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hey everyone welcome to my travel planning video I got the idea for this video while I was actually planning my October trip to Seoul and Busan basically I've been planning out my trips in more detail recently maybe in the past half year or so so I thought that I share with you my habits and tips and tricks just a disclaimer that this is based on my personal experiences so not everything will be applicable to everyone but hopefully these will be good starting points for your planning I have been to Seoul eight times altogether and each trip was a little bit different but I definitely increase the amount of planning that I did for my past few trips and I think that I call a lot more done so a lot more things and also bought more items so the first step of planning a trip is to deciding where to go and of course who you will be going with I've been just sold with my friends with my family and also by myself and they were pretty different experiences depending on the people I was with I don't think I need to elaborate on the benefits of traveling with family or friends but I just want to leave a note for those of you who are afraid of going alone I think if you're old enough traveling alone actually has a lot of benefits for example you can plan an itinerary exactly how you want them to be additionally on the spot if you really want to just go back to the hotel and chill or if you want to go somewhere all of a sudden then that's not a problem either since you can just take off by yourself so once you've decided on a location and your travel companion then you want to set aside some time to actually plan the trip of course you can do this on the go as well but I personally like to find a specific time and place in order to do all my planning for example I like to go to a cafe or if I'm too tired then I'll just snuggle up under the covers and then do my planning there just make sure that you have some time before your trip and that you also have stable internet acts everyone has different preferences but I personally prefer to build my flight before everything else this is because your flight is probably the most expensive item you'll be spending on and also it will limit the amount of time you'll have at your destination so it's nice to know my limits before I start planning I used to go on random websites to try to find cheapest flight possible and I did that for a while but soon afterwards I realized that in the long term it's actually better to just stick to one Airlines or a group of partner Airlines so that you can save up on points and get free or discounted travels in the future because I'd been going to school abroad for a long time I had a lot of points saved up so last year I believe I took one or two round-trip flights from the u.s. to Asia completely for free and nowadays there are a lot of credit card companies that partner up with Airlines and hotels so that when you're spending you can also save up on points and eventually use them for travel so after I've secured in my flights then I start looking for accommodation of course hotels are the traditional option and there's nothing wrong with staying at one but recently I've been enjoying staying at European visa as well they're often a lot cheaper and can offer a more localized experience but just make sure to clean up after yourself because you won't have the luxury of having room service or anything like that like you would at a hotel I would also suggest younger travelers stay at a hotel or a hostel or a lease and an air B&B in a more crowded place just for safety now moving on to the exact places you all go on your trip so I've been asked before on how I come up with lists of places I want to go and also items that I want to buy basically i watch youtube videos on a regular basis and i really like watching vlogs and beauty related videos so every time I see something that a blogger recommends or a place that a blogger goes to then I will write those down and there's a pretty long list in my notes app of not just places and items in Seoul but all over the world I think that this is really convenient because if one day I go to a serene City or a store on the exactly what I want to do or what I want to buy after I have a rough draft of all the places that I want to go then I'll head on over to Google Maps to visualize my trip I actually didn't learn about my math until the end of 2014 but since then I've used it for pretty much every single trip I've been on and basically you can just search up the places that you want to go and then save it as a point on your layers and you'll end up with a personalized map of your trip in the end you can see places that are closer together and probably bunch them into one day and then maybe choose another area for your next day so I think it's really convenient as I do this I always search up opening and closing hours so that I don't end up going to a clothes store or restaurant and you might also want to find the nearest subway stations and map out transfers and stops so that you'll know your way some people like to write all this information down digitally and others my prefer a notebook I usually keep all my info in my note top but I still bring a notebook with me when I'm out and about because like Japan Korea actually has a bunch of places that have stamping stations for example the color 30m and I just like to have these souvenirs and my notebook now let's talk about transportation as you may know the subway in Seoul is really convenient and all you need is something called a t-money card which you can buy at convenience stores including the one at the airport but although the subway is convenient Seoul is a really big city so it does take quite some time to travel from some places to others and when you're up early and staying out late and might get really tiring towards the end of the day therefore I would urge you to keep taxis in mind as they're pretty cheap and also very fast on my most recent trip I took subway about half the time and talked to you the other half when I had to go on a thirty stop subway ride I would take a taxi since it would save me about half the time and also towards the end of the day when we were really tired from the walking and also had a bunch of shopping bags we also took a taxi back to the hotel you want to keep in mind that your time in the city is limited so you shouldn't waste it all on the subway or on the Road and therefore I think that taxis are a great option once again now onto the topic of money exchange the first question you may have is where to exchange your money and although it differs depending on where you're from but at least for me the airport currency exchange stock in Incheon Airport is cheaper than my local exchange so that's where I've been going in the past of course there are lots of other cheaper options as well for example Nome don't have so many different currency exchanges and that's probably where I've seen the cheapest options as for how much money to exchange it's really helpful to have a shopping list in advance so that you can kind of have a budget of what you want to spend the necessity for cash also depends on where you shop if you go to department stores and other maybe higher-end places then you can definitely use your credit card or debit card if you're doing a lot of street shopping and eating from food stalls and you'll definitely need a lot of cash justice I know on the topic of budgeting it may not necessarily be cheaper to buy as much as you can in Korea while you're there and I had to learn this the hard way because on my trip during Christmas last year I bought a ton of stuff in Seoul but I had to exchange money multiple times so I first lost money through the exchange rate and then it also ended up making my luggage overweight so I was fine almost sixty US dollars adding that all up I'm not sure it was cheaper for me to buy all those cosmetics in Seoul but at least I learned my lesson there are a lot of online shops now with discounted prices and if you have a membership you can get points so the items might end up cheaper or you can save them up and trade for other things some official sites like Innisfree also always have 1+1 sale so you can also directly buy from these companies and buying everything at once will just give you an oversupply of items quite a few of you have asked about the language barrier as well especially in recent years there are relatively large numbers of English speakers around Seoul so it's not that hard to get around and before going just to prep you can always google around for basic phrases like telling drivers where to go boarding on a restaurant asking for a discount things like that basically just are job situations that you think you'll find yourself in and they learn a few conversational words for those events for me I can read Korean so finding places it's very easier for me but I can't understand it all and I can't actually speak that much one of my biggest problems is actually I often get mistaken as a Korean so when I do ask for something I often receive a really long response that I don't end up understanding so depending on the situation I would use Korean or English to ask the question so that I can get a response that I can understand now as we're nearing the end let's talk about packing very briefly I often procrastinate to the night before to pack but just remember to always check the weather so then you have the right clothes and also pack as light as possible so that you have space for shopping and for me when I know that I'm going to buy a third item for example a face wash then I won't bring that item so that I can just use the one that I buy in Seoul now I'm finally done with everything I wanted to share if you like some ideas for where to go then check out my vlogs or if you want to know what I bought in the past then check out my haul otherwise Google is your best friend and you can search around for other people's tips and experiences to get a better sense of what to do I hope this video was helpful and feel free to share your tips in the comments below as always thank you all for watching and I'll see you guys next time unknown

