How To Find The Best Hotel and Ways to Travel in Thailand

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hey y'all Chuck here from no time to be said in toponym Thailand toponym Thailand is located northeast thailand and we are on the mekong river it's rainy season right now so everything's a little bit gloomy but anyway it's time for another episode of how to how to travel and get the best prices for hotels here in Thailand this question gets asked quite a bit how do we find such great deals and great spots when traveling all over I want to show you how easy it is for us to find places on the Internet basically all you have to do is go to Google Maps and do a little bit of research on the computer so let's go back home and I'll show you on the computer how we find the best deals okay so the first thing you're going to do is go to Google Maps so here we are the island of Phuket somebody told me once it's not an island you can see here it is actually the biggest island in Thailand anyway Phuket so first thing you need to do is figure out where do you want to stay and you want to stay in a city area do you want to stay by the beach which beach do you want to go to let's just pick a popular place in the Patong Beach area so what we're gonna do is just type in hotel and then we're gonna look at some options and see what pops up for hotel and you see quite a bit so let's just say we're going to come again this is very important to make sure you get your dates correct so you can get the right pricing so let's just say we're coming September the 18th now what you want to do really is just look for one day typically when you get to the hotel if you like the hotel or the resort or the homestay you can typically ask for more days but what usually happens is you always seem to find better deals right across the street because not everybody lists their place on Google so there's a lot of places nearby that probably offer better accommodations or a better price for you but I wouldn't book more than two days so let's go here and see what we can find during this timeframe here in September let's try these green things here like there are specials so let's just try this and see it's not exactly on the beach but it's right close to the beach so we just click on that and you can look at several pictures they have 555 pictures to choose from you can look and kind of get an idea of what the place looks like so we can also skip back out of here let's just say we want to look at the I want to kind of know where it's at what's near it so you can just do kind of a walkabout around that area so we're just going to zoom in and there's the hotel right there looks like it has a massage in it which is always a plus so let's take a look there's a Thai restaurant right here and we'll see what's going on down the road there's a more Thai food looks like there's a bar nightclub right here but look right two blocks over is Patong Beach walking streets so here's what all the nightlife typically is right here all your little bars and then right down at the end of this road is going to be the ocean so that's Patong Beach and all your nightlife right there so that is an ideal spot for somebody that likes nightlife and you can easily see the location where it's at and that's kind of what we do at first we just kind of look into terrain what's near we want to be near luck to us or a mall or a 7-eleven you know we want to look and see what it's like so we can get back out of that click the map and we can look at some other hotel options if you like but this is pretty much how we do it so let's just say that we actually want to pick that we like that option then you can just go to one of the i suggest a goethe i've always had good luck would i go to so when you get on when you click on it it will also give you other options of places with similar pricing but make sure your dates are correct so this is it right here so let's click on this and we want to make sure that our date is correct it says September 18th is what we pick to adults and then ok so this is it so we select our room so they have some options bungalow with fan we don't want that bungalow with air-conditioned look at that 432 baht this is a bigger room 800 baht so let's just say we want the we don't want a bungalow with fan for sure so that's the four hundred three hundred and forty baht for this room let's upgrade to the air condition so let's look at this one here for four hundred and twenty five by here so you can take a look at the row get an idea of what it's going to look like okay that looks pretty good so we go to book now and then you type in your information a lot of these you don't have to pay you can pay there but we taxing everything is 500 bucks we're still not a bad price that's 15 about 15 u.s. dollars and you can get smoking one or two beds yeah so that's basically how we do it right there if you're kind of curious about what to do in the area you can type in attractions and you can see some you know certain some things to do in the area search this area to refresh Tiger Park there is an elephant camp this place is pretty cool the Big Buddha viewpoint we went up there showed you that in a video before there's also a Big Buddha here that you can go check out I think they were doing a little bit of construction to it last time you lived so yeah basically that's how we do it everywhere in the world we just kind of figure out an ideal spot a location maybe it's near a landmark an attraction by the beach and then we just kind of scout out the area and make sure it's suitable for our for our needs now you got to remember a lot of times Google Maps is a little bit off it's a pretty good way to scout out the area at least get a general description of how everything kind of looks so when you get to the airport outside after you've got your luggage there's all kinds of places where you can set up a tour how to get there in all different ways to get to your next destination I have a suggestion for you it's the easiest thing to do you can do it from home before you come to Thailand my buddy max tour he is stationed at a cult Chang Thailand his best way to get in contact with him is through Facebook and basically all you need to do is let him know where you want to go what you want to do and he can set everything up for you and kind of give you an idea of what it's gonna cost as long as you have an idea exactly where you want to go that's the easiest way you just set it up with him and he'll get you there get all your accommodations for you and just and it's easy of course for a fee but anyway you can check him out max tours okay Chuck here we are in Bhutan Thailand at max tour and this is my favorite tour guide and his sister right these guys are going to help you out with everything in Thailand so I am going to leave you a link to his Facebook page all you've got to do is come to Thailand with the idea maybe not even an idea of what you want and he'll help you guide you and take you wherever you want to go from what about if you want to go to Cambodia everybody came in and anything else I design if you want to get off of the airplane and just look for a guy probably holding a sign will take you all the way to teeing right take you all the way to move on all the way it's here to cochon anywhere you want to go if there's 20 people in your party there's no problem right so can you kind of give somebody an estimate price if they have an idea maybe where they want to go yeah if you go to his Facebook and you tell him kind of what you want to do then he can give you an idea of the cost and the time and and all that but he needs information on you and if it's a beautiful lady's he's commonly discount 100 percent so if you've got a pretty girlfriend let her do all the talking any boy told any listen he's come I thought I'd me like lady boys no enough joking around seriously he can help you with everything so just contact max – I don't get anything from this I'm just helping you guys out he's an awesome guy he's given us a lot of great tours and we come here and we annoy him and his sister Maldon times okay okay that's the easiest thing to do in Thailand it's just hire a tour guide and it's very inexpensive to do that there's several transportation options to get around you guys probably know most of them through taxis through bus systems through rail systems to to motorbikes all kinds of stuff to get around here in Thailand but there is another thing it's cut it's like uber a lot of you are familiar with uber but in Southeast Asia it's called grab and you can't put this application on your phone and it's really simple to use you can just put a waypoint down where you're at where you want to go and you can get an exact price right there what it's gonna cost to get you to your next destination no meters no nothing you just accept it if you want somebody has to accept that route to come pick you up you don't hand the guy any money you can pay for everything through this app it's a little bit more pricey than normal but I think most people do things out of convenience other than saving a couple of dollars but this is a very convenient way to travel throughout Thailand now it doesn't go everywhere in Thailand but most places where people like to travel they do go there except in gochang on the islands and stuff like that you're not going to be able to get that but places like that are very easy to catch a song towel to get to get back and forth but also if you want to use grab to say you're in your hotel and you want to get a meal you can pay them to deliver any kind who any food to you also but you can check out the app yourself so anyway guys I hope you liked the video remember to just relax and stay calm and smile in Thailand Thailand is a lot different culture everybody's super friendly super helpful so just relax have a good time don't forget to check out our other how-to videos in Thailand and yeah please hit the like button if you like it subscribe we've got a lot of travel videos out there and a lot more to come so please share subscribe like and I will see you guys on the next video bye


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