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welcome to the budget mom YouTube channel today we're gonna be going over how I organize all of my vacation memories so for the longest time you know you go on your vacation you take pictures with your camera with your phone what happened to me last time is usually on vacation I only take my phone with me and my phone I ended up getting a new phone I thought I had backed up my old phone and it didn't end up backing up and I lost all of my pictures from a six-day vacation in Cabo with my boyfriend Chris last May it was actually kind of devastating I was able to keep some of the photos from the trip when we did some of the adventures over there however all the videos all the photos on my phone were lost forever so there are a couple of different things that I do to make sure that all of my vacation memories for each vacation are put together in one unit so that includes so one of the things that I like to do on vacation is I like to go to those penny machines where you can crank it and it smashes the penny I collect those from each place that I visit there's a lot of other things though that I like to keep with my vacation memories it's my vacation budget it's the cash envelopes with my spending trackers on the back that I use for that vacation it has a lot of I have a lot of information in these vacation memory and the Lopes that I'm gonna be showing you very quickly and how I organized all of that did all the different stuff that come with being on vacation the great thing about it is is that not only our each vacation kept together but they don't take up a lot of space and they're really affordable to do so today let me show you how I organized all of my vacation memories I try sharing my story to remind readers that there is a way out that with hard work dedication determination motivation it's all about having a plan for your money and that's what gives you the two people holy crap it just take you to my life you're like oh man you go it work but no more credit-card debt so this is how I currently organize all of my different vacation memories I like to keep them in these plastic clear envelopes that look like this now all the different accessories and things that I am talking about in today's video I'll put a link in the description of this video for all this type of stuff but they're essentially just these plastic envelopes that are you have plastic envelopes that have these plastic little snaps it's great because they don't tear if you spill something on them they're not going to affect anything on the inside and they don't wrinkle and this is how I store everything for each vacation I print off on the computer my favorite picture from that vacation as well as a little illustration that says where we went and the date so this makes it really great if you're quickly searching for a specific vacation maybe you want to show a friend or a family member the photos or the different mementos that you got on the on the vacation then you can very quickly see it on the front cover of the envelope inside each vacation I like to keep a couple of different things one is my itinerary this is like our our flight plan hotel tickets and anything else so I had I don't want to show you the top that has personal information but it also has like we did a couple of Cabo adventures and so I also printed out the tickets for that now I travel with this this is what I travel with in my laptop base so I have all of that important information with me while I travel and I stick it in an envelope when I got up when I get home you can see that I surprised I surprised my boyfriend Chris for his 30th birthday with the trip to Cabo and so this was just something that I put inside his birthday present as a surprise for him to tell him about the trip kept that this was the trip that I lost all the videos and photos on my phone luckily though we did some print adventures like one of the ones you saw here we went and swam with the dolphins that was in May of 2018 they gave us photos in these little flash drives in the little plastic holders and I thought oh my gosh that is so great because then you're not worrying about losing the photos or videos on your phone especially um I'll tell you in a minute why it really helps because what I found was it took up a lot of space on my phone while I was traveling all the lengthy videos and the photos I like to take a lot of photos and videos while I'm on vacation and so that's what I have in that one let me show you very quickly my New York City trip because that has a lot more stuff in it how I organize it so I like to even doesn't matter how big or small the trip is I do this for all vacations all trips because like this was a four day trip we did over to a Mariners game it was me and my boyfriend's very first time seeing a Mariners game for both of us so it has all the different things like I kept our our little bus passes as well as you'll see here's I mean our re our game tickets from our the email that they sent me it also has on this one the cash envelopes that I used for this vacation and I believe if I go like this there's my there's my my flattened penny from that trip as well for my New York City trip that I just got back spending 7 days in New York here is how I have everything organized the same thing I have my favorite photo I took my mom on this trip but here is another great thing that I keep inside all of my envelopes my vacation budget and spending this is really important so when I get home the first thing I do is I go over my spending on my vacation now I do track my spending while I'm there and I do that using cash envelopes that look like this so I have as I'm spending cash on my vacation I track all of my spending so I know at any point in time how much money I have left to spend on that category for that trip I keep these inside my envelopes as well but when I get home I do a more detailed breakdown of my spending costs on something you can just be a piece of paper from a notebook but mine looks like this for this trip this is really handy to have because let's say for instance in the future you go like I go back to New York it's a great estimate to base your new budget on you could go back and say okay well how much did I spend in taxi costs how much did I spend on food cost did I overspend did I understand it's a great way to start making those estimates for your new budget if you're traveling back to the same place here is like I said what I travel with in my laptop bag so it's just my vacation budget this one I actually have my vacation packing list as well as the at inner area and then as well as our city path information so that is in the envelope as well pictures from the trip these ones I didn't get digital copies so I do only have the hard copies but they're inside my envelope nice and protected I like to keep everything from my trip so we went and saw a pretty woman and here's the little brochure that they give you when you get to the theater inside actually I believe yeah as my ticket so they brought to the show my official New York City guide my map for the 9/11 memorial my ticket for Liberty the Statue of Liberty plane ticket here's another little brochure for pretty woman but what I really want to show you there's my flattened penny for this trip I think this yeah this one is for Ellis Island but what I really want to show you is how I am organizing my photos and videos so inside each of these envelopes you're going to see these little clear flash envelope little envelopes on the inside they look like this you can buy these in bulks I think in packs of six but they're self-adhesive little flash drive envelopes I just stick them to the inside of the envelope that way you're not searching inside the envelope for all the rear and little flash drives the flash drives I also buy in bulk from Amazon and they look like this now these are the ones that I I still have not used there for future vacations or trips for photos for those but you can buy them in bulk they're pretty affordable and this is what I store my videos now I took a ton of video on my New York trip which is why I used to I rarely ever used to but they're stuck on there and the moment I get home I transfer the videos and photos from my vacation onto these flash drives it frees up space on your phone as well as now you have everything in one place for your videos and photos for that specific vacation so that's why I have inside my New York City vacation envelope you can actually fit quite a bit inside these clear envelopes so let me show you very quickly how I make these illustrations in a free program called canva this is a free program that I like to use for a lot of my home projects it's canva calm and this is how I create my favorite photo with the illustration for my vacations on my envelopes what I do is once you go to you just create account using an email address and you set up a password once you're in and it looks like this the first thing that I do is create my template and what that looks like is it is a template I use this template right here called US letter document if you click on that it's just a blank white screen or a bank a blank white page so I upload my favorite photo from the vacation now if I just go to my desktop and I pick out one here let's say for instance is this one so you just hit upload image and it's gonna upload the image to your image library if you click on it it's going to add it to your template and you can resize it and make it as big as you want I make it as big as a screen so let's say for instance I wanted to use this photo for my New York City vacation it is now covering the whole page of my template I then go over to the left-hand side and these are all the different things that you can do with this template if you click on elements there's a whole bunch of different things that you can add you can add charts you can add shapes I use the shapes function to add the illustration to my photo and I look for just a really cool illustration it could be anything that you want there is a ton of free ones there's also paid ones as well just make sure that you keep an eye out for where it says free versus paid so maybe for this one I want to use this circle right here so if you click on it it's going to add it to your template using the arrows you can resize it and maybe I want this one up in the left hand corner once you if you have the shape clicked on like this and it's selected like this you can come up here and change the color of the shapes so right now this is set to gray and white maybe I would like to do a blue and a light blue you make it whatever colors or however big that you want now I want to add text to this because I want to say where I went and the date if you come back over here to your tools there's an area called text if you click on that I always I like to do add a heading so I add a heading it just makes the text a little bit larger this is where you can type in where you went so we put New York here now maybe for instance you don't want this black maybe you want this white if you go up here to all the colors with the letter A you can change the color of your text and let's say for instance I'd like to add a date so I know when I took this trip so let's say May 2019 and you can just drag it on top of your circle and there's a whole bunch of different illustrations that you can choose I'm just showing you all the different things that you can do so this is how I would go ahead and make that picture of my favorite picture from the trip with where we went and the date from there if you're ready to print it out you come down to this little arrow or go up to this little arrow right here you click on the arrow and there's a whole bunch of download options you can download it as a picture a JPEG a PDF I like to do the PDF print it's a high quality print image so once you hit download it's going to download it to your computer and it automatically gets downloaded right here onto your computer where you can print it off if you have a home printer so that is how I currently create the photo and the illustration for all of my travel memory envelopes sherry and don't forget to subscribe you