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Aachen Charles · July 30, 2019 at 4:24 pm

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Lily Williams-Paterson · July 30, 2019 at 4:24 pm

For what amount of time does your passport need to be valid?

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아아리 · July 30, 2019 at 4:24 pm

How much money does a tourist need for a seoul trip for 2-3 weeks?🤔 I thought 2.000€ are enough (ca. ~2.264$) but my friends and everyone I asked, said it's not enough :/

Payge · July 30, 2019 at 4:24 pm

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Hi may I know if you applied for Visa?

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My room is the expensive thing I buy on a trip.

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Does she have the list of places that she went to in Korea? I’m planning my trip and I have never gone so I want to be as organized as possible

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Hi jjonggine, good video. We are going to seoul at the end of OCT (yeahhhhh~~). Is it a wise idea to go to Gyonchong rail bike? too cold at that time? and would you suggest to go to myeongdong at daylight or night and how about hongdae? from your experience. Thank you thank you :)

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please drop the music.

Maria · July 30, 2019 at 4:24 pm

I’m a broke af college student but I have fam in Busan and plan on finally visiting them for the first time and taking a solo trip to Seoul for a few days. I am 21 so money is all on me, it’s scary and exciting and many months away but not impossible 🤙🏼 Edit: Thank you for the video! Extremely helpful!

damnchrisbang · July 30, 2019 at 4:24 pm

I went to look at the price it would cost me to fly to Seoul ( just for fun ) and my heart stopped as soon as I saw how expensive it was 1.900 € is just a little tiny bit to much for me💔 guess it will always be a dream ☹️😵

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I've been planning my trip for almost 8 months now and I only finished everything today and only now did I find your video xD but it was nice to see that I did everything you recommended it made me feel proud of myself 🙂 thank you for the video <3

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This was very helpful. I'm going to Seoul and Busan next month. I downloaded the subway app you suggested and I'm liking it so far. I compared the routes to the ones offered in Google maps and noticed that a few routes weren't available in Google (Seoul station to yeouido) so I'm pretty confident that the seoul subway app will be really helpful when I'm there. And your drawings in your notebook are really nice! Thanks for your hard work!

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Kim Hyungnie · July 30, 2019 at 4:24 pm

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