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hey what's up welcome to per Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia in this video I'm going to be breaking down how expensive things are here in terms of accommodation transportation food and sightseeing so what I'll do to begin with is show you the two currencies that are being used here in Cambodia which are US Dollars and the Cambodian real and break down the exchange rate between them so one u.s. dollar is equal to 4100 cambodian real roughly but most people just call it 4000 as 100 real isn't a lot of money five US dollars equals just over 20,000 real ten dollars then is just over 40,000 for twenty US dollars it's over 81,000 real and for 50 US dollars two hundred and four thousand three hundred real finally for $100 you can get just over four hundred thousand real so those two currencies are used interchangeably here in Cambodia so you might have something that is priced in u.s. dollars and you can pay with a bit of real and a bit of US dollars depending on whatever you have or you might pay with just US dollars but they'll give you the change in real and US dollars split between the two currencies so you just have to remember that one US dollar is roughly four thousand real so something costs five dollars and you pay with a ten dollar know you want five dollars change they might give you three US dollars and eight thousand reals so for accommodation here in for Phnom Penh I've been staying at Wonders hostel which has cost six US dollars a night's very good value considering in these images you can see it's spacious modern very clean good bathrooms also the general common room area is very comfortable and easy to plug in your electronics do work and you can also order food by the way the food in the hostel has been very good this morning I had one of the best omelets of my life three u.s. dollars for the omelets toast some fruits and also tea so not too bad you can obviously eat breakfast cheaper when it's right on your doorstep for three dollars then why not so I'm gonna add the cost of the dorm bed and breakfast to the daily total I'll leave a link in the description for wonders and you're looking for a comfortable cheap hostel room to stay in when you're in Phnom Penh while I've been talking about all of this I've worked my way over to what pnom which is a well-known temple here in the city ticket is just one u.s. dollar the pagoda at the top of the hill was built in the 14th century to house for statues of Buddha it wasn't discovered until a while later by lady pen and heads the name / Phnom Penh the large shining buddha in there the music giving it the right ambience and atmosphere and the smell of incense burning and the people actually going there not to take pictures but worship and do things that Buddhists do as for sightseeing here in Phnom Penh there is quite a lot to see even though you may be inclined to think otherwise first of all the s21 prison and The Killing Fields I think that's a must because learning about that when you come to Cambodia is essential to understanding the country's background in history in my pan on pen talk I went to the Royal Palace and I also went to the Wat one LOM temple and a few markets so the temples and markets are all free apart from this one is one u.s. dollar the Royal Palace is 10 u.s. dollars which in my opinion is a tad expensive but worth it if you want to see the Khmer architecture and additionally there's also the National Museum which is quite popular however that one is also 10 US Dollars and I've left it out I was going to visit today as part of this video but for me 10 u.s. dollars is a little steep if you want to still go I've heard it's a good museum but a few of the attractions are you know a little bit more expensive than you may think I still think Cambodia is quite inexpensive for travellers however the fact they also use u.s. dollars as well as their own currency just makes things more expensive if that makes sense because if they charge in u.s. dollars then the worth of that particular item service product is going to be more expensive than if they charged it in their own currency because the US Dollars things are rounded up if it was their own currency then maybe it would be naught point eight of the US dollar or naught point six so just in general the fact that things cost money and US dollars makes it more expensive it was the same experience for me when I was traveling around Eastern Europe Bulgaria Romania all those countries I was using their own currency I went to Kosovo where they use the euro and suddenly I found myself a little bit more out of pocket than the other countries just because of the fact that use the euro so having walked 10 minutes or so from wat phnom temple where I've now reached the Central Market which is the largest market here in the capital with a huge dome I've been told it has a reputation for being more expensive among Cambodians but it's tourists friendly and there's a lot of options Oh lord of jewelry inside the dome quite impressive actually so I've left the market and I'm walking towards my favorite place in Phnom Penh to get some lunch I've been here four times already it's vegetarian but the food is very very good lots of choice on the menu and the price is very reasonable so as you can see cozy little place is called evergreen vegetarian house the different noodle soups around $2 4h dumplings some with veg different noodle soups all for $2 225 Pad Thai 225 fried noodles $3 fire noodle scrambled egg 250 fried rice pineapple curry for two dollars some fast food and snacks deep fried mushrooms 150 for drinks fresh aloe vera 50 Cent's soy milk 50 cents now that I finished my lunch I want to show you the typical costs of a supermarket here in Phnom Penh this one here is called hand marked so anybody who's Cambodian maybe you can write in the comments below let me know this expensive supermarket chain or it's actually quite a good value place 1.5 liter bottle of water 83% small one is 37 he wants sandwiches then they're selling them for three dollars and 230 I think that's quite expensive jackfruit 93 cents a little packaged portion some black rakes 196 packaged red tomatoes is 82 cents packets of crisps 97 cents for these ones for lays $1 roughly different flavors different packaged cakes muffins 150 these random breads 150 a half loaf of bread 175 US dollars 160 for a Snickers 164 and for a cuter what about alcohol underneath one US dollar for most brands the Heineken is a little more expensive along with the tiger how about wine most of it just over 10 US dollars a lot of these will be imported unfortunately that's sort of it the supermarket only really sells chocolate bars crisps energy drinks these kind of things alcohol if you want fresh vegetables and fruits the best option is to go through the local markets they are going to be very cheap there although you have to be careful because often you need to buy them in the kilogram so however you work out those prices is up to you and you want the simple things like bottles of water and quick snacks and things for the road and the journeys then there you go what's up it's now the evening time and I'm back to my hostel you can see just how many feel about an easy is and I want to show you the menu here because I decided to have dinner here the braces are tightening quite reasonable that compared to the ones closest by in the Riverside area you're often seeing five six dollars and these Western bars or Cambodian like fried rice dishes noodles the gates is the Western field it's actually quite expensive this hospital is very reasonable in Cambodian people cooking the food in the kitchen so it's more authentic so here is the wonders menu so breakfast you can choose toast egg and fruit 2.5 dollars pancake and through two dollars fifty peanut butter Nutella omelets toast and fruit including a drink comes to three dollars that's what I had this morning for breakfast usually yogurt fruit and including the drink tea or coffee three u.s. dollars ham and cheese toasties for three dollars and lunch and dinner Korean rice $3 yeah fried vegetable and rice three years dollars Hamelin rice which I've just ordered Cambodian national dish if there was one three US dollars Tom Yemen rice three dollars lakh lakh and rice three dollars fried noodles three fried rice three noodles soup french fries of course this is a little bit more expensive than a really local place but it's convenient to me because my muscles right here and I think three dollars for the rice and curry including a drink isn't really that excessive as a traveler I think you're budgeting that's not such a bad price I understand if you're another offensive see Miss Molly as you guys can find it if you know the place to go to here it is the a mockery I've got some fresh sliced cucumbers which apparently is traditional in Cambodia to get some of these when you have your meal and my animal curry with mushroom and the rice includes a bottle of water added in for that fee so let's try some of this so the ammo is a slightly strange our case of anomalies blind dates but no no parent ever really present a symbol I'm going to add up all the costs for today so to begin with my hostel room the dorm was six US dollars a night the breakfast in my hostel the omelet toasts and fruits with tea three u.s. dollars god phenom temple entrance one u.s. dollar lunch at Evergreen the fried cailloodles with lemon sauce $2.25 and then my dinner the hammock curry with rice and a bottle of water came to $3 so in total that's fifteen US dollars twenty-five cents or sixty two thousand three hundred and eleven cambodian real so overall just over 15 US dollars really not that bad however if I went to the Royal Palace today then that could have been over twenty dollars and if I went to the killing fields or the s21 prison today then that would definitely be twenty over twenty dollars as well one thing I didn't mention actually and one thing I didn't do is transportation so I'll quickly just talk about that I have only taken a grab a couple of times it usually costs a couple US dollars again for a few kilometers and the longer distance you go of course then the bat price goes up to go fifteen kilometres yesterday to the killing fields outside of the Phnom Penh it was fifteen US dollars by splitter seven dollars fifty with one other person that was for a return journey so you can pretty much walk around the Riverside area and some of these temples the National Museum the royal palace with these places you don't really need to get much transportation apartment when you go to the killing fields so there you go I'm looking forward to exploring the country in a bit more depth outside the capital in the coming week or two peace you


