How To Get SHOWTIME CHALLENGES and Showtime Poster LOCATIONS in Fortnite!

Published by Darron Toy on

so guys this is obviously for the challenges for the brand-new event that is gonna be coming to or something on the child today we have an exciting video because guys you know that marshmallow event that's gonna be happening on February 2nd we've already got an event for it with some insane rewards guys in this video I'm gonna be teaching guys how to do the first challenge for the marshmallow of N or the Showtime of Ed let me show you guys exactly how to get this spray but guys before you continue with this video guys make sure you smash it a thumbs up subscribe to channels better of case not a few guys are new and guys if you need out with the wheat 9 challenges I'll leave a link down below the description to help you get the brand new prison of skin and guys if you're gonna be buying anything from the item shop make of me the well guys if you can use support crate code i'm fruity in your support crater i want to start giving shoutouts for you guys again for using it so I guess comment down below or tweet me or Instagram me that you've used it and then guys off shot some of you out my for overdue and let's just get right into the video let's go alright guys so right now we have the Showtime challenges epic games enjoy the show so that's pretty cool I guess but guys let's get these charges done let's go check out these challenge guys so Showtime challenges alright guys so inside of these Showtime challenges you guys will notice that we have three challenges two of them a lot one of them is unlocked what we have to do is search a Showtime poster now I'll show you guys exactly how to do it but guys let's check out these rewards so for today we are gonna be getting access to a marshmellow wall spray then in 23 hours we are gonna get an a moat and a marshmallow pickaxe so guys this is obviously for the challenges for the brand-new event that is gonna be coming out at February 2nd I believe but guys let's just cut to the challenge and let me show you guys exactly how to find this poster so let's go ahead and get into a solar game and let me show you guys how to do the challenge so guys you don't want to land retail row because guys basically what we're looking for is it says a Showtime poster so all you need to do is find a poster and you just need to search it so let me show you guys literally my guys going into retail there's gonna be a lot of people here because we have week 19 challenges and one of the challenges is for people to go to retail row and get eliminations so a lot of people are go to your okay and when I say a lot I literally mean a ton of people okay okay guys so you know the anons building right here all you're gonna want to do is go over to this poster right here with marshmallow on and it guys it all it says is pleasant park february 2nd to pm/et search it before you get eliminated yes we got it okay I'm kind of scared that we weren't gonna get it for getting eliminated but yes guys that is all you have to do literally go to that post a whole X on it which is just that's literally it guys yes that's literally the first challenge to go to that poster and hold X on it it's literally that easy and then guys you will be greeted with this congratulations enjoy this enjoy the show screen and you will get a mellow made it right spray just take a minute to observe that guys that is looking pretty pretty nice as a spray I have a feeling that this one is gonna be a popular spray due to it just being marshmallow and a ton of people are just gonna be like using this because of how cool it looks to be honest I just make sure you turn notification up to the channel as well because I will be showing you guys it literally exactly how old to get the emot– and that the pickaxe when it does come out and guys if you need help completing your week 9 challenges to get this amazing prisoner skin guys check down below I'll link it down below of how to get this because I did just make a video on it but guys think search watching make sure you go get that Showtime post hey guys I'll see in the next video make sure you subscribe like turn FK sharukh guys hopefully you guys have a great day and peace out