How can transport deal with new security challenges?

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people must feel safe to hop on a plane or board a train to ship their goods companies Miss feel confident they will arrive Malinda transport sector employees work hard for safety and security it's a challenge every day as new risks emerge we asked experts what issues they are most concerned about road safety terrorism cyber security safety in this approach a woman's security and public transporter resilience why are these issues important for transport terrorism is a huge concern for travel and tourism sector as a whole terrorist attacks stripped away the economic value of a destination by making people fearful of travelling to that destination ro cities are concerned because last year we had 1.2 million people died on the roads this is unacceptable every day 3500 people are killed on the world's roads and it's shocking that the vast majority of those road deaths are avoidable so safety in this approach a become a very important for the customs administration because customs administration face huge requirement which country safe and secure if women don't use public transport that will undermine sustainable mobility and research we've sponsored shows that they're afraid to do so all too often because they don't feel secure public transport is a safe and secure mode but keeping this feeling of safe and secure is essential to attract and to retain customers and then to have the city's the sustainable and livable cities that you know that we need them what needs to happen at international level coming up with solutions to deal with the issue of security and terror and building resilience requires collaboration requires governments and private sector to speak together but also requires those within different elements and different industries to also speak together we really need to apply all the latest opportunities we have to make our roads much safer but it's going to require a lot of collaboration unprecedented international collaboration between the governments between the private sector and that's what the RTF can do best especially when it brings everyone together at its world summit we need a vast alliance of all the players involved in transport to meet the challenge of safety we must act now together you

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