Samantha Ann · May 15, 2019 at 3:28 pm

Needed this! Great idea!

Leigh Peterson · May 15, 2019 at 3:28 pm

Perfect timing for this video…My husband and I are going to Spain tomorrow (on a cash budget!!), so I will definitely be referencing this video when we get back! Thanks for sharing!

Wendelin Harrison · May 15, 2019 at 3:28 pm

I love the way you do things! I am so excited to get control of my $! ❤️🐾

Arvabelle - Money & Mindful Living · May 15, 2019 at 3:28 pm

Even with an iPhone I back it up to Google Photos! It only took one nearly-lost-phone scare for me to get in the habit of always backing it up on some sort of cloud storage

royaleBlack · May 15, 2019 at 3:28 pm

Hi how are you?

Netty Boo · May 15, 2019 at 3:28 pm

Mikooooooo!!! Girlfriend I just love you, your Vacation Budget sheet has been such a great help for me. I used it for a trip last week to Atlanta. It worked so well for me. I stayed within budget too. 😘 thank you dear. I like the idea of your keepsakes as I’ve been thinking of what to do for mine.

Tenisha H · May 15, 2019 at 3:28 pm

Neat idea. Thank you for sharing.

Kathy Cox · May 15, 2019 at 3:28 pm

That is such a great Idea I love this so much. Thank you for sharing.

Andrea Ann · May 15, 2019 at 3:28 pm

Great ideas! It's sad because when I was a kid all the photos we're developed and put into an album nowadays we are good at storing photos.

trblessed1020 · May 15, 2019 at 3:28 pm

I have actually fell off the wagon not actually writing down my bills but pulling money out and using the cash envelopes and honestly I have been avoiding your videos because I know that is sort of like an accountability I'm back on the wagon and I want to say thank you for inspiring me and holding me accountable to my budget also excuse any typos I'm using speak to text I have five kids I don't have time to type text

Kandy G · May 15, 2019 at 3:28 pm

All my photos are automatically backed up to Google photos so it doesn't take up space on my phone. But I like the idea of having a physical copy as well.

Meredith Ford · May 15, 2019 at 3:28 pm

Great ideas as always!!
I know you did a nail polish video….can you do a new one and actually do your nails on it?
Great content and very usable!!!💕🦋

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