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Thanks Jason. You are very pleasant to watch. Loved how you explained things. God Bless!

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In Cambodia, we have alot of cheap stuff, but if you go to 5 star places…

Damn, The money gotta go😂👌

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Great video young man! Valuable info, especially for those on a tight travel budget.

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Cheap I know cuz I live in Cambodia 💕 and a big youtuber is Marlin or mar mar is Khmer wow

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Meas Pagnchaly · May 15, 2019 at 10:27 am

as a foreign local
i have s personally watched some drunk driving accidents by chance
and realize that some of the best tips
passapp tuktuk or personal driver
are your best money saving tips
as you do not ever in your life want to end up in a foreign jail
( at all costs $ make sure the police are your friends)
this is one country where if you dont respect bong(your elders)
you will not fair well
( dont for a moment ever mistake there genuine kindness as possibly being a sign of weakness )
having to deal with foreign health insurance medical etc
another detterent to being on the road( sober or not )
late at night ( especially sunday night which seems to be different than the west
as people work monday too but drink sunday
as oppossed to friday in western culture
as my belief is that they drink before lunch
more than westerners who drink more after work
(could be wrong but noticed this in many different group settings both cambodian day and in the west friday night)
if you dont believe me you just need to watch you tube to see people who with a box of beer eating in the sun with family
its true most pass out before early evening
but for the ones who continue into the night eveything is not as cost prohibitive (resturaunts bars etc etc )
as it is in a western country were a night on the town(for me one person)
costs the same as me taking out four or five of my khmeir entorage as it costs me in any western city

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Do some math with Cambodia reil cause I'm cambodian

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Jason, from memory there is a mall near the Central Market and a Supermarket. It is likely Panda was a convenience store. I love to use Tuc Tucks, but discuss the price first. I can afford the extra buck. They need it more.

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Hi, I’m Cambodian. I recommend going to a restaurant called ‘Sourkea Restaurant’ or ‘One More’. I think it might be expensive for you but I always go there for breakfast. You could search ‘sourkea restaurant’ and ‘One More Restaurant’ on google map! Btw, those Restaurants are in Phnom Penh.

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I am planning to go Cambodia soon. I have question, is everything payable by USD instead of Cam Notes??

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Half loaf bread 1.60..
Big Bowell noodles 1..90
Here in China (Sichuan).
But big meal for 2 many course can be 15-25.00.

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Thank you for the video.  Very informative.  I will be retiring in two years and will be travelling Asia. Since I'm in my 50s, I would consider the hostel for economic reason.  However I would like to have a room for myself.  Do they offer a room for a single or for a couple in the hostels you stayed in? And how much?  Any info will be greatly appreciated !!! Tony Montoya, Phoenix, Arizona

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