list down below of all the cameras in different price points that you could do that with so now that you know all the camera angles and movements you need in order to film this travel video the next question is what should you film I always try and get the following things on camera faces feet walking touching things walking towards the camera walking away from the camera hair flips movement of clothing shot the flowers or leaves ocean waves the Sun setting the Sun rising and Sun flares and then basically whatever else I think looks interesting alright so now you have all your shots what do you need next and what really makes a travel video I'll let you guys can boom you guessed it music now finding the right music for videos can be really tough sometimes and can honestly take a while and for obvious reasons you guys know that you can't use popular songs because your video is gonna get silenced so fast you won't even know what to do with yourself so for the last few of years and in the majority of my videos I've actually been using epidemic sound and they have a really great library of music with songs like this so as you guys can hear there are really good beats they're not like that lame for music that's like I do something like that so they do have a really good library of music this is not sponsored but I do love them and I have been using them for a while I do also have an affiliate link if you guys are interested in signing up there's a 30-day free trial down below so you guys can click that and see if you like it next up for the sound we have the sound effects I personally think adding sound effects really adds a lot to a travel video so what I'll do is I'll usually just download it from YouTube and then I'll stick it in the first 10 seconds of the video with either birth stripping or a waterfall but I really love adding ocean sounds to moving across and I just feel like it makes it so much more cinematic and just grabs the viewers attention so I always recommend just downloading some sound effects then if you want to take the sound a one step further you can actually add on voiceover in overtop and then you can modify your voice to make it sound like a big open Cathedral that you're standing in and talking and your voice sounds beautiful or underwater or your voice and with everything that I just told you you end up with something like this thank you other transom smoke debris that leave the sits star [Applause] okay so you're probably thinking well that's great that's fine but editing is half the battle so my next video is actually gonna be all about how to edit travel videos which will give you guys all of my tips and tricks so definitely stay tuned for that make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out you guys can also follow me on instagram as well it's at Laura Reid and so you guys can stay up to date why not – outside of being in this little box and I'll see you guys in my next video bye


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