how i prepare for my trips to florida! pack & prep with me

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okay your life nope it's lost pops table up pops welcome to another terribly cheesy intro say hi mom no oh okay I'm putting I'm just standing over you it is Saturday February 2nd happy February I love February we have about three days until I go to Florida for like ten days yeah I'm basically just doing a tiny little transformation I have an eyelash extension appointment in like 30 minutes and then I'm going to fake tan and I just have to do a bunch of chores like laundry packing cleaning up my apartment decorating some more so I thought I would just take you long for my pack and prep routine before I go traveling so yeah let's go to my eyelash appointment here's the before it's Ryan a nice five-month anniversary today so this is just very extra because you know he probably wouldn't do this if we're long-distance but we are so it's just a cute way to like you know you cute okay I just made my February playlist so if you like to sing songs that are cute go check out my February playlist I'll link it down below I'm gonna get my eyelashes done here is my before let's not even get too close because they're really gross and I will see you for the after it's the next day here my eyelashes guess what you can't even tell a difference because they look I was so mad last night I told her I wanted like a lot more lashes and usual and like a lot of volume so you can see them like from here and so she was like oh I'll do the hybrids on you and a hybrid means that you put three eyelashes on to one so it's supposed to be like very full and then I spell slate it took like an hour and then I woke up and I was like this looks less full than what I normally get which is cheaper so I was so mad and then I was just having a little Rach I didn't vlog with my family my name's what's your hideout what is that and it's the next day oh it's actually Super Bowl Sunday I completely move out I look very rough right now also my voice is really deep because it's morning I look so weird right now I'm about to get Starbucks like I always do you know that I don't know if you guys have dreams but sometimes I get ready for my day and then I'm just sitting in my car and I'll randomly get a glimpse or like a flashback of what my dream was and this one was so weird I just randomly had a flashback that I dream that I was a heroin addict and that I was running away from the cops and then got put in prison with with a bunch of other heroin addicts what does that mean I'm so confused like the only thing that I know that could have triggered that was that I talked about Breaking Bad with my friend like two days ago but I do not know why I dreamt of that anyways I'm gonna guess ever since I started using the reusable personal cup these are like two to three dollars it's so cheap and affordable but ever since I are using it when you're in the drive-thru they don't know that you have a personal cup so you always have to say your order and then right as they're saying is there anything else for you you have to kind of like interject me like I don't have a personal cut to that because if not then they'll start making the drink with plastic and then you have to tell them like that you had a personal cub and then they just like throw it away so then you still use plastic anyway oh my gosh what's happening right there but they're always jumping the gun and being like there's everything else like one time I had an order of like five things and after every single one she was like is that home for you and I was like no I'm still going on her side okay Zainal for you nope um can I also get a sandwich I was like please let me talk first because it makes me nervous anyways oh wow we just had 20k on my Twitter if you didn't know I got locked out of my Twitter when it had like I don't know 40k so it wasn't anything crazy but I'm actually good at twitter now so you should feel like my face looks really bloated right now like sometimes I look like and sometimes I'm like you know so it's Super Bowl Sunday but I've been obsessed with designer bags for some reason which is so weird cuz I never used to like designer bags but ever since the spending $2,000 Charlie had me on Pinterest looking at alpha and I will link you down below at the outfit and so I have basically all of them are made cuter by the bag though instead of just going to like an actual Gucci store or something we're gonna go to the outlet mall and they have a bunch of outlets of designers and we're gonna see if anything is cute I'm not planning on buying anything I just kind of wanna like look around and see what my options are and see like what the budget is and something like that but and then after we're going to my aunts house to celebrate Super Bowl I've never celebrated Super Bowl but I just want to spend time with the family because it's what I usually don't know we can say yeah let's go to that here's my outfit of the day yay page Ralph it literally seven times or so and I landed on this all my dresses are basically from Lulu's this is from fabletics and then my shoes are from princess Polly I went my voice we visited the Gucci outlet the Prada Outlet a lot of these expensive outlets and they're all very disappointing and still very expensive and then we came across Kate Spade which I knew previously I don't know why I knew but I had a feeling I would like it and the actual Gucci purse and I think you so cute I'll show you what it looks like right here it's like $1,800 which is so crazy so many other things that I would rather spend my money on like a house a car a trip to Italy that's a dream that's far away and maybe like five years or something I can treat myself to that and feel like a woman but the Kate Spade outlet was having like an eighty percent off sale and they still have bags that look pretty similar to the style that I'm going for I have a complete Pinterest Alfa inspo of what I mean by like these t-shirts and then purses so this is a little Kate Spade bag I got it's like the size of my hand and it has this little strap and it also has this oh just getting there they're literally Allah gave me that giddy on up boy it has a chain and then also this leather part which is exactly what the Gucci one has it's like half chained half strap which I love and it has a sort of thing which is so cute he can just like Karia it's got a little pocket in the back this purse was originally $229 and I got a like $79 so that's freaking crazy all that is so much more reasonable than something else so it's like a good introduction to me wearing purses because who even knows if I actually will wear purses oh my gosh that girl has the backpack I'm wearing right now I'm just watching her wear it that's so creepy at me okay anyway I always wear this but like with dresses I have nothing to wear so this will be good introduction to wearing purses and I'll see if I actually wear it like as much as I say I will because if I bought that Gucci one and that I just ended up not even liking purses that would be such a big waste of money so this is a good intro as you can tell there's not much space inside so I got this wallet that is like the Super thinnest wallet possible so that I could fit more things in here I really like the pattern of this and it's just one slot open you have your ID I love the clear thing for your ID like I need that in a wallet and then just a bunch of I really don't ever carry cash so this is really perfect for me and this purse is perfect because I can put this wallet my phone and the g7x in here so that is just amazing and I still have some room for some lipgloss so I'm really excited about this I got Ryan a Valentine's present from Lululemon I told him no presents and he said that he already bought me one plus he got me flowers in a candle for our five month anniversary so I really felt like it's time I get him something so I'm gonna go to my family's house and watch Super Bowl now but tomorrow morning I'm getting a haircut because my hair is just getting so long to the point where it like layers out so much and it drives me nuts and it's like too thick and shaggy right now so I need to go get it done and then I'm also gonna fake tan tomorrow yeah unfortunately my eyelashes did not go to plan or else this kind of would have been a mini transformation of like fake tan haircut and eyelashes and I already have nails done so it's kind of like a little mini transformation but yeah I also need to do laundry and then Pat tomorrow and edit videos and stuff so I won't lock all of that look at how much of a girl I look like right now I love it I'm going through such a feminine stage of my life it's so weird there's people parked on both sides of me and there I just made like dead eye contact with one of them and she smiled at me said I don't really want a vlog right now but I'm about to get my hair cut I literally look like myself from six months ago which was not cute this is how long it's like too long to wear it like flips out like that so hopefully we just like to chop that off I'm gonna ask her to do it shorter in the back and then long in the front because the back I cannot straighten in it like always touches my shoulders I got my hair cut I'm not gonna show you yet because I'm whitening my teeth and I am fake sanding right now I'm gonna do laundry and then it in my video and then my friends coming over again alright well I kind of ruined it cuz my hair's been in a ponytail but here's my haircut it's just like what I usually get my hair was getting too long and Shaggy and like flipping out so now it goes perfectly to right here I get and I know it okay I need to edit my video and submit it to my manager and then my friend is gonna come over and I really want to go to this thrift stop thrift stop the rape shop and get these really oversized baggy t-shirts so I can wear them myself it's everyday in Florida because so much I don't know what I last filled but my friend came over and then we went shopping because we had both bows but we had both finished our work for the day so if you went shopping I got two things from urban and a few things from the thrift store that I will show you while I'm packing because I'm gonna pack all of it I have a business phone call right about now and I am planning out my week I have to wake up at 3 a.m. to go to the airport but it's okay cuz my friend coincidentally has a flight to New York and she likes getting to the airport like 4 hours early so she's gonna be there the same time that I'm there I'm only going like an hour before my flight but tonight I need to still pack which is going to be what the majority of this vlog is and I'm gonna play pool with my eye and just chill hello [Applause] I am shocked when I business couple you guys don't know this is what I literally do on every business call I take there's always like this awkward phone delay so they'll be like okay so do you have any questions and I'm like nope sounds good and then I just like cringe for what feel like an eternity while they're just like processing that I don't know how to speak English very well I don't know why but whenever I'm on business calls I just completely blank and they're supposed to be like a conversation of like what kind of questions do you have about this and I'm just like nothing sounds good and like I don't I just hate small talk so whenever it's kind of like alright thanks for everything like have a good night words like that I just forget how to say so I'm just completely silent and you can like feel that they're kind of confused so it's just I have to be anyways you don't care it's just awkward all right y'all it's time to start packing this is going to be my airport outfit I just got this today at the thrift store it is so cute for this entire trip to Florida and probably just gonna wear super long t-shirts and sweaters like this and then add accessories and just make it an outfit oh my gosh I'm gonna just fell I just fell out right out of my shoe so I'm gonna wear Reeboks my blue sweater and then my backpack as you can tell I'm still tanning I usually buy the 2-hour one but this one is the six-hour one so I don't get to wash this off till like 8:00 p.m. this is alpha number one y'all ariana grande is doing it right with the oversized shirts and then high heel boots cuz this looks like a frickin outfit and I'm literally just wearing pajamas this is genius this is genius also this is a skinny mirror so don't be deceived I'm not that skinny it's like creepily scared like so skinny like my waist looks tiny in this so don't be fully old this was like a ten dollar Indiana Jones shirt I used to love and Anna Jones wow what a fit I'm trying to get more confident to the point where I can like actually wear heels out in public because I love wearing heels it makes me feel like you know I'm a short gal so they're pretty helpful to me and then my new what is this how you forgot Kate Spade purse I got it on sale for 80 bucks wow what an outfit what an easy outfit you literally just have to pack a shirt and then these shoes I bought a bunch more from the thrift store I bought this Mickey one and then I mean I'm gonna show you them on but I got those four things from the thrift store today and packing them all okay I think this is what I'm gonna wear for the Valentine's Day we're actually doing it on the 13th because I leave on the 14th plus it's a light pack because everyone will be in dinner places on actual Valentine's I think this is what I'm gonna wear let me know down below if you guys want me to do it and get ready with me for Valentine's a little makeup hair outfit it all throwback to back of the day when people used to make those and just like chitchat about boys and things I will definitely make you that okay let me down below that is all for this vlog in the next one it is me actually coming to Florida and basically our entire time here for the last time in my last time being long-distance with Ryan so I can't wait to post that blog but I hope you guys like this one this is only a little pocket prep routine for every time I came here basically my last time coming here I think I'm just kidding I like Florida but I like my home better make sure to subscribe to join the family if you have not and since where my blog channel if you haven't for me on in stuff you have it hold me on Twitter if you're not vote for me for the Shorty Ward's once a day I'm just giving you so many tasks and you have the option to do the extra support if you want but if you don't want to I get it that is cool I understand you're a busy girl but that is all for this video I love you very much guys


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Nikki Fig · July 30, 2019 at 12:45 pm

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Jackie Moncivais · July 30, 2019 at 12:45 pm

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Meleane Vailea · July 30, 2019 at 12:45 pm

Hybrids are a mix of classic and volume lashes, what you want is called volume lashes

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what fake tanner do you use?

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“Giddy on up boyos”😂😭❤️❤️

Alyssa MacMillan · July 30, 2019 at 12:45 pm

i might be going to florida next year and the last time i went on vacation was when i was 9 turning 10. im now 14 15 soon and i wanna travel so im excited

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Lolol I work at Starbucks and we’re supposed to ask if “that’s all”

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Hey guys! I have a small channel and I’d love it if you could check it out!!!

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Cammy Wilson · July 30, 2019 at 12:45 pm

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Pauline Lamadrid · July 30, 2019 at 12:45 pm

your hair long isn’t as bad as you think, it still looks good on you 🙂